The Primrose Path to Hell (94161 words) by VickytheSnake, xxharryosbornxx
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Fandom: Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse)
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Rebecca Chambers/Albert Wesker
Characters: Rebecca Chambers, Albert Wesker, Minor Characters, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine
Additional Tags: Abusive Relationships, Abuse of Authority, Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation, Sexual Coercion, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Psychological Drama, Boss/Employee Relationship, Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Screen Reader Friendly, Screen Reader Compatible

In the days leading up to what would be the first outbreak, STARS captain Albert Wesker draws young and naive rookie Rebecca Chambers into his twisted web one step at a time. What develops between them is a gordian knot of twisted emotions; desire, devotion, love, trust, duplicity, control, manipulation, and ultimately, surrender, which threatens to drag the entire S.T.A.R.S. team along in its wake. (Complete.)

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The Primrose Path to Hell
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Archive Warning:
Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse)
Rebecca Chambers/Albert Wesker
Rebecca Chambers, Albert Wesker, Minor Characters, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine
Additional Tags:
Abusive Relationships, Abuse of Authority, Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation, Sexual Coercion, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Psychological Drama, Boss/Employee Relationship, Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Screen Reader Friendly, Screen Reader Compatible
Published: 2022-11-18 Completed: 2023-01-14 Words: 94,161 Chapters: 26/26

The Primrose Path to Hell


In the days leading up to what would be the first outbreak, STARS captain Albert Wesker draws young and naive rookie Rebecca Chambers into his twisted web one step at a time. What develops between them is a gordian knot of twisted emotions; desire, devotion, love, trust, duplicity, control, manipulation, and ultimately, surrender, which threatens to drag the entire S.T.A.R.S. team along in its wake. (Complete.)


The tags are not a joke.

Chapter 1

The RCPD’s gym was filled with the sounds of sneakers on the polished floor, and the beat of the ball up and down the halfcourt, as the STARS members and a few of the rcpd officers worked out their energy after hours. It had been the newbie’s idea. Rebecca, who had only been with them for a few months now. As the game wound down, the rookie had worked up quite a sweat.

It’d been a good game, full of close calls and impressive plays on the court, leaving Rebecca with a wide smile on her face as she dribbled the ball for one last shot from the three point line. The sheen of sweat on her shoulders was bright under the halogen lights of the RCPD gym as she leapt and took the shot with a cheerful ‘hup’.

It was a group bonding activity…an excuse for her to get closer with her new teammates, and it was a whole lot of fun.

Somewhere from the bleachers, there was the click of a camera, and a flash of light.

But before Rebecca could really register it, one of her fellow STARS slapped her on the back.

“Nice one, Beck,” Chris said as the game started to break up.

Wiping her arm across her brow and trying not to stumble from the slap on the back, Rebecca turned with an ear to ear smile on her face. “Thanks Chris!”

She bounced on her heels, working off the excess energy from the match, “I’m so glad you guys all agreed to play today! It was great!”

He laughed. “Yeah, thanks for putting it together. For some reason, people are more inclined to play when it’s you asking.”

There was another snap, and another flash of light from the bleachers.

“It must be my infectious personality!” She joked playfully, though the flash once more caught her eye. She inclined her head enough to glance at the bleachers past Chris with a quizzical ‘hmm?’.

Chris’ gaze tracked the motion as well. Standing among the bleachers they saw Wesker, captain of the STARS team holding a camera. When he noticed them looking, he gave a thumbs up.

Rebecca felt her cheeks warm slightly as she caught the Captain’s eye. But she brightly smiled and waved towards him as he gave a thumbs up.

“Looks like the Captain’s taking some commemorative photos! Wonder if they’ll be hung around the office in a few weeks.”

Chris snorted. “I guess. Never seen the captain take photos before.” He looked at Rebecca, and then over at the captain, but shrugged. “Well. I’m gonna hit the showers.”

“Alright! I’ll see you back at the office later, Chris!” Rebecca gave him a goofy salute, and a wink, before she jogged to the sidelines to grab a towel and mop herself up.

Glancing back up at the Captain, she hesitated a moment before waving him over. “Captain! Did you enjoy the game?”

The captain took a few steps out onto the court as the rest of the players headed for the locker rooms. His gaze was hard to follow behind his shades, but he seemed to be giving Rebecca a considering look.

“I’m impressed by your dedication to teamwork,” Wesker said, rather tersely. “Despite that…”

“T-thank you, Captain.” Rebecca said, though she felt her body warm with a flush under his stern and unflinching stare. “I’m always happy to be part of the team, you know? And I saw you take a few pictures…” her voice trailed off as ‘despite that’ registered.

“Y-yes sir?”

“I think this discussion needs to continue in my office, Chambers.” The tall, imposing blond didn’t have any special menace in his voice, but something about it still sent a shiver through Rebecca.

Rebecca swallowed thickly, stifling the shiver as best she could so he didn’t see. “Yes sir. Can I change first, or should I report right away?”

“The latter, Ms. Chambers,” he said. He turned and walked toward his office without another word.

As she watched his back retreat out of the gym, she finished toweling the worst of the sweat off, before tossing the towel in a nearby hamper with a perplexed pout on her face.

“I wonder what’s up…” She quietly mused to herself with a timid chuckle. Surely it was just something about the game..or perhaps one of the upcoming missions.

“I better not keep him waiting.” She resolved with a nod of her head, before hurrying off towards his office on quick little steps. “Whatever it is has got to be important!”

Wesker’s office door was closed when Rebecca arrived. Despite this, the captain’s sharp voice barked for her to enter, before she could raise her fist to knock.

She stifled a ‘yeep’ of quiet surprise…how did he even know I was there? Before swinging the door open and hustling inside. The Captain wasn’t a man who liked to be kept waiting.

“Officer Chambers reporting in, Captain!” She announced, still clad in her two piece basketball outfit.

“Close the door.”

The office was half in shadow, the only light coming from the shaded lamp on Wesker’s desk. He was sitting, alert, in the tall chair behind it, with his fingers intertwined on his desk.

She reached back and nudged the door closed behind her, as her nerves ratcheted up. Had she done something wrong during the game? She couldn’t think of anything.

Still, she stood at attention before him with a nod of her head.

“Yes sir…” She took the moment to look him over, though. The captain–he’d always been very attentive towards her since her transfer in. And the way he made her heart race whenever he turned that attention towards her certainly was something she was acutely aware of at this very moment.

She only hoped the crush wasn’t too obvious.

“Sit down.” He waved a hand to the chair in front of his desk. “While I commended your dedication to teamwork, Ms. Chambers, I’m afraid you have your work cut out for you in other areas.”

She sat automatically in the chair, folding her hands on her lap with a timid smile. So it was a reprimand

“Sorry, Captain…M-may I ask what you mean?”

“You’re sloppy, Chambers. I suppose it’s no surprise, given how new you are.” He was wearing his sunglasses even in the low light, and it was impossible to fully read his expression toward her. Was he angry? Or was this more from a place of gentle advice? If only she could tell.

It was nearly impossible through the dark lenses of his sunglasses, and his neutral affect…but she desperately wished she could tell regardless. She bit her lip, glancing down as she worried her fingers together.

“Is this about my performance in the match, sir? I mostly just play as a hobby…”

“Obviously,” he said. “You’re in the worst shape out of all my STARS, Chambers. But that’s secondary. I’m talking about your wardrobe.”

She flushed deeply Well…it’s true. I am. I’m just the medical officer, but I’m working hard every day to try and catch up to the others… but….wait…

Her train of thought cut off, and she blinked “M…My wardrobe, sir?”

He gestured toward her. “Shoes half-untied. Your basketball jersey is at least a size too large. I watched you adjust the shoulder no less than three times. You realize, if it falls off you’ll expose yourself. Are you trying to expose yourself, Rebeccca?”

She felt her face get hotter and hotter as her eyes widened in surprise. She stared at her captain, mouth agape for a brief moment before she managed to squeak out shaking

“! Of course not, Captain! I…uhm..” nervously, she adjusted the strap of her basketball top again. It’d been the smallest she’d been able to find …and it was still that large on her? Was it really that bad?

“I see that you’re upset,” Wesker said flatly. “I take it you were unable to find a more suitable uniform.”

“I went to three stores and this was the smallest adult size they had.” She murmured, rubbing the back of her neck…glancing down to make sure that she didn’t ‘expose herself’ with the motion.

“And I didn’t notice my shoes…”

“We’ll work on your attention to detail,” he said. “As for your uniform. I shouldn’t be surprise. After all, you’re quite small. Delicate.”

She watched him intertwine his fingers over his desk again, and look at her over them with his impassive, unknowable gaze.

Her own fingers were working themselves together in a complicated tangle on her lap as she glanced up to meet his gaze, acutely aware of how flushed she was, before averting her stare down to her lap.

The Captain thinks I’m delicate?

“It’s sometimes hard in a city like this to find things that fit, sir.” She murmured softly. “I’m n-not as delicate as I look, but I’ve never been very large.”

“No, that’s apparent,” he said, touching his chin thoughtfully. “You’re doing an admirable job keeping up with the rest of the team as it is, Chambers, but…”

Rebecca leaned forward, hands pressing into her lap as she bit her lip “B-but? You’re not going to demote me off the team, are you Captain?”

“I wouldn’t do that so rashly, Ms. Chambers,” he said. He drummed his fingers on his desk. “Allow me to be honest, Rebecca. I admire your skills, and your optimism. I think you’ll make a fine addition to the team– with a little polishing. If you’re willing to accept my assistance.”

It took her by surprise.

A little polishing to catch me up to everyone else?

…Personally given by Captain Wesker himself??

The thought brought a smile to her flushed face without her even realizing it.

She bowed her head “I want to be helpful to the team, and to y-you, any way I can. If you think all I need is a little polish, and if you can make that happen, I’ll do anything.”

There was the ghost of a smirk at the edge of his lips, and she heard his glove squeak as he tightened his hands together. “Be careful what you promise, Ms. Chambers. I’m a strict teacher.”

The squeaking of his gloves sent another little shiver up her spine, and she swallowed hard before smiling “I think I can take it, sir. The promise stands.”

“I will hold you to that..” Wesker put his hand on the camera he’d had in the gym, which Rebecca now noticed was on his desk. “In that case, let us begin. Stand up, Ms. Chambers.”

She stood smoothly up from the chair, holding her hands clasped in front of her as she obeyed his order. “Yes sir!”

Internally, she wondered what exactly he planned on polishing using just a camera…but the thought only served to fluster her even more. She bit down on the thought, and steeled herself with a serious expression.

He stood up from his chair, picking up the camera as well. “Good. Now take your shirt off.”

And that was what made her sputter out loud. “A…AH! C-Captain, you want me to WHAT?” She hoped her voice didn’t pitch too loud…who knew if the office was really empty.

But it had just slipped out, as she turned scarlet down to her shoulders, scarcely able to meet his eyes.

Wesker’s brow furrowed, and he regarded her sternly, reaching out to put a hand on that now red shoulder.

“I’m not certain where your mind went just now, Ms. Chambers, but I had assumed that you wanted to be able to track your progress properly, with photographs. Perhaps you had a more immature idea of what I was suggesting.”

Oh no. Way to go , Rebecca, now he’s going to think you’re a pervert!

Her flush only got worse as she stammered out a half dozen panicked thoughts in succession, none of them making it past a few halfhearted syllables before she swallowed and grabbed the hem of her sports top.

“O..Of course, Captain, Wesker, I uhm…no, i mean..I didn’t have…” She swallowed again, and pulled the top off in a smooth motion. “I was just surprised, sir.”

“I’ll try not to startle you next time.”

Wesker took back his hand as she pulled off her top, and he took a step back. Even behind the glasses, Rebecca could feel him appraising her body. Obviously, for the purposes of training…

Obviously. Obviously for training…but it didn’t stop the very physical reaction she had to the feeling of his eyes trailing down her bare, modest breasts, and her thin and wiry-muscled body now that it was free of the constraints of the too-big top.

“Thank you, sir..” She murmured shyly.

Captain Wesker snapped a photo of her. “Turn around.”

She turned shifting her weight to the other leg as she waited with her hands folded by her hips for him to take another photograph, this time of her back, and the very obvious ridges of her spine.

She closed her eyes, trying not to think too hard about the fact the man she had a crush on was photographing her naked in his dimly lit office, all too aware that he’d already noticed how warm she was getting from the whole thing.

He photographed her again. “Now take off your brassiere, and raise your arms.”

It was the same tone that he said everything in. Flat, brusque. But what a thing to hear out of his mouth.

Was the bra really necessary to remove??? Was her first thought. Surely, any measurements or records he needed were enough with her plain cotton sport bra, right?

She swallowed thickly, though, and reached back to start pulling it off. I did say I’d do anything, after all…

She pulled it away from her body, exposing pale breasts with a small rise to their dark nipples, a smattering of freckles over their milky surface.

Raising her arms over her head, she tried to keep from whimpering as she felt the cool air of the office against them…and the weight of the Captain’s stare. “I uhm…please make sure nobody sees these, sir…”

“I would hope you would put more trust in your captain than that, Ms. Chambers,” he said simply. He snapped a picture of her from behind. “Good. Now turn around.”

Turn around and show him her breasts…

“Of course I trust you!” She squeaked as she turned, her arms wrapped around her breasts as she struggled once more to meet his impassive gaze. “‘I’m just…ah, n-not used to..”

She waved her hand from its position over her breast “…t-this.”

“I’m afraid that’s obvious, Ms. Chambers. But we’ll get you trained up. Raise your arms.” He held the camera at the ready again, his cool, unplaceable gaze on her bare body.

Raising her arms slowly, Rebecca kept eye contact with him even through the heat of her face and her nervous smile. She nodded her head. “All uhm…p-part of polishing me up, Captain?”

It was impossible to ignore how much raising her arms showed off her breasts.

The captain snapped a photograph.

“You’ll be very glad to have these to look back on when I’m done with you, Ms Chambers,” Wesker said.He turned the camera on its side, and took one more shot, then set it down on his desk again.

Rebecca lowered her arms, taking a deep breath as she covered her breasts again with a timid smile “If you say so, Captain Wesker.”

She shifted from foot to foot , trying to gauge his expression from behind his impassive sunglasses.

“I do. You may dress, Ms. Chambers.” As Wesker spoke, Rebecca watched him unlock a drawer of his desk and take out a dark bottle with a label that she couldn’t see.

She quickly pulled her bra back on , followed by her gym top.

All the while, though, she wondered what exactly he had taken out of his drawer. She peeked over the neck of her top as she pulled it on, trying to get a better look at the bottle itself.

The label stayed hidden as Wesker opened the bottle, and shook a large caplet pill out onto the palm of his hand. “Here,” he offered it to Rebecca. “I’ll have a bottle for you tomorrow, along with your new exercise regime.”

Rebecca took the pill in the palm of her hand, looking down at it with a furrow of her brow.

“What is it?” she asked cautiously as she turned it over with her fingers and looked for any marking her medical college-trained eyes could spot. “A vitamin supplement? It’s…it’s not a steroid, is it?”

“It’s botanical,” he told her, “Not a steroid. I take these supplements myself, Ms. Chambers. Mostly they improve blood flow, which as I’m sure a medical student like you know is vital for improved stamina and muscle tissue.”

“Ahhh…” Rebecca nodded thoughtfully as she held it up to the dim light with a small smile. “That’s true, blood flow is vital when you’re working on muscle development and stamina training.”

She put the pill to her lips, looking for some water to drink it down with. If it was just a supplement that the Captain himself took, there was little harm in it.

After all…he did promise to help her catch up to the rest of STARS, and she did trust him to manage it. …he’d always been there to step in and help since she’d first arrived in the unit.

Wesker seemed to notice her search, and grabbed a water bottle from behind his desk, offering it to her.

“Here. You can leave the office door open when you leave,” he said. “I expect to see you here after your shift again tomorrow. Understood?”

Rebecca took the bottle, and drank a long swallow from it to down the pill and her nerves in equal measure.

She nodded as she wiped her lips, and handed him the bottle with a small smile. “I understand, Captain…I’ll be there. and ah.. I…I’ll be more aware of uniform regulation from now on too.”

“Your effort is seen, and appreciated, Rebecca,” Wesker nodded. He took the bottle back from her, and his fingers brushed hers. “I look forward to seeing your progress.”

She felt the heat on her face again, and the gentle smile that crossed her lips. Her fingers lingered just a moment too long on his as she let go of the bottle, before she pulled them away and nodded.

“I hope I can do you proud, Captain. I really do.”

The better I get…the more use I can be to my comrades in arms. The more use I can be for the Captain. She thought with a smile I’ll make him proud of me if it’s the last thing I do.

Chapter 2

Chapter Notes

extra chapter warnings: mentions of sexual choking, allusions to female masturbation.

Wesker sat in his office alone after Rebecca had left, his hands folded in his lap as he remained deep in thought, the expression on his statuesque face one of tight control.

Rebecca Chambers, the rookie STARS agent.

She was talented, there was no question of it, far above the typical level for her age. But despite that, there was no way that she actually belonged on the team. If they needed a medic, there were a dozen candidates more combat ready, more experienced, and more confident than Chambers.

Rebecca was on the STARS team for exactly one reason; Albert Wesker wanted her there.

The bright, exuberant young woman was beautiful, naive, sweet hearted, and above all, eager to please.

Wesker intended to use that eagerness to bring her tightly under his thumb.

He had noticed her attraction to him immediately; as far back in fact, as when she’d been interviewing for the position. It was why she had gotten the job. Since then he had nursed that attraction into a growing crush that was blindingly obvious, to himself, and probably to others as well.

That was step one.

And now, this afternoon, he’d been able to move on to step two of bringing Rebecca Chambers to heel.

He brushed his fingers over the camera on his desk, thinking of what was on the film inside. It had been all too easy to convince Chambers to take off her clothes for him. The thought of her bare, lightly freckled flesh sent a shiver through his tightly controlled body.

Yes, he’d already gotten her to take off her clothes, and with his training, and the ‘supplements’ he had given her, it wouldn’t be long until he got even more.

Wesker wouldn’t stop until he had his fingers wrapped tight around Rebecca’s soft, delicate throat, and she was gasping to beg him to fuck her.

He wouldn’t stop there, either. The STARS rookie was soft,malleable. She needed someone like him to take care of her; to bring her under control.

Wesker wouldn’t stop until she was his; body and soul.

Chris was outside the station when Rebecca left for the evening; he was leaning against the fence, peeling an apple with his pocket knife, and he stopped, and gave Rebecca a wave.

Rebecca had been deep in her own thoughts since she left the Captain’s office–replaying the most embarrassing moments behind the Captain’s door in her mind’s eye on repeat as she walked down the familiar halls–but upon seeing Chris, she shook herself out of her recollections with a flush, and returned his wave.

“Hey Chris, I thought you’d have headed home by now!”

“Thought I’d wait up for you,” he said, giving her a nod. “Was longer than I thought– captain chew you out pretty bad?”

Her flush deepened a little more, and she turned her head to try and hide the worst of it with a sheepish smile “yeah…something like that.”

She chuckled softly, rubbing the back of her neck, “I’m going to be working a little harder on catching up to the rest of you, you know?”

“Hey, I’m all for pushing yourself, but don’t let him ride your ass too hard,” he said, cutting off a slice of apple and handing it to her. “You’ve got your own strengths.”

Delicately taking the slice of apple from him with a thankful smile, she nodded her head “w-well yeah. I’m the team’s only medic. Heck knows you and Jill would probably fall apart if nobody was there with the first aid sprays and triage kit, right?”

She stuck her tongue out teasingly, before popping the slice of apple in her mouth. “But…I mean, I just want to push myself a little more, and the Captain he could help.”

The apple was crisp and sweet in Rebecca’s mouth, and it made her realize how surprisingly hungry she was all of a sudden. Her body felt flushed, too. That could have been the encounter with Captain Wesker, or, possibly the supplement he’d given her…

Chris raised an eyebrow. “Huh. The captain actually offered to help? Color me surprised.”

Rebecca shifted her weight to her other foot, taking a deep breath as she felt her body and face warm in tandem. It must have been the supplements–it was probably kicking her body into gear, hence the sudden hunger… and the heat couldn’t all be from Wesker’s attention.

Idly, she tugged at the collar of her university t-shirt as she nodded to Chris. “Yeah? Really? He hadn’t offered to help you or Jill before?”

“I mean, he’s kind of a demanding bastard,” Chris chuckled. “He knows what he wants, but you have to get there yourself. I guess if he offered to help you he’s going softer on the rookie than I anticipated. Maybe the guy’s got a heart after all.”

“Maybe he does,” Rebecca said with a sheepish smile. “He said I had promise and he was hoping that with a little extra training…I could be a real asset to the team.”

It was distracting. The heat of her skin and hunger kept pinging her attention, leading to her gently rubbing her arm with a sheepish smile as she tried to pay attention “I’m ah, probably going to go get dinner after this. That workout was a lot.”

“You want company?” Chris asked. “I could go for a burger. Hell, if the captain thinks you need extra training, you can count me in to run you for a few laps, too.”

“Wow.” Rebecca laughed with a bright smile as she crossed her arms “between you and the captain maybe I’ve got a chance! Alright. I could use the company!”

Hopefully, she thought, the heat will burn off after she eats and she’d be able to calm herself down.

“Right on,” Chris said, straightening up and punching her in the shoulder. “I know a great place for burgers.”

Distracted as she was, and as strong as Chris was, the punch had her stumbling a bit to the left with a squeak, before she straightened herself up with a little grin. “O-oh! Heck yeah. Lead the way, Chris. Is it a local place?”

“Woah hey.” The sound of footsteps from the front door of the station followed in their wake as Jill Valentine, leather jacket thrown over her shoulders and all-access passes to the gun show in her blue tank top, jogged to catch up.

“You’re going out for burgers and you didn’t invite me? Chris, you piece of shit!” She playfully chided with a wolfish grin.

Chirs held his hands up and grinned back at her. “Fuck me, Jill. I thought you already went home and took your insatiable burger lust with you. Can’t blame a guy for trying to take the rookie out for a decent meal, can you?”

Chris and Jill had such an easy chemistry between them. The whole STARS team did, really, and Rebecca hoped to be a part of it someday soon. Admittedly, it was a little hard to focus on that thought at the moment though, with her empty stomach, and the odd warmth in her body.

“Of course I can’t.” Jill said with a teasing edge to her voice. “Look at her, she’s adorable. I’ve got half a mind to swoop in and take her out myself.”

She crossed her arms “but I’ll settle for you buying me lunch too, while you’re at it. You know me. I can’t say no to a burger, Chris. It’s in my contract.”

Rebecca half-heartedly chuckled. It wasn’t that Jill and Chris weren’t charming…far from it. She liked them both quite a bit, and the routine of theirs was funny as always…
But she felt her stomach rumble, and the heat under her skin had risen to the point where she knew she was visibly pink. And not just that…

The chill of the open air was almost stinging in contrast to the warmth bloomed in her body. She was sure they could notice as she adjusted her collar again, her breath getting a little heavier in the process.

“Yeah, yeah,” Chris waved his hand and shook his head. “Sorry, Rebecca, looks like we’ve got the burger monster along for the ride. As long as you don’t mind?”

It took Rebecca a moment to realize that Chris was actively asking for her input.

“W-what?” Rebecca blinked in surprise, shaking from her daze after both Chris and Jill turned her attention to her. “Oh ah.”

She swallowed and shook her head. “I don’t mind at all! Sounds fun!”

Jill raised her eyebrow. “Man , rookie,” she leaned in close and poked her finger in the center of Rebecca’s forehead. “The boss must have done a number on you in there. You look out of it.” She grinned “what’d he do? Give you the whole ‘STARS responsibility’ talk? Last time I got that reprimand he went on for like…a solid fuckin’ hour.”

“Apparently the captain offered to give her some extra training,” Chris told her. “So apparently pigs can fly now. C’mon, we’ll take my car.”

He waved for them to follow, and started around to the employee lot.

“No way!” Jill said as she fell into step beside him, tossing her jacket on so she could shove her hands in the pockets. “Didja check if hell froze over?”

Rebecca hurried to follow , taking deep breaths to cool herself down as she rubbed the spot Jill had touched on her forehead. It still tingled with the phantom sensation, the heat of her skin activating causing her nerves to overreact in response.

“I think he just wants me to catch up with you guys,” Rebecca offered “I don’t think he’s that much of a hardass…”

“Tell that to me when I was a rookie.” Jill snickered before dropping into a passable Wesker impression “ ‘I don’t need some two-bit burglar on my squad, Valentine. Shape up. Don’t stop until you can take Chris in the ring. You call that a throw? Pathetic’.”

“At least he just insults you, Jill,” Chris laughed. “I thought he was going to beat me to death when he called me into the ring the first time.”

Jill laughed, “wish I coulda seen it, Chris. Sounds like it was a hell of a fight, every time you or Burton talk about it.” She shook her head, strolling easily along with an ear-to-ear smile.. “The man’s a real drill sergeant. I’ve never seen him go easy on anyone. Well. At least until our adorable rookie here.”

She glanced back at Rebecca, who still was straggling as she tried to keep up through the distracting warmth and hunger. She’d wrapped her arms around her stomach with a pensive frown…until she realized she was being addressed.

Startling out of her distraction, she flushed and shook her head “N-no, I mean. He’s just…well…”

Chris opened the door of his car for the two of them as they reached the parking lot. “Hey, Beck, nobody’s calling you out here. Jill and I both know you make a great fit for the team. We’re hassling the captain– right, Valentine?”

“Absolutely.” Jill said as she hopped into the shotgun seat, tossing her purse between her feet. “The Captain could use a little hassling from time to time. Can’t have him pushing the stick up his ass TOO deep.”

Rebecca slid delicately into the backseat of the car, folding her hands on her lap with a shy chuckle. “I know, Sorry. I’m still a bit worked up from the game, I think.”

She didn’t really want to tell them about the supplements. If they already were teasing Captain Wesker about special treatment now, she knew that’d only bring more fuel to the fire. So she deflected it and plastered on a bright smile.

“It’s just kind of funny, I guess. You guys have so many stories about the Captain, you know?”

“We can tell you a few more over burgers,” Chris laughed, hopping into the driver’s seat and flipping on the radio. “But I hope we don’t talk about work all night. Talk about a buzzkill.”

Jill leaned over and flipped the radio to one of the city’s university rock stations, before flopping back in her seat. “Boooooring. We’ll have to find something more exciting to talk about or I’ll die. I’ll die on my burger. And that’d be a waste.”

Rebecca nodded her head , fanning herself idly with her hand. Honestly…anything but how Wesker seemed to be giving her special treatment was a plus in her book. The idea made her feel even warmer than the pill had. The possibilities of what it meant played on her mind even as she tried to distract herself.

Does he like me? Like I like him?

She shut the treasonous thought away. There was no way he did. He was just looking out for her because of her potential on the team.

“So what are you guys planning this weekend?” she hazarded to ask.

It was late by the time Chris and Jill dropped Rebecca back at her quiet apartment– a welcome relief after the noisy, crowded diner.

She might have gone home earlier, if she’d had her own transportation, but she hadn’t wanted to spoil Chris and Jill’s fun, even with the way she was feeling. Was it all the loud, excited conversation that had left her head spinning this way?

At least she was full now, but the heat wouldn’t leave her body.

She’d really hoped that eating would do something about it. That a little off-hours socializing would shake off this strange heat with a mixture of distraction and time.

But as she shut the door behind her and turned the lock, she felt just as off as she had since she left the office…if not more so. She stumbled her way to her little armchair, one of the few pieces in her modest livingroom, and collapsed in it, taking a long moment to shut the world out by covering her ears and taking a series of deep, deep breaths.

It had been so loud. Loud and distracting, and hard to focus. Her head was still spinning as she curled up on the armchair , acutely aware of how sensitive and warm her skin felt against her t-shirt and jeans.

Eventually the heat of her skin won out over the spinning feeling in her head, and she shakily shifted to strip out of her shirt, and wriggle out of her pants in the desperate hope to cool off.

Was she having a bad reaction to the pills?

The slip of her clothes on her skin as she took them off raised goosebumps on her. It wasn’t usual for her skin to be so sensitive, but it definitely felt better to have the clothes off. Maybe it wasn’t the pills, maybe she was coming down with something?

Rebecca shuddered as she tossed her clothes in a pile on the ground off to the side, sinking against the chair and shuddering front the sensation of the plush leather against her sensitive skin.

Her fingers trailed idly down her thigh before she caught herself, and raised her hand to her head. “Please don’t be getting sick.” She whispered softly.

Her eyes closed as she mustered the will to move, before she slid off the chair and staggered her way towards the bathroom door. “Gotta check my temperature…”

For some reason, as she walked naked through her empty apartment, her skin warm and sensitive, the memory of captain Wesker and his camera popped back into her mind.

Her arms wrapped around herself, brushing her nipples as she gave herself a gentle squeeze…only to shiver with a quiet ‘o-Oh!’ as the sensation relayed through her overstimulated nerves.

And still her mind focused on the Captain. His stare, shielded by those sunglasses he always wore, bearing down on her as she stood half naked in front of him. The heat in her body surged a little warmer as she shouldered the bathroom door open and rummaged for the thermometer, popping it in her mouth after a quick rinse in the sink.

“I can’t…” She whispered, muffled somewhat by the thermometer between her lips. “he’s my boss. He’s the Captain of my unit…come on Rebecca, get a grip…”

He’d probably think she was being a ridiculous child for having a crush on him too. He was a lot older than her; he probably didn’t think of her as anything more than a kid. That was probably the whole reason he was giving her special treatment. Helping the little kid catch up…

The thermometer sat in her mouth for a moment, before it beeped. Her temperature wasn’t raised even a little. Apparently, she was just really flushed.

“At…at least I’m not getting a fever.” she murmured , as she tossed it in the sink to rinse later, and leaned against the wall to catch her breath.

Her eyes closed, as her mind strayed back to the Captain. HIs tall and imposing physique…that wry smirk that sometimes played over his lips and made her wish she could see inside his mind, just the once, so she could understand him.

How it might feel to be held in his arms…

Her face flushed deeper, and she caught herself with a sharp intake of breath “He thinks I’m just a kid.” She whispered “…just some kid with promise he’s going to help catch up to the rest. There’s no way he’d ever see me as…as anything else…”

She should definitely get any kind of other ideas out of her head about him, if she was going to be seeing him again in his office tomorrow. If she was going to be training privately with him. What exactly did he have in mind? In the state she was in it was easy for the imagination to run wild.

Her fingers trailed down from near her neck…brushing over her the sensitive skin of her breasts as her mind began to wander. Private training turned to his powerful hands guiding her , his body shadowing her as he helped improve her posture during firearms training…or eased her through a self-defense move…

And before she knew it, her thoughts wandered even further. He was ordering her to strip her shirt off, camera leveled on her body as he smirked down at her and took a photograph…

She shook herself out of the daydream to find one hand cupped around her breast, her body prickled with goosebumps and eyes wide. “Oh…geeze.” she murmured. “Way to go getting yourself excited, Rebecca.”

Getting all worked up like this was definitely not going to be helpful for the next day.Maybe she should get herself to bed. Rebecca couldn’t remember the last time she’d been as worked up as this.

It’d been years, at least since her early years of college. She shook herself out of her daze and began to ease herself towards bed. Away from the bathroom and her discarded clothes in the living room, she pushed open her bedroom door, and didn’t even bother turning on the light as she flopped her way into her twin bed, sprawled out over the covers with a quiet hum.

“Maybe I should get some rest…maybe that’ll shake this off in time for me not to make a fool of myself in front of Wesker and the guys.”

In the end, though, after she was in bed, Rebecca found she was still unable to shake off the feelings, or the images in her mind. She spent a long time thinking about Captain Wesker before she finally got to sleep.

Hopefully she could just forget about it in the morning.

Chapter End Notes

My favorite thing about young Chris is that he’s really just a guy, you know?
Comments of any length are greatly appreciated!

Chapter 3

Chapter Notes

extra chapter warnings: invasion of privacy, peeping

Maybe Jill and Chris hadn’t been exaggerating, talking about Wesker the night before. If nothing else, it seemed like he was extremely serious about this extra training. Rebecca didn’t know how long she’d been in the gym after her shift so far, but it already felt like hours. At this rate he was going to have to invent new exercises for her to perform, because it felt like they’d been through all of them.

The latest was pullups; the captain stood near her, arms crossed, watching her impassively as she worked.

Keeping her breathing steady and even, she worked to pull herself up until her chin hit the bar, even as her arms wobbled and muscles burned. It’d been an excruciatingly long workout session, and her entire body ached with the burn of well-worked muscle, but it wasn’t over yet.

It takes work to develop muscle and build stamina. She reminded herself with a little huff of breath before lowering herself, keeping her grip steady, and trying for another pullup. If you give up now, you’re just gonna disappoint Wesker. So one more…at least one more…

Her grip slipped, and she didn’t quite make it to the bar as she dropped a little towards the ground. “Eeep!” her fingers clenched on the metal, catching herself, and recentering for another attempt.

“If you injure yourself, you’ll set your training back,” Wesker warned her; still just watching as she caught herself.

Also watching from nearby in the gym were Chris, and Barry. The two of them had been lifting weights theoretically the whole time Rebecca had been training in here, but the actual work seemed to have tapered off at some point, and now she suspected she just had an audience.

Unsurprising, she supposed as she worked her way up into another rep, raising herself on shaky, sore arms to rest her chin on the bar with an expelling of breath. The rookie was being put through the paces…she imagined it was quite a show.

Watching her out of the corner of his eye, Barry set aside the pretense with the barbell he was holding, and instead leaned on the wall to watch.

“She’s really going for it, ain’t she?” his deep, baritone voice carried through the gym, despite his attempt to stay conspiratorially quiet. “Gotta respect her grit, for sure.”

“Definitely,” Chris nodded, grabbing his water bottle. “I just hope she doesn’t push it too far, too fast. Training isn’t about looking cool, after all. Not that you’d know about that.” He grinned at Barry.

Barry smirked , punching Chris on the shoulder with his thick fist. “As if yer one to talk, kid. STARS didn’t have showoffs like you and Valentine back when I was a rookie. I don’t need to ‘look cool’ when it all comes naturally.”

Rebecca slowed down visibly on the bar, perhaps hearing the admonishment about going too fast. Her next rep was more controlled, a slow and steady rise back up to the bar, even if she was visibly straining to make it.

“Sure, dad, that’s cause dinosaurs don’t feel the need to show off,” Chris guffawed, and punched Barry right back in equal measure.

Rebecca felt the warmth of a hand on her back. “Good. Concentrate on form.”

“Har Har, sonny boy.” Barry did laugh, however, crossing his arms with a thin smile. “This ‘dinosaur’ can still hold his own against a young buck like you. Remember that next time you call me an old man.”

His brow did furrow a bit while watching Rebecca and Wesker, a soft ‘hm’ escaping his lips. “Ain’t ever seen the Captain get so up close and personal with a rookie before.” He lowered his voice…actually managing it, into a low rumble of a whisper.

Rebecca flushed pink down to her shoulders, nodding once by way of acknowledgement, too out of breath to answer verbally as she worked her way into another rep, keeping her form tight and controlled as she could.

Rebecca could no longer hear what Chris and Barry were talking about, but she could feel Wesker’s body heat as he stood beside her and corrected her form. “Stay focused,” he urged.

She nodded again, trying to keep her breathing steady as she surrendered to his guidance, allowing his hands to correct her posture , and pulling herself up again with a quiet exhale.

He’s so close…close enough I can feel his body heat against mine. She shivered, and pulled herself up to the bar once more. “Yes, Captain.”

The captain nodded, his hand still just barely resting on the small of her back. “Three more. Then hit the showers.”

“A-ah..” she breathed, nearly slipping as he touched the small of her back. But her grip held tight, and she raised herself up to rest her chin on the bar once…twice…and with a huff of effort, a third time before letting herself hang limp on the bar.

“….did I do good, Captain?” She asked between deep breaths.

He regarded her coolly, his hand still warm on her. “I’m satisfied for your first day.”

Dropping to the ground and shaking out her arms, she glanced at him with a smile “Then I’m only going to get better from here, as I promised.”

Still..for a first day it was exhausting. Every muscle ached in her body, and she felt damp with sweat. Thankfully…she’d been given the go ahead for a shower…

Wesker patted her between the shoulders. “You need to clean up. Tell me you can stand in the shower without needing a spotter.”

“I-I can handle myself!” she yelped in flustered surprise, “No spotter needed.”

She shook her head. “tease all you like , but I’ll be alright.” She wandered over to grab her workout towel, and bundled it up to her chest. “I’ll go clean up , Captain.”

“Good. See me in my office when you’re done.”

As Rebecca grabbed her towel, Chris gave her a wave. “Drill sergeant finally letting up on you?”

“Yes sir!” she called to Wesker before she pat her face with her towel..looking up from it to meet Chris’ eyes with a small smile “yeah. You guys weren’t lying , he can get pretty intense with training. I’m exhausted!”:

“Hey Exhausted.” Barry spoke up from where he was sitting on a weight bench. “I’m Barry.” he chuckled “How long was he working you for again?”

Chris scoffed out a laugh, “Come on, Barry, those jokes might work on your eight year old, but even Chambers is a little old for it.”

“Now, Now, Chris. When ya get to my age, you’re contractually obligated to be corny..” Barry tutted.

Rebecca had started to laugh, however, despite the lame joke. “You’re too much, Barry!”

“See?” he gestured with his thumb “Chambers liked it.”

She chuckled another moment before she shook her head “But ah, it was only a few…well, it was since after lunch, so, a few hours now?”

“A few hours,” Chris shook his head. “Damn and I thought the captain was going soft.”

“Sounds like he’s his usual self.” Barry rumbled thoughtfully “Ain’t often you see his personal touch, though.”

He clapped Rebecca gently on the shoulder. “Look, it’s important to work on your personal strength and ability, but if you feel strained, don’t be afraid to take a day off.” He winked. “I’ll fight the Captain on your behalf if I gotta.”

Rebecca laughed, still a little wobbly from the day’s exercise “I know…I’m only doing what I can. I promise I won’t let myself burn out. I know that much from my time in med school!”

“Good,” Chris nodded. “Won’t be much use to the team if you’re a puddle on the floor, right? So what’s next for Rebecca Chambers?”

“A hot shower!” Rebecca laughed cheerfully “before I really DO become a puddle on the floor.”

“Too bad the showers here get lukewarm at best.” Barry chuckled. “the damn boiler needs a tune up.”

“Maybe a word from Rebecca will get the captain to actually put in a repair order,” Chris teased. “But seriously, enjoy the shower. Looks like you’ve earned it.”

Rebecca flushed deeply, and crossed her arms. “My word doesn’t pull THAT much weight with the Captain, geeze!”
She laughed, shaking her head. “…but I will. Thanks Chris. I’ll see you later? You too, Barry!”

“Wouldn’t be too sure about that.” Barry chuckled. “He’s really pulling out the stops for ya.” He gave her a half wave. “See you around, rookie. I’ve gotta get home, myself. Moira’s waitin’ for me”

The women’s locker room and shower area was empty when Rebecca entered, which was far from surprising. Even with modern hiring practices, the RCPD and STARS were still extremely male dominated; there was probably only one woman for every 10 guys on the force. And Jill wasn’t in today, which meant that Rebecca got the showers all to herself.

The locker area was surprisingly large– clearly a simple mirror of the men’s lockers- with lockers on each wall, and two rows more of them through the center of the room, breaking up the sight lines.

It meant Rebecca had the privacy to relax,one of the few perks of the skewed gender ratio at the RCPD. Casually, she tossed her gym clothes and street clothes into one of the lockers after stripping, and made her way with a soft hiss of breath towards the showers themselves.

Her legs were sore and achy from the laps Wesker sent her running on today, and her body felt weighed down by a ton of bricks…but she was proud of herself. Even if she struggled here and there, she felt she’d really made an impression today to the Captain.

And as a reward to herself, she was going to take a nice long shower to work some of the strain out of her muscles.

The shower area itself was past a heavy, swinging wooden door, and into an even more lonely and empty room than the lockers. A couple of old fluorescent lights flickered in the high ceiling, and gave the steamy shower room a dim, gloomy feeling while she was all alone.

Despite that, it was a relief just to be there, and she sidled into the nearest shower stall.

She turned the knob, and let the cool water hit her skin with a satisfied sigh.

The water hissed, and splashed against her clammy, sweat covered body. She was still extra sensitive, even after the day had passed, and the water made her skin prickle all over again.

“I think I should bring that up to Wesker.” She murmured to herself as she rubbed her fingers over her too-sensitive skin. Still, she arched herself under the water, and let it soak her hair and drip down her naked form. “…you’d think it’d wear off by now.”

It was certainly something to bring up to him. Especially since he’d said he’d have a bottle of the stuff for her today. That was probably why he wanted to see her in her office after her shower.

As Rebecca mused under the warming stream of water, there was a soft noise from somewhere in the room. Or had she imagined it?

She froze in the stream of water, glancing over her shoulder to scan the room with a slight frown. Jill was out…and it was off hours enough that it was unlikely any of the other women from the station would be here with her…

She didn’t see anything that stood out as wrong immediately. No…. actually, the door into the shower room was wobbling slightly, as if something had pushed against it.

“Hello?” she called out towards the door “is anyone there?”

No answer. Could it have been left ajar slightly? Maybe there was something in the way of its closing mechanism.

Rebecca let the water trail down her body for a moment more, keeping an eye on the door itself as she soaped herself up with a pensive frown. Maybe it was just the mechanism, but…the whole thing gave her chills.

Still, she didn’t hear anything else. At least not over the sound of the shower….

She left the shower running, washing away the soap, before she inched out from under the stream.

Her curiosity outweighed her caution, and she slowly moved her way towards the door, keeping an eye on space between the door and the wall.

The door, now, was fully closed. Maybe it had been her imagination after all.

Wesker eased the door to the women’s locker room open in complete silence. He was annoyed, but unsurprised to see that there was someone already there. RCPD’s own heavyset, balding little worm of a Chief of Police, Irons.

Wesker couldn’t stand him, and seeing the man encroach so obviously on his territory threatened to make his cold blood boil.

“Chief.” Wesker greeted him tersely. The man had his back to him, peeking through a crack in the door into the shower room. Wesker was sure he hadn’t heard him come in, preoccupied as he was.

Chief Irons turned with a sneer on his nasty little face , teeth bared below his thick mustache as he quickly nudged the door closed turning to face Wesker with a look of annoyance.

“Wesker.” he grumbled “Dare I ask what you think you’re doing in the women’s locker room?”

“If I answered that, you’d have to answer the same, wouldn’t you?” Wesker stared him down. Irons was Wesker’s superiority on technicality alone. A disgusting bureaucrat with unsavory habits who’d been installed for no reason other than his willingness to look the other way for Umbrella. If it came to it, Wesker was sure Umbrella could get another patsy, if this one mysteriously broke.

“Assuming I have to answer to you.” Irons crossed his arms. “Which I don’t, Captain.” He glanced over his shoulder at the closed door with a nasty sneer on his face.

“Cute little recruit you have there, don’t you think?” he began.

Wesker took a step toward him, and adjusted his glasses, letting Irons see his eyes for a moment. “I think I’d prefer it if you didn’t comment on my recruits, Chief. STARS is an autonomous operation. My operation.”

The Chief grimaced , shuddering visibly at the sight of Wesker’s eyes. The Captain could practically hear his teeth grinding as he stood his ground. “Of course it is. Operating under my roof.” he snapped. “Your operation and mine are just as important to Umbrella. Don’t forget that.”

He glanced towards the door “and make sure your new recruit doesn’t stray too far, or I’ll have to do something about it.”

“I’ll see that you don’t,” Wesker replied, his tone deadly flat. “I can look after her from here.” He stepped closer, and put a hand on the door.

“Shocking to see you so protective of some little bitch, Wesker.” Irons said as he turned to head towards the door back out into the hall. “I hope you’re not getting soft. Our …employers… wouldn’t be happy to hear that.”

He smiled over his shoulder, nothing but malice behind the expression. “Goodbye, Captain Wesker. Have a good night.” 

He said nothing, his hot gaze following Irons until he disappeared.

Wesker’s lips curled dangerously over his teeth, and he caught himself just before he could slam his fist into the door. It wouldn’t be constructive for Rebecca to hear.

He blew out a hot breath. Going soft. The man knew less than nothing. Rebecca Chambers belonged to Wesker; and Wesker didn’t let other men play with his toys.

He slipped his hand into his pocket where he felt the bulge of the camera he’d brought. He’d been intending to take a few pictures, but that would have to wait. Next time.

He waited until the count of ten, and turned around, heading out of the locker room as silently as he had entered.

Chapter End Notes

Irons is a scumbag.

Wesker is ALSO a scumbag, but he’s our scumbag. <3

Chapter 4

Chapter Notes

When Rebecca got out of the shower, she had found the locker room as empty has she had left it,despite the paranoia plaguing her all throughout her washing up.

She sighed with relief. It must have been some kind of issue with the hinges. She’d been worried her entire routine that something was up, but without a sign that someone had been there, she supposed it was all ok.

Making her way to the locker, she began to dress back in her uniform with a quiet hum of breath. Wesker wanted her in his office, after all, and she knew she lingered a bit long in the shower, so she resolved to make haste on her way over.

It wasn’t long before she was back in the hall, her wet hair brushed out of her eyes as she hurried along towards the STARS office, passing the various strange statues and arching windows of the art museum-turned police station on the way.

Only Brad was lingering in the bullpen when Rebecca arrived, and he gave her a nonchalant wave without looking up from the paperwork that he was busy with. At the back of the room, Wesker’s officer door stood slightly ajar.

She waved back to Brad– the others often teased him but she always thought he was an alright guy–and walked her way to Wesker’s office, pushing the door open enough to call inside.

“Officer Chambers reporting in, Captain!”

“Close the door behind you, Chambers.”

Wesker was sitting at his desk, with his back to the door. All Rebecca could see of him as she entered was one arm, and the back of his imposing swiveling chair.

She closed the door behind her, listening to the finality of its click as she leaned it closed. When she straightened up, she stood at attention before his desk with a nervous smile on her face.

“I’m all showered up, Captain, and I’m feeling good after today’s workout!”

“I’m pleased to hear it,” he said, turning the chair around to face her. He had a large stack of papers held in one hand, and there was a bottle of pills in his lap. “You didn’t even pass out in the shower, I see.”

“No, I didn’t.” She laughed weakly .”but actually…”

She tilted her head to the side. “I think the door needs to be fixed. It looked like it briefly got stuck open while I was showering.”

Wesker frowned and leaned forward slightly– a rare display of emotion from the captain. “I see. I’ll make certain it’s taken care of, then. We can’t have the showers becoming less than private.”

“Thank you, Captain.” Rebecca said warmly, her smile growing a little wider. “Thank you for looking out for us. I’m sure Jill would thank you too!”

She glanced down at his lap, noticing the pills. “Ah, and I also have another uhm…possible concern…to bring up.”

His expression had already returned to its usual stoney neutral. “And what’s that?”

Rebecca rubbed her arm gently, looking sheepishly off to the side. “I think I’m having a reaction to the pill from yesterday. My skin’s gotten really sensitive , and I felt feverish all night. I thought rest might tone it down, but the sensitivity hasn’t gone down any at all and I’m a little worried.”

“I see.” He set down his stack of papers, and picked the bottle up from his lap. “You’ve been distracted by it, then.”

He sounded disappointed– was he disappointed in her?

Her whole body stiffened, and she bit her lip in growing anxiety. He must have been, after all, the supplements were meant to help her catch up to his expectations, right? And if she couldn’t take them…

If she couldn’t take them then she’d disappoint him.

Rebecca’s fingers twined together before her as she shook her head. “O-only a little sir! Not exactly distracted , per say, I’ve just noticed it and wasn’t sure if it was a normal reaction or not.”

She smiled weakly. “…I’m very sensitive to changes in the body, that’s all.”

He drummed his fingers on the arm of his chair. “Being in tune with one’s body is an asset– as long as it doesn’t become a distraction. Extra sensitivity is a reasonably common reaction. Have you had any other side effects you think I should know about?”

Rebecca rubbed her arm thoughtfully, feeling the pinpricks of sensation crawl up it as she did. “I’m not distracted, Captain. I promise. If it’s a common reaction then I’m not too worried about it.”

She thought for a second, before she flushed a bit. Last night’s…overexcitement…came to mind, but there was no way she was going to tell him that.

“I felt a little flushed, but my temperature wasn’t up, so I’m assuming it was just an effect of the blood flow,” she mused, “t-that’s the two major symptoms I noticed, Captain.”

“I see. I can’t tell you if those effects will go away as you continue, Ms. Chambers,” he said, idly rubbing his thumb over the cap of the bottle in his hand. “But they should certainly become more manageable as you are accustomed to them. Assuming you want to continue.”

Rebecca leaned forward, her hand outstretching for the bottle of pills “I want to continue, Captain Wesker,” she said perhaps too quickly. “If it’s not a health concern or a bad reaction, then I can get used to them. I promise.”

She looked him in the eyes with a small and desperate smile. “I promised I’d live up to your expectations, didn’t I?”

Rebecca thought she caught just the trace of an upturn at the edge of the captain’s lips. A smile? For her? He pressed the bottle into her hand.

“If you insist, Ms. Chambers. I wouldn’t want you to think I was pressuring you.”

“You aren’t, Captain.” She said as her fingers curled around the bottle, her heart thudding in her chest at that trace of a smile. A break out of his usual stoic expression…just for her.

She held the bottle to her chest. “I want this. I want to be stronger.”

The slight trace of a smile made its way to Wesker’s face again, and he nodded. “Good. Your dedication is a quite admirable trait, Rebecca.”

She flushed a deep pink, nodding her head. “Thank you, Captain! I’m very dedicated…I just want to be the best I can be, so I can help you and the rest of the team when you need me.”

She smiled back at him in return, and looked down at the pill bottle “I’ll continue taking these every day.”

“Good,” he pushed a bottle of water across the desk to her. “And since you’re here…”

She opened the bottle, stealing a look for a label as she did so, and shook out one of the pills. “Of course,” she nodded her head, “I’ll take it now, sir.”

He nodded, and picked up his sheaf of papers. “There’s something else I could use your assistance with, Ms. Chambers.”

Rebecca popped the pill into her mouth and drank it down with a long swallow of water, before setting it aside and placing the pills in her pocket.

“Of course, Captain Wesker” she chirped.“What can I do for you?”

Rebecca moved to sit down in front of his desk, only to find that the chair that was usually there was actually missing today.

“I’m afraid your extra training is taking up a not insignificant amount of my time. If something isn’t done, the paperwork is going to start to pile up.” He held up the sheaf of papers that he’d been looking through when she entered.

“O..oh!” Rebecca’s hand rested atop the stack of papers as she pulled it a little closer to look at it with a flush “…so you need me to handle some of your paperwork for you, Captain?”

“I would appreciate your assistance– assuming you’re capable in that field.”

She flipped through a few pages from the top of the stack with a purse of her lips. “Absolutely. If I can handle my college medical papers, I can handle a little administrative work.”

She looked up at him with a small, sheepish smile “I don’t mind staying here and helping out, not at all.”

“Thank you, Ms. Chambers,” he nodded. “Just drag the chair around to this side of the– ah.” He paused, and set his desk. “I see Chief Irons never returned my chair.”

Rebecca glanced down at the empty space with a nod. “Yeah…it’s not there. I can take care of these papers at my desk in the bullpen if you like, Captain.”

“I’m afraid these papers can’t be removed from my office. We’ll be shredding them after they’re inputted.” He stood from his chair, and put his hand on the back of it. “Come here.”

Rebecca blinked at him with wide eyes for a moment before she startled out of her daze “o-oh uhm..”

She walked over with her hands folded in front of her “You don’t have to give me your chair, captain…” she said softly. “I don’t want you to have to stand if you don’t want to!”

“And what alternative would you suggest, Ms. Chambers? Perhaps you would like to sit on my lap.” His voice was flat as usual, and his stare cool behind his shades. It was impossible to tell if he was joking, or who the joke was on if so.

She turned a deep, vibrant pink as she stared up at him with her mouth slightly agape “I…w-well. N-no, I mean. That’d be…you wouldn’t..”

She squirmed and looked at the papers, wishing for all the world she was pen-deep in them instead of feeling pinned under her Captain’s teasing gaze.

“No? Then are you going to sit down? Or should I sit first.”

He had to be teasing her….

“V-very f-funny, Captain.” Rebecca murmured, trying to gauge his expression as she moved towards the chair.

He must have noticed how flustered I’m getting…he’s just poking a little fun, like the other guys on the squad…

Wesker pulled the chair out for her, standing closely beside it with his hand on the arm.

He wasn’t actually interested in her that way…he couldn’t be, as much as she wished. So instead, Rebecca sat delicately in the chair, looking over at him with a shy little smile.

He handed her the sheaf of papers, leaning over her as she sat in the chair. “Good. Let me show you how to input them into the system, and I’ll shred them as you do.”

See? Completely professional. Completely normal. Even if she could practically feel the heat of his body on her so-sensitive skin.

“O-of course sir,” she whispered as she placed the papers in front of her and looked over the first one in the stack. “Just s-show me what to do,and I’ll do it.”

It was distracting– the warmth of his body close to hers, his arm scant centimeters from her. But …she had to get used to it, she didn’t want him thinking she was too distractible.

Wesker leaned over her, directing her movements on the computer, showing her the data entry forms, and how to input them with the large, beige mouse. Most of Rebecca’s work was in pen or type-written. This was the first time she’d used a computer since the computer lab at college.

Her fingers clacked their way across the heavy keyboard, inputting the data as instructed, her fingers distractingly close to his as she moved the mouse around. She’d always liked computers…they were just a bit too expensive for her modest budget.

She found herself involuntarily leaning towards Wesker as she worked, concentrating on the data of course…but her body felt drawn towards the warmth of his as he leaned behind her.

If Wesker minded, or even noticed, he made no mention of it. He simply loomed there, just beside and behind her, reading out the occasional bit of paperwork that she missed, or inputted incorrectly. Very occasionally, when he moved, the skin of his forearm would brush hers.

She let herself smile. It was extra work, yes…but it was time up close and personal with the Captain. The fodder for countless daydreams about the unattainable. At one point, she lingered their arms together, pausing for a moment under the pretense of reading a paper more thoroughly.

The office was quiet as the time drifted by, silence broken only by the shuffle of papers, the tick of the clock, and the occasional stoic direction from Captain Wesker. Finally, he took the last of the papers from her, and moved over to the shredder.

“Your clerical skills aren’t lacking, Ms. Chambers.”

“It’s not too different from some of the work I did in college.” She said with a smile as she stretched her back with her hands over her head. It was a job well done, and it felt good to get the whole stack over with.

“I’m glad I could help, Captain!”

“It would certainly have taken longer without your assistance. Though I’m afraid it’s already later than I would have liked.” He tilted his chin to the clock, and Rebecca was surprised to realize that it was already after seven in the evening.

“….oh GEEZE” she exclaimed. Looks like she was getting overtime today. “I lost track of time, I had no idea it was so LATE.”

“I seem to have overtaken your evening,” Wesker mused. “Redfield tells me you generally rely on public transportation?”

Rebecca nodded slowly “yeah, I don’t have a car of my own so I mostly take the bus, or get a ride…I guess I’d better hurry before I miss another bus, huh?” She laughed quietly “..I didn’t have any plans for tonight, at least, so I don’t mind putting in a little extra work.”

“Hm.The bus takes forever, assuming you haven’t missed the last stop. It will be more efficient if I drive you home.”

“Oh!” Rebecca smiled warmly, “that’s really kind of you to offer , Captain. I ah..I suppose you’re right about missing the bus. Thank you..”

“Consider it a reward for sticking with your training for the first day,” he drawled. She watched him push up his glasses with one finger. “Shall we depart, Ms. Chambers?”

She nodded, and offered her hand to him as she pushed the chair away from the desk. “After you, Captain.” She chuckled softly, “I think this’ll be my first time seeing your car, actually.”

“I’m not generally in the habit of using my personal vehicle for work,” he nodded, and beckoned her to follow him out of the office.

All the lights but one were turned off in the bullpen. It seemed they were the last ones out of the STARS office that night.

Rebecca followed him, grabbing her jacket on the way out and pulling it over her shoulders to shield her sensitive skin from the wind. She walked close to Wesker, under the pretense that it was simply dark and she didn’t want to lose track of him.

“I guess Vickers must have headed home already. We really worked the night away, huh Captain?”

He snorted. “Vickers. Unlike you, he isn’t putting in any extra effort.” He gave her a subtle nod of the head that might have been approval, and grabbed his jacket from the peg on the wall. Rebecca watched him swing the black leather coat over his shoulders with practiced ease.

She glanced off to the side, glad for the darkness as it managed to hide the flush of her face and the little smile the practiced motion brought her. He REALLY was a devastatingly handsome man.

“Yeah?” she giggled. “Well I never see him at the gym, so i’m gonna have to agree with you there, Captain.”

“I’m curious what you think about your time with STARS so far,” he asked, nodding to her as he strode smoothly for the door. He waited for her at the other end of the room, holding the door for her.

She quickened her pace as she hurried after him, stepping out the door with a thoughtful tilt of her head. “I’ve been enjoying it.”

“It’s not exactly where I saw myself when I was a kid, admittedly…but ever since I joined up, I met a lot of wonderful people, you know?” she rubbed her arm. “Chris, Jill, Barry, Forest and Enrico. You. You’ve all been wonderful to me.”

Glancing back at Wesker with a bright smile, she continued. “I’ve been able to help people…even as a barely trained rookie, and I feel like I’m making a mark, you know?” she rubbed her arm “some positive change. And it’s been hard…it has been, trying to keep up with everyone when I started so far behind, but…but it feels rewarding, especially if I’m doing you guys proud.”

“I see. If it’s not where you saw yourself, what compelled you to join us?” he led her down the dim, statue-filled corridor of the precinct toward the back exit. “A search and rescue squad isn’t a typical place for a young medic.”

“You can say that again.” Rebecca agreed, glancing over her shoulder at him “I was studying chemistry at the time, and was doing research into practical applications of the local herbs in treating severe wounds and infection.”

She fell into step, arm-by arm with him as she hugged her coat to herself. “My papers caught the eye of a number of local recruiters, who reached out to me with possible jobs after graduation…one of them was a representative from the RCPD. He pitched STARS to me, and I thought…’search and rescue sounds like somewhere I could really make a change’. I thought…if I could be out there, directly helping those in need, or countering danger head on with the latest chemical engineering, maybe that could be a niche for me. Where I could change the world in some small, little way.”

She rubbed her neck with a laugh, “so I went into that interview with you and h-here I am!”

“Heh. Seems like you’re fearless, Ms. Chambers.” He held another door for her, as they exited into the RCPD’s quiet, underground parking garage. The dim, man-made hollow of the earth echoed out the captain’s voice as he spoke.

Rebecca walked a little closer to him. She had to admit, fearless as the captain thought she was. There was just…something about this parking garage that gave her the creeps. Maybe it was the acoustics, maybe it was the disrepair or the way it echoed with the howling of police dogs from the nearby kennel. Either way, she was usually pretty glad she didn’t have a car, because she rarely had to come down here.

Despite her nerves, she giggled quietly .“Yeah, I guess I can be a bit fearless.” she said, “I really just want to make a difference, is all!”

“Make a difference, hm. So you want to change the world for the better?”

He led her to a sleek, black sedan that looked both new, and expensive. He opened the passenger side door for her. The seats were leather.

“W-well yeah.” Rebecca said as she slid into the seat. The feeling of the leather , even through her pants and jacket, was enough to give her another shiver against her sensitive skin.

“I wouldn’t want to change it for the worse!” she looked around the car as she buckled in. “Wow, Captain, your car is beautiful!”

“Heh.” Was that a laugh? Or just a noise? He slid into the driver’s seat, she watched him put the keys smoothly in the ignition. “I don’t settle for less than the best, Rebecca. I’d imagine you were starting to notice that.”

She nodded, her hands on her lap as she glanced over at him. She wondered if he was going to take his sunglasses off..given that night was already falling.

“I’ve noticed, sir.” she said with a chuckle. “…between the car and what you expect from your team…I can see you only want the best of the best. I hope ah..I really hope I can manage to be counted as part of that soon.”

“I would say we’re well on your way to that.” He seemed to notice her looking at him, and he pushed his sunglasses up into his perfectly straight blond hair. He glanced over at her, and his naked, blue-eyed gaze was piercing.

She was arrested by his stare, her breath hitching slightly as she met his eyes. For the first time, now that she thought about it…

I’ve never seen him without them before. So that’s what his eyes look like…I can’t imagine why he hides them all the time… She could feel her face getting hot as she shifted in the seat.

“A..ah…” she squeaked before she managed to whisper, “thank you, Captain Wesker…that means a lot to me.”

“Does it? Hm. Keep it up, then.” He pulled the car deftly out of the parking garage an onto the Raccoon city streets.

She leaned back , letting her neck touch the cool leather of the seat as she looked out at the world flying by out the window…stealing the occasional glance at the Captain’s piercing eyes. “I will…I promise.”

She hesitated. She really wanted to ask him more about himself. What he did when he wasn’t at the office. What else he held to his high standards of ‘only the best’…but she felt tongue tied, tripping all over herself before she could even get the words out.

They drove down the street in silence for a moment, the dark world outside flashing by the windows of the fancy sedan.

“Do you have food at home?” Wesker asked suddenly, in his usual, flat tone.

She shook her head. The intention was first to buy food after yesterday’s match…but that didn’t pan out. Her NEW plan had been to get food after work today, but then everything ran late. Her kitchen fridge was barren, and she only had scattered staples in the pantry.

“N-not really. Maybe some canned pasta, or something if I look around.” she admitted.

“With those supplements I gave you, and the workout, you’ll be sick if you don’t eat something substantial.”

Rebecca held her hands over her slim stomach, nodding “I did notice the ah, impact to my appetite yesterday.” She agreed, “and it’s always a bad idea to skip meals after a workout. I was p-planning on maybe taking a stop by the deli after you dropped me off.”

“The one on Saint Andrews street?”

Rebecca nodded enthusiastically “uh huh. I get a lot of my lunch stuff there. They’ve got a good bakery, too…though ah, there’s probably not a lot left at this time of night.”

“It’s on the way. We’ll stop there.”

That was when Rebecca realized she hadn’t told the captain her address. Of course, he was her employer, so it made sense that he would know where she lived…

She glanced over at him, once more catching sight of his eyes “Y-yeah, it’s right on the way. It’s only a block or so away.”

Of course he knows where I live. It was all over my resume and my processing paperwork. He’s a good captain, so of course he knows his men…

“Thank you again for the ride, sir.”

Chapter End Notes

Its always safe and normal to let your boss drive you home after hours.

Chapter 5

Chapter Summary

extra chapter warnings: stalking, masturbation

Chapter Notes

Rebecca was a little bit surprised when Wesker followed her into the quiet corner deli and cafe by her apartment. He didn’t say anything, just walking behind her with his hands in his pockets.

The place was mostly empty by this point in the evening, and the owner was behind the counter, not quite putting things away yet, but only just. In the corner of the room, a large CRT bolted to the ceiling was droning on with the nightly news.

She had assumed Wesker would simply drop her off and leave…but she supposed it was late for him too. Maybe he also needed to grab a dinner. She smiled widely and waved enthusiastically to the owner as she headed to the counter.

He knew her well, she was a regular at this point, stopping in at least once a week since she’d moved in.

“Hello~“ she chirped, “looks like I missed the dinner rush, at least!”

“Ah! Rebecca,” the old man behind the counter greeted her in a thick, indistinguishable accent; he grinned and gave her a wave. “I was beginning to think I wouldn’t see you tonight. Who’s your friend?”

“Oh, this is Albert Wesker!” Rebecca gestured towards him with one hand as she fished her wallet out of her purse with the other. “He’s the Captain of the S.T.A.R.S. team back at the RCPD. He gave me a ride home tonight ‘cause work went late.”

She chuckled softly “you wouldn’t happen to have any pastrami left, would you? I’ve been dying for my usual!”

“You got it, Rebecca. And Mr. Wesker?”

“Captain Wesker,” he corrected. “I’ll take the same.” He put his hand on Rebecca’s hand suddenly as she got out her wallet. “Put that away.”

Rebecca jolted a little in surprise, her hand easing her wallet back into her purse. “O-oh! Ah, alright, Captain…” she paused before adding with a slight flush of her face. “You don’t have to buy me dinner, it’s alright.”

“You’re right, I don’t have to,” he said, handing the owner his own card.

“Ahh, you’ve got a classic gentleman there, eh?” the owner teased. He popped the card into a small tray and made a rubbed copy of it. The place didn’t have the machines yet, or probably never would.

Rebecca flushed a deep red at that, laughing a little timidly. “I-it looks like it!” She stammered “B-but ah, I mean. It’s not l-like that. It’s just because he kept me at work late, I’m sure.” She shifted from foot to foot.

“S-still, Thank you, Captain.” she nodded to Wesker. “this place makes great pastrami sandwiches. You’ll love it.”

“I’ll trust your judgment, Ms. Chambers.” He nodded at her, and took the bag of wrapped sandwiches that the owner offered a moment later.

“You won’t be disappointed, Captain Wesker.” She saluted him playfully before slipping a couple dollars into the tip jar.

If nothing else, she could feel good about having left the tip.

She waved to the owner with a smile. “Thanks again! I’ll see you in the morning, I’m fresh out of breakfast at home!”

Wesker put a hand on her shoulder, and gently led her out of the shop toward the car. Not a fan of long goodbyes, it seemed.

As she stepped out into the cool night air, she glanced over at Wesker with a sheepish smile “Sorry he uhm…insinuated that you might be ‘my gentleman’, sir,” she murmured. “He’s an older guy, and I think he likes hearing and speculating about his regulars.”

“Typical, but I am difficult to embarrass, Ms. Chambers. Assuming you were not offended.”

He opened the car door for her.

Rebecca slid into the car with a deeper flush, feeling all too warm despite the cool of the air. “N-no, I’m not offended at all! Just a little e-easier to embarrass than you are, I guess.” she laughed softly, looking over at him as she buckled in.

That same hungry, warm, and well, clingy, feeling from yesterday was overtaking her again. It seemed that she hadn’t gotten the effects of the supplements under control yet.

Wesker glanced over at her, his blue eyes still visible, and pulled out of the parking lot, heading right toward her apartment.

“I’m unsurprised.”

She laughed , a bit shyly as she glanced over at him , meeting his eyes with a timid smile “Yeah…it takes a lot to surprise you.” She chuckled warmly as her fingers rubbed against her arm, trying to soothe the clingy and flushed feeling welling up in her again.

She needed to work at that…try and get the effects under control, or every night threatened to be a distraction.

“I hope it’s not too unpleasant, Captain…I’m just not used to that sort of attention.”

“Is that so? I would have expected that you were used to male attention.”

Rebecca choked a little bit, her face visibly red as she entwined her fingers on her lap “C-c-captain!” she sputtered “I mean. I had some admirers in college, and high school…b-but I was a bit busy with my studies.”

She’d worked so hard in college, and even high school, desperate to graduate early with a degree. Despite the various admirers she’d attracted…she missed out on a lot of the campus parties and events except for the school basketball games.

“Hm,” he nodded as he pulled the car up in front of her apartment. “Too busy for something so frivolous then.I knew you were a dedicated young woman.”

“I’d have to be.” Rebecca laughed sweetly, her fingers locking together as she shifted in her seat. “To have graduated at 18. I really only had time for that and the basketball team!”

She rubbed her neck, looking over at him…once more staring into his eyes. “T-thank you for the ride, Captain Wesker..” She began, hearing the pounding of her racing heartbeat thudding in her chest.

“My pleasure, Ms. Chambers.” He looked back at her quietly for a moment. “Is there anything else this evening?”

She placed her fingers thoughtfully on her lip, before chewing delicately on the knuckle in thought. She fell quiet, her eyes downcast at the wrapped sandwich on her lap.

“, I mean…” she stammered softly “You should make sure to eat that before it gets cold. It’s best when it’s warm…” she gestured to his food. It wasn’t quite the invitation inside she’d wanted to extend, but it was enough to satisfy the urge.

“I’ll make certain to.” His blue gaze bore into her. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

Rebecca felt that clinging feeling rise up in her again, and her thoughts drifting once more to the man in front of her. She shouldn’t say anything else…she shouldn’t. He was her Captain, and she was just some rookie kid. Strictly professional.

She shifted again in her seat, all too aware that the silence was dragging on too long. “G-good, sir.” she glanced towards her door. “And thanks again for…well. Everything. Dinner, and the drive…and the training.”

“I expect to see you again tomorrow, Rebecca.” He gave her a nod as she looked at him and there was that mysterious almost-smile on his face again.

“Oh you will.” Rebecca giggled, “you won’t get rid of me that easily, sir.”

She shifted to leave the car, “b-be safe on your way home, alright?”

“There’s no need to worry about my safety, Ms. Chambers. Have a good night.”

“You have a good night too, Captain.” She bowed her head to him, before opening the door and slipping out into the lonely night air. “See you in the morning, bright and early.”

The car waited there while she headed into her apartment. Maybe the captain was worried about her safety.

Wesker sat in the car for a few more minutes, watching the place where Rebecca had vanished into the apartment building. He turned off the lights of the car, and took notice of where the exits and the windows of the apartment were.

After a moment, he spotted Rebecca in her apartment, through a window on the third floor. When she switched on the light, it gave him an excellent view of her as she undressed. He wondered if she knew how easy it was for men to spy on her.

Wesker put the sandwich on his lap aside, in the recently vacated passenger seat. The space between his legs felt warm, and it wasn’t because of the pastrami.

Getting Rebecca alone with him presented a challenge to his self-control. But he was nothing if not a man of tightly buttoned urges.

He unbuttoned his pants, and watched Rebecca in her window, as he took care of the insistent urge that he’d made sure to hide from her all evening.

She’d feel it for herself soon enough.

Rebecca shuckled off her t-shirt and pants, stretching out by the window of her apartment. She’d opened it up, leaving it covered by the thin, flower print drapes as she tossed the clothes aside and into her hamper.

Between the workout and the…intense heat…from the supplements, they needed a wash tonight. She leaned back, brushing her short brown hair back and out of her face as she took several deep and calming breaths.

“…What’s wrong with me, lately?” she whispered softly. “I can’t believe I almost invited him in for dinner. What was I thinking?”

She shifted, her dinner downstairs waiting for her, but her mind more on the insistent warmth that plagued her lithe, and nude body. “…and I kept leaning over to rest near him while we were working…”

She whimpered softly. “I need to get a handle on myself, or Captain Wesker’ll kick me off the team…” Still..her fingers trailed across her thighs, towards the warmth that bloomed between them.

Maybe…a little indulgence in her fantasies wouldn’t hurt, would it? If nothing else…

It could burn off some of the excess energy.

It could do something about the sight of Wesker’s eyes as they stared her down, the image still burned in her memory.

She leaned back on her bed…and allowed herself to indulge…just for one night.

In the end, both sandwiches went cold.

Rebecca reported to work the next day freshly showered and with a newly laundered uniform.Her stomach had been growling again this morning, and the insistent heat that had been filling her for the last two days was already creeping up on her, despite the previous night’s efforts to be rid of it.

When she got to the bullpen, Chris and Jill were arm wrestling over Jill’s desk.

“I’ve got you this time, Redfield.” Jill was growling, her lips parted in something between a grin and a snarl. “How’s it feel to have your ass handed to you by me, huh?”

It was their usual routine. The two of them were always playfully competing back and forth, teasing and pushing each other around. Rebecca wasn’t sure,but she’d wondered plenty of times if it was entirely platonic.

“Morning guys, try not to hurt each other.”

She gave them a smile and a wave as she entered the bullpen. As promised the night before, she’d stopped to pick up breakfast and a coffee from the diner, with plans to soothe the insistent hunger once she settled at her desk.

Settling in, by the clunky old computer and her hanging bag of medical supplies, she unwrapped her bagel and scrambled eggs, and began to delicately nibble away at it. She hoped, once more, that by getting a little food in her she could push away the creeping heat. It was a bit worrisome that it was coming earlier and earlier every day she took the supplement…but she trusted Captain Wesker when he said it was normal, and resolved to simply push through.

“Smells good over there,” Chris commented, still pushing back at Jill’s advance. “I think it’ll give me an advantage over Jill here.”

Jill huffed, letting her arm go a little more slack as her muscles tensed for another big push back. “Bullshit.” she said “I’m not gonna get distracted so easy, Chris.” she grinned. “besides, I got an ace up my sleeve.”

Rebecca looked up from her bagel with a grin “thanks! It’s pretty good.” she tilted her head “but pay attention, Chris. I think Jill’s about to make a move.”

“Oh trust me, I’m ready for it,” Chris grinned, staring down Jill as both of their arms tightened against one another. “Didn’t see you after work last night, Beck.”

Jill leaned in a little closer. “Sure ya are, Chris.” She kept them steady, perfectly balanced between them for the moment.

Rebecca rubbed her neck, “oh yeah, ah. I got a bit tied up after work. The Captain had me helping out with some paperwork, and I lost track of time.”

Jill snickered “woof, i knew the guy was a slave driver, but he’s got you doing his paperwork now?”

“Damn he’s really getting the extra work out of you. I hope you know STARS don’t get overtime,” Chris warned. He started Jill straight in the face, waiting for her to make her move.

“Oof.” Rebecca laughed softly “…I’ll live. At least the Captain bought me dinner on the way home to make it up to me? It’s alright. Time just got away from me.”

Jill suddenly glanced off to the side, exclaiming “Shit! Captain Wesker?? We ain’t goofing off, sir!”

“Pfft, Jill, that’s the best you can come up with to che–” Chris stopped mid sentence, and grimaced as his hand went down on the table. “Oh, hey, Captain.”

To everyone’s surprise, especially Jill’s, Wesker pushed the door to the bullpen open. “I see I’m interrupting a great deal of work.”

“Aw Shit” Jill said , glancing down at Chris’ hand. “…ah well, At least I won.”

She let go, winking at Chris, before snapping a salute at Captain Wesker. “good morning, sir! Just a little early-morning strength training is all!”

Rebecca shoved the rest of her bagel in her mouth with a yelp, trying to hide behind her stack of manuals and the screen of her computer.

“Hm.” Wesker’s shaded gaze scanned over all of them, and he shook his head. “At least one of you is doing something useful. I expect better. Have you seen the reports coming in this morning?”

“Reports, sir?” Chris asked.

Rebecca shook her head “I j-just got in, sir. I’m sorry, I haven’t seen them.”

Jill leaned back in her chair “what? Someone’s puppy’s stuck up a tree or somethin’, Captain? I haven’t heard anything yet.”

“Someone found a body at the edge of the Arklay region. Evidence suggests that it was partially consumed,” Wesker said, in his same flat tone as usual.

Rebecca’s eyes widened ,and she sat up at her desk “…in the Arklay region?” she breathed. That was too close to home. Her apartment butted right up against the Arklay region at the edge of Raccoon City.

“Oh…” She bit her lip “Requesting permission to be on the investigation team, Captain!”

Jill exhaled a long, low breath “…hot fucking damn. Partially consumed, eh? Did forensics get their hands on it yet? We talking animal attack or…ya know, human teeth marks.”

“Unknown. Officers are currently at the scene. Hopefully this will stay out of STARS jurisdiction. That said, Chambers, report to my office after you’re finished with breakfast. I’ll have you collate the reports.”

With that, Wesker walked through the room, and straight into his office, closing the door.

Chris sucked air through his teeth. “Damn. Well, I can see why cap’s in a great mood.”

JIll ran her hand through her hair “yeahhhh.” she leaned back in her chair again to look up at the ceiling “…I got a bad feeling that this is all gonna land in STARS lap sooner or later.”

Rebecca finished her eggs as quickly as she could, and shoved the papers and plate into the trash can. She gave Jill and Chris an apologetic smile and a nod, before she made her way through the bullpen towards the office door.

“We’ll handle it, guys.” She said with a wave “…I’ll see if I can help the Captain’s mood.”

And with that, she opened the door and slipped inside, leaving Jill and Chris by themselves.

Jill glanced sidelong at Chris “She’s gonna help the Captain’s mood, eh?” she whispered in a low and conspiratorial voice.

“Jill!” Chirs snorted, and jabbed her in the ribs with his elbow. “You can’t joke about that, did you forget she’s 18?”

“Remind me not to tell ya what I was up to when I was 18.” Jill playfully jabbed him back.

“Haha, very funny,” he shook his head. “I’m serious though. It’s not fucking funny. I’m pretty sure the captain’s her dad’s age, and they could both get in a lot of trouble if you started a rumor like that.”

Chris’ jaw was set, as he looked at the closed door of Wesker’s office.

Jill ran her hand through her hair as she tilted her chair back on two legs “I know, I know. It was just a joke, Redfield.” she glanced at the door with a pensive frown. “But I admit you’re right. Wasn’t gonna make it to anyone else , but it’s a dangerous kinda rumor to let get around.”

She was quiet a moment before she said “She’d tell us if something was happening, right?”

Chris’ frown deepened. “Of course she would.”

Chapter End Notes

I’m sure that murder is an isolated incident will be cleared up, and STARS won’t have anything to do with it.

Chapter 6

Chapter Notes

extra chapter warnings: inappropriate employer/employee behavior.

The door clicked closed behind Rebecca, and she was once again in Captain Wesker’s dimly lit office. The captain was seated behind his desk, and Rebecca noticed that the other chair still hadn’t been returned.

She glanced at the empty space with a cock of her head, before standing at attention before the desk. “Chief Irons didn’t return the chair, Captain?” she said by way of introduction.

“It would appear not,”Wesker said. “I can’t imagine he’s been in the office since last night in any case.”

“Y-yeah.” Rebecca grimaced, “after reports like that, I’m not surprised.”

She shook her head “Well, then I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your chair again, Captain Wesker.”

“I’ll allow it,” he said, straightening a stack of folders on the desk. “If you went back to the bullpen to borrow one, Valentine might distract you with an arm wrestling invitation.”

Rebecca laughed into her hand. “Probably. She’s been trying to goad me into giving it a try for weeks now. But I’m not exactly keen on playing a game I know I’m gonna lose.”

She walked over towards his chair, putting her hand on the back of it “So you want me to collate the reports on the Arklay incident?”

“There aren’t many at the moment,” he said, turning slightly in the chair to face her. The difference in their heights was so great that even with him sitting, she was hardly taller than him. “But I’d prefer to keep on top of them. Especially with the need to make time for your training.”

Rebecca nodded , biting her lip “of course. I know it takes a lot of time..” She trailed off “we wouldn’t want them to get lost in the shuffle, not when someone lost their life.”

She bowed her head a bit. “t-thank you again for taking valuable time to help me catch up in my training, Captain Wesker. I’m happy to work on the reports if it helps.”

“Then you’ll be seeing quite a bit of my office, Ms. Chambers.” He offered her one of the folders in his pile. He hadn’t moved to get up yet.

She took the folder with a quiet chuckle. “I guess so. Maybe I should move my chair in here soon.”

She looked down at him for a moment, before she teased with as much confidence as she could muster “M-may I have the chair, Captain Wesker? I imagine you don’t want me sitting down on your lap.”

“Interesting imagination you have, Ms. Chambers,” Wesker drawled as he stood up. Once again, he was looming down over her, his body heat noticeable on her skin.

Rebecca flushed as she eased into the chair, laughing shyly as she rested the folder on the desk before her. She tried as hard as she could not to notice the heat playing against her already too-warm skin.

She had to briefly close her eyes to steel herself. “I’ve been told I have one!” she laughed timidly.

He stood beside the chair for a moment, close, so painfully close to her.

“I have an observation, Ms. Chambers.”

Her breath hitched as she felt him loom behind her, close enough to nearly touch. “Y-yes, Captain Wesker?” her reply was hardly audible, closer to an exhale.

He put his hand on the arm of the chair, leaning slightly over her. “You seem to be somewhat nervous around me. Have I done something to disturb you?”

She managed to open her eyes, glancing off to the side and craning her neck to meet his eyes. She could hear her heartbeat and feel the surge of warmth through her entire body as she shook her head vehemently.

The words just wouldn’t come, no matter how much she gripped the tabletop and tried to will them.

He leaned a little closer still, and the tips of his fingers brushed her arm. In the state she was in, the contact sent a shiver through her, and raised a swath of goosebumps.

“Rebecca. I’m waiting for your answer.”

She gasped, a soft ‘ahh!’ sound as his fingers brushed against her arm, her whole body stiffening as she stared up at him like a deer in the headlights. “You ..You..” she swallowed thickly, and forced the words out.

“You haven’t done anything to disturb me, Captain’s…it’s not that. I promise.”

“Then why don’t you tell me what the problem is.” His sunglasses slipped down very slightly as he looked down at her, and a sliver of his gaze bored into her.

Her heart raced in her chest. “I…I’m sorry, sir.” She whispered. “I’m not d-disturbed, I’m..flustered.”

Her fingers tightened on the arm of the chair, her whole body tingling with a flush of warmth and the weight of his stare upon her. “I…I’m sorry, Captain. I…I’m attracted to you. I know it’s inappropriate I’m trying to get a handle on it, I’m sorry.”

“I see.” Wesker was quiet for a moment. And then he pushed his sunglasses back up to cover his eyes.

Rebecca sagged in the chair, her eyes stinging. Not with the heat in her body…but with the start of tears. “I’m sorry, Captain Wesker” she said again “I..I know it’s inappropriate. I’m barely an adult, and you’re my superior. And I know it’s a burden on you. I..I’ve tried to push it down.”

Her fingers squeezed the chair arm tightly, as tears leaked from her eyes. “I should p-probably drop out of the STARS unit, if I can’t get a grip on it.”

To her surprise, Rebecca felt a warm weight on the top of her hand as she squeeze the chair arm. The captain’s hand.

“I would prefer that you not leave the unit, Rebecca,” he said, his voice quieter than usual.”Despite the difficulty this presents.”

She sniffled, looking down at his hand as it rested atop her own. She felt the flush on her face, and the heat in her body surge anew, as she looked up to meet his stare.

“…y-you would?” she whispered, all too aware of how desperate her voice sounded.

“I just…I’m worried. It’s been getting worse lately.”

“I see,” he repeated. There was another pause, but then he spoke again. “Rebecca– you haven’t told anyone else about this, have you?”

Rebecca shook her head vehemently “n-no sir. I mean…how could I? I’ve b-been keeping it to myself”

“I appreciate that,” he said, evenly, his hand still on her hand. He loomed over her, the heat of his body seeming to envelope her. “If a rumor were to start it would be very… difficult for me. At the minimum, we certainly could not be alone in my office. And I will admit that I would find that… disappointing.”

She felt herself swooning. Because of his proximity, or because of the heat burning in her body she had no way of telling. Her fingers flexed under his, and she nodded slowly…”O-of course. I promise, I’m not planning on telling anyone anything.”

She leaned just a little closer to him “I don’t want rumors to start, Captain. I don’t want to make things more difficult for you than they need to be…and I don’t want that kind of attention either…”

He leaned in toward her, his face hovering just over her ear. “And what kind of attention do you want, Ms. Chambers? Perhaps I wasn’t off the mark when I suggested you wanted to sit in my lap?”

Her breath caught in her throat, her heart pounding in her chest as she leaned enough that her shoulder touched his chest as he leaned in towards her. “W-what kind of attention do I want..” she repeated lamely.

Her body shifted in the chair, and she felt her head nod once in response to the captain. Words once more were failing her in the light of this sudden turn of fortune.

He watched her for a moment,and slowly started to take his hand off of her hand. “Hm. I supposed I’ll go get another chair then.” He started to turn toward the door.

Rebecca stood suddenly, grabbing his hand with a plaintive look in her eyes “n-no! Don’t go…it’s..” She whispered “Please..”

She swallowed, her voice quivering as she hugged his arm “…you weren’t off the mark, Captain…” she murmured softly “that’s the attention I want…”

He stopped mid motion as she hugged his arm, and looked over at her. He put his other hand on her hand. “I see. Stand up, then.”

Rebecca stood on shaking legs, taking short and rabbit-like breaths. She couldn’t believe the words falling from her own lips. Yes, yes she’d always had a crush on the captain…but…

How could she be so bold? And did this mean the captain liked her too?

She stood, bracing herself against his arm as she glanced up to try and meet his eyes again “y-yes sir.”

Captain Wesker sat down in his chair, and put his hands on the arms of it, looking at Rebecca with his unknowable stare behind dark lenses. He seemed to be waiting for her.

Rebecca steeled herself…and with a quiet and tense whimper, eased herself down into Captain Wesker’s lap.

“Is this okay, Captain?” She whispered to him, as her hips settled against his.

Wesker’s body was so much larger than hers, he almost seemed to envelope her as she sat down. She could feel him against her, his stomach and legs obviously muscular beneath his uniform. She could feel something else, too, pressing against her thigh. Was that captain… aroused?

He leaned in, and whispered into her ear. “You have a great deal of power over me in this situation, Ms. Chambers. I want you to promise me that I can trust you.”

She shivered, her hips shifting against his…and as she did she confirmed it. The captain was aroused. Horny as she’d been, under his tightly buttoned uniform. She flushed a deeper red and breathed a shuddering breath as he whispered in her ear.

“You can trust me, Captain Wesker.” She uttered softly “…I promise you can trust me.”

Part of her felt this must have been some kind of dream. Maybe she fell asleep at her desk, and was lost in dreams like those that plagued her last night. It couldn’t possibly really be happening.

The captain put his hand on her knee. His low voice intoned,”I’m glad to hear it.” He shifted very slightly beneath her, and she felt the warm press of his aroused body against her. He felt…. Big.

Rebecca shivered visibly against him, staring down at the folder on the table before them. It was something to focus on that wasn’t the heavy presence pressing up against her legs. She was sure she was radiating heat like a furnace, her whole body flushed and feverish in the moment.

“Captan…I..” she started, but didn’t know where to go, leaning back to rest her body against his chest.

His hand was heavy on her leg, and moved very slightly upward toward her thigh. “Yes, Rebecca?”

Rebecca’s breath hitched, her legs betraying her by spreading just the slightest amount as his fingers trailed up. Her skin was sensitive enough that even through her pants, it sent prickling goosebumps up her body and thrilled her over-active nerves.

“Is this really happening?” she managed to quietly ask “D-do you really…are you attracted to me, too?”

“It has been very difficult to control myself around you, Ms. Chambers,” Wesker drawled into her ear.

Rebecca bit her lip. Her hands slipped off the edge of the chair’s arms, and rested on the lap below her, her fingers brushing along the rough fabric of his jeans.

“…so I wasn’t just imagining it lately.” She said, sounding somewhat relieved. “…I..I thought maybe you wouldn’t see me as anything but some kid.”

“It would certainly be simpler were that the case,” he said, his hand creeping its way up her thigh. “But I assure you, Ms. Chambers, to me you are a fully grown woman.”

Rebecca gasped softly, her head resting back against his neck. Her heart thundered in her ears.
She should probably stop wasn’t appropriate. The others were in the other room…she was getting carried away.

But…she didn’t want to. The Captain had always captivated her, and lately her fantasies about him had been getting more and more insistent. More and more vivid as she focused on them…and now it turned out he found her attractive too. That he saw her as a woman where the other STARS members still seemed to see her as a kid.

Her fingers gripped Captain Wesker’s knees , and she let out a soft sigh of need. No…she wouldn’t stop this…no matter how wrong she knew it was.

“I’m s-so glad, sir.” she murmured “A..Albert.” Her body arched against his, thrilling at his touch.

He squeezed her thigh, and nuzzled his cheek rather forcefully against the top of her head and face. “Good. …Good. Hmm….”

Rebecca made a soft, gasping sound as she gently rubbed her body against his. Where he was rough, she was gentle, rubbing softly against his cheek, and shifting delicately on his warm lap.

“Y-yes Wesker?” she asked in a hushed voice, hooking her own fingers against his thigh as he squeezed her.

“…We should get some work done. Or I may lose further control of myself.” As if to punctuate what he was saying, he shifted his hips, and the insistence of his bulge pressed against her from below.

Rebecca’s face turned scarlet, and her breath hitched again as she nodded against him “Y-yes Captain.” she whispered. “I ..uhm.. I can tell you’re a bit worked up.”

“Does it bother you to know?” he asked, picking up the previously discarded folder and handing it back to her.

Rebecca took the folder, her head still reeling with…everything…in the last half hour. Shakily, she opened it up and shook her head.

“N..No, Captain.” she whispered, “I can hardly believe it, b-but it..” She squirmed against him, her hips inadvertently brushing up against the warmth between his legs. “In a way it m-makes me happy to know it wasn’t one sided..”

“Good. Then let’s try to focus for a while,” he said, his breath a little heavy in her ear. “You can do that, can’t you, Ms. Chambers?”

“I can certainly t-try.” She said with a sheepish smile, resting her cheek against him. It was difficult to concentrate on anything but the warmth of his breath and the insistence against her hips.

But..she had to try. She took a few deep breaths, before she opened the folder in front of her, and took the first page in her shaking hand “I can focus” she said a bit more firmly.

“Good.” He put one arm around her waist. “Then let us get to work.”

The grim subject matter of the reports as they inputted them certainly was helpful to distract Rebecca, but it wasn’t enough to keep her mind entirely off the new and strange turn of events. Captain Wesker’s obvious desire didn’t lessen even an iota as they worked on sorting the case paperwork.

She managed to sort and file it properly, enough of her concentration on the job to make sure she, as she always prided herself, did a good job. But part of her mind kept circling the fact that she was doing paperwork on the Captain’s lap, and she was ALL too aware of the press of his member with every minor shift or adjustment while she worked.

The Captain was horny for her.

The thought brought a flush and a timid smile to her face every time it popped back into mind.

Today felt like a fever dream, but as far as she could tell…it was real.

Trying to work under such conditions was a kind of beautiful, aching agony, but eventually they finished. It was hard to tell if it had only taken a few minutes, or several hours.

Captain Wesker put his thumb against her jaw. “Well done, Ms. Chambers. Thank you for your assistance.”

She leaned into his touch , her breath heavy and warm on her lips. She rested her body against his with a small smile. “Y-you’re welcome Captain Wesker,” she murmured “I’m a-always happy to help.”

In the end, the work only left her more excited than when they’d started. It had been a long, slow tease of her already live-wire nerves, leaving her dizzy with the ramped up desire.

She shifted on his lap “I’m g-glad I was able to finish, even if it was a bit distracting..”

“I think we can afford some slight distraction, though I’m sure you have work piling up at your own desk.”

Rebecca gripped his knee gently , biting at her lip with a gentle shiver of her body. “W-we sure can,” She breathed “..and I can only imagine. Not just that, b-but Jill and Chris might be ge-getting worried about me.”

But now I’m all worked up in the middle of the day. She thought …what am I going to do about that?

“We certainly can’t have that,” the captain replied, and for a second Rebecca thought he had read her mind, rather than responding to what she had actually said.

She ran her hand through her hair…brushing her fingers over her own cheeks and feeling the warmth radiating off her skin. “T..thank you for letting me borrow your seat.”

What a stupid thing to say. ‘Thank you for letting me borrow your lap?’ It only made her squirm a little more , as she tried to save face in her own mind.

“I mean, I..w-well..I h-had a nice time. Is what I mean.”

The corner of his mouth turned up very slightly. “Good. Then I’ll let you return to your work until its time for your extra training. Unless there’s anything further you need?”

There was, of course…

But how could she tell him that? ‘Yes captain, there’s something else I need. You got me all worked up in the middle of a work day, please help me take care of it’.

She made a low, keening sound, before whispering. “, I should be alright, Captain Wesker…”

“If you’re certain, Ms. Chambers,” he said, carefully stacking the folders on his desk.

She looked at him over her shoulder, sure that the need she felt was written all over her face. “Is…is there anything that you need? B-before I go.”

“That depends, Ms. Chambers. You’re offering your assistance?” he looked up at her with his shaded eyes, sunglasses slipping just slightly down his nose.

“I’m …I’m..” she stammered “I’m always happy to help, you know that…”

And the moment the words left her lips, she kicked herself. NO, REBECCA. This is VERY inappropriate. It’s against EVERY rule of workplace relationships.

She shrank into herself, shifting on his lap as if to get off and stand.

He put his hand on her thigh again, stopping her from moving, as he leaned forward to whisper into her ear again. “And do you understand what you’re offering to assist with?”

Her breath caught in her throat. She nodded slowly “I…I do.” she whispered. “And I’m s-sorry if it wasn’t appropriate. I. ah..”

His other hand snaked suddenly over her shoulder. “It was extremely inappropriate, Ms. Chambers.You could get me in trouble for such a suggestion.”

Rebecca stiffened, warmth blooming in her body again as she stopped her squirming and leaned into his touch. “

“I know.” She whispered shakily “I don’t want to get you in trouble, Captain. I..g-guess I got a little carried away…”

“You did,” he agreed. “But perhaps if you could be very quiet– no, I’m certain that’s a terrible idea…”

Rebecca glanced at the door. Everyone was just behind there…if she was even a LITTLE too loud…everyone would hear.

Her breath hitched. It was an awful idea. The worst idea. But it did stick in her desire-addled mind, circling her like a pack of wolves.

“Probably…” She murmured “I’m sorry I brought it up , I…” she shifted against him “…even if I could be quiet if I had to…”

Captain Wesker traced his thumb over her jawline, and appeared to be thinking. “I believe you. But Redfield has keen ears.” He paused. “Try to concentrate on work. If you still want to… assist me… when it comes time for your training, then we will work something out. Understood?”

Rebecca swallowed thickly, the sensation of his thumb against her jaw lingering on her skin as she nodded “Y-yes Captain.”

She shifted, finally standing from his lap and smoothing out her pants with her hands. She took a minute, stilling her breathing and patting her cheeks to try and get back to a presentable state.

Once she was satisfied, she took a deep breath and turned to nod to Wesker, “I’ll see you after my shift, Captain.”

He nodded slowly to her. “I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Chapter End Notes

Next chapter the rating goes up to explicit. Hope to see you there. 😉

Chapter 7

Chapter Notes

extra chapter warnings: this is where the smut starts. And it doesn’t get any less manipulative.

Wesker watched Rebecca leave his office with a sting of frustrated annoyance. He was a patient man, he reminded himself, and it genuinely was a terrible idea to fuck her in his office in the middle of the morning. Redfield would notice, if no one else did.

He clenched his fist, nails biting into his palm, trying to concentrate on something other than the demand of his body.

He might be desperate for her body right now, but he could tell how desperate she was as well. And keeping her in suspense, forcing her to wait for him, that would only bring her closer to where he wanted her; in the palm of his hand.

Wesker closed his eyes, and began to think about just how he’d get her alone that evening.

Yes, if all went smoothly– and it would– he’d have her on his cock before the end of the day.

Chris waved to Rebecca as he saw her finally emerge from the captain’s office.

“Hey, Beck.”

Rebecca gave Chris a cheerful wave as she headed towards her desk. “Hey Chris! How’re things holding up out here?”

“Not too bad. Captain driving you hard in there?” Chris looked up at her, giving her a look over.

She stole the twitch reaction of getting flustered at Chris’ accidental double entendre, and laughed into her hand. “A bit. He just wanted me to help with compiling the reports. I’m still not used to the system so it took a bit of extra work, you know?”

“Fair. I wouldn;t even know where to start. I’m not exactly a paperwork guy.’ The more Chris looked at Rebecca, the more she worried how she might look. Was her hair out of place? Was she sweaty?

She brushed her hair a bit to the side, trying to fix the various, random problems her brain made up. As she did, she tried to feel if she felt any sweat on her brow with as imperceptible a motion as she could manage.

Sitting in her chair, she gave him a big smile despite her jangling nerves. “Yeah, you’re a man of action, Chris!” She chirped, perhaps too enthusiastically. “It’s not exactly hard, just time consuming…”

“Guess so. You sound kinda exhausted,” he said, chuckling along with her. “He didn’t have you doing pushups in there, did he?”

Rebecca slipped into her chair, hiding her grimace behind her computer. Dang it!, of course he noticed…

“Of course not!” she giggled , trying to play it off. “I just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I wasn’t used to the post workout adrenaline, and it kept me up half the night!”

“Oh yeah? Get used to it and you’ll be sleeping like a baby after a workout.” He nodded to her casually, but it was hard not to worry that he saw right through her.

She fussed with the papers on her desk, trying to still the pounding of her heart. This anxiety was EXACTLY what she worried about in the Captain’s office.

“Yeah? Really?” she asked “any ah..any tips?”

“Sure– keep at it, but make sure not to overwork yourself. Think you can manage that second part?”

“I’ll be trying to!” She said with a quiet chuckle “I think I can manage it, Chris. I’ll just have to keep reminding myself”

Her fingers traced the folders on her desk. Despite everything…she was still distracted thinking of her training later…

“Well, I’ll remind you too,” he said. “Maybe I should ask the captain if he wants to open up that special training to the rest of us.”

Rebecca was VERY glad she was behind her computer for how red her face turned “I-if you wanna!” she said with a weak laugh “but if you guys keep getting further ahead of me I’ll NEVER catch up!”

“I don’t think you’ve got as far to go as you think you do, you know?” He rolled his chair slightly aside to look at her.

Rebecca caught his eye, worrying he could see how flushed she was, and picked up a folder to hold it before her as she flipped through the pages with in. “…you don’t think so?”

“No way, you’re too hard on yourself. Don’t ever tell Barry or Jill I said this, but there’s more to the job than how much you can bench.”

She laughed, “you’re right..if they heard you say that they’d say you were going soft!” she ran her hand through her hair “…I know that though. It’s about problem solving, medical knowledge…agility and skill. “

“Exactly. And Beck, I have a feeling you’re a hell of a lot smarter than anybody else in STARS– and you CAN tell Jill or Barry I said that.”

Rebecca flushed deeper, lowering the folder to genuinely smile at Chris. “thank you, Chris…” she murmured softly “You guys are smarter than you think but..I appreciate that. A lot.”

She shifted in her seat , leaning on her hand. “just…if things ever go badly. If we’re ever in a situation where things come down to the wire…I want to be strong enough to do my part in protecting you all, too. I won’t be a liability..”

Chris gave her a warm little smile. “That’s really courageous and cool of you, Beck. And I know you can get there, if you aren’t already there now. Just don’t let it eat you up inside, or make you do anything that’s gonna get you hurt, alright? Cause if you injure yourself training, you’re not going to be pulling anyone from any burning buildings.”

Rebecca rubbed her arm with a sheepish smile and a nod “of course. I know my limits, and I won’t push myself too hard. Just…hard enough to get better.”

Chris gave her a thumbs up. “Glad to hear it, Becky.”

The hours of work ticked by in an almost normal fashion. People came and went from the office, work was done. The captain even popped into the bullpen a couple of times for status reports, or to demand some file or another.

But Rebecca’s skin remained warm, and she couldn’t get out of her head what had happened earlier, and what the day was leading towards– if she didn’t chicken out.

She had taken off her jacket, working mostly just in her pants and the standard STARS undershirt as she tried desperately to stay on track, to avoid thinking TOO much about what went on behind closed doors.

She’d done her job, admirably avoiding distraction…but she couldn’t deny that by the time others began filtering out of the office…her desire was starting to outweigh her anxiety.

The clock seemed determined to move extra slowly today, as it did whenever Rebecca was waiting for something, good or bad. Today, Captain Albert Wesker was looming in the future.

She set down her pen, and leaned down to rest her face between her nestled arms with a quiet whine to herself. She just wished time would fly faster..that the work day would end so she could face whatever today’s session held for her…maybe the Captain changed his mind. Or maybe…

Her legs pressed together under her desk.

Whatever happened, she just wanted it to happen. And soon, as the suspense was tearing her apart.

Finally, 15 minutes before the end of her shift, when the rest of the STARS were getting ready to leave, the captain came out of his office again. He put a folder down on her desk, his hand close to hers.

“I need you to retrieve these documents from the records room and bring them to my office. Then we’ll start your evening training. Understood?”

Rebecca nodded slowly, looking down at the paper before looking up at him with a small smile “of course , Captain. I’ll be right back.”

As she gathered them up, she heard Jill Valentine murmur on her way out the door.

“Is he training her to be a STARS member or a secretary?”

Rebecca turned a little pink, but paid it no mind as she brushed past the Captain and off towards the door herself.

The records room was a dimly lit area on the first floor, in a disused clump of offices. The place shoved full of metal shelving, which itself was full of binders and boxes of records from years past.

When Rebecca arrived she opened the folder that Wesker had given her. Inside was a sheet of paper with a series of document ID codes type-printed in a list.

Easing her way through the room, she began to scan the boxes one by one. It wasn’t her first time in the record room. She’d spent a bit of time here when she was hired, getting to know some of the old cases.

She went from box to box, checking and double checking that she was able to find what the Captain required. .

After a minute of looking, she realized that something was odd. All of the ID numbers were nonsense. They weren’t real files.

Her brow furrowed “….wait a minute.” She turned the paper over, and leaned on the records room shelf “…he just sent me down here to get me out of the way?”

There was a click as the door of the records room opened. Rebecca, deep in the labyrinth of shelving, couldn’t see who was entering the room.

She sighed, folding the paper up and sticking it in her pocket.

Turning back towards the door, she began to weave her way through. It was probably just one of the RCPD officers clearing up the last of their paperwork. She’d pass by them and head back to the STARS office.

She almost ran straight into Captain Wesker’s chest.

“OOF!” she squeaked out as she stumbled backwards…looking up to meet his sunglasses with a bright flush “C-c-c-Captain!!?”

He looked down at her, his glasses slipping enough to reveal his bright blue eyes. “Keep your voice down, Ms. Chambers.”

She smiled sheepishly with a nod, running her hand through her hair. “Sorry, sir.” She said in a soft voice. “I ah..tried finding those files but they don’t seem to exist.”

She was starting to understand exactly what might be happening, however.

“Hm. No need to apologize,” he said, that very slight upturn coming to his lips. “The list I gave you was incorrect. Obviously, I have come to amend it.”

Rebecca noticed that he had a set of keys in his hands.

She glanced from the keys, to the door as the heat that had been burning in her all day grew a little warmer. “Haha. o-oh of course.” she said with a nod of her head.

She shifted from foot to foot, before taking a tentative step towards him. “I’ll take the amendment whenever you’re ready, Captain.”

“I decided I don’t need those files after all, Ms. Chambers, You can return to your desk,” he said in a low voice. He held up the key. “Or, I can lock the door, and give us some privacy.”

Rebecca shivered, her body prickling all over as she brought her finger up to her lips, chewing delicately on the knuckle. “P-please lock the door, Captain.” she murmured softly. “I don’t think I can concentrate on paperwork right now.”

Wesker walked back around the shelves without another word, and Rebecca heard the click of the key in the lock. He came back and walked past her, his arm brushing hers, and she watched him lock the other door as well. He slipped the keys into his pocket.

Her breath felt heavy in her chest. The walls of the record room seemed to close in around her, shutting out the rest of the police station entirely…leaving just her and the Captain alone together.

She rubbed her arms, looking up at him with a timid smile “It’s such a public space…The doors lock but the walls aren’t very thick..”

“This part of the building is virtually abandoned at this time of day. We have an hour before the night shift comes in. It’s significantly more private than my office for instance.” He looked down at her again, standing very close to her. Once again she could feel his body heat on her like a wave.

Rebecca’s body drank in the warmth radiating off his body. The same warmth she’d been subject to since she began her training with him. Something they now had in common…

She looked up to meet his eyes, nodding once as she dared to reach up and put a hand on his arm. “V-very well thought out, Captain” She whispered. “I’ll still be q-quiet.”

He reached up and cupped her chin with his hand. “Good. I’ve had an impatient day.”

Rebecca’s heart skipped a beat , her neck arched to meet his eyes as she stepped just a little closer…letting her chest rest against him as his fingers lingered on her jaw. “Me too, Captain Wesker.” She murmured softly. “I haven’t been able to think of much else outside from…from our morning together.”

“Is that so?” His thumb held the curve of her jaw firmly as he met her gaze. His voice was low. Almost a purr. Almost menacing. “And what has your mind been on instead, Ms. Chambers?”

She shuddered in his grip, her body tingling and warm against his as she brushed her fingers against his arm. “A-about sitting on your lap.” she murmured “and the w-way you held me…the things you said to me..”

He leaned in close to her, and his other arm snaked around her waist, cupping her hip. “Did you like that, Ms. Chambers?”

Rebecca fell into his chest, her slight waist cupped in his arm, with her breasts pressed against his broad chest. Her breath hitched softly, and she nodded, still staring up at him “ got me very excited, Mr. Wesker. It was..d-distracting, all day.”

“Excited for me to touch you, Rebecca?” His hand squeezed her hip, pulling her closer against him suddenly.

Her body pressed to his, she knew he could feel just how warm she was. The heat radiating off him meeting her own. She shivered, and leaned into his body with a nod of her head. “Y-yes Captain.” She murmured “I know it’s v-very inappropriate and I should stop myself b-but..”

Wesker pulled her chin up to force her to look at him. “But you don’t want to. Is that right? You want to keep going.”

She stared deep into his eyes, steeling herself before she whispered in a voice laden with desire “I do want to, Captain. More than anything right now.”

She shifted against him, her breath heavy “I…I’ve been attracted to you for months now.”

“You flatter me, Rebecca,” he purred, his hand moving down now, from her hip toward her ass. “What could possibly attract a beautiful young thing like you to me?”

She gasped softly , her hips arching into his touch as her own hands migrated to his chest.

“B-beautiful?” She smiled shyly, “you’re too sweet, Captain.” she shifted “you’re handsome…striking,you’ve always been kind to me, even if I was a rookie…I’ve seen you in action and..I’ve just been impressed by you since we first met. I admire you.”

“You flatter me even more,” he said, cupping her ass. “I hope you’ll still like me so much, after this afternoon. After all, if you change your mind, I could be in a lot of trouble.”

Rebecca turned a bright red, and a soft sigh of desire escaped her lips as he cupped her ass “…I won’t tell anyone n-no matter what. I don’t want to cause you trouble, Captain.”

Her fingers lingered on his chest, “I promise.”

“I’m putting my trust in you, Rebecca.” He pulled her face even closer, and suddenly he was kissing her, his lips pressing against hers with insistence.

Rebecca gasped, her breath hot on his lips for a moment before she allowed herself to lean into it. Her lips pressed against his, as her fingers tightened on his uniform shirt. A thrill rolled through her, a pulsing, heavy desire as they kissed in the old records room.

Wesker’s powerful hands held her tightly, the one that cupped her chin moving around to her neck and back, while the other held her ass tightly. The captain, it seemed, was not a man to waste time, and he pressed his tongue between Rebecca’s lips.

The heat, and need that had been pooling in Rebecca’s body– for hours, for days– surged upwards in response to his sudden embrace.

She pressed against him, a low whimper escaping her lips as she parted them, letting him press his tongue between her lips and into her eager mouth. All that built up desire… a desire that even masturbation didn’t quell…finally overtook her and stripped her inhibitions down to nothing.

She gripped his shirt, pressing herself against him as his hands fondled down her slim, sensitive body, grabbing her pert ass. She shivered in desire, wondering just what he intended to do with her. They had an hour…

Plenty of time to get to know one another much better than before.

The captain pushed her against one of the shelves, trapping her between it and his large body, as his mouth and hands explored her. He sucked on her lips, and his hand traced her throat, his thumb lingering there for a moment, before it moved down, to cup her breast.

Her small breast pressed into his hand, her body leaning into his in response to the sensation.
With dizzy passion, she deepened the kiss, her slender throat arched , allowing his fingers room to explore the pale, and delicate skin.

The kiss went on and on, just slightly too long, and she struggled for a moment, breathless, before he released her mouth, without releasing her body.

He peered down at her, as his hand toyed with her breast, thumb making circles around her nipple over layers of fabric. With Wesker so close, pushing her against the shelf, she could once again feel his hardness against her.

Gasping for breath, she squirmed against the shelf, rubbing her hips pointedly against his..against the stiffness in his uniform pants, as she looked up to meet his eyes. “Y..” she breathed deeply, “you’re a great kisser, Captain.”

He leaned in and his breath was hot on her ear. “You show great promise yourself, Ms. Chambers,” he growled in a low tone. He caught her earlobe suddenly with his lips and teeth, sucking on it for a moment, before his mouth migrated to her neck.

“A-ahh!” she gasped, pressing her breasts against him. Her nipples were stiff from his fondling mere seconds ago, her whole body keyed up and trembling against his. She allowed her hands to trail down..down towards the rise in his pants. “M-maybe part of my training c-can be working on that promise..”

“Kissing isn’t usually part of the training regime, but I think we can integrate it in your case.” He licked her neck, and ground his hips against her body, his cock stiff and obvious in her pants, rubbing against her thighs and groin, as he arched himself toward her moving hands.

“Stamina, too,” he purred. His hand suddenly tugged at the bottom hem of her shirt, and his fingers touched her bare skin. It was as if electricity suddenly shot through her.

Her body jolted, and her breath gasped in a sharp intake of breath “oo…oooh…oh wow.” She’d never felt a touch like that before. Such a simple thing, the brushing of the skin just under her shirt…but…with the supplements and how keyed up she was…

She swallowed, brushing her fingers down to touch the rise of his member under his pants. “Stamina training.” She giggled shyly. “Am I gonna n-need it?”

“I guarantee it,” Wesker hissed. His mouth caught hers again, as he pressed the bulge of his cock into her hands. He reached up under her shirt, and started undoing her bra with clever, quick fingers.

Every touch was amplified…and to her needy, desperate body, it was enough to drive away the lingering doubts of if this was a good idea or not. All she wanted in the moment was him, here and now.

She shifted, letting him remove her bra as her fingers trailed up the length of his member over his pants, her lips locked on his in another desperate kiss.

Wesker pulled the bra off her chest roughly, and let it fall to the floor, his powerful hand starting to fondle her bare breasts as he kissed her. She felt him grind against her hands, the heat of his member obvious even through layers of fabric.

“I hope you weren’t expecting me to take things slow, Ms. Chambers,” he growled, nipping at the bottom of her lip.

Rebecca licked his teeth, her eyes wide and eager under the fringe of her hair. “I…I wasn’t sure what you intended.” She admitted in a breathy voice “..b-b-but I’ve been a bit worked up…”

Her fingers fumbled with his pants button. “I don’t know if I could take it slow myself..”

“I have to admit, you seemed very eager this morning. It was difficult to let you go.” He squeezed her breast in his hand, fingers pinching her nipple and sending a flood of sensation through her.

As she peeled apart the fly of his pants, the bulge of his cock tented his underwear, a pair of dark boxer briefs suddenly rubbing into her hand.

“People would have noticed I was gone too long.” She murmured, gently tugging his pants down enough for her to press her hand to the length of his member, gently stroking it through his boxers. It was so warm…and she let her fingers appreciate the size for a moment.

She shuddered, the pleasure of his fingers on her stiffened nipples sending her inhibitions even further out the window. “But I w-wanted to stay in your lap as long as I could.”

“Believe me, Rebecca, I wanted to keep you there. Perhaps permanently,” he bit at her neck again, and she could sense him holding himself back from raising a bruise.

Captain Wesker was big in her hand. Bigger than any of her admittedly few, boyfriends so far in her life. For a moment, she had to wonder if she’d even be able to fit him inside of her. Would it hurt if she did?

He tugged again at the hem of her shirt. “Raise your arms.” His tone carried the sharp edge of command, like when he barked orders at the STARS unit.

She shuddered, dragged from her thoughts about the Captain’s dick as she reflectively obeyed. It was half impulse, as she raised her arms in the air at his command. “Yessir” she murmured softly.

Her neck still tingled , stung, from the phantom sensation of his teeth.

In a single swift motion, the captain pulled Rebecca’s shirt over her raised arms and off her body, leaving her top half bare in the cool confines of the records room. He looked down at her appreciatively as he tossed her shirt along with her bra.

She stood before him like she had the other day. Arms up, her slim and pale body bared to him. Her small breasts were topped with stiff pink nipples, freckled over the tops of them. She had no scars, but her skin was prickling with goosebumps at the sudden chill of the air…and the excitement of the moment.

“C-captain.” she squeaked quietly, “D-did you keep those photos from the other day?”

His lip twitched into a smirk as he looked her over. “I still have them. As I said, they’re important reference material for your progress.”

This time, instead of taking a picture of her, he put his hands on her sides, his fingers tracing heat up and down between her hips and breasts.

She nodded slowly, her breath hitching softly in her throat as she leaned into his hands, returning her own fingers once more to his boxers, trailing down to cup him once more in her delicate fingers.

“You’re s-so warm, Captain.” She murmured, her soft voice thick with lust.

It was true. The captain’s body on her was so warm it almost felt like one of them might be feverish.

Wesker rubbed his tight bulge against her hands, his large package stiff and eager under her fingers. It was clear that he was just as aroused by her, as she was by him. The thought of it sent a fresh blush of lust through her, and she was aware of the heat between her own legs, which had not abated since morning, and only grown.

“Hm,” he smirked at her, and his hands slid down from her breasts to her ass, finding their way between her thighs. “You’re warm yourself, Ms. Chambers.”

“I’ve been warm ever since the supplements.” she laughed softly, her legs spreading a little as she leaned against him, pinned between his body and the shelf as she gently massaged his package. “And..and especially warm since this morning. It’s been..distracting.”

“No distractions now, Rebecca,” the captain growled, spreading her legs further with his hands. . “I’ll show you how hot I can make you.”

Chapter End Notes

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Chapter 8

Chapter Notes

This chapter is about 3000 words of hardcore, obscene, pornographic and detailed smut.

If you’re not interested in reading 3000 words of hardcore, detailed, pornographic smut, you can skip this chapter.

But I recommend reading it 😉

Extra warnings: detailed pornographic descriptions of sexual intercourse, rough sex, praise kink, unsafe sex.

Wekser didn’t bother to suppress a rare smile. Only three days, and he had Rebecca in the palm of his hand.

Had her pinned between him and the record room shelves. Things were progressing smoothly according to plan.

He would enjoy his conquest in the here and now, and then move things along to the next stage.

As Rebecca stood pinned against the captain’s tall body, she felt him spread her legs, and then grasp her ass and thighs firmly– lifting her suddenly in his arms against him.

She couldn’t stop the sharp yelp of surprise as he lifted her bodily by the legs, pinning her up and against the shelving. She squirmed, her pale shoulders flushed pink in the cool air, as her legs and arms locked around him.

She murmured a muted. “oh wow”, as she pulled herself against him.

He held him against her like that for a moment, with her legs up around him, pinned against the shelves, and kissed her mouth again, pressing his tongue deep, an insistent, nipping at her lips.

Rebecca squirmed against the cool touch of the shelves, but the chill was forgotten as his lips met hers. She squeezed him, her arms locked around his shoulders, as her lips delicately pressed back against his, parting them to let him kiss her deeper.

The shelf clicked against the wall as Wesker pinned her tightly to it, his kisses leaving her breathless.

In a swift, unexpected motion he pulled her away from the shelf, and holding her with such strength she felt almost like a doll in his arms, he carried her a few steps, and put her down on her back on an empty table.

Rebecca looked up at him with wide eyes above a deep flush, smiling timidly in the dim light. “C-captain Wesker…”

She curled her legs inward, shifting in her uniform pants. “I didn’t know you got so aggressive during this kind of thing!”

He pet his hands up her inner thighs, and around toward the front of her uniform pants, as he smirked down at her. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself, Rebecca,” he replied.

She shifted, her hands resting on the curves of her breasts. A smile toyed at the edges of her lips “I suppose it’s a bit obvious, isn’t it?” she giggled softly. “it’s kind of fun…none of my other boyfriends were so..physical.”

“You’ll find that I’m a very physical man, Rebecca,” he purred. Wesker then yanked her pants and panties at the same time down over her hips and exposed her to the cool air. “I’m pleased to see you enjoy it.”

Rebecca shivered on the table, her legs pressing together as the fabric was torn away. “O-oh!”
Wesker could see, even in the dim light, JUST how much she was enjoying it. Her sex was swollen and slick with desire, her body squirming gently on the records room table as she struggled to meet his eyes despite embarrassment.

Captain Wesker loomed over her, his tall form silhouetted by the dim fluorescent lights, still largely dressed aside from unzipped pants, while she lay on the table almost naked. He leaned down over her and leavered her legs further apart, before sliding a finger between the folds of her damp slit. The tip of his finger stroked against her clit and sent a sudden jolt of sensation through her body.

“Heh. It seems you really are enjoying it.I’ll make certain not to disappoint you.”

Rebecca gasped,the gasp fading into a quiet mewl of desire as his fingers found her clit…she’d noticed the other day that everything down there was more…sensitive…than before. Like everywhere else, her nerves were alive with sensation.

It made her shiver in excitement , especially as the Captain teased her with his finger.

Her own hands trailed down his arms “Y-you couldn’t possibly, Captain Wesker.” she murmured in a breathy voice.

“Good,” he nodded, idly playing with her pussy, tracing loops around the sensitive nub of flesh there, and teasing her without fully touching the spot. He leaned over her further and pressed his fingers against her lips. “Remember to be quiet.”

Rebecca bit her lip, raising one hand to brush his finger over her own lips “I…I’ll make sure I’m properly quiet , sir. P-promise.”

Still,every tease of her clit brought with it a soft and needy sound and exhalation of breath that puffed against Wesker’s hand.

“If you can’t stay quiet yourself, I’ll make sure that you do,” he purred–somewhere between a warning and a promise– and his fingers brushed hers as she touched her mouth. He stroked his thumb more firmly against her clit, watching her squirm under him as he sent the shock of pleasure through her body.

“Ah!!” she gasped, a bit louder than she intended, her hips arching to press herself more firmly against his thumb. “nnn…y-yessir, Captain Wesker.” She smiled softly “I know y-you will.”

Wesker didn’t seem to be in any hurry as he teased her body, working his thumb against her for another long moment, and seeming to drink in the way she curled on the table, and her breath hitched. Then in another sudden motion, he grabbed her hips again, and she felt her own wetness against her skin as he pulled her down the table so that her ass was at the very edge of it, right up against where he was standing.

She pressed her hand to her mouth to stifle the sound of surprise, shimmying in his grip as he pulled her down to him. One of her legs slipped off the table, looping around him instead. He’d pulled her closer…which could only mean one thing.

Rebecca’s eyes drifted down to Wesker’s groin, a timid smile on her face.

He smirked at her, and tugged at the edge of his pants, letting them finally fall around his ankles.

“You seem ready enough. Are you ready, Rebecca?”

She nodded enthusiastically, her legs pressing delicately together again as she took a few deep breaths through her hand. “Y-yes I am, I think. I hope so…”

With one hand still against her hip, Wesker tugged his underwear down and revealed a little more of his body to Rebecca.

Though maybe it was a lot more.

Wesker’s cock was obviously quite hard, standing erect almost against his stomach, and it was big, maybe bigger than Rebecca had even guessed with her hands on it in his underwear. There was a small, neatly trimmed patch of blond hair around the member, and below his shaft the rest of his equipment was equally groomed, and equally impressive in heft.

Rebecca’s face turned a deep crimson as she suddenly began having doubts.

She traced her eyes over her Captain’s massive cock, worried that there was no way it’d fit inside her. She swallowed thickly, her foot resting on his thigh as she sat up to meet his eyes.

“It’s uhm…b-bigger than I thought it was,” she admitted out loud.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, Ms. Chambers.” he stroked her leg– the one that wasn’t already wrapped around him– with one hand, and grabbed her ankle, hauling it up into the air to arrange her. With his other hand, he guided the thick head of his cock, rubbing it against her wet slit.

She tensed, her toes curling in the air as she bit her lip,staring down at him as he probed the entrance to ser sex. “D-do you think it’ll fit?”

“The human body has a surprising ability to adapt,” he replied, and she could see his lidded eyes and lascivious expression behind his sunglasses for a moment. He placed the head of his cock against her wet opening and for a moment Rebecca was certain that it would NOT fit. “I believe you have that ability as well.”

Rebecca bit her lip hard, her fingers tensing against the table and her leg locking against his back as he positioned himself. “W-well y-yes.” She squeaked “but even s-so, that’s a lot of adaptation at once!”

“I believe in you, Rebecca,” he purred; cock positioned, his now free hand snaked up her body over her chest and toward her shoulders. “Do you trust me?”

She took a deep breath, nodding slowly “I t-trust you, Captain. Completely. If you believe in me, then…I’ll try.”

“Good girl.” He stroked his hands over her tits, kneading one of them in his hand for a moment, as his cock lingered on the cusp of entering her. His hand crawled further up, stroking her shoulders, and her neck, as he arched his back, pressing the thick head of his cock into her opening with a slow, deliberate motion.

Wesker’s dick was big enough to make her stretch, and there was a tight fullness of sensation as he forced his way into her, that was almost, but not quite painful. She was so wet, and her body so desperately needy for him already, that it was just possible for him to push his way into her.

And the sensation flooded her body as he did.

Good girl. That single phrase was almost as pleasurable as anything else. Her breath grew heavy, tight, as she pressed her hand over her mouth to smother the squeal of pleasure as he eased inside her. It almost hurt, the way it fired up her nerves and sent her sensitive body alight with pleasure. He was stretching her wide…but she’d been aching for this for days now.

She tightened the leg around him, nudging him to go further, deeper inside her. “Mmmff…” she pressed her hand more firmly on her mouth to smother the sound.

His hand lingered on the crook between her shoulder and her throat, bracing himself there, as he held up her one leg with his other, and slid himself inside her. Once he had fit in the head, he didn’t linger, and Rebecca’s body was jolted as he rocked his hips and forced the rest of his long member deep inside her body with a smooth motion. It felt huge inside of her, filling up her body and thumping against the back of her with another almost, but not quite, painful thrill.

He held himself inside her, and he licked his lips slowly. “There. It fits.Barely.”

“Gg..gah…” she panted , her eyes squinted shut as she lay back on the rough table. “…b..b.barely.” She whispered. “It’s so much, Captain.” Her fingers scratched at the end of the table, looking for something to hold. Every minute motion of her body sent another wave of nearly painful pleasure through her.

About the only thing for her to grab were the edges of the table itself, where her fingers caught, and gave her body a little more purchase under the captain’s as he loomed over her.

“Mm. I think I like the way it fills you, Ms. Chambers. It feels just right to me,” His thumb dug slightly into the crook of her neck, and his fingertips pressed into the flesh of her leg as he held her. He eased out of her slowly, and Rebecca’s body felt an aching and desperate emptiness as he did.

She gasped, her leg already pressing against his back in the hopes that he’d fill it again once he began easing away. Her body quivered, her breath hot and heavy against her hand. “F-feels just right to me too.” She whispered “p-please, again…”

“Since you asked so nicely.” Wesker pulled her against him at the same time he thrust his hips, his thick shaft filling her all over again. She could feel him throbbing inside of her for a moment, and then he arched his hips again, and he started a steady rhythm, his hips slapping against her, and his cock starting to fill her up again and again.

It was enough to make Rebecca’s head spin, her whole body keyed up with waves of pleasure as she gripped the edge of the table and used it to try and meet the Captain’s thrusts. Her eyes fluttered open, her breath gasping out…and without her realizing, bringing with it a series of pleasured squeaks and moans as she took the captain’s every thrust.

“Quiet, Rebecca,” he warned, his hand traveling upward from her neck, to cover her mouth. HIs fingers and palm pressed over her lips as he kept fucking her, his big muscular body overshadowing her as he slammed her ass into the table with his hips over and over. His cock sent shockwaves of pleasure through her hot, needy body, his motions sharp and controlled.

She flushed, nodding against his hand as it smothered the sound of her pleasured moans.

Rocking her body against him, she took him as deep as she could. It filled her like nothing else. More than the toys she kept under the bed, or her fingers when she had to relieve a little stress. With her enhanced sensitivity…she was sure she was building towards her first orgasm of the night.

But as promised, she did her best to try and stifle her voice herself.

Captain Wesker kept his hand tightly over her mouth, rocking her into his thrusts with his other hand again and again as he fucked her. His strength and prowess were obvious in his every motion, and his long, hard thrusts were like lightening strikes of lust through Rebecca’s squirming, needy body.

The captain himself seemed tightly composed, his breath hot through slightly parted lips, his glasses bouncing slightly on his nose with every sharp rock of his body.

“You’re going to come, Ms. Chambers,” he growled at her. Was it an observation, or a command? Perhaps a little of both.

She burned hot under him, managing a nod under the restriction of his hand on her mouth, breath hot through her nose. She tensed around him, her eyes fluttering closed again as her whole body keyed up…

His command…observation, whatever it was it was correct, as the next heavy thrust into her body sent a shock of pleasure through her body that tipped her over the edge. She clenched her jaw to shut down the cry of pleasure as her whole body shook under his, her sex tightening on him as she came harder than she ever had before in her life.

HIs lips curled up into a lustful expression of amusement and desire as he watched her come, clearly feeling her body tighten around him as he kept fucking her. He didn’t even break stride, rocking her through her orgasm as it washed over her, pinning her down tightly to the table, and keeping his grip over her mouth to keep her sounds of pleasure from filling the records room.

Rebecca’s leg bounced against his back, toes curling as she fell limp against the table, her fingers dug into the wood of the table’s lip. She looked up at the Captain with an expression of arousal and affection. She shivered, her pleasure starting to rise again even in the afterglow, somewhere between painful and intense.

“Good girl,” he purred again, his breath hitching slightly. She could feel him deep inside her, again and again, in her slick, oversensitive pussy. He held her tightly, and he slipped his fingers into her mouth, between her panting lips as he fucked her limp form against the table.

She shivered again at the praise. Who knew a few words of praise could ramp up the pleasure so much? It sent tingles of excitement through her along with the pleasure, as her lips gently sealed around his fingers, using them to muffle the gasps and mewls of pleasure as he continued to pound into her again and again.

Her tongue gently traced over the fingertip, feeling its shape with every weak thrust of her hips back against his.

Wesker picked up the pace, forcing his cock deep inside her limp, pleasured body again and again,hard, and fast, rocking her against the table, and driving up the sensation inside her a second time as he held her down against him.The feeling of it was intense, and the captain’s stamina was obvious. At this rate she was going to have another orgasm again before he finished with her.

She glanced up at him, trying to meet his eyes as her tongue traced his finger. Her body had started to quiver again, pleasure ramping more and more towards a peak. His stamina was impressive…he didn’t even seem tired, even after fucking her to orgasm…

He leaned down closer to her, his thrusts becoming shorter, and sharper, the table beneath her groaning a bit under their rough use of it. He made a breathy noise, his fingers still in her mouth, holding down her tongue. She could feel his need, feel him swelling even further inside of her as if he was going to break her in two.

Her hand reached up from the desk to brush against his face, her fingertips tracing down the curve of his lips, down to his jaw as she rocked against him. If he came, she was certain that she’d come again with him. Her whole body was thrilling with pleasure. Pleasure she was happy to be sharing with the Captain here and now…propriety be damned.

Each thrust sent a hard little shock of pleasure through her, and the captain leaned into the touch of her hand.

His sunglasses slipped down to the end of his nose, and Rebecca saw a desperate, almost animal look of pleasure in them, behind his controlled expression.

“Get ready,” he warned her, and his hips slammed hard against her; she felt his cock tighten and swell in her slick, abused hole. He was going to come in her. Captain Wesker was going to cum right inside her.

Rebecca turned brick red. Her tongue moved against his finger to protest, a brief concern rising through the arousal. He was going to cum inside her. She thought again. Her whole body shivered against the table.

She’d only really had sex a few times before, and every time her partner had worn a condom…

But the captain was just going to cum inside. She shivered, and somehow the pleasure inside her grew a little more intense, her body tensing once more at the thought, “a..a..aah..ahh…”

He put his hand tightly over her mouth again and pinned her hard to the table beneath him with a final slamming thrust. His nails bit into the leg he’d been holding up, and Rebecca’s body shook as she felt a sudden flood of heat inside of her, and even more wetness spilling out of her around his cock.

“Hhh….” The captain grit his teeth, the noise he made barely audible as he rocked his hips a few times against her quivering body, pumping what Rebecca could only imagine to be stream after stream of hot, sticky cum deep inside her.

Rebecca’s eyes closed tight, as the sudden heat filling her sent her own body into its second orgasm. Her body quivered against his, her moans of pleasure cut short by his hand as she arched under him, taking his seed in the records room of the RCPD.

It was too much, the pleasure and relief of it all washing over her and smothering any and all concerns in the moment.

The captain held her body tightly down to the table, leaning over her. He held his cock deep inside of her as she came against him, twitching and whimpering into his hand, their fluids mixing in a pool on the table and floor between their legs.

Finally, when Rebecca had stopped actively gasping against Wesker’s hand, he removed it, and leaned down to press his tongue between her lips instead. He lay half on top of her, his weight heavy against her, the table below them bending slightly with the weight of them.

Rebecca’s whole body was full of heat and lingering pleasure; her legs tingled so much they might even be numb.

She kissed him back, arms wrapped around his shoulders again, sucking softly at his lips and tongue as she squirmed delicately under him. Her legs had dropped, dangling off the edge of the table as she soaked in the afterglow of their mutual orgasm.

After a long kiss, he cupped her jaw with one hand, and smirked at her as he leaned in to murmur into her ear. “You seem to have enjoyed yourself, Ms. Chambers.”

Rebecca bit her lip, nodding as best she could against his fingers. “Y-yes Captain.” She breathed “It…it was wonderful.”

And it was. It finally scratched that itch that had been plaguing her for days. That insistent need…right now she was satisfied in the arms of Captain Wesker. “I.. I hope I did alright.”

“Very well, for a first try,” he said, with an almost teasing tone. “We’ll work on your stamina in the future.”

He stroked her lips with his thumb, and as he did, she finally felt him pull out of her, leaving her body feeling empty, and very tender. She felt his cock brush against her wet thigh, and realized that he was still half erect. Could he have kept going?

She stared down at his cock for a moment with wide eyes, before looking up to meet his eyes. “Y-yes sir.” She replied with a shy…but playfully coy smile “I assume stamina training is part of my regimen? I won’t let you down.”

She leaned her head back on the table, shifting. She could still feel his hot cum inside her, and it brought a newfound flush to her face. “…but wow..”

Wesker pushed his glasses up with the knuckle of his finger to avoid dirtying them, and then ran his hands over her well fucked body appreciatively, lingering over her breasts and hips, and over her wet inner thighs. He pressed a finger between her sodden folds, and against her tender clit, sending an echo of pleasure jolting through her.

“Wow? Please elaborate, Ms Chambers.”

Rebecca gasped, arching against his fingers with a low whimper “a..ah, just… uhm.”

She hid her face with her hands, scarlet red behind them “….just wow, Captain. You ah..haven’t skipped stamina training yourself, that’s for sure.”

“Someday soon I’ll show you just how much stamina I do have, Rebecca,” he promised. “But for now, we shall have to clean up. I trust I can count on you for that.”

Rebecca shifted up on her arms, blinking up at him as she chewed her lip “ up?” she looked down, noticing the mess on the table with a swell of embarrassment.. “…oh geeze

Once the feeling came back to her legs…she’d have her work cut out for her.

“Of…of course sir. I’ll have it cleaned up right away…”

Chapter 9

Chapter Notes

No extra warnings for this chapter.

Rebecca was still thinking about her experience in the records room, the next morning while she was getting ready for work. How could she not?

As she brushed her short hair out in the mirror, her mind kept flashing back. Back to the Captain’s arms around her. The feeling of the table buckling under them…his…cock.

She flushed a bright red, shaking her head to try and clear the memory from her mind. After all…she needed to be presentable for work today. She couldn’t be …obvious…about her breach of office ethics.

Her fingers reached for a tube of lip gloss, which she painted gently over her lips.

As she painted the gloss over her still too-sensitive lips, she heard a sudden knock at the front door of her apartment.

Rebecca capped it, standing quickly and dusting off her uniform pants and shirt…freshly laundered after last night.

Hurrying to the door while blotting her lip gloss on a tissue, she took a moment to peek through the peephole before answering.

To her great surprise, Chris Redfield was standing behind her door, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot. He was in his uniform, with a leather jacket thrown over his shoulder.

Rebecca grabbed her own jacket from the hook, and threw it over her shoulders as her brow furrowed in confusion.

What was Chris doing here in uniform? Was everything okay?

She opened the door a crack with a smile “hey Chris! Good morning!”

“Morning, Beck,” he said, giving a little nod and an awkward grin. “Sorry to show up with no warning like this. Captain’s orders.”

Rebecca blinked a little in confusion “The Captain ordered you to come to my house?” she asked with a cock of her head.

“I got in early this morning, and he asked me if I could come pick you up.”

“I wonder why…” she muse.d “do you think it’s because of that murder?”

She grabbed her purse and stepped outside with a shake of her head and a smile. “Well…whatever the reason, the ride’s appreciated!”

He grinned. “No problem. Are you all set then? I can wait out here if you’re not done getting ready.”

“I was just finishing my makeup.” She said with a small smile “I’ll just ah..f-finish touching up and then be right out, okay?”

She nudged the door closed, and turned to hurry back to her room. “…huh”

The Captain must have sent Chris special to pick her up because of the reports from the other day. She was flattered…it was enough to make her flush all over again, though.

Maybe…the captain really was giving her special favor after all.

As she finished with her lip gloss and subtle makeup, she slipped on her boots and hurried back to the front door, cooling her blush as she did, so she looked entirely normal when she opened the door.

“Alright! Now I’m ready!”

“Nice,” he nodded, and punched her gently on the arm. She noticed him as he glanced at her makeup, and smiled a little, but he didn’t say anything. Did he think it would be inappropriate to compliment her? Or did she have too much makeup on? “My car’s in your lot. Uh, at least I hope it’s your lot.”

Rebecca smiled back at him, tucking a lock of her brown hair over her ear as she lightly punched him back. “Probably, It’s a pretty easy lot to find…and I don’t have a car, so my apartment’s parking space is always empty.”

She rubbed the back of her neck, before pulling out a compact from her purse and checking her makeup over. IS it too much? Now I’m worried…maybe I overdid it.

“Have you thought about getting a car?”He walked with her back down the stairs toward the dusty lobby, and toward the front door, glancing at her as she checked herself. “Watch your step, Beck.” He reached out and caught her arm as she stepped down.

Rebecca squeaked quietly in surprise, her skin still so-sensitive, alerting her instantly once Chris’ fingers came to rest upon it.

She flushed a little, snapping the compact shut and putting it away. “Sorry, Chris. I’m a little distracted…” she laughed it off, waving her other hand. “but n-no. I’m not good with cars.”

After all, she’d seen what one accident could do to a person.

“Fair enough,” he nodded, leading her out to the parking lot. The sky overhead was an overcast steel grey, and the summer air was warm, and humid. “It’s a good skill to have in a pinch though– and the captain’s right, public transport’s not always safe…”

So the captain WAS worried about her…

“My mom was in an accident when I was younger.” Rebecca explained with a half smile “I’ve been kind of avoiding being behind the driver’s seat after that.”

She rubbed her neck, smiling a little at the thought of the captain’s concern. “I know public transport sometimes can be dodgy, but I’ve never had any issues till now. So…maybe I’ll look into trying, I guess.”

Chris grimaced, and squeezed Rebecca’s shoulder. “Hey, I’m sorry. I had no idea. Hell, I’m happy to pick you up any time, so no worry, okay?”

“Thanks Chris.” Rebecca said with a nod of her head, and a warm smile “I think I’m gonna see if I can get lessons from some of the guys at the office…just in case, but I’ll take you up on that…it’s always nice to ride with friends.”

She paused. “it…it’s not TOO out of the way for you is it?”

He waved his hand and opened the car door for her. “Pfft. Nah. Especially not if I’m already on the clock, right? I’d rather come get you than do another 25 minutes of paperwork.”

“Oh no, the Captain’s lust for paperwork is starting to spill out to you guys too?” Rebecca joked “You lucked out coming to get me!”

She slipped inside, buckling in and adjusting her purse on her lap.

“The man’s a fiend for documentation,” Chris laughed. “I hear the regular PD guys don’t have it half as badly.”

“Captain Wesker expects perfection in all things, I guess!” she laughed softly “you ever think of transferring down to the detectives?”

“No way!” he shook his head, pulling out of the driveway. He flipped on some music– it was still on the station that Jill had left it on a few days ago. “Abandon the STARS team? I couldn’t.”

Rebecca giggled into her hand, leaning back in her seat “Relatable!” She agreed, “I couldn’t think of abandoning them either…I’d like to be a part of the team a long, long time.”

“Well we’d love to have you a long time,” he grinned. “You’re pretty popular, I know. Jill and I are pretty sure the captain’s planning to move you to Alpha when you’re done training.”

Her eyes widened, and her head cocked a bit to the side. “Really?? No wonder he’s so keen on giving me extra training then…hehe…I wonder what Enrico thinks of that!”

“You mean getting his best operatives poached?” Chris teased.

“Yeah, I do mean that.” She glanced over at Chris with a smile. “You really think I’m one of the best?’

“You really think you’re not?” he glanced over at her, raising an eyebrow.

“Well I dunno! I’m still just a rookie, is all!” She stammered. “I’m still new and inexperienced and the other guys have a lot more, field time.”

“Sure, but you have a completely different skillset than the rest of us, you know?” Chris smiled. “Honestly, I’m surprised you went for a gig like STARS. I mean, feels like you could have done anything you wanted.”

“I am doing what I want.” Rebecca said, looking down at her hands upon her lap with a smile. “I’m doing something that could help people. Maybe the Search and Rescue work we do could help save someone’s life.”

“Well, you’re right about that,” he nodded, pulling up toward the RCPD building. “Honestly, that’s the same reason why I joined up.”

She smiled “I’m not surprised, Chris. You’re a good man…you’ve got a warm heart.”

He chuckled. “Most people think I’m just a hot head.”

The car passed the security gate, and what little light there was slipped away as they passed into the dim, echoey belly of the parking garage.

She shifted in the seat with a giggle, and unbuckled once he parked. “Maybe a little bit, but that doesn’t change the fact you’re a great guy at the end of the day.”

“I’ll remember you said that,” he chuckled. He hopped out of the car and leaned on it, waiting for her.

She stepped out of the car, and stretched out in the parking garage with a soft “oof!” looking over at him she smiled again “I know it was an order…but thanks for the ride, Chris.”

“Like I said, any time, Beck,” he gave her a thumbs up. “Guess we better go get some work done, huh?”

Rebecca snapped a playful salute to him with a broad smile “Guess so! Or the Captain will have our hides!”

“My hide for sure; you might escape,” he teased. He snapped a salute back and jogged toward the entrance.

She followed him, flushing a little and thankful for the dim light. “oh, I don’t know. I think he’d find a way to chide me too.”

They passed through the reception area, where a bunch of RCPD were lingering around at the early part of the morning. As they walked through, Rebecca noticed Chief Irons talking to the receptionist. Maybe she was mistaken, but she could have sworn his eyes followed her as they moved across the room.

She found herself shivering, averting her eyes down towards her feet as she quickened her pace to keep in step with Chris.

She’d never liked the Chief. Between his disdain for the STARS unit, and the way his eyes seemed to linger on her when she passed, he always gave her a bad feeling. The idea that he was watching her only gave her a shudder up her spine.

What if he knew? What if there was a camera? The intrusive thought pinged her mind, and made her blood go cold.


Chris was holding the door for her, while she was lost in her own horrifying thoughts.

Rebecca shook herself out of her daze, giving Chris a smile tinged with nerves as she hurried through the door “sorry, sorry just ah…” she bit her lip. “worried i left the oven on?”

Chris gave her a probing gaze as he led her into the hall. “Uhuh. If you say so, Beck…. “ As the door closed behind them, he glanced around and asked, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

She bit her lip, nodding slowly “y-yeah.” she gave him a gentle nudge “Don’t worry so much about me. I just… Chief Irons was looking at me and I was worrying it was because my uniform had an issue or s-something.”

His brow furrowed. “Oh yeah. Irons– yeah he can be pretty fucking up tight. I’ve heard him and the captain yelling at one another before.”

“I get the sense they don’t much like each other.” Rebecca smiled thinly “…and I think he may have noticed that the Captain wants me promoted to Alpha, like you said, so I’m a little worried he may start getting on m-my case as well.”

“Yeah you know what, that’s… fair,” he nodded, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Man, office politics. Gotta love it, right?”

“Not really.” She laughed softly “…but you can’t escape them, even if I hoped college was the last of it.”

“Lot of that kind of biullshit when you were going to school, huh?” he asked, as they got closer to the STARS office.

“If you think the RCPD is bad, you should have seen my final semester.” Rebecca giggled “it was cutthroat!”

“That bad huh? Glad I missed out,” he chuckled. He pushed the door to the office open for her. Jill and Barry, and a few of the Bravo team were already there– and there was Captain Wesker, leaning against one of the desks, and looking over the bullpen.

Rebecca immediately felt his eyes on her behind his shades.

She walked into the room, trying not to get flustered as she felt the Captain’s eyes firmly on her. She smiled as carefree as she could, and nodded her head “Yeah, you didn’t miss much!” she joked , before waving to the others.

Jill waved back with a grin “Redfield! Chambers! Don’t tell me you didn’t pick me up something at the bakery on the way in!”

“Haven’t you had enough, Valentine?” Barry rumbled, before nodding his head. “hey Rookie. Redfield.”

“Barry,” Chris gave him a thumbs up. “Sorry, Valentine, we came straight here. Uh–” he turned toward Rebecca. “Should I have asked if you wanted to stop somewhere?”

Rebecca shook her head. “no, It’s alright. I had breakfast at home…I didn’t think to ask”

“Well damn.” Valentine griped, though her lips were curled in a grin “take me out to lunch later, Redfield. Make it up to me.”

Barry cracked his fingers, before gesturing towards the rear of the bullpen “The other Bravo guys are around, Chambers, if you wanna catch up on what’s been going on.”

“Yeah, yeah, Valentine. When don’t I owe you lunch?”

The chatter happened around Rebecca, who still felt Captain Wesker’s gaze on her. Maybe the most arresting thing in the room despite the distractions. She was forced to wonder, had their tryst been a one time thing? Or was the captain already thinking about another moment alone…

Biting her lip to keep from getting excited at the prospect, she raised her eyes to briefly meet his with a timid smile as she settled into her chair near Bravo team. She made a show of quietly opening one of her files and going over some of the pages, her gaze still on the captain himself.

Was it? She hoped in her heart it wasn’t just a one time fling…that he cared about her…that he wanted another moment with her, just the two of them together…

As she settled into her chair, she thought the captain gave her a subtle nod, before he turned and disappeared into his office without a word.

As he vanished, the room around her suddenly felt much noisier, and warmer.

She breathed out a soft sigh, shaking her head to clear it of thoughts of last night, and looked into her folder with a quiet hum of breath. “wow…I fell behind on all this.”

Rebecca was sunk so far into her work by the middle of the day, that she almost missed it when Chief Irons stomped through the door of the STARS bullpen, and straight toward the closed door of captain Wesker’s office.

She only noticed when Chris– who along with Jill was one of the only people besides her in the office during the late lunch hour– sat up and oriented on the Chief’s back like an alert dog.

Rebecca’s whole body stiffened as she saw the Chief, sinking down behind her computer to watch him enter the Captain’s office. Her skin prickled with goosebumps as her mind ran down a hundred worst case scenarios…and a desperate hope that she hadn’t gotten Wesker in trouble.

Chris glanced over at her, and they shared a grim look together as the door closed behind Irons. A moment later came the raised, muffled voice of the Chief.

Rebecca grimaced, pointing towards the door as she mouthed to Chris ‘what are they talking about?’

Chris mouth flattened into a hard line for a moment, and he shook his head. ‘Donno’, he mouthed back. He looked at the door for a long moment, as if he was contemplating moving closer to listen.

Whatever was happening in there, Irons was barking, but Wesker’s replies were completely inaudible.

Rebecca stood…and as if she was simply going to grab some files from a nearby file cabinet by the weapons locker computer…crept closer to to the office, ears straining to listen as she bent over and opened the drawer as softly as she could.

“…you know damned well– had better be under control– another body–”

Rebecca could only hear fragments of the chief’s voice. But at least it didn’t seem to be about her….

Chris watched her with concern from across the room– and suddenly beckoned her back with a grimace.

She shivered. Was it about the murders near Arklay? Whatever it was…the Chief seemed furious.

Straining to hear as she was, she didn’t notice Chris waving her back right away…but once she caught his eye, she paled and grabbed a file, closing it with her foot and hurrying back and towards Redfield’s desk.

It was just in time too– as the captain’s door swung open, and an extremely disgruntled Irons stomped out. “And another thing, Wesker! Your damned squad better be out of the office on a call, and not another three hour lunch break!”

Chris grit his teeth, and stared down at his desk as the chief passed.

Rebecca placed the file on Redfield’s desk, visibly wincing as the Chief passed too close to her “’s the file you wanted, Chris…” she murmured softly.

JIll Valentine raised her middle finger from behind her desk as the Chief turned his back to her, on his way out the door. ‘Get Bent, Irons’ she whispered to Chris ‘pretty sure he’s one to talk about lunch breaks.’

Chris snorted, and Rebecca heard him whisper. “Too right.” Raising his voice, he said, “Thanks, Beck.”

Suddenly, Rebecca noticed the tall figure of the captain, looming in the doorway. “Chambers. My office. Immediately.”

Rebecca went pale, and her eyes widened like dinner plates as the Captain called her “y-yes sir! Right away, sir!”

“Lay off the girl, Cap!” Jill called out “She didn’t do nothin’!”

Waving her hand to Jill to not worry about her, Rebecca jogged over to the office with a timid smile “O-Officer Chambers, reporting in, sir.”

Wesker nodded to her, and put his hand on her back as if urging her inside. “Valentine!” he snapped. And then his lip twitched. “Take a lunch. You too, Redfield.”

Valentine flashed a wolfish grin, and jumped up to snap a salute his way “yes sir, Captain Wesker!”

She grabbed Chris’ hand “Lunch! Your Treat. Now”

Rebecca laughed softly at their antics…before she eased herself into the Captain’s office, with her hands folded before her.

Wesker closed the door behind her.

Chapter End Notes

I’m sure that Wesker wants her in his office for a perfectly normal reason.

Chapter 10

Chapter Notes

extra chapter notes and warnings: Another chapter of smutty, smutty porn.
Warnings for rough sex, anal sex, unsafe sex, unsafe sexual practices, emotional manipulation, minor violence

Also this chapter ran long. Oops.

Wesker had a hard, stern look on his face, his mouth a thin line, as he closed the two of them together into the office.

Rebecca shifted from foot to foot, looking up at him with a timid smile “Hello Captain…Chief Irons seemed pretty mad..”

“Irons is a sad, angry little man, Rebecca,” Wesker said in a flat voice. “And an irritant. Come here.” With two fingers, he beckoned her toward him.

Obediently, Rebecca walked past Wesker’s desk, standing beside him with a hesitant nod “I noticed that…this morning he was staring at me, so I was worried he might be…you know…t-talking about me. Or maybe he found something out.”

“Is that what you’re worried about? I see.” He put his arms around her, and pulled her sharply against him, so that her back was against his chest, and his hands were on her breasts.

Rebecca squeaked, falling into him with a soft gasp of surprise. Her body, still overly sensitive as it’d been since the start of all this, prickled with sensation, her nipples already stiffening against her bra. “O..oh..”

Looks like it isn’t just a one time thing… she thought with a timid smile. “He was really staring me down when I walked in, I…I thought maybe there was something on the cameras or something.”

“Cameras are not an issue, Rebecca. Trust me.” He squeezed her breasts between his hands, kneading them, his fingers finding her nipples through layers of fabric and squeezing them.

She stifled a soft gasp, almost a moan, as her hips began to squirm against him. Her breath caught softly as his fingers sent little waves of pleasure through her “I trust you, Captain.” she whispered.

“You s-seem pretty worked up” she shyly whispered.

“Perhaps,” he said in a low voice, pinching her nipples again. He leaned in and whispered in her ear. “Perhaps you can help to soothe me. Would you like that, Rebecca? The office is empty this time.”

That explains the impromptu lunch break…she turned to look at the captain, flushed a deep pink as she nodded her head “I..”

She swallowed “I’d like to soothe you , Captain…I don’t want you to have to be a-all worked up..”

He kissed the back of her neck, still gripping her hard to his body. “Your assistance is appreciated, Ms. Chambers.” His hands roughly stroked down her body after that, squeezing her hips and pulling her against his.

Rebecca stumbled back, her hips pressing to his as she arched gently into the crook of his neck “I..I was worried.” she said softly. “that after yesterday you m-may have only wanted this to be a one time thing.”

“Did you really?” His hands snaked around and rubbed roughly against the crotch of her pants. “I’m shocked you think so little of me, Rebecca.”

He could feel the growing heat between them, she was sure. Her hips squirmed, rubbing against his as she settled firmly against his lap.

She bit her lip “I..I don’t think so little of you!” she protested “I just…” Have terrible self esteem? Think that there’s no way I could hold the interest of an older man? “I just worry.”

“No need to worry, Rebecca,” he growled in her ear, rubbing his hands over her inner thighs. “I hope you’ll learn to trust me. I want you to know how much I want you.”

Her legs gently spread for him, her blush traveling to her shoulders as she pressed firmly against him. Her hands wandered, down to his thighs. “O-of course, Captain.” She breathed “…I want to trust you.”

“Good girl,” he purred, his hands warm on the inner thigh of her pants. He moved his hands suddenly back to her hips, and turned with her, turning her body toward him, and pushing the back of her hips up against the edge of his desk.

Rebecca looked at him, pressed against the edge of his desk, with wide eyes. For all the world, she still looked like a deer in the headlights, or a rabbit who’d been cornered by a wolf.

Still, she smiled at him , and reached a shaky hand out to gently press against his chest “I ah…I got excited last night, thinking about the records room..”

“Did you, now?” He smirked, sunglasses hiding the full measure of his expression. He was already undoing the buttons of her pants.

She nodded, shifting to let him get at the buttons easier “y-yes sir. And I got…ah..” she smiled timidly “excited again…b-but I didn’t do anything about it…”

“No? Are you feeling a bit pent up, then?”

She was. Taking the supplements he had given her, at home after work, had made it even worse.

Every day she was on them, she was more sensitive, more easy to rile up into a state of arousal and desire. It was something she’d worried about…but never enough to stop herself from taking them.

“Y-yes Captain, very pent up. I’m in a bit of a tizzy, h-honestly. Those pills…”

“They’re still affecting you?” he jerked down her pants, and put his fingers between her thighs, rubbing the soft curve of her slit over her panties.

“Yes , th..ahh!” she covered her mouth as his finger traced her sec over her panties, her hips arching into his touch “ah…yes.” she nodded “I’m still very hypersensitive, Captain…and it h-has an effect on my sex drive, I think…is that okay?”

“I don’t see a problem with it.” He stroked her again, sending shivers of anticipation and pleasure through her.

“Neither do I…” she said firmly, though her hips arched and shifted against his touch, her feet once more locking against his sides. “It’s not that much of a distraction…and..” I kind of like it…in a way, it’s nice to feel things so intensely…”it’s not bad.”

“It affects me the same way you know,” he told her, pushing his hips up against hers tightly. She could feel the stiffness between his legs. He reached up and groped her breasts again, his touch rougher on her today than they had been the day before.

Rebecca gasped. Somehow the rougher touch only seemed to excite her more. She’d never really had rough partners in the past. The few times she’d had sex, they’d all been excessively gentle…like she was fragile.

But as the Captain groped her breasts roughly, it sent thrills of desire through her, her own hands grabbing his thighs as she rubbed against him “I-it does?” she asked softly “How do you manage, Captain?” she leaned in with a shy smile “it must be hard…”

“Hm,” He grabbed her hand and put it against the bulge between his thighs. “It is. But I have excellent self control. Until you came along, Rebecca.”

She smiled, once more tracing her fingers up the bulge in his pants…now fully aware of just how big it really was. She bit her lip, looking up at him “Until I came along…I’m really that distracting, Captain?”

He used her hands with his own to rub her fingers against the bulge of his cock. “You’re very distracting, Ms. Chambers.”

She traced her fingers over his cock under his instruction, her fingers pressing firmly against it through his pants. “I didn’t mean to be,” she admitted. “b-but maybe now I can help. If I take care of the distraction…for both of us, we can concentrate a little better.”

“Good,” he pushed her harder up against the desk, which shook slightly under them. One hand snaked fast to her blouse, starting to roughly unbutton it.

Rebecca shivered , looking down at him with her wide and innocent eyes “You s-seem extra excited today, sir..”

“And how does that make you feel?” he asked, popping her buttons open to expose her bra, his fingers making quick work of each button.

She bit her lip, as her pink cotton bra was exposed to the open air, sending pinpricks of goosebumps up her skin. “A-a ah..w-welll…” she murmured

“A bit e-excited myself…?”

“Good girl.” He pulled her shirt down, exposing her shoulders and latched his mouth on one of them, kissing and sucking at the soft, extra sensitive flesh hard enough that Rebecca was certain that he would leave a mark.

She shivered..both at the sharp kisses on her shoulder, and the praise. Her lips curled into a timid smile as she pressed her fingers to his bulge, stroking it dutifully “T-thank you, sir….c-careful though.” She whispered. “you’ll m-mark me up.”

He licked the spot where he hand bitten her, his hands returning to her thighs. “Not where anyone can see.”

She flushed, nodding her head. “G-good, those would be questions I wouldn’t want to answer!”

“Mm.” He murmured. Maybe an agreement. He groped hard at her inner thighs, and pushed her down on the desk, kissing and biting her chest now, as he pulled away more of her shirt.

Rebecca gasped, her body pressing against the cool wood of his desk as her legs brushed against his thighs. Every bite, kiss and squeeze of his hands sent thrills through her very sensitive body, enough that she had to cup a hand over her mouth to keep from making too much noise…just in case. Her hand outstretched, still brushing as best she could against his stiff member, trying to give him the same pleasure he was giving her.

“Do you like that?” he hissed quietly, grinding against her hands. The places he had put his mouth ached in the most pleasurable way possible, little throbbing tingles of desire across her shoulders and chest.

She bit her lip, whimpering softly as her fingers squeezed his package gently “y-yes Captain Wesker,” she murmured “I like it a lot”

She wanted more…his teeth and lips to grace more of her skin, to leave more of those warm tingles of desire through her aching body.

“It feels a lot b-better than I thought it would.”

“Well, if you like it a little rough, Ms. Chambers, I won’t hesitate to oblige you.” His hands shot to her shoulders and he forced her down against the desk, scooping a hand behind her head at the last moment to stop her from knocking the back of it against the hard surface. But the rest of her, met the wooden desktop quite sharply.

She yelped, perhaps a bit louder than she intended, her whole body hitting the desk with a sharp exhalation of air. “o-OH” she looked up to try meeting his eyes again, legs locking around his hips.

“I k-know I can trust you to be a little rough without hurting me, sir.” she smiled sweetly up at him, her fingers now resting on his chest.

“Dear, sweet Rebecca,” he growled, her body pinned beneath his muscular weight. He ground his crotch against hers, and kissed and bit at her chest. He pulled down her bra, and caught her nipple with his teeth.

“Eeep!” She bit her lip, stifling the rest of the sound of pleasure as his teeth sent a reverberation of desire through her body. Her fingers tightened on his shirt, almost pulling it open as she arched below him. “Al…Albert” she whispered.

His chuckle was muffled as he rubbed his face against her tits, and he stroked his hands up her arms– grabbing her wrists in his hands tightly.

She blinked up at him, squirming needily against his desk. “C-captain?” she asked shyly, her legs still locked around his waist.

He looked up, smirking at her, his hands holding her tightly. “Yes, Ms. Chambers?”

She shifted in his grip, her fingers brushing his wrists as he pinned her down “W-wondering what you’re planning on doing to me, is all.”

She winked at him, a flirtatious smile on her lips.

“I’ll just bet that you are,” he growled, holding her down and grinding on her. His cock was very hard, and her panties were already soaking through from all the stimulation. “What would you do if I cuffed you, Rebecca?”

Rebecca shifted, her legs trying to press together to hide just how aroused she was by the idea. She bit her lip “I suppose I w-wouldn’t be able to do much of anything to stop you, Captain.”

“I suppose you wouldn’t,” he agreed. Moving as quick as a striking snake he pinned both her wrists under one hand, and grabbed the cuffs from his belt, holding her squirming body pinned beneath him.

Rebecca flushed a vivid red, her breath shallow as she squirmed in his grip “I’ll b-be helpless if you do that.”

Her legs squeezed against his side, shifting herself closer to him so her slick panties made contact with his hips.

His smirk widened, and she felt the cold bite of metal against one wrist. In a quick motion he snapped the cuffs around both of her wrists.

“Helpless, hm? Should I be disappointed?”

Rebecca shivered as the cold metal clasped around her wrists, leaving her bound on his desk , her body shivering with growing and pent up desire. “You w-want me to struggle, Captain?”

With his now free hand he grabbed her by the chin and leered down at her, sunglasses slipping down his nose. “Would that excite you, Rebecca? A struggle? We both know who’ll come out on top. I’d day I’m equally enticed by a creature who knows her place.”

The purr of Wesker’s voice held a dangerous edge of menace in its thick air of eroticism.

Rebecca turned a deeper red, and her breath caught in her throat as he tilted her chin up to meet her eyes. Her whole body trembled against the table as she stammered out her reply.

That menace…it overwhelmed her and made the ‘rabbit and the wolf’ feeling playing at the back of her mind act up anew. She swallowed, and met his eyes sheepishly.

“I…I know my place, Captain Wesker.” she whispered. “I know you…you would come out on top.”

“Good girl,” he growled. The hand that had been holding her chin stroked up her cheek, and he stuck his thumb in her mouth, against her tongue. Meanwhile, his other hand had found its way back to her hips, where he tugged her sodden panties down.

Rebecca whimpered softly, her lips closing around his thumb and her tongue tracing up and down its length as she obediently raised her hips for him to remove her panties. Her eyes remained locked on his, a shiver going through her body once more at the praise.

A good girl, he said… ‘a creature who knows her place’. What a thing to say…but I’m still here obeying, aren’t I? 

He stripped her quickly, and then undid his own pants, keeping her bound form pinned beneath him all the while. The heat radiating from his body was enormous, especially as he went to strip off his own shirt, and for the first time she saw his muscular, and hairless chest.

Rebecca bit her lip, looking him over as her body radiated intense heat of its own against him. She squirmed , taking a soft intake of breath “Y-you’re very , very handsome, Captain.”

He tossed his shirt away and pressed the heat of his bare chest against hers.kissing her mouth hard. “Why thank you, Rebecca.”

Rebecca’s breasts rubbed softly against his hard pectorals, the warmth between them feeling like an active flame that only spurred her needy body onwards. “You g-got to see me shirtless before so I’m glad I g-get the chance now.” she stuck her tongue out, playfully.

“Fair IS fair, I suppose,” he agreed. “I’m pleased you enjoy the view.” he kissed and bit at the low part of her shoulders for another moment, holding her down with one hand, while his other pulled his cock out of his pants. She felt its heft rub against her bare thigh.

She shivered, no longer worried if it would fit after last night…but no less excited about the whole prospect.

“I..I do.” She admitted. Laying back against the table, she brushed her foot on his leg again, anticipating the moment he entered her.

“I hope the v-view’s as nice for you, sir…”

“Oh it’s very nice,” he agreed, holding her down and rubbing his cock against the slickness of her pussy. “I’m only trying to decide if I want to change the view a little…”

Rebecca cocked her head, her wrists twisting just slightly in her restraints as she tried to keep still…but it was hard. The heat in her body and the anticipation had her squirming on the table “change the view?”

He grabbed her suddenly, her hips and shoulder, and rolled her over on the desk onto her belly.

She squeaked, her breasts now pressed against the cool wood of his desk and her ass raised very slightly at the edge of it. “O-_oh_.” she murmured timidly “That sort of change of view.”

She felt a sharp smack of a hand against her sensitive ass cheek. The fingers stung, and sent a thrill of mixed pleasure and pain through her.

Rebecca gasped, unable to smother the sound as the painful pleasure rolled through her with how her arms were bound. She wiggled against the table, biting her lip to smother the whimper and glancing back at the Captain over her shoulder with a flushed face.

And now the Captain is spanking me…it shouldn’t get me so excited, should it? But it is…with how keyed up I am it feels…strangely nice. 

“How cute you are, Ms. Chambers,” he purred from behind her. She felt his hand rubbing against the smacked part of her ass. “Ask me to spank you again.”

Rebecca turned a bright red, stammering softly “a..ask you to spank me again??” She managed to say, hips gyrating to rub her ass against his hand.

But it wasn’t enough. It left her skin tingling but unsatisfied. She DID want that sudden burst of pleasure…that shock of pain…

She bit her lip, swallowing her pride as best she could to whisper. “p…Please spank me again, Captain Wesker.”

“Good girl,” he purred again, drawing the phrase out in a long, satisfied drawl. His hand met the cheeks of her ass, sending that same pleasurable shock through her again.

But he didn’t stop. The captain smacked her ass once, twice, three times. She felt the warm sting of his fingers just above her slick pussy.

Rebecca whimpered, each slap sending her rocking against his desk. The sharp sting of pain and pleasure met with the pleasure of her breasts brushing his desk with each slap, and the influx of sensation brought tears to her eyes as she bit her lip to keep from getting too loud.

But this was what she wanted. The pleasure. Even the pain…and most of all that assurance that she was a ‘good girl’.

He pet his hand gently now over flesh that she was sure was bruised, and pressed his fingers between her wet folds.

“Adorable,” he growled over her.

She shuddered, her breath gasping out as his fingers slipped into her slickened sex “t-thank you Captain.” She murmured.

Sitting, she knew, was going to be difficult for a day or two. A constant reminder of her unusual lunch break.

He stroked his finger against her clit for a moment, and then drew it upward, across her slit, and to the tight hole between her butt cheeks, rubbing his slick finger on the spot.

Rebecca froze, biting her lip again as she gripped the desk below her body. Was he going to take her there too? Her face burned as she considered questioning him, her body trembling subtly against the wooden desk.

She’d never, ever, had any experience with anal before..and with how big he was…

He pushed his slick finger gently at the opening, and held her down with his other hand against her back. “Hm.”

Even if she wanted to protest, she was pinned by him, his finger poking inside her tight asshole as her body tensed in anxious preparation. “C-captain.” She managed to whisper. “I’ve never d-done that before.”

“Never, hmm?” He pushed his slick finger just slightly inside of her, stretching the tight little hole a little. It didn’t hurt, but it felt strange, and a little exciting.

She made a quiet and keening sound, her back arching to ease the slide into her body. “Ah…a-ah..n-never, Captain. I haven’t had a lot of p-partners in bed, and nobody’s ever tried anal with me.” she admitted softly.

“I did promise to give you special training, didn’t I?” he purred, pushing his finger further inside her. It pushed passed the tightness of the opening, and into the softness of her body, sending an odd, lascivious thrill through her.

Rebecca bit her lip to stifle her moan, arching against the desk so her sensitive nipples brushed the wood below. “…You did.” She laughed quietly “though it wasn’t exactly what I imagined!”

“How about we work on stretching your muscles then?” he purred. She felt a second slick finger press against her hole.

She stifled a laugh, which only made her muscles contract against his finger as she squirmed against the table. “Y-yes Captain.” she said, looking over her shoulder again “it’s ah..It’s important to work on stretching..”

“Mm. No pain, no gain, Rebecca.” He pressed the second finger into her and stretched her asshole further.

Rebecca’s body shivered as the second finger stretched her wider “Do you think I could..ah..” she bit her lip “take you there? If I worked hard?”

“I believe in you, Rebecca,” he purred. He worked his fingers in and out of her for a moment, which sent that same strange, sexual sensation through her over sensitized body.

She gasped softly , her stiff nipples brushing the desk as she rocked gently with his fingers motion. “T-thank you, Captain.”

Her eyes shut tightly as she took small and steadying breaths. “those supplements…they make everything feel so much…more.”

“Heh. Those same supplements should already be making it easier for those muscles to stretch.” He worked his fingers in and out of her, the soft flesh of her ass cheeks still stinging pleasantly from her short spanking. She felt the head of his cock pressing on her thigh.

Her eyelashes fluttered , her body thrilling with desire from the mingling pleasure and pain. Once more, she wanted him more than anything in the moment. “They’re a-amazing.” She murmured softly

“Aren’t they?” he murmured. He pulled his fingers out of her ass, leaving an aching, empty sensation, and he pushed her on the desk, before moving aside to rifle through a drawer just out of view.

Rebecca mewled a bit in desire, halfway to a whimper as she squirmed on his desk “y-yes sir. I’ve never had anything like them.”

She glanced over her shoulder with a needy pout, shifting against the table. She hoped he’d put them back in.

She heard a squirting noise, and then the sound of something slick. A moment later, the captain returned to his position behind her, and squirted something cold onto the cleavage of her ass, covering her hole.

She blushed deeper, and buried her face in her handcuffed hands. She knew what that was, at least. And she knew what must be coming next. “ahh…hahh…C-Captain.” she murmured “I trust you.”

“Good girl,” he purred soothingly. He stroked the fingers of his still dry hand through her hair, and then pressed his palm to the small of her back, pushing her down again. She felt the thick head of his cock starting to position itself between her asscheeks.

There she lay, belly down, hands cuffed, legs spread, over her boss’s desk, and captain Wesker with his cock at the entrance of her asshole.

Rebecca’s cheek pressed hard to the wood, her body pressed between him and his desk, her breath hot and heavy as it played against her own face. She wondered if she’d stretched enough…if it’d hurt. Or if it’d feel that same intense, and overwhelmingly wonderful way that everything else had…

She closed her eyes, quivering in anticipation.

The thick head of his cock pressed against her slick hole the same way Wesker’s fingers had, and slowly pushed it open, wider and wider. The tight edge of her asshole stretched to accommodate him, and she felt the same intense shiver through her body.

She gasped, gripping the edge of the table in her cuffed hands, eyes tightly squeezed shut as his member slowly slid deeper inside the tight entrance. Her breath shuddered in a gentle sigh “oh…”

It felt much better than she’d expected. Even without being touched, it only made her sex wetter.

Wesker’s cock was thicker than both his fingers, but it still didn’t hurt. It just felt like tension and pressure, and a naughty thrill went through her. With another push, the head of his cock was past her opening, holding her wide, as he slowly pressed his length into her.

She gasped in relief, licking her lips as she arched her hips into him. The naughty, tension-filled thrill rolled through her body, giving her another shiver of delight, as she once more glanced over her shoulder at her Captain’s looming form.

He leaned over her, one hand on her back pinning her down, the other on her ass cheek, bracing himself as he slid inside of her. It went deeper and deeper into the softness of her ass. If she had thought he felt big inside her pussy, he felt enormous inside her asshole.

“Very good,” he assured her in a low tone.

She flushed, melting a little at the praise. “I’m glad..I was worried I c-couldn’t take it.” She bit her lip “but cl-clearly I was wrong.”

“You should trust me when I tell you what you can do, Rebecca,” he purred. He thrust his hips, until they were pushing up against the flesh of her asscheeks, and she could feel the entire length of his hard shaft buried deep inside her. His hand trailed up her back, and she found his fingers winding in the short locks of her hair.

Rebecca nodded slowly. After all, he’d been right every time before now. Every time she doubted herself, Captain Wesker had told her otherwise…and every time he was right.

Her head arched back, a soft moan escaping her lips as he grabbed her hair. “I promise, Captain.” She said eagerly “I’ll trust you from now on…I know you k-know what I’m capable of.”

“Good girl.” There were those words again that sent the thrill through her. He tugged at her hair, and started to pull back in her ass, before thrusting deep into her again, and forcing her body heavily against the desk.

It was very clear to her that all of this had awakened something inside her, a smile gracing her innocent face at the praise even as he yanked her hair and spread her open. Her breasts rubbed against the wood, adding to the cacophony of sensation.

Captain Wesker held her pinned tightly under her as he started to smoothly fuck her slick asshole, his big cock violating her over and over with every thrust sending powerful sensations through her. Each motion sent a powerful shiver of lust through her, and the tightness in her body grew, even without direct stimulation to her most sensitive parts.

Rebecca bit her lip, grinding against the desk with every thrust. She worked to feed that growing tightness in her body, desperate to come as Wesker’s cock filled her ass in a new and exciting way. Concerns of the team coming back and hearing her were long gone out of her mind, as it focused in entirely on the sensations overwhelming her right here.

Wesker tugged on her hair for a moment as he fucked her, and then shifted his hand down over the back of her throat, pinning her down by her neck as he rocked her against the table again and again. The sensation sent a dangerous thrill through her, the captain’s powerful hands on her breakable body. Still the sensation inside her only increased.

Her eyes squinted closed, her whole body rocking against his. He could hurt her at any moment. That spot of her neck, with more pressure…could utterly destroy her. But somehow that hint of danger made her even hotter.

She didn’t dwell on it…that was for tonight, in her room, to figure out. Instead, she just shifted her hips against him, her face and throat held tightly to the desk as he filled her again, and again.

“Very good, Rebecca,” he breathed, keeping her pinned down as he used her. She could feel the lube leaking down her ass, mixing with her already wet and throbbing pussy with each stroke of the captain’s cock.

She nodded in his grip, a slight and difficult motion with his grip on her neck. Her sex drooled on his desk , lube and her own fluids mingling as she tensed against him, breath puffing against un-filed reports. “T..thank you, sir.” she managed through the haze of pleasure.

His powerful thrusts rocked her against the desk, filling her body with more and more pleasure, each motion an electric thrill through her as the captain fucked her roughly. It was surprising to find that her body could take it. That it even wanted it, that she was on the edge of cumming, just from being fucked in the ass.

It was a dawning realization that she probably WOULD cum just from being fucked in the ass. Because with each thrust from her captain’s strong body, it came closer, and closer. She could feel the muscles in her body coiling, tensing as she approached release, her ass tightening around his member in response.

It was another thing to dwell on later, just how much she liked this.

It was the sensation of him cumming inside her that sent her over the edge, along with the sharp jolt of pleasure-pain as he hammered her up against the desk, surely bruising her hips from the contact.

“Get ready,” was all he muttered to her as he pinned her by the neck and bottomed his throbbing cock deep inside her. She could feel the heat of his seed in her ass blooming out. How much cum did the captain have? It sent her body into a sudden spasm.

And with that spasm, she came. Her whole body lit up with the warmth and blooming pleasure. It sent her shaking under him, her ass tight around his throbbing cock as he filled her with more and more of his cum. Every time she thought he was done…he seemed to have a little more.

She curled her toes, her fingers, and pressed her head back into his hand as she quivered under him, release and pleasure filling her in an intense afterglow as her fluids pooled on the desk below her.

The captain made a low, thick noise in the back of his throat, holding his cock deep inside her ass as they came together, his hand and body holding her down tightly.

“Quiet enough,” he breathed. “Very good.”

His hand stroked down from where it had been tightly gripping her ass, and stroked against the wet, quivering mess of her pussy.

She shivered, stifling the quiet moan that escaped her lips with her bound hands. Nodding shyly, she rubbed into his touch “t-thank you sir.” she whispered from between her arms.

He pulled slowly out of her, leaving her ass feeling empty, and aching. Her whole body was covered in goosebumps, and she could tell soon bruises too.

He brushed his fingers through her hair. “There are tissues in the drawer beside you. See if you can hand them to me.”

She could hear the smirk in his voice, knowing her hands were still bound.

Rebecca squirmed on the desk, eventually shifting around …though the motion as she turned on the desk only brushed her chest against the pool of lube and her own fluids. It brought hot flush to her face as she reached out with bound hands, desperately groping for the edge of the desk’s handle “y-yes sir. I’ll g-get them for you.”

She shivered at the feeling of slickness on her chest, feeling warm and embarrassed. She cautiously glanced up at Wesker with a shy smile “just ah, g-give me a second.”

He was definitely enjoying watching her try to do as he asked in this vulnerable state. “Consider me patient.”

She did manage to lever open the drawer and find the tissues.

Grabbing them in both bound hands, she lifted them like an offering to Wesker, looking up at him with a happy…almost proud…smile “Here you go, Captain!”

She shifted into a sitting position on his desk and held them out.

He was enjoying watching her compromised like this…why did it give her such a thrill too?

“Well done, Rebecca,” he told her, looking at her with that self-satisfied smirk. He wiped his dick off, and then tossed away the tissues in the nearby trash can. Rebecca couldn’t help but notice that he was still hard.

Her eyes trailed down to his member, biting her lip as she shifted against the wet spot on the desk. “I’m glad, Captain…” she leaned forward on her bound hands, and looked up at him “I did well?”

“You did very well, Rebecca, dear,” he purred. “But we aren’t done just yet.”

Dear. He called her dear…

He pressed his cock up against her sodden pussy.

Rebecca flushed brightly, her lips spreading in a wide smile as it still echoed in her head.

“I’m s-so glad…Albert..sir…” she swooned, falling back against the table and spreading her legs “Dear…” she murmured “I’m still horny…even after all that.”

“Poor thing,” he smirked, stroking her hair again, and down over her vulnerable neck. “We’ll take care of that right away. Remember to stay quiet.”

Without more warning than that he slid his cock right into her aching pussy in a single, smooth thrust, up to the hilt. Her body was clearly desperate for him to fill her, it was even easier to take his huge shaft than it had been the first time.

Rebecca pressed her chained hands to her mouth, stifling the pleasured moan before it could be audible…nodding to the captain her silent promise not to make a sound.

He slid into her slickened pussy, filling her with pleasure once more. She was surprised…even through the haze of lust. Her sex drive had never been so high before…usually one time was enough, but it was clear that wasn’t the case here and now…

A part of her worried, but that part of her was all but buried under the part of her that was all too happy to lay back on her Captain’s desk and let these wonderful feelings continue. And it was so, so easy to let that side win as Captain Wesker began to thrust.

It was clearly going to be a long, and enjoyable lunch break. And the captain didn’t seem mad any more either.

Chapter End Notes

I don’t recommend going straight from ass to vag without washing your dick first, but Rebecca will be fine because of the supplements, so don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

Chapter 11

Chapter Notes

no additional warnings this chapter.

The days passed by strangely by Rebecca. Each day she came into work– now picked up in the morning by Chris, or Jill, or Barry, or one of the members of Bravo team– and each day the captain found some time during the day to lure her away and fuck her.

He also, rather astoundingly, found time for her actual physical training as well.

It had turned into a strange new routine for her. With her sex drive hightened,(or was it simply the amount of sex she was having keeping it active?) She certainly appreciated the Captain’s daily attention.

Come in with one of the team members, building a rapport, work, sex with Captain Wesker, work, fitness routine…and home again to take care of the lingering sensations of desire and hunger the days left her struggling with.

As she adjusted her workout gloves in the RCPD fitness room, she reflected on it all with a bemused look on her face. After all…this wasn’t where she saw her life merely a few weeks ago.

Looking up into the fitness room mirror, there was a surprising amount of difference. Not just in her muscle tone, which was already obviously more prominent, but her skin was clearer, her hair seemed shinier. She almost wondered if there was something different about her eyes.

Just a few weeks of supplements and workouts and she was already looking stronger…and not just that, healthier in general. She walked up to the mirror, fussing with her silky hair for a moment as she leaned in, inspecting it and her eyes “…whatever the Captain’s got me on, it’s sure doing the trick.” She murmured. “I feel great.”

She still didn’t know exactly what it was, either. The bottle didn’t say. She hadn’t asked. She’d thought about doing some analysis herself, but nt only did she not have access to a decent lab right now, but she trusted the Captain…he told her it wasn’t harmful, and it was only doing it wasn’t pressingly urgent on her mind.

She smiled , leaned close to the mirror, before straightening up.

“Very nice,” a voice behind her purred. The captain, returning from the errand he’d vanished on, leaving her alone.

Rebecca yelped in surprise, jumping a little bit as she whirled around to face him. How hadn’t she heard him coming?

“H-hello Captain!” she saluted him with a smile “I was ah…just inspecting the results of our work together.”

“And what’s your assessment?”

“It’s doing wonders…” she felt her fingers over her arm “my muscle definition’s better than it’s ever been…and I think it’s even cleared up my skin and hair…”

She bit her lip “h-how’s it look on your end? What’s your assessment, sir?”

“I’m quite impressed with your improvement so far,” he said, striding up behind her, and snaking his arms over her shoulders, and around her body.

Rebecca flushed, squirming against him somewhat. It was such a public place, after all.

“Yes sir?” she asked in a quiet tone. “Do you think I’ll have caught up to the rest of STARS soon?”

“Soon,” he said, nuzzling the back of her neck with his face, his breath hot on her. She could feel him brush against the bruises she tried desperately to hide under her uniform. “I’d say we’re nearing the next stage of your training.”

It came with little stings of pain along the tender flesh as he brushed against them. It gave her a little shudder that she was sure he could feel. Her own breath was warm and heavy as she shifted in the mirror, looking into her own eyes with a bite to her lip.

“The next stage, Captain?”

He kissed the back of her neck, and her ear. “If you want to progress. Of course, if you’re satisfied…”

“N-no!” She shook her head, before leaning back, letting him kiss the lobe of her ear with a timid smile “I want to get better…”

“Only if you’re certain,” he purred, reaching up to stroke the other side of her jaw with his thumb. “But if you are, I’ll make the preparations.”

Rebecca shivered, sucking softly at her lip as she tilted her head into his touch. Her eyes fluttered closed. “I’m c-certain, Captain. I want to be able to protect you and the others if…if anything ever went wrong. I’m certain.”

He pet his finger over her jaw, and to her lips, petting them gently. “I believe in you, Rebecca. I know that you’ll be amazing.”

Her lips parted around his fingers, tongue briefly brushing them as they pet over the curve of her smile. “You…r-really think so?”

“Without a single doubt,” he purred, kissing the top of her head. “You show great promise, Rebecca.”

Rebecca glowed with the praise, her smile visible in the mirror as she shifted against him. “I want to live up to it, Captain. I don’t want to disappoint you..”

The captain started to respond, but then moved quickly to step away from her, leaving her warm body feeling an ache of chill at his parting.

A moment later, she heard familiar bootfalls coming toward the room.

“Hey, Becca, you ready for me to drive you home?” Chris asked as he leaned into the room. “Oh, Hey Captain.”


Rebecca bit her lip, looking over her shoulder at Chris with a warm smile. “Hey!! I was just finishing up…I lost t-track of time!”

She already missed the Captain’s touch, but the sight of her friend’s face was always nice.

“Easy to do when you’re working out,” Chris agreed, with a bright eyed smile. He gave the captain a lazy salute. “Permission to clock out, captain?”

“Granted. And Chris– make sure Ms. Chambers gets a decent meal, will you? Who knows what else she’s lost track of.”

The captain gave them a nod, and strode out of the room, leaving the two of them behind.

Rebecca watched him go, rubbing the back of her neck with her gloved hands. “Gosh.” She said. “He worries a lot about me, I guess.”

She chuckled softly “..we don’t have to do anything too crazy. Maybe just pass the drive through on the way home.”

Chris shook his head and punched her shoulder. “Guess he does. And fast food huh? You sure you’re getting enough veggies?” he asked in a teasing tone.

Rebecca stuck out her tongue. “geeze, Chris, not you too! Then take me to the diner and I’ll buy a salad!”

She punched him back…but the fist landed a bit harder than intended.

“Oof!” he grinned at her and rubbed his shoulder. “You got an arm, Chambers.”

Rebecca blinked , and looked down at her fist “I…I do? Really? Must be all the extra training…sorry Chris!”

He laughed,and waved a hand. “Hey, don’t apologize. I’m impressed. Steak and salad it is. To celebrate your training, huh? You need to get changed first or are you good?”

Rebecca looked down at her workout clothes, and shrugged “I’m good for now, actually.”

She smiled. “Let’s just grab my coat and bag and head out! Steak and Salad sounds great…it’s been a while since I had a decent steak, actually.”

“Sweet,” he grinned. “Let’s invite Jill– if she finds out we had steak without her, she’ll eat ME.”

“Well we wouldn’t want that! That’d be a waste of a perfectly good Alpha team member!” Rebecca giggled into her hand “I’ll grab my stuff and meet you by the lobby.”

“You got it, Beck. See ya in a minute.”

Alpha team’s boyscout hopped out of the room, and left her alone with her thoughts again for a moment.

She looked back at the mirror, flexing her fingers again.

She had proof that she was getting stronger, which was a good thing, wasn’t it? She gave herself a smile, still tingling with the aftermath of the Captain’s touch.

“And that’s what the captain needs me to be…so I AM ready..”

She turned, and hurried out the room, off to grab her things and wait. “I’m ready.” she reaffirmed, shoving any and all anxieties down with it.

“Man, Jill, you should get Rebecca to punch you some time soon,” Chris said, with his mouth half full of steak. “I think she left a bruise on me.”

JIll glanced over at Rebecca , pointing to her with her fork. “No way. Little Becca broke through that wall of steel you call your biceps?”

Rebecca nibbled shyly at her steak, glancing up at them with a sheepish shrug of her shoulders. “I’ve been working hard at getting stronger?” She offered with a soft laugh “I guess I’ve gotten tougher than I thought.”

Jill shifted and presented her arm “Come on, give it to me good, Becca. Right here right now. I gotta see this shit for myself.”

“Finish chewing, or you’ll choke on your tongue,” Chris snorted, watching the two of them. “I’m serious, Beck, I’m impressed.”

Jill swallowed and leaned forward with her arm out.

Rebecca glanced from side to side, bright red as she checked for anyone looking their way. When she was satisfied, she got up, and punched Jill in the meat of her arm.

Jill sucked in a sharp breath through her teeth “hot DAMN girl!” she said with a wide grin “you’ve been beefing up alright!”

She laughed pleasantly. “Color me impressed too, seriously. Way to go.”

Rebecca turned as pink as her steak, and nibbled at another bite “thank you guys…It’s my dream to be promoted to Alpha with you all, you know? And to be an asset to the squad.”

“Well it doesn’t seem like the dream’s far off,” Chis whistled. “Man I am thinking I need some of the captain’s special training at this point.”

“I can put in a good word for you!” Rebecca giggled.

“If you do, put some in for me too.” Jill sipped her drink. “the last thing I wanna do is be booted off the squad for being in last place.”

“Aw, c’mon, Jill, we all know you’re definitely ahead of Brad,” Chris laughed.

Rebecca laughed into her hand. “yeah, you’re one of the toughest ladies I know, Jill!”

“Brad’s our best pilot, even if he’s a wuss.” Jill said with a wink. “If I don’t bring something special to the table, the captain may decide a Valentine in the force is more trouble than they’re worth.”

“You’ll always be our master of unlocking, Jill,” he teased. “Seriously, who could even top you for B&E?”

“Blowjo—” Jill began

Rebecca squeaked , and covered her face “Jill!!”

“Breaking and Entering, yeah, yeah.” Jill changed directions with a grin. “you’re right about that. You guys couldn’t pick your way outta a wet paper bag without me.”

“Us squeaky clean boys? Not a chance. And I don’t think it’s in Becca’s wheelhouse either.”

“I’m better at stitching up wounds than breaking open locks.” Rebecca agreed. “I’m only training so much so if we ever…have to defend each other…I don’t fall behind and become a liability.”

Jill chuckled. “y’all are sweet.” She leaned on her hand with a nod “Admirable, kid. Plus, the stronger you get the better you can move. Upper arm strength comes in handy during a fall, for example.”

“Its true,” Chris said. “Only way you can pull yourself up from a fall is if you can lift your own body weight.”

“And if you can’t…well. I hope you like pancakes.” Jill smirked “or you got a good partner.”

Rebecca nodded emphatically. “exactly! But the Captain…he’s been really putting me through the paces. I…think I might be able to lift my own body weight by now, actually.”

“I’d be real surprised if you couldn’t, all those pullups he had you doing the other day.”

“Yeah…by the time I was done I was so sore I thought I’d collapse.” Rebecca bemoaned “And then he made me do laps around the gym.”

“That’s the Cap alright.” Jill laughed. “He may be going harder on you than he ever did me.”

“For sure,” Chris nodded. “I’m noy even sure I wanna know the full regime, but that punch.”

Rebecca flushed “wow, was it REALLY that hard? I guess I don’t know my own strength..”

Jill rubbed her own arm with a quiet hum. “man. I’d say. A tiny gal like you, I think that sucker WILL bruise.”

“Right? It’s not like you’ve bulked up much. Guess you just learned to use your strength better, huh?”

“I guess so!” Rebecca said, rubbing her own arm and feeling the toned muscle under her shirt. “I mean…I didn’t bulk up but I’ve gotten a lot more toned lately. Captain Wesker says I’m about ready for the next phase, too.”

“Man.” Jill popped a bite of steak in her mouth. “saying it like that makes it sound creepy.” She smirked, and wiggled her fingers, imitating the Captain’s voice “Time for the next Phase, Rebecca Chambers. Uah hah hah this all part of a grand experiment. Hah. Hah.”

She snickered “Sinister.”

Chris laughed too. “You make him sound like a Captain Planet villain, Jill.”

“Hey it’s not my fault he looks the part.” Jill grinned. “handsome as he is, with those shades he looks like he’s about 30 seconds from a full ass monologue.”

Rebecca flushed, tapping her fork on her salad with a shake of her head and a little giggle. “no way, he’d never,ever. He’s just serious. But I’ve seen him open up a bit while we trained…he’s just a nice guy doing his best to help.”

Chris leaned on his hands, and looked at Rebecca with a little grin. “Oh yeah? Opened up to you huh? Is he getting all fatherly?”

Rebecca turned a bright pink as she stared at Chris with wide eyes “! I mean, not really! He just…he told me I was doing well. He opened up and seemed kinda proud of me is all.”

“Usually Barry’s the one around the office I’d say was a Daddy type.” Jill said dryly “not Captain Wesker.”

Chris coughed. “Come on, Jill, you can’t just say things like that– you’re not wrong though.” He glanced back at Rebecca thoughtfully.

“I’m not! You’ve seen him at the barbeques!” Jill protested. “I only speak the truth!”

Rebecca smiled timidly at Chris setting her fork down “He just opened up, that’s all.” She said with a shake of her head.

“Just sounds like a small miracle to me,” Chris said with a little smile. “Getting a compliment out of the captain.”

“You sure you didn’t mishear him? Maybe he was saying something like ‘Rebecca, your performance leaves much to be desired’ or some dramatic shit?” Jill joked.

“Maybe I’m just doing that good?” Rebecca grinned with a small amount of pride.

Chis punched her lightly on the shoulder. “Well, you are pretty great, so who knows? Guess its making a difference even if you did ‘mishear’.”

“It really is! Like…I know you can improve rapidly when you apply yourself…” Rebecca said “but…I’ll admit I’m a little surprised by how far I’ve come so fast…”

“You’re not popping steroids, are ya?” Jill joked.

Chris scoffed. “Jill, come on.”

Rebecca waved her hands “I would never!”she laughed gently. “I’m just on some vitamin supplements and a really hard workout regime, that’s all!”

Jill stuck her tongue out at Chris “Becca knows I’m just busting her balls, Redfield, come on.”

“Sure, Jill,” he said, rolling his eyes. He smiled. “Just as long as you don’t bust too far.”

“Don’t worry, Chris.” Rebecca made a muscle with a grin “I can take it!” She stuck out her tongue playfully at Jill “I know I won’t go far in STARS if I can’t take a few jokes.”

“She gets it.” Jill snickered “point 1, Valentine, 0 Redfield.”

Still, she nodded subtly to him, as if in acknowledgement of his warning.

Chirs shook his head. “Damn, the ladies are really winning tonight.”

“Don’t worry, Chris.” Rebecca grinned “I bet you can get Jill back!”

“Try me, Redfield.” Jill purred.

He shook his head, grinning. “Right now you’ve got the upper hand. I’ll wait until I can find a better footing. But don’t forget me.”

“Never can, partner.” Jill flicked the wrapper from her straw at him with a wink “You show me your dorky mug every day in the bullpen.”

Rebecca giggled softly, leaning on her hand “I really hope that when I make it to Alpha I can be as good friends as you guys..”

“Hey, I’d say you’re well on your way, Beck. Right, Jill?” He threw an arm over each of them.

“Hey , Bravo or no, I always liked you , rookie.” Jill grinned over at her “you’re well on your way to our horrible little inner circle.”

Rebecca flushed, her lips parted in a wide smile…she was sure Chris could feel the unusual warmth of her body through her jacket, but in the moment she didn’t care.

“Thank you guys…” she said with a little sniff, “that means a LOT to me.”

If Chris had noticed the warmth of her body, he hadn’t commented, and the rest of the night had been spent in pleasant camaraderie, until late, Rebecca was back at the quiet solitude of her apartment.

Rebecca stripped until her bare flesh was exposed to the cool air of her apartment. Ever since her body started feeling hot and sensitive, she’d begun wearing less and less around the house when she was alone…opting to simply close her gauzy window curtains instead.

It’d been fun, out with Chris and Jill…she had started feeling like one of the group…like she belonged. It was a feeling that lifted her heart, and brought a smile to her face as she got herself a glass of water to take her supplements with.

As she swallowed the pills, she looked off to the side, at the smeared light coming through her curtains as she let herself think.

Just what was in those supplements? All the joking around was one thing…but she couldn’t help but think back to all the changes in her body. The muscle…the strength, the stamina…the clear skin and hair…

She wondered about her eyes again, before shaking her head. “it couldn’t possibly change my eyes.” She murmured to herself.

Maybe she was wrong about the eyes… Maybe she was just overthinking the whole thing. It made her want to look in the mirror again.

She made her way to the bathroom, not a very long walk given the small, cheap apartment…and after flicking on the light, she leaned in close to stare her reflection in the eyes with a quiet ‘hm…’

The first thing she noticed of course, before being able to concentrate on her eyes, was the bruises that were all over her neck and shoulders, and chest. Practically everywhere that was covered by her clothes at work…

Rebecca’s delicate fingers traced over the bruises along her collarbone, down below the line of where her uniform and workout clothes would end. They stung when touched with an echo of the pain and pleasure from the moment of their creation, when Wesker’s lips and teeth latched onto her tender skin.

There were so many lately, more and more with every visit to his desk…the records room, any quiet place he decided on and could secure. It made her flush, biting her lip gently , her doppelganger in the mirror doing the same.

He was the roughest lover she’d ever had, more than any of her college boyfriends had ever been. Was it normal? The sharp marks from kisses and bites and firm holds on her skin were striking…and in her inexperience she wasn’t sure if this was the norm.

Not that it bothered her…no. His touch, the feelings of his fingers and teeth on her had awakened a streak of masochism she didn’t know she had in her. And now she didn’t know if she could deny it even if she wanted to.

As she finally pulled her fingers from the bruises, she leaned in again to stare into her own eyes.

Maybe she was overthinking it, but her eyes just seemed… more intense. The whites whiter, the brown irises somehow more saturated…

She frowned slightly, pulling her eyelids back with her fingers as she kept her eyes focused in. “…..that’s…unusual.” She whispered to herself. “I’m not imagining it , am I?”

She was absolutely imagining it– wasn’t she?

Maybe it was just that she was getting healthier? Bright eyes were a symptom of being healthy, weren’t they?

She closed her eyes for a moment, opening them again with a weak smile. “yeah…bright eyes are just a symptom of being healthy.” she assured herself “Just another sign that they’re doing me good.”

After all, what was the alternative?

Chapter End Notes

Its absolutely just a symptom of health. Absolutely :3c Trust me, I’m the narrator. I’m reliable.

Chapter 12

Chapter Summary

extra chapter warnings: injections

Chapter Notes

Rebecca was getting used to the various STARS members showing up at her door in the morning to pick her up, but it was very much a surprise when the man at the door the next morning was Captain Wesker himself.

Unlike previous days, today she was ready and waiting. When the knock came, she’d already had her bag over her shoulder and a smile on her face.

A smile that faltered into a look of surprise when she saw Wesker’s sunglasses staring back at her. “Oh!”

It returned a moment later, a wide and happy grin “Captain Wesker! I didn’t expect to see you here!”

He stepped into her apartment, and looked around behind his shades. “I hope you’re not unhappy to see me.”

She glanced over her shoulder, suddenly feeling a little nervous about the state of her apartment. Not because it was messy…no, it was pin-neat as usual, but because it really wasn’t …much.

From the doorway she knew he could see her attached kitchen, with its hanging pots and pans, and a poster of the Arklay region’s famous treeline. A couple hanging pots of local herbs and plants, well cared for…

And her living room, with some of her clothes from yesterday folded on the chair, a small television set, and the wide window outside overlooking the street. It wasn’t the most decorated, save for with paintings of the region she’d picked up here and there…

She shook her head, “n-no, I’m always happy to see you, Captain!”

“I’m glad to hear it,” he leaned against the wall by the door, his expression unreadable.

Rebecca cocked her head to the side with a smile. “Are you ready to go, sir?”

She gestured to her bag “I’m all set, myself.”

He held up a hand. “I was thinking we could use this opportunity– if you are still interested in taking your progress to the next level.”

Rebecca slowly lowered her bag to the table nearby “o-oh??” She nodded her head “Of course I’m still interested, sir…I told you, I’m willing to do anything to improve…”

“You’re so determined, Rebecca. It’s one of your best traits. Sit there, then.” He stepped over toward the chair and she noticed he had a satchel of some kind over his arm.

Rebecca sat in the chair with a wide smile “You really think so, Captain?” Her eyes traveled to the satchel, a brief look of confusion passing over her expression.

“I hope you wouldn’t think that I’d lie to you, Rebecca.” He stood at her side, and petted two fingers over her neck.

She shivered, arching her neck for him with a soft sigh “Never, Captain Wesker…I know you wouldn’t lie to me.”

She bit her lip as her heart thundered in her chest. She wasn’t sure what the next step was…but she was ready, right? She hoped she was.

“Good girl,” he leaned in, and kissed her neck, and then fished something out of his sachel with a practiced hand. It was some kind of fancy looking syringe.

She was ready. He believed in her… her face was flushed when she turned and looked at the syringe with a cock of her head. “Oh…is that…the next step? Shots?”

“That’s right,” he nodded. “And you are alright with that, Rebecca?”

“Yes! Of course.” Rebecca nodded. “I’ve had shots before..” She bit her lip. “Is it the same as the pills? Or something new? Should I expect side effects?”

“It will interact with and enhance the effects of the pills. Possibly including the side effects. You may experience some dizziness or disorientation in the first few minutes after each dose,” he explained. He tapped the needle, getting it ready for her.

“Then I’ll stay away from heavy machinery.” She joked to take the edge off her nerves. So the side effects could get worse…which meant a little more sensitivity, she imagined.

She bit her lip, nodding once. “Alright. I’m ready.” she glanced sidelong at him, considering asking where he was getting all this from.

“Good girl,” he repeated. He cupped her chin with one hand. “It will only be a pinch.”

He pressed the needle to her throat.

She stiffened in his touch, stilling her breath as the cold applicator pressed to tender skin. “I’m r-ready for it, sir.”

There was the sensation of a tight pinch, familiar from vaccinations and the like. Surprisingly, there was a little more sensation than that. A sense of warmth that started at the injection site and then bloomed through her body down to her toes, carried with the beat of her heart.


“A..ahhh…” Rebecca’s breath shuddered in her throat , her fingers resting above her beating heart as her brow knit in surprise “…o..oh..I feel..warm.” she managed to murmur, staying seated in case of disorientation.

He snaked his arm around her shoulders just in time, as the wave of dizziness hit her a moment after the heat. Where was she again?

She fell against his welcome presence. Her head was swimming, and her vision seemed to pulse as her fingers sought out his presence. “Where…” she whispered, trying to focus through the dizziness. “where am..where am I?”

He stroked her hair as he held her. “With me, in your apartment. I have you, Rebecca.”

It was Captain Wesker. His voice was very reassuring, even in her disoriented state.

“Oh…” She said, distantly. Nuzzling against his hand, she latched onto his presence and the sound of his voice like a rock in a windstorm. It was the most solid thing around…it was grounding. “Am I ok?”

She asked it with a feeble shake of her voice, the concern audible.

He kissed her temple. “You are fine. I have you. Just give it a moment.”

The breathless heat moved through her body like smoke, fogging her mind, and making her shiver and squirm. But the captain was right. After a moment, the world started to reassert itself.

And Rebecca realized that she felt really good.

Her hand rose to brush her cheek, her breath heavy and warm as the world swam back into focus. She took a quick stock of herself…her medical mind running over every little feeling and sensation.


“All there, Ms. Chambers?” Wesker asked. She could see the hint of a smirk at the edges of his mouth.

She smiled a bit, nodding once as she stuck out her tongue “I’m all here, Captain Wesker…actually…I feel better than before…it must act fast.”

“The supplements have made certain that your body’s primed to accept it,” he nodded back. He trailed his fingers over her cheek, and it sent a shiver through her.

Rebecca gasped, her skin prickling at just his touch. “Ah..”

Despite herself, she leaned into his fingers, nodding slowly so they brushed her cheek. “That makes sense. They’re strong, but they’d need that catalyst…” She said softly , though her voice carried a gentle distraction to it. “…they can’t be over the counter…right?”

He kissed her cheek gently. “You have known that since the beginning, Rebecca.”

A small laugh escaped her lips as she nodded once and leaned her shoulder against his. “You’re right, of course. I ah. I trust you, completely. As a chemist, I’m just curious, I guess.”

She tapped her finger on her temple, marveling silently by just how much sensation the latest shot left her with. “It’s what got me through college so fast.”

“Your brilliance is outstanding, Rebecca,” he purred to her, snaking his arm around her shoulders. “It’s a treatment that’s being pioneered outside the country, but doesn’t have full approval in the US yet. I assure you it’s perfectly safe.”

Rebecca shivered as his arm snaked around her. The feeling of his body shadowing hers, of his arms surrounding her…it was comforting, and made her feel protected. It was times like that she was sure she could trust Albert Wesker.

“I believe you, Captain!” she said brightly. “I hope it gets approval soon, it’s really impressive stuff.”
She bit her lip. “You were right about the side effects, though.”

“Feeling particularly affected?” he nodded.”Let us get you moving then. It will settle in your system better if you’re active.”

“A bit,” she admitted, stretching against him before she moved into a little hop that brought her to her feet. “If activity helps settle it, I’m more than happy to get moving, Captain Wesker!”

“A pity we have to be to work so soon,” he said. He leaned in to purr the rest into her ear as she hopped up. “I would love to take you in your apartment sometime soon.”

Rebecca’s face turned scarlet, her lips parted as she stammered out her words “M-maybe ah..”

She shifted from foot to foot. “after work today, if…if you’re not busy…”

He kissed the side of her neck. “I will clear my schedule. I’ll drive you home, then, as well.”

Rebecca bit her lip, the corners of her mouth turned up in a half smile “I can’t w-wait , Captain. I promise I won’t be TOO distracted today. Or I’ll try not to be.”

Her fingers rested against his side. “Thank you…for the treatments, and everything else.”

“It is my pleasure, Rebecca.”

The captain had been right. Getting moving, and getting something to eat had fully cleared her head. In fact, she kept noticing how good she felt. At her desk, Rebecca felt alert, awake and vibrant all through the morning and into the afternoon.

Her whole body buzzed with energy, her smile bright and warm as she puttered around the office. Filing reports on her desk, cleaning her firearm, bustling about to check equipment…no matter what she was doing, she just felt…


Normally it took her a bit to get into a groove, but today…today she was in the zone, and as afternoon rolled around she’d completed the stack of paperwork on her desk, leaving her to contemplate giving some firearm training a go to practice her aim.

Chris rolled into the office about that time for his shift, with a white box in his arms. “Hey, Becca, you look…. Bored.” He chuckled.

Rebecca waved to him with a bright smile. “Kinda!” she admitted. “I’ve been in a great mood today so I wound up ah…accidentally finishing all my work with a few hours still to go…”

He whistled. “Damn, well. I was going to offer you a donut anyway, but now it’s a congrats donut.”

Chris opened the box, and sure enough, it was full of a dozen assorted donuts and pastries.

“Oh great!” Rebecca pumped her fist with a bright smile “Then I’m gonna choose my favorite, if that’s okay!”

He grinned at her. “Well yeah, you get first pick.”

Rebecca, the jr. member of Bravo team…stole the custard donut from the middle of the box with a happy hum. “Thanks Chris, you’re the best!”

He gave her a salute, carefully balancing the box with one arm. “Me, nah. So, what’s next for the bored star of Bravo team?”

“I wouldn’t call myself the star of Bravo team!” she laughed. “Mr. Enrico’s more the star than me! but I was thinking of doing some training down at the shooting range…”

“Yeah? I think I can put off my reports for another hour if you want some company.”

“Oh! If you don’t think you’ll get too behind, the company would be great.” Rebecca bumped his shoulder with her own, “do you think I can outshoot you? Probably not. I’m not very good.”

“I can give you a few pointers– maybe you can take the trophy from me next time there’s a competition.” He winked at her. “I’m gonna bring one of these to Captain Wesker. Meet you at the range?”

Rebecca nodded eagerly, “I’ll meet you at the range, Chris!”

With a little salute to her friend, she grabbed her holster from its hanging place by her medical bag and practically jogged out the door. It was a part of her training she’d wanted to improve, after all. She had a good feeling about it, today.

There was already someone at the range when she got there. Easy to recognize by silhouette alone, Chief Irons stood with his back to her, a pair of large, protective earmuffs on his head while he fired off magnum rounds.

Rebecca had to hide the grimace as the door shut behind her, ears already ringing from the shots as she put her own protective earmuffs on and tried to find a slot in the shooting range a bit away from the Chief.

She was sure he was…fine…as a person, but every time she ran into him she got a nasty feeling. Something about the way he looked at her…

She checked the bullets in her magazine, placing her spares on the counter before her for easy reload. If he didn’t bother her, though, she wouldn’t bother him.

As she got into position, the chief lowered his gun, and took down his earmuffs. “Ah, the STARS rookie. What a miracle to see you out of the office.”

She fought the expression of annoyance from her face as she lowered her own earmuffs and forced a smile at the Chief of Police. “Hello Chief Irons.” she said politely with a nod of her head.

“I finished my paperwork early today so I thought I’d get in a little extra training.”

“The wunderkind strikes again,” he drawled. He held his gun loosely as he leaned on the range’s blockade. “Good on you to get in range time. Gotta say, I wouldn’t have hired you with your marksmanship record. But we all know that’s not what Wesker scooped you up for.”

Rebecca’s lips twitched slightly as she slid her clip into her pistol. “It’s true, I didn’t have any experience with firearms before I joined up,” she said slowly. “but I’m a quick learner.”

She flicked the safety on and checked her sights. “It was for my medical and chemical knowledge, of course.”

It didn’t matter if Irons would have hired her or not…the Captain knew her strengths, and knew she could improve…and his opinion mattered more than the RCPD’s Chief’s did.

“Uhuh,” the chief smiled at her, and it was a nasty smile on his squashy face. She could feel his eyes on her, looking her up and down. It didn’t give her the same thrill she got when the captain did. In fact, it filled her with a creeping dread.

Rebecca felt her face burning with embarrassment. It wasn’t the same as with the captain. It wasn’t the warm, pleasant flush, or the thrill. Instead, it simply felt…humiliating…scary. Her skin prickled under her shirt as she grit her teeth in a tense smile.

“Not many elite special tactics teams have a genius scientist on staff.” She said, trying not to sink into herself. “that’s…I mean…”

Her fingers tightened on her gun’s handle. “That’s why the Captain hired me. And I respect his opinion.”

“Respect for authority is definitely a selling point of yours–”

Whatever the rest of what Iron’s might have said was, Rebecca never heard. His mouth snapped shut as the range’s door opened again, and Chris walked in.

Rebecca flashed Chris a thankful smile, and waved, speaking up to further rub it in that Chief Irons couldn’t run his mouth when decent people were in the room. “Hey! Chris! It’s about time you showed up!”

She pat the stall next to hers. “Let’s get things set up, huh? I don’t wanna keep you TOO late, you know?”

Chris grinned and sidled up to her and started to check over his gun. “When you’re right, you’re right.”

The chief finally holstered his magnum, and slumped out of the range, looking the whole time like he’d sucked on a lemon.

Once he was gone, Chris looked up from his weapon, over at Rebecca. “Man who pissed in his cheerios?”

Rebecca’s smile had been wavering. Her lips tense as she checked her clip for the third time “I don’t know. I’m just…glad.” She whispered. “that you came in when you did.”

Chris’ brow furrowed, and he frowned, leaning in toward her when she whispered. “Yeah? You okay, Beck? He say something to you?”

“I don’t think he likes me very much.” Rebecca said with a thin smile “…I get a bad feeling off of him, you k-know?”

She bit her lip, glancing to the side towards where Irons had been. “…he was…implying some rude things to me, and…d-didn’t seem to respect my place on the team”

Chris scowled, the unpleasant expression briefly marring his handsome, boyish features. “Yeah, that’s Irons for you. He’s never been a hit at parties.”

It looked like he wanted to say more, but he held his tongue.

She nodded slowly “yeah…I can see why.” shaking her head, she looked down at the pistol in her hand. “I might talk to the Captain about it…”

“Can’t hurt. But I’m pretty sure Wesker already hates the guy,” Chris huffed. “I’m not gonna lie, there have been some… rumors, about Irons..”

Rebecca looked at him with wide eyes, biting at her lip “Rumors?” she asked tensely.

“Some political stuff,” he said, shaking his head. “But there was a receptionist who left a while back and– well. She never made any accusations, but….”

Rebecca’s face went pale “oh.” her voice went soft, and a little bit shaky “…I think I see what you m-mean.”

She bit her lip , her mind flashing back to Iron’s eyes on her body…that leer as he scoped her out. She shuddered again “…the Captain should know , then.”

Chris nodded slowly. “Yeah… you’re probably right. And hey, you know I’m always here for you, right?”

Rebecca flashed him a genuine smile, reaching over to pat his arm. “Thanks Chris. I know I can count on you…if…if anything happens, I promise, I’ll go to you for help, alright?”

“Good. And in the meantime– no harm in working on your aim, huh?” He picked up his gun, and flashed her a smile.

Rebecca finally nodded, holding her own up in agreement. “I’ll never steal that medal from you if I don’t practice, right?” she said playfully. “I hope you’re ready, Chris!”

Chapter End Notes

That Irons guy sure is a creepy! Not like upstanding Captain Wesker!

Chapter 13

Chapter Notes

no new chapter warnings.

It had become a habit, already. An hour of training in the gym with captain Wesker after her shift, then a shower, then someone drove her home.

Rebecca was on the shower slice of her day, now, washing the sweat of a vigorous workout off her increasingly toned body.

She ran her fingers down her chest, over her midsection as she let the water pour over her, and down her short hair. A slim, gentle smile came to her lips as she stretched under the stream “it really is working…”

The routine of it all had become pleasant. That hour in the gym with the Captain, improving her body steadily and noticeably, the comforting release of a lonely shower, and the camaraderie of one of the Alpha team on the way home.

Despite her position in Bravo…it made her feel like a part of the team. One of them.

There was a lot to reinforce it too, Chris and Jill in particular seemed to be pulling her closer into their circle. Maybe it was just that they were the ones with the most time to pick her up or drive her home, but it didn’t feel like that.

Then of course, there was Captain Wesker… who had promised to drive her home today.

It felt like she was one of them already. It brought a smile to her face to just think about it. Maybe Barry would even start treating her as a member of their squad, too…

And of course…her mind wandered back to the Captain. He had a lot of interest in her, that much was obvious. She hummed happily as she soaped up her arms, and then her legs. The interest was far from one sided, too…she smiled widely, all too excited for the Captain to take her home….

To fulfill that little promise from this morning.

As she was daydreaming about it, she heard a slight noise that might have been the creak of the shower room’s heavy wooden door.


Her head whipped around this time, flicking little specks of water against the floor as her eyes narrowed towards the door itself. Was it Jill? Or maybe one of the RCPD women? Either way…last time it’d been nothing, but it didn’t stop the skin from prickling up her back.

This time she saw that the door was pushed slightly open, and someone was watching her.

Rebecca tensed, her fingers reaching slowly for the bar of soap on a little dish in front of her.

If someone was going to peep on her…well she wasn’t going to let that stand!!

Her face flushed red, and hoping for all the world that her aim with soap was better than her aim with a pistol, she hurled the soap towards the figure in the door’s crack with a squeaked “No peeping!!”

Albert Wesker opened the door up wider, and the soap hit him squarely in the chest. He stared at Rebecca through his sunglasses.

“Good reflexes.”

Rebecca turned brick red, her eyes wide as she stammered out a string of panicked nonsense sounds.

She’d just thrown soap at the captain.

Who’d been peeping on her.

She could see the suds dripping down his chest as the bar of soap fell to the ground with a thud.

“T-t-t-t…thank you, s-sir.” She squeaked softly, finally managing to get it out. “Wh…what were you doing there?”

“Chris told me that you had a run in with Chief Irons earlier,” he drawled. “I came to make certain that there were no…. Problems.”

Rebecca covered herself up, looking downright humiliated. “Ah y-yeah? I was going to tell you too, on the way home. T-thank you, sir.”

That didn’t exactly explain why he was peeking through the door…

“I’m…sorry about the soap?”

“I’m pleased by your fervor to protect yourself, Ms. Chambers. I won’t write you up for assaulting a superior officer.” There was a teasing quirk to the edges of his mouth. He made no move to leave, instead stepping inside, and letting the door fall shut behind him.

Rebecca laughed shyly. “I thought it might be one of the Bravo guys or an RPD officer getting a l-laugh in. Or…” her voice trailed off “thank you for being lenient on me, sir.” she smiled timidly, but with an edge of humor as she shifted from foot to foot, covering herself with her arms…completely naked in the room with him now.

He looked her over, and smirked. “Shy, Miss Chambers? We’re alone now, aren;t we?”

“M-maybe a little, Captain Wesker.” She said timidly, though she lowered her arms with a shy little smile. “W-we are, as far as I know.. Yes.”

“I can leave you to finish if you want,” he offered. “But I didn’t think that you’d mind seeing me. You still want a ride home, yes?”

“I…I’m happy to see you, sir!” Rebecca said suddenly, worried he might leave…or even rescind his offer of a ride home and the promise of what came after.. “Please…stay.”

“If you’re sure,” he purred. Wesker leaned against the wall, beside the door, and gave her a smile. “I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

Rebecca stepped back under the water, rinsing soap from her small breasts and allowing the suds to roll off her body as she kept one eye on the Captain. “Y…you’ve seen me naked before, sir.”

“Admittedly not yet as often as I’d like.” He leaned there nonchalantly, his arms crossed.

She flushed, and leaned back in the water…giving him a bit of a show as she finally rinsed the shampoo out of it. When she tossed her head back out of the water, she cocked her head. “How o-often would you like it, sir?”

“Perhaps if I had my way, nigh constantly.” His gaze remained firmly and appreciatively sweeping over her body. It was a vastly different experience than when Irons had been looking at her, but she couldn’t deny there was still a trace of menace…

Despite the cold water, there was a prickle up her spine. She felt her breath grow a little sharper as she smiled timidly over her shoulder at him. Her hips shifted as she rinsed down below, her fingers on the skin of her inner thighs.

“That doesn’t sound practical for the office, sir!” She giggled nervously before teasing him “I mean, the rest of the team would notice.”

“Hmm. Unfortunate.” Wesker’s low chuckle echoed through the shower room.

“B-but maybe there’ll be more opportunities in the future.” She said, turning to face him as she turned off the water “…like tonight.”

Wesker smiled, and offered her a towel. “And that, I am very much looking forward to.”

Rebecca took the towel, and wrapped it around herself “M-me too.” She smiled, trying to shake off the prickle of nerves. “So ah, Chris told you about Irons for me..”

“Indeed. He said you were going to tell me about it, but that he thought I should know as soon as possible. I don’t disagree.” He put a hand on her back.

She shivered at his touch, but leaned into it with a smile. “It’s true…I was a little worried he’d try to corner me, you know? He…he said some things that implied …w-well. It implied that you didn’t respect me and he didn’t either.”

“Tch. The cretin,” Wesker sneered. “Rebecca– I don’t want to alarm you but a little more than a week ago I did find him peeking in on you in this very shower room. Which is why I’m here.”

“I k-KNEW i heard something,” she said, going pale. “oh…oh my god.”

She looked sick…hell, she FELT sick as the image of the Chief’s beady little eyes leering at her from the shadows locked itself in her mind. She gripped the Captain’s arm a little harder with a grit of her teeth. “That…that… pervert. And he had the gall to say you only hired me for my body!”

“A clear case of projection, I’d say,” he drawled. “Irons has never hired a woman on staff that wasn’t for her body.” Wesker pulled her close protectively.

Rebecca nuzzled close to him, looking green as she swallowed her bile. “I bet.” she whispered “Chris says he has a reputation and frankly…I’d believe it. ugh…I .. I can’t believe he was peeping on me..”

“I believe it, but I don’t like it,” he said, setting his jaw. “Please let me know if you have any other encounters with him.”

Rebecca nodded her head “Y-yes sir. Do you think he’d…aggress on me?” She bit her lip, glancing at Albert with wide eyes.

“I think that the chief is an opportunistic man. Do not give him an opportunity.”

She nodded slowly. “…I’ll probably be sticking closer to the STARS at work from now on, sir. I will NOT give him any kind of opportunity.”

“Good girl,” he nodded. “And if he puts a hand on you, Rebecca— I expect you to use the full extent of your training.”

She smiled widely, and nodded her head. “I will sir, promise!” she leaned her head until it touched his shoulder “…I know you’d defend me if he tried to slander me after, so…I’ll defend myself if need be.”

“Good. Please understand that while Irons may be the Chief, I have my own… sway. Don’t capitulate to him for fear of your job.” The way the captain’s voice tightened; Rebecca got the impression that Irons touched her, there might not be enough left of him to slander her at all.

There was that sense of danger again…but this time it made her feel warm, and even safe within it. A danger directed at someone who could mean her harm. She smiled at him, nodding firmly. “I won’t let him scare me, Captain. I promise.”

“Good, now. Shall we get you dressed, and home?” He leaned in to her neck and whispered into her ear. “And then undressed again?”

Rebecca turned scarlet, and she nodded enthusiastically. “Yes sir! A-and then we don’t have to worry about prying eyes at all, do we?”

“The only eyes on you will be mine, Rebecca.”

The drive back to Rebecca’s apartment was quiet; the captain’s car radio tuned to the local classical music station. Rebecca sat in the passenger’s seat, thinking about how aside from this morning, this would be the first time the captain was in her apartment.

They’d been having sex for more than a week, but all of it had been at work.

Now he was finally going to see her apartment beyond the underfurnished living room, and they were going to make love in her familiar bed instead of against old work tables, or against tile walls…

She squirmed, rubbing her legs together as she bit her lip. She hoped he’d like her apartment…that he’d feel comfortable. A part of her wondered too…does this mean the Captain wants to take us to the next level?

Wesker’s car pulled into the unused parking space that was reserved for Rebecca. “And here we are,” he purred. “Let me get your door.”

The captain slid elegantly out of the car, and came around to let her out.

Rebecca stepped out of his car, stretching in the cool night air. It was calm…quiet. Quiet enough it was easy to forget the fact that bodies had turned up only a few miles to the north. She glanced over at Captain Wesker and smiled. “S-so, ah, I hadn’t expected company so please don’t mind the state of my house.”

“Of course. I’m rude for calling on you unannounced,” he said, putting his arm around her as they headed toward her apartment.

“Oh, but I really don’t mind.” Rebecca leaned into him, fishing out her keys from her purse. “You can stop by any time, Captain…really.”

“Any time?” he asked. He pushed the door to the lobby open for them as they entered.

Rebecca nodded, passing her mailbox…she’d check it later…and heading up the stairs with him around her shoulders. “y-yessir. Any time.” she smiled at him “…I love seeing you. Y-you know?”

“I shall take you at your word, Rebecca,” he said, stroking his hand down her back.

Rebecca shivered, gasping softly as she crested the stairs towards her apartment , fiddling with the key in her hands. “I just…I mean.” she stammered. “I really like you, Captain.”

“I’m pleased to hear it,” he said, standing behind her as she unlocked the door. “I really like you too, Ms. Chambers.”

She pushed the door open, and gestured, welcoming him inside her apartment with a flush. “I can tell…it really makes me happy, Albert…”

“I’m glad that it shows through, Rebecca,” he said, stepping into the apartment behind her. “Some people tell me that I’m hard to read– but I feel like you and I have an understanding.”

Rebecca flushed deeper, and hung her purse on a hook by the door, before turning to face him, backing up to lean on the counter between her living room and her kitchen. “You were pretty hard to read at first,..but I think w-we do. The more time we spend together, the more I feel like…like I can understand you.”

She glanced over her shoulder, at the small and unassuming kitchenette (there was an empty box that once held some pastries from that morning near the trash, a well stocked pantry and fridge…and a number of hanging plants between the kitchen and living room, most of which were medicinal or spices.).

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“If you’re having something,” he said. He strode over toward her and leaned on the counter beside her.

“N-no. just trying to be polite.” She laughed, and waved her hand. She hopped up and walked into her living room, and towards the hall towards the bathroom and bedroom. The living room was furnished mostly with a chair, a television set, and a bookcase of novels near a lamp, along with paintings of the Arklay region’s forests and hills. As she passed one of the end tables, Albert saw her glance at a photograph there, before patting the frame.

“M-my bedroom’s right over here, if you want the grand tour…”

She watched him glance around the room, his shielded gaze taking it all in carefully, and he nodded. “I’d be pleased.” He offered her his hand again.

Rebecca took his hand with a warm smile, and tugged him towards the hallway. “I found those paintings on the wall at local flea markets and stuff.” she offered by way of conversation “and the arklay herbs in the planters I picked myself on hikes..”

“Very nice,” he nodded approvingly. “Your work with herbs is quite amazing. I’m not surprised to see you cultivate it in your off hours as well.”

“Practice makes perfect.” Rebecca said warmly, “and these herbs have some wonderful healing properties…if you mix them into a spray or a powder, the combinations can speed up the healing of wounds and cut pain down to manageable levels …some can even heal a lot of local toxins!”

She babbled away about plants, waving her hand towards them with a broad smile. “If I get good at growing them…I can keep Alpha and Bravo stocked up !”

She realized though that she’d been gushing, and shut it down, flushing deeper red. “A..anyway..”

She tugged him towards a pair of doors, one at the right of the hall, the other at the left. “L-left is the bathroom when you need it, and the right door’s my bedroom.”

Wesker didn’t seem to mind her babbling, or didn’t give any indication if he did. “I’d be delighted to see your bedroom.”

Rebecca pushed the door open, and waved for him to come inside, fumbling for the light switch on the wall as she entered it. “Alright! It’s right through here…mind the mess.”

Captain Wesker loomed in her doorway, the light from the hall casting his long shadow over the floor as he examined her room.

It wasn’t actually that messy. There was a glass of water and a few scattered bottles of water on a bedside table along with a half empty blister pack of migraine relief pills catching the light under an old , classic style lamp.

The hardwood floor was swept and clear of dust, though there were some old clothes piled in a chair in the corner awaiting the laundry.

Rebecca’s degree hung to the left of her twin sized bed, framed next to a large poster from the movie ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, and ‘Blue Velvet’ hung in cheap frames on either side of the bed. The room had another book case, full of paperbacks, and a few more plants by the window, as well as a framed photograph of herself, as a little girl with bright eyes and a cheerful smile standing with two people.

Her parents. They both wore lab coats in the photo, standing outside of the university science center with a hand on each of her shoulders. It was the last photo she had from her mother before she’d died in a car crash out in the mountains. One of the last she had of her father before he stopped coming home from the office as much.

She turned to face Albert Wesker as she hopped up onto her bed. “and here it is…my bedroom . It’s n-not much, but it’s home.”

Wesker strode into the room, with an almost imperceptible smile on his face. “Very nice. Tidier than I expected.” His glance moved to her wall. “Blue Velvet. A fascinating picture.”

She smiled widely back at him. “W-well I try to clean every few days.”

Looking over at the wall she grinned “wasn’t it? It was so intense…it had me thinking about it for weeks after I saw it at the cinema.”

Captain Wesker sat down on the bed near her.”I’ve noticed that you enjoy a certain amount of intensity,” he said with a pointed smirk.

Rebecca flushed, rubbing the back of her neck. “Y-yeah, You can say that, Captain.”

She smiled at him, her head tilting to the side. “I didn’t realize how much until recently, but you’re not wrong about that..”

“It’s charming,” he purred, snaking his arm around her shoulders, and leaning toward her. “Adorable, even.”

Rebecca leaned into his touch, her hand resting on his lap as she looked down with a wide smile “Adorable? You think so? I didn’t know I had it in me b-before i met you..”

He smiled, and cupped her chin with his free hand, pulling her up to look at him. “I’m pleased to be bringing out the best in you, then.”

Rebecca looked into his sunglasses, her heart fluttering at the way he manhandled her, tilting her gaze to him and him alone. She swallowed , and nodded against his hand.

“You are…” she said with a smile. “I’ve never felt better..”

“And you’ll soon be better still,” he purred. He caught his mouth in hers, and pulled her into a sudden, rough kiss.

Chapter End Notes

Assault with a deadly soap. 😎

Chapter 14

Chapter Notes

extra chapter warnings: poorly negotiated bdsm, rope bondage, choking, unsafe sexual practices

Captain Wesker was in Rebecca’s bedroom, and they were in the middle of a kiss. Captain Wesker was in Rebecca’s bedroom, after weeks of having sex in the office. Captain Wesker was in Rebecca’s bedroom, and that morning she had allowed him to inject her with something she didn’t fully understand.

What a turn her life had taken.

The days since Captain Wesker offered to help her improve herself had been a whirlwind. So many new things, so many twists and turns, and so many strange new sensations. Sometimes, she wondered if it was all an involved, intensely long dream…

But the feeling of his lips on hers, her body pressed against the headboard of her own bed as she parted her lips to let him kiss her deeper…it was all too real to be a dream.

Wesker had her pinned between himself and the headboard, his hands on her wrists, holding them to the wooden slats.

He found himself so very pleased at all the progress that had been made in such a short time. Rebecca, he felt, was a brilliant student, and soon her mind would be full of nothing but what he put there.

He was certain, after this morning, that there was already little that she would even think to refuse him. And after the course of injections truly took hold there would be nothing at all.

He savored the taste of her mouth, the yield of her flesh beneath his, as he thought about just what he was going to do with her today.

Wesker broke the harsh kiss, still keeping Rebecca pinned beneath him. He smirked down at her.

“Since we aren’t in the office, you and I could make a little more noise today.”

Rebecca flushed deeply, still gasping for breath in the wake of the rough kiss “I’m so used to keeping it quiet now!” She laughed shyly. “b-but I won’t worry about it too much. Not here…”

She bit her lip. “you k-know I can sometimes be…a bit…loud.”

He nuzzled his face against hers, and kissed her jawline. “Even if your neighbors hear.”

Rebecca arched her neck with a little shiver. “…I wouldn’t want th-them to talk…I’d get embarrassed!”

“I’m sure the most they’d do is stare,” he teased. “Though I suppose if you’re concerned…. I could gag you.”

Her lips parted in a look of flustered surprise, her fingers curling into little fists under his hands as she shifted under him with a shy nod “….th-that..that…would alleviate the problem..”

He shifted his hands down lower on her arms while still keeping her pinned. “Wouldn’t it? And… it makes me think of tying you up.”

Rebecca’s face found a way to turn a little redder, her lips in a tense and flustered grin as she cocked her head. “t-tying me up? Like ah …m-more than when you used the handcuffs?”

“I could tie you to the headboard,” he said, rubbing his thumbs over her wrists, and biting at her neck.

The image of herself bound and gagged to the headboard flickered through her mind, and brought a soft gasp to her lips as she arched against him, squirming as he bit her neck. “o-oh…y-you could…”

He leaned up and licked her lips. “I brought rope.”

Her eyes widened , lips parted as his tongue flicked across them. “P-prepared, aren’t you?” she managed to laugh, squirming before looking away “O…okay, Albert.” she bit her lip “so the neighbors don’t h-hear…please.”

“So the neighbors don’t hear,” he smirked, and pressed his lips to hers, releasing her from his pin after he broke the kiss. His voice took on the commanding tone that brooked no argument. “Get undressed for me.”

He stood up from the bed, and started pulling items from his tac belt.

Rebecca snapped to attention at the sound of that tone. A tone anyone in the STARS unit would obey in an instant.

She gave him a shaky salute, before she reached down and began to pull her uniform shirt away with a softly murmured. “Yes sir.”

Soon she had it off, and shimmied out of her pants as well, shifting on the bed in her underwear as she glanced over at the Captain.

Wesker had pulled out a couple of lengths of tightly wound tactical rope, the same kind that STARS used in rescue operations, and a roll of duct tape. He turned,and looked Rebecca over appreciatively.

She was still in her bra and panties, and was reaching back to unhook her bra when he met her eyes.

Smiling, her eyes traveled across the items in his hands before she turned a bit pink again. “You r-really were prepared for this…”

“I’ve been hoping we’d get to spend time in a more intimate setting. Haven’t you?” He set the rope and tape down on her nightstand, and started unbuttoning his uniform shirt.

As she tossed her bra aside, she nodded. “I’ve b-been really hoping for it, Albert…” she whispered. “It’s been nice in the office and all but…at home it’s not as big a worry that we’ll get caught.”

“Exactly.” He tossed his shirt away, still wearing his half-gloves, and started to undo his pants, dropping his belt to the ground. Wesker’s chest and stomach were strong, and defined, and hairless. His body looked like someone might have brought a statue to life. “And if they were to ‘catch’ us, it would be a breach of our privacy.”

Rebecca nodded, looking him over. The view was enough to make her chew on her lower lip with a shiver. The Captain was…always had been…a gorgeous man. Her hand reached out slowly to place a hand against his chest.

“I d-don’t want anyone interrupting us now , s-sir.”

He put his hand on her head, and nodded.

“And no one will.” He stepped out of his pants, leaving himself in his boots, gloves, and underwear.

He leaned in and kissed her lips. “Are you ready, Rebecca?”

She squirmed in only her panties, nodding once “y-yes sir. I’m ready for you.”

Glancing down at her slightly damp panties, she pressed her legs together. “I thought y-you may want to take those off…but I can remove them for you if you’d like.”

He smirked at her. “Excellent intuition, Ms. Chambers.”

Wesker leaned down, and stroked his fingers over the damp cloth hiding her sex. “I see you’re already excited.”

Rebecca had gotten used to the increased level of arousal the pills had given her, especially since she’d been able to satisfy it almost every day, but she suspected the injection may have intensified it yet again.

She shivered, another quiet moan escaping her lips as he brushed his fingers so close to her sex. Her arousal had certainly spiked…she’d gotten used to being horny often, but today….today the distraction from it was heavier than it’d been in a while.

Why the pills and injections were making her feel this way, she didn’t know…but she couldn’t deny it felt good.

“Y-yes sir.” She whispered. “I…I get excited so easily now, and a-almost always around you…”

He smirked, rubbing her for a moment and further slickening her panties, before pulling them down her legs. “I can’t say I’m displeased by that.”

Her hips raised, as her panties rolled down her slender legs…leaving her naked on the bed before him.

“The pills…ah…had an effect I think.” She said softly. “but…I’ve had a crush on you since I started with STARS, sir.”

“Just how far does your crush go, Ms. Chambers?” he asked in an amused voice. He tossed her panties away and picked up one of the lengths of rope.

Rebecca looked up at him , fidgeting with her fingers on her lap. “Far enough to take me here, Captain…w-where I’ve never gone before. And even further.”

She glanced off to the side. “I ah…I could even say it’s more than a c-crush.”

“You might say my feelings for you are more than a crush as well, Rebecca.” He got on the bed, and pinned her between his knees.

Rebecca knew in a moment she’d be more than pinned, as well, looking up at him with trusting affection as she situated her body on the bed. “Th-they are, Albert?” she asked with a wide smile.

“Indisputably,” he purred. He grabbed one of her arms in his hand, and moved to push it against the bedpost.

“I ah, t-think I’m in love with you,” she murmured very quietly, her hand not giving any resistance as he pushed it against the bedpost. Instead , she waited with dutiful excitement for the moment the rope bit into her skin.

He tied her wrist there, tightly but not enough to cut off her circulation, with a few deft motions. The captain was clearly an expert with knots.

He leaned in and touched her chin with his fingers. “I’d be pleased if you were sure.”

She gasped, her fingers flexing, causing her wrist to feel the rope pressing to the skin as she shifted and squirmed. “I’m sure,” She murmured.

“I..” She looked up with the help of his fingers on her jaw to meet her eyes “I love you, Captain Wesker.”

He smirked, and leaned in to whisper into her ear. “I love you, too, Rebecca.”

HIs free hand suddenly pinned her other arm tightly against the other bedpost.

Rebecca’s face lit up with joy as she allowed her Captain to bind her, obliging and obedient as she’d ever been in the office. Her face was flushed, and her smile was like a ray of light as the words rattled around her head.

He loves me too…he loves me…he loves me too….

Wesker’s slim smile favored her as he tied her other arm just as tightly as the first. He kissed her briefly on the lips, and reached over for the duct tape.

“You look happy.”

As their lips parted, she nodded , her wrists gently tugging at the ropes…simply to test the bindings…”I’m happy…” she whispered. “I’m so, so happy…I’d hoped, you know?”

The ropes were tight enough that she couldn’t move her arms. She was bound by long wraps of rope, going several inches down her arms.

“I had hoped too,” he agreed. “And I hope you’ll tell me again how much you love me, after this.”

He severed a short length of duct tape and held it up. “Are you ready?”

Rebecca nodded firmly “yes sir.” she breathed. “I’m ready..”

“Close your mouth.”

He pressed the duct tape over her lips, and smoothed it down over her cheeks, fully sealing the tape. It was industrial stuff. She could probably get it off on her own if she really tried, if she used her tongue, but there was no way it was coming off any time soon by accident.

Warm breaths puffed through her nose, as she closed her eyes. The tacky feeling of the tape against her skin mingled with the tingles of sensation from her tightly bound arms. A growing…helplessness…that was strangely thrilling to her.

She didn’t dare try to wriggle out of the tape…after all. It was there to help. ‘So the neighbors don’t hear’.

“Can you breathe?” Wesker asked. “Nod or shake your head.”

Rebecca took several breaths through her nose, nodding with her eyes closed for Wesker.

“Good. Knock your fist against the bedpost three times, if you ever feel like you’re in serious danger. Do you understand? Nod or shake your head.”

Once more, Rebecca nodded, opening her eyes to meet his. She knocked once, to show she could do it.

“Good girl. It will be a pleasure getting rough with you, while we don’t have to be so careful.”

The captain adjusted his position on the bed, and grabbed one of her ankles in his hand. He forced it upward suddenly, and started to tie the other rope around it.

Rebecca squinted one eye closed as her leg stretched up under his touch. Part of her was surprised with how limber she’d gotten…she shuddered , lips moving soundlessly against the tacky she breathed heavily through her nose.

How rough was the captain planning to get? She wondered to herself. Would she be able to take it?

The captain skillfully tied her leg to the same bedpost as her arm on that side, almost, but not quite bending her double. He started to do the same to the other leg.

“You look very appealing like this, dear Rebecca. All trussed up and ready for the taking.”

It was a wonder she didn’t cramp…her mind was still on that as her other leg was yanked up to tie to the bedpost. She couldn’t help but think of how she must look…tied almost double and gagged with duct tape.

She was VERY glad there were no neighbors to see it.

All trussed up and ready for the taking is right…

Captain Wesker carefully checked her bonds, sliding his fingers over them, an over the delicate flesh exposed beside them. He kissed each of her wrists.

Rebecca shivered, lolling her head to watch him as his lips touched the soft flesh of her exposed wrists, her whole body immobile save for how he saw fit to move her. It was a thrill, a strange and tingling thrill like that of the first time he got rough with her in his office. The first time his fingers touched her throat.

His fingers stroked down her body, and idly began to toy with her breasts, moving circles around them until they stood hard and erect. He kissed each one of them.

Rebecca huffed breath through her nose, unable to even sigh with pleasure as her nipples stiffened under his teasing hands. Once more, that familiar warmth began to roll through her body, exacerbating her already hot arousal.

He stroked down her body until he reached her wet pussy, and he shifted so he was sitting just against the rise of her ass. His fingers dipped between her folds, and he stroked up and down her, teasing her clit, as he watched her with a smirk.

“I can see you’re not getting any less turned on.”

Rebecca’s face tinged red, all the way down to her narrow shoulders as she nodded once. It was embarrassing…even a little humiliating…how aroused it got her. But it didn’t make it any less true.

She closed her eyes,eager for his touch as he traced his fingers over her clit, sending delicious tingles of pleasure through her.

He teased little circles around her clit, flicking it idly and watching her squirm, and her expression shift as she became more and more aroused. Her juices leaked down over his fingers, over the curve of her ass, and began to pool on the once-clean sheets.

And then, after a moment, he took his hand away, and got off the bed, wordlessly.

Her whine was muffled by the tape, her hips squirming as he left the bed…left her bound and aroused on her familiar sheets. She couldn’t help but whimper, the sound very slightly audible through her nose while she opened her eyes to try to see where he went.

He was going to grab something…right?

She could see enough to notice him mess with his belt on the floor for a moment, and then in a smooth motion he was sitting beside her again.

Something smooth, and cold was suddenly pressed against her clit, and just as she was able to register that impression, it started to buzz.

The vibrator sent an immediate, almost painful shockwave of pleasure through her whole body.

She shuddered, and once more the tape smothered the sound of shocked pleasure as it reverberated through her. Her toes curled, up by her hands, and her eyelashes fluttered in brief and overstimulated disorientation.

He…really did come prepared, didn’t he?

Wesker smirked, watching her as he held the object to her, the pulsing buzzes of it sending waves of pleasure through her body that quickly escalated.

“Very good,” he purred. “You get to come first today, Ms. Chambers. I want you nice and relaxed for what comes next.”

Rebecca squirmed as best she could…really only able to slightly shift her hips against the vibrator as he toyed and teased with her body. The ominous words only made her curious, and in her aroused state..that curiosity only fueled the pleasure that was currently bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

The combination of the machine’s sensation thumbing through her over-sensitized body, and her imagination running wild with what the captain might plan to do with her made short work of her. The pleasure coiled in her body as the moments ticked by, the room quiet, just the sound of the vibrator, the captain’s breath, and her own muffled little sounds.

The orgasm crashed over her like a wave.

Her whimper of pleasure died against the tape, her breath catching it, making the places it connected to her skin warm and flushed, as her body jerked sharply against it’s bonds. It was a heavy, rocking orgasm, just from that teasing stimulation.

Her fingers clenched tightly against her palms, her breath huffing sharply through her nose as her eyes all but rolled back from the overwhelming sensation.

“Good girl,” he purred. She felt him stroke her still twitching and quivering pussy, smearing her juices down over her asshole, and tracing little circles over it.

By now, Rebecca was well used to Wesker fucking her asshole, and driving her to orgasm through it every time. Maybe that was what he intended now.

Yet another sensation that’d been new to her only a few weeks ago. But ever since Captain Wesker first fucked it…she really had come simply from it every time. She relaxed in her bonds, taking deep breaths as she looked up at him with wide eyes.

He was going to take her ass again…that was obviously what he must have meant.

She saw the captain pick up something off the bed that was out of her line of sight; me must have gotten it while he was getting the vibrator from his tac belt.

Wesker smirked down at her as he pressed the head of something that felt cold and metal against her asshole.

Her brow knitted in surprise. Another toy? Her body tried to relax as the metal object between to slide into her slickened hole. Her head leaned back against the bedpost,her eyes trained on him and him alone.

He smirked at her. “Something the matter?” his cool voice teased.

He pressed it deeper into her slick hole, forcing it past the stretchy barrier. The toy wasn’t as large as Wesker– it was more along the lines of the size of an average cock– but the metal was much more hard, and unforgiving than flesh, and it was cold inside her for a moment. Rebecca couldn’t help but be aware of every militer rigid and unyielding inside her softness as he slowly pushed it into her body.

She shivered, her tight ass tightening briefly around the cold metal as she shakily shook her head. It was cool, and it absolutely made itself known with every minor shift of her body. There was no problem…nothing the matter, she just wasn’t sure what it was….

And she had no way of asking, making the anticipation all the more intense.

He pressed it deep into her, until she felt it seat itself with a strange little sensation. She could feel the base of whatever it was tight against her asshole, large enough to stop it from getting sucked fully into her greedy body. Captain Wesker pushed on it a final time, rocking the hardness inside her.

“There, nice and full, aren’t we.” He smirked down at her. “You’re looking better and better, Rebecca.”

Rebecca took a few deep and calming breaths through her nose, her eyelashes fluttering as she squirmed ineffectually in her bonds. With the thing…a dildo? Shoved far up her ass…filling her with its cold and rigid length, and her pussy still over-sensitive from her recent orgasm, she felt like she was on display for the captain.

She flushed, looking off to the side. Looking better and better….he must like the view of me like this…helpless. His.

Captain Wesker licked his lips, and she saw him stand once again, this time to finally take off his underwear. The bulge in them was obvious, even obscene, and the bare, naked shaft of it was more obscene when revealed.

He stroked his cock in plain view of her. “Eager for this, aren’t you?”

Rebecca’s eyes followed the movement of his hand as he stroked his cock right before them. Her body shivered again, causing another jolt of pleasure as the plug up her ass reasserted itself in her perception.

She nodded slowly, trying to avert her eyes. As much as it flustered her…she was.

Wesker climbed back onto the bed, and knelt beside her ass, overshadowing her doubled over body. With one hand, he teasingly rubbed the head of his cock over her sodden pussy lips.

“Some day, Ms. Chambers,” he drawled, “I’m going to tie you all up, and fill you with toys, and just leave you there for hours. I’ll film the whole thing.”

Her eyes widened, a reply muffled once more by the tape, and reduced to simply a surprised ‘mffng??’ sort of sound. She paled…but she was sure Wesker could feel the way she slickened at the thought as his cock began to rub against her pussy’s lips.

He smirked at her, his eyes hidden by his shades as usual, as he rubbed his cock against her teasingly. It was obvious that she could tell. “We can watch the tape of you coming over and over, and I’ll fuck you. Wouldn’t that be nice, Rebecca?”

Wesker leaned over her, and stroked his fingers over her cheek as he teased her.

Rebecca’s breath came through her nose, a sharp series of short breaths as she arched her face under his touch. It was almost too much, the very thought of him fucking her while watching a tape of her hours of teasing, helpless and bound…it was incredibly dirty.

It was twisted…but she couldn’t deny it sent a curious shiver…a bloom of lust…through her body.

Hesitantly, looking down and to the left, she nodded her head.

“Good girl,” he purred, drawing out each word as he said them.

He pressed the head of his cock to her slick entrance, and started to let himself inside her. Rebecca’s body shivered as the now familiar sensation of Wesker’s cock started to fill her– and realized that sensation changed completely with her ass full of the rigid, metal toy. Wesker’s cock suddenly felt even bigger inside her; as he seated the shaft in her body slowly, it was the fullest she’d ever felt. It was almost too much.

Her breath grew shallow again, melting at the words. ‘Good girl’. Yes…she was. She was a good girl…taking this kind of lewd pleasure , and letting herself be filled in every hole…it was clearly making the person she loved happy…and herself, as well.

It was when his cock fully seated in her stuffed body that she shivered again in desire, breathing out her nose with a low whimper. She could feel his cock pressing dangerously close to the plug in her ass, separated by only a narrow margin of flesh from one another…the full feeling giving her a sensation like she’d never had before.

Carefully he leaned over her body, his hands braced on either side of her shoulders by the headboard, his warm stomach and chest brushing against her and her sensitive tits. He spent a moment like that, perhaps savoring the feeling of filling her so completely, having her submitted so fully to him. She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her.

Rebecca opened her eyes enough to look up at him, face flushed and chest heaving with deep breaths through her nose. Each breath brushed her pale breasts against his chest, brushing nipples over firm muscle. She savored it too, smiling as best she could under the tape as she looked up at him.

The look in her eyes was one love, lust and desire. In this moment, she would do anything and everything to please him.

He smiled back at her, and after the moment had passed, arched his body to start thrusting roughly and suddenly into her in a smooth, powerful rhythm. The beginning of it was quick and surprising, and each motion of his body further jolted the now-warm metal lodged inside her ass.

Rebecca’s hips couldn’t move to match his rhythm, but bound as she was, she didn’t need to. He thrust hard into her, again, and again in a smooth rhythm. Each thrust brought with it a pulse of pleasure, pleasure echoed by her stretched ass, and her bound body in a delicious symphony.

She lay her head back, breath heavy through her nose.

“You’re getting so good at being fucked, Rebecca,” he purred into her ear as he thrust into her, over and over again, shaking her helpless, bound body against the bed. “I’m proud of how far you’ve come in such a little time.”

His rhythm established, Rebecca felt the captain bring one still-gloved hand to her throat, as he often did while fucking her. He had never squeezed, never put any weight behind it; it seemed almost like a possessive gesture.

It was one that always seemed to intensify the pleasure, though. A possessive grab of the throat as he fucked her…the feeling of his gloved fingers against her neck made her feel some kind of way…horny, wanted…submissive… and now was no exception.

She cooed, smothered by the tape, and let him fuck her helpless body.She had come a long, long way since their first tryst…something she felt a kind of pride in as he complimented her.

Albert made a low noise of pleasure in the back of his throat like a satisfied tiger as he roughly worked his cock inside her, the throbbing shaft working with the plug in her ass to make quick work of her already sensitive and spent body. She felt herself spiraling up toward another orgasm as he used her.

He put his other hand on her throat with the first.

She was dizzy with pleasure, another orgasm, her second in what felt like no time at all, fast approaching her as she opened her warm eyes to look up into Wesker’s sunglass-obscured gaze. As his hands both touched her slender throat…she shivered in barely disguised desire and ..perhaps…anxious anticipation.

“I love you, Rebecca,” he purred into her ear, as he fucked her closer and closer to her peak.

His hands tightened around her delicate throat, and suddenly, Rebecca found it harder to breath.

Her eyes widened, the soft breaths through her nose growing more strained…and less frequent as he squeezed her throat between gloved fingers. Her hands unclenched, before clenching again in their bonds as she drew in the best breath she could between the grip of his hands.

It was scary, not being able to breathe, struggling for every breath while completely helpless. It was frightening, anxiety inducing…so why did it push the pleasure rising inside her even higher? Why did it send her anticipation and the thrill in her dizzy mind into overdrive?

Why did it feel like it’d make her come at any second?

“Good girl,” he purred at her, his voice too more breathless than usual, lacking some of the controlled tone that stayed even when he was mid-fuck. “Good girl.”

His grip tightened further, and Rebecca’s vision swam a little as the pleasure built up inside her. Albert’s hands tight around her, his cock burying itself inside her again and again, as his hips slammed against her bound body. She was full of incredible aching lust that threatened to overwhelm her at any moment, the only question was if her orgasm would break before she passed out.

She tried to keep her eyes on him as her vision swam and wavered…her body feeling at once numb and full of pleasure as she struggled against the encroaching darkness at the edges of her vision.

Still, the pleasure rose…and rose..and rose as his cock hammered into her. Fingers tightened against palms, and she wondered if her nails broke skin through the dizzy haze, as her whole body began to tense and shiver.

She wanted to be awake to feel herself come…she wanted to be awake to feel him come inside her. 

Captain Wesker’s hips crashed against her body over and over again, sure to bruise as he sometimes did, and she felt his thick shaft twitch inside of her.

“Oh yes,” he breathed. His fingers tightened one last time around her throat, and she heard him growl, slamming his hips against her with force. She felt the heat of his cum bloom inside her as his shaft twitched, filling her body with his seed. The force of him, the dizzy breathlessness, and the heat of his cum inside her threw her over the edge.

And Rebecca Chambers came. Her head was swimming, dizzy from the lack of oxygen to her lungs, but the force of her orgasm washed over her, drawing another difficult and ineffective intake of breath through her nose as the strangled moan was once more drowned out by the industrial tape.

Pleasure filled her entire body, her sex quivering around his as she sank back into the headboard, overwhelmed and overstimulated by the intense feeling of release that washed over her, and the heat of the Captain’s cum once more filling her with it’s intense heat.

Wesker rocked his body against her, holding her tightly through their shared orgasm, each stroke of his body pumping cum deep inside her.

After a shuddering moment, she felt his grip on her neck soften, and air was able to rush into lungs again as she shivered and shook in the aftershocks of orgasm.

She took ragged, desperate breaths of air through her nose, now very much aware that at some point during her strangled, fucked haze, tears had leaked from her wide eyes, and down her face. With each breath, lucidity came back to her…and with that lucidity, the whole sensation of that afterglow as it rolled through her.

She whimpered against the tape on her mouth, sagging in her bonds with a glance up at Captain Wesker. She still felt full, plugged and well-fucked, and a part of her liked it more than she’d admit to most.

He shivered on top of her, and pet his hands gently over her neck and cheeks. “Good girl,” he purred, more gently now. He leaned in and kissed her ear, “I love you, Rebecca.”

He pulled the tape off her mouth suddenly.

Rebecca yelped from the sudden pain of tape tearing off her tender skin, quickly replaced as she gasped for air, pressing her face gently against his hand and it’s gentle touch “I…I l-love you too, Albert…Captain Wesker…” she said , her voice shaky in the afterglow.

“W-wow.” she whispered. “that…I…ah..” she was at a loss for words, stammering too much over them in both the embarrassment and the haze…so she simply smiled, and rolled her head to the side to look at him “I did good?”

“Very good,” he purred in her ear. “And did you have something to tell me? Perhaps about your feelings?”

“I love you.” She said again with a dizzy smile, “a..and..w-well.” she murmured “While that wasn’t w-what I expected today…” she whispered. “I…I really liked it. E-even when you…” she bit her lip “h-had your hands on my throat. It was scary but…I…I trusted you.”

He nuzzled his face against hers. “I can tell. I didn’t hear you knock.”

He eased himself out of her, his slick cock brushing her thigh, as he settled his body gently on her for the moment.

She was comforted by the weight of his body against hers, her eyelashes fluttering as she closed them for a brief and peaceful moment “y-yeah. I didn’t want to…” she said happily “I…think I liked it, sir.”

“Hmm,” Wesker smirked, and kissed her lips. “What a prodigy you are, Rebecca, dear. What a marvel.”

He traced his fingers over her throat, and Rebecca realized that she might end up having a bruise.

Rebecca turned a bright pink. “A p-prodigy, sir?” she said, framed in the ropes below her likewise framed degree.

She shivered as his fingers brushed the future bruise..reminding herself to wear a shirt that would cover it tomorrow. “hehe…I didn’t k-know you could be a prodigy in things like t-this. But thank you.”

She kissed his lips gently in return, with affection.

Wesker put his arms around her, their bodies curled against each other as he kissed her with obvious satisfaction.

Chapter End Notes

All’s well that end well, right?
Except this isn’t the end at all!

Chapter 15

Chapter Notes

No extra warnings for this chapter.

They’d cuddled in Rebecca’s bed together for a while after Albert had untied her, and the captain was now– after a quick trip to the bathroom to clean up– making scrambled eggs in her kitchen, in only his pants.

Shifting slowly, with a gentle wince from the now forming bruises over her body, she pulled her bathrobe tighter over her otherwise naked body with a timid smile.

Watching him cook in her kitchen, she couldn’t help but think back to only a little while ago. She could still feel the bite of the handcuffs on her wrists, and the ghost of his hand on her throat.

He choked her. That was dangerous, right? After all, without proper airflow you could get brain damage, even if the suffocation was non fatal. But…it seemed the Captain was well practiced. Just long enough, with just enough air cut off to be safe, but rough.

But how’d he get so practiced? She blushed, biting her lip gently as she shifted again in her seat…squirming. “Th-thank you for cooking, Captain.” she managed.

“Of course,” he said, looking over his shoulder at her. The lights in the kitchen were low, and his sunglasses were sitting on the counter. “Your diet is important.”

She met his eyes with a warm smile, rubbing idly at the developing bruise on her neck. “After exercise like that, for sure!”

Honestly, she was still stunned by it all… months ago she would have never dreamed of anything like this. She had her crush on Wesker, yes… and she’d had partners in college, who’d all been very gentle with her.

But for what happened in the bedroom today? A few weeks ago she would have balked at the idea. Not only sex with the captain on the regular…but all the things he’d convinced her to do. Vitamin regimens, bondage, quiet and muffled sex in his office…

And now this.

“How are you feeling?” he asked, as he bustled around the kitchen. It seemed so utterly normal, in comparison with all the office sex, and the weird vitamins, and the… bondage. “I may have left a few bruises, I imagine.”

“I’m a little banged up, yeah.” Rebecca giggled shyly into her hand. “I’m gonna have a few bruises…I’ll have to wear a turtleneck or high-necked undershirt tomorrow, I think.”

Her foot gently scuffed the ground as she looked up at him. Even with how crazy everything had been..this was nice. Having him there and bustling about…cooking them dinner. It brought a smile to her face.

“I’m feeling pretty good. I ah, d-didnt know you liked it so rough, Albert!” she traced her finger unconsciously over her neck…where she still felt the long-gone touch of his fingers.

“No?” he chuckled very slightly. “I’m surprised it didn’t come through before; though I suppose we never discussed it openly. …you enjoyed it, yes?”

He arranged eggs and toast and little piles of ham on plates and turned toward her, setting one in front of her.

“W-well it came out a BIT but today…well ah.” She stammered,looking down at the plate of food in front of her “It sure became clear!”

Her foot gently scuffed the ground again, as she nodded “I..ah..I enjoyed it, though. Yes.”

Albert leaned forward and put his hand on her warm cheek. “I trust you to tell me if I do something that you don’t like, my dear Rebecca.”

Rebecca flushed deeper, nuzzled her face against his hand. She looked up at him with a nod. “I promise, sir…” he called her dear…her smile grew a little warmer as she rested her hand against his bare chest. “I liked it…and i know how to tell you if I didn’t…”

She bit her lip and hazarded something she was too gagged to say during sex. “I…I love you, Albert.”

He kissed her forehead. “I love you, Rebecca,” he purred. “And I’m glad that you’re enjoying yourself. I very much am. That roughness… it excites my passion, you might say.”

He sat down beside her.

Rebecca poked at a slice of ham with her fork, practically glowing with his reciprocation. “I’m having a great time…I…I wouldn’t have expected it from myself, but..” She cut off a slice and nibbled on it, looking up at him. “here we are…excites your passion?”

He smiled at her, and it was a bit like the smile of a fox, or a tiger. “Exactly, I–”

There was a sudden, sharp beeping noise, and Albert furrowed his brow. “Damn it,” he hissed. He put down his fork, and pulled a pager from his pants.

Rebecca tore her eyes from his, and down to her plate again at their barely started meal. “Is it work?” She asked, stealing a look up at his pager. “Did something happen?”

His smile vanished into a very distinctive frown, and he tucked the pager back into his pocket. “For me, unfortunately,” he said, a darkness in the edge of his tone. He slid his glasses back onto his face. “Rebecca– can I take you out to dinner later this week?”

Rebecca’s shoulders sagged, her own smile vanishing into an expression of worry. “I hope it’s nothing too bad, Captain.” she said softly.

Nodding once, she managed a smile “of course…I’d love that. Any day you want.”

He leaned over and kissed her deeply on the lips. “Very soon.” He stroked his fingers through her hair. “I love you, Rebecca. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Rebecca nodded her head, looking up at him with a warm smile “See you tomorrow morning, Captain.”

She reached up to touch his arm “I love you too, Albert. Good luck…I hope it’s nothing too serious.”

He squeezed her hand, and nodded.

A moment later he had quickly dressed, kissed her again, and left.

The apartment suddenly felt very empty.

Rebecca didn’t do anything for a moment. She just sat there with the cooling dinner before her, an almost untouched plate by the seat that Wesker had occupied. The silence, save for the sound of occasional traffic out the window, was more oppressive than comfortable.

“…I wonder what called him away.” She murmured, pushing her plate away and letting her head hit the table gently.

Rebecca woke up in the middle of the night that night. For a moment, she thought it must have been early dawn, because of how bright it seemed in her room.

But her clock said it was only 2:15 in the morning.

Outside the window, she could hear the sound of dogs barking and howling, distant enough perhaps but uncomfortably close. Was that what had woken her up?

Or was it the tingling of her sensitive skin, and the twin urges of hunger and lust that seemed more alive in her body the more awake she became.

Rebecca rubbed her eyes with a quiet yawn, shifting up with a shiver as her sheets slid down her overly sensitive body and into a pile by her hips. She blinked, a trace of quiet confusion at how bright the dead of night seemed to be.

Hunger pangs. The sound of barking that gave her a twitch up her spine with every yelp and howl. The damp patch on her panties where she soaked through another pair in her overnight arousal…

All of it added up to the sleepy acknowledgement that she wasn’t getting back asleep just yet. Not now that she was awake.

So Rebecca swung her legs off the bed, and hopped to her feet still as naked as she’d been when she slipped under her sheets. Cautiously, she opened the curtain on her window to peer into the too-bright darkness for any sign of those dogs and their racket. Anything to try to distract from her hunger and arousal for another moment more.

“I swear …did one of the neighbors get dogs? I thought they weren’t allowed…”

The night was laid bare to her outside her window, strangely bright, despite being overcast. She saw movement a street away– maybe someone’s dog had actually escaped?

“Maybe…” she murmured. Still, the longer she thought about it, the more the whole thing seemed strange.

It’s a cloudy night…at 2am…and it’s bright? That doesn’t make any logical sense, does it?

Unless she was somehow more light sensitive than usual, it made no sense at all. Her eyes tracked the movement across the streets until her stomach growled with hunger.

“….I hope that poor dog doesn’t get too far from home.” she murmured. “And that they quiet down soon, too.”

The howling was getting a bit more distant– maybe she should try to get back to sleep. Though the urges in her body made the thought difficult.

No…she was far too awake for that right now. Too awake, too horny, too hungry.

She ran her hand through her unkempt hair and slumped her way across her bedroom towards her door, opening it and heading towards the kitchen. It was only when she got there that she flicked on the light.

She felt suddenly blinded by it, as the brightness lanced through her vision that seemed so unusually accustomed to the dark.

“Gah!!!” Rebecca shielded her eyes, stumbling backwards and into the fridge as she tried to block it out. “what the heck?”

Photosensitivity. For whatever reason…her eyes had become incredibly photosensitive.

Her fingers fumbled for the switch, which she slammed off with a wince. “Oof….g-geeze..”

It felt even darker now for a second, and she felt dazzled. Slowly her eyes started to adjust back to where they’d been.

Okay. So she wasn’t going to turn on the light like THAT again. Not right now. She rubbed her eyes with a soft grumble, before cracking the fridge open. “Maybe I’ll go check on them in the bathroom.” She murmured. “Turn some light on to check the dilation…”

The fridge light at least didn’t blind her, though it did seem unusually bright in the gloom.

Rebecca sorted through the various leftovers in the fridge, chewing gently at her lip as her mind turned everything over in her head. This wasn’t the first time she felt like this…first the sensitivity, now this?

As the cool air tickled her naked body, she shivered at the reminder of her body’s overactive nerves. “First my skin…now my eyes…is that going to linger too?”

She grabbed the ham Wesker had cooked, along with the leftover eggs, and put them on the table, grabbing the milk for good measure.

“Is it just the light tonight, or was it the vitamins?” She mused to herself as she slipped the plate of leftovers into the microwave. After hitting a few minutes to let it warm, she turned and made her way towards her bathroom.

Now was a good time to give her eyes a check.

Her small, clean bathroom was waiting for her, as surprisingly bright as the rest of the apartment. She could even see her reflection as she approached the mirror.

She leaned in, not yet flipping on the small lights over the mirror to peer into her own eyes as she had quite a few times in the last few weeks. “…alright, Rebecca…” she murmured “let’s see.”

Rebecca’s pupils were a little bit dilated, but not unusually so for the level of gloom presumably around her. What was surprising was how intense the color of her irises looked, even in the dark. It reminded her of the intensity of the captain’s gaze, in the rare times she saw him without  his sunglasses.

The fawn-brown of her eyes were practically a vibrant amber in the low light. Bright, intense…her brow knit over them as she leaned in further, brushing her fingers over her temple with a slight downturn to her lips.

Like the captain’s eyes…and it only started after I took the vitamins he’d been taking. There has to be a connection, right?

Cautiously, she turned on the lights over the mirror, ready for the sting.

The lights lit the room up like the sun in mid-day to her eyes, and she watched her irises slowly start to shrink in response. Actually, they shrunk a bit abnormally slowly.

“Slow to adjust to changes in light level…slower than my usual ocular response time.” she murmured to herself, making mental note. “Everything is a little brighter than usual too…more intense.”

She held one of her eyes open with a bite to her lip, as the beeping from the microwave sounded through the apartment. “But near perfect night vision.”

She felt like a cat in the darkness, navigating without any need for additional light. It had to be related to the vitamins– to the injection. Right?

There was no other explanation. It , like her toned body and increased sensation…only began once she took the vitamins…and now this, only once she’d had the injection.

Her fingers trailed down her face as she shut the light off again. The captain had eyes as vibrant as her own. The captain took the same injections and vitamins on his own admission. The captain always wore sunglasses and spoke of sensitivity of the skin.

It all added up…and now, here she was. Able to walk her through her house as if it were midday in the middle of the night, eyes somehow altered by whatever chemical was running through her veins.

She felt a little shiver go through her body. Was it it amazing? Or was it a little terrifying?

Arms wrapped around herself, she tried to still the shiver as it ran up her spine. It was somehow both at once. She was scared…so many changes, so fast, and none of them she understood as well as she’d wish to.

It felt a little like her life had become a train thrown onto another track. One where she didn’t know where it’d lead, or what may happen along the ride. And it was only getting faster.

But at the same time… she felt wonderful. Stronger… faster… her senses keener, even the arousal and sensation… with Wesker taking care of her, it had taken her to heights of pleasure she didn’t know possible.

It was amazing, miraculous, terrifying all at once.

She turned in the darkness that looked like day, and hurried to the kitchen, not able to look into her intense stare any longer at the moment.

Rebecca had been resting in the chair in her front room when the alarm for her usual wake up had sounded. She’d taken care of her… needs… and hadn’t managed to go back to sleep. Somehow, she didn’t feel tired at all, like the few hours of sleep she’d gotten were plenty to get her through the day.

Now she went through the usual morning motions, shower, dress for work…

Squinting in the daylight, she hurried along, not bothering to turn on the lights as she dried her hair post shower, brushing it out with a soft hum of breath as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Even with all the strangeness in her life, she could count on the morning routine. Showered up, hair dried, and teeth brushed, she soon was pulling her uniform on over a new set of panties and a bra.

Idly, she wondered if she had a pair of sunglasses somewhere…if her eyes kept acting up, they could help her manage over the day.

Just as she was looking through a junk drawer for a pair, there was a now-familiar knock on the door. Someone had arrived to pick her up for the morning.

She ran her fingers through her now fluffy hair, with a sigh. “Damn.” she whispered to herself. “I’ll have to look again.”

She turned, jogging towards the door before pulling it open a crack. “Hi! Ah. sorry, i was just looking for something!”

Chris was standing there in his uniform with a rather serious, or fretful expression on his usually smiling face. “Hey, Becca. Don’t worry about it. You okay?”

“Chris!” Rebecca said with a bright smile…though she could tell she was squinting with the force of the hall lights. “I’m alright. I just need some sunglasses. It’s a little bright out today y-you know? And I don’t know where I put them.”

Her smile fell away though. “are…are you alright? You look nervous.”

“Can I come in for a sec?” he asked.

“Of course.” Rebecca stepped out of the way, letting him inside. She stepped across the living room to her half-open junk drawer, and leaned on the counter by it with an increasingly worried frown. Her lights were all off, she hoped Chris wouldn’t mind the slight dim.

“But you’re really starting to worry me, Chris. What’s up?”

“Dark in here, huh?” Chris murmured, contrary to her hope. “Anyway, sorry to scare you, Bec. The captain sent me to get you, because…”

“Sorry…It’s just bright today,” She said tensely, her search for sunglasses all but lost for the moment as she bit her lip. “but forget that… what happened? I’m used to the morning pickups but…today you seem…tense. Was there an emergency?”

“Yeah, apparently there was another… incident. Another cannibalized body turned up. Only a couple blocks from here, Bec.”

Rebecca paled, sagging against the wood of her countertop “….oh no…” she whispered “another cannibal killing?”

Her mind flashed to the night before. The movement down the street, the howling and baying of dogs.

Suddenly she felt sick, her stomach churning as she gripped the counter harder. “…I might have…I… oh no…”

“I wonder if that’s why…”

“Becca?” Chris moved closer, and put a hand on her back. “Hey, it’s alright….”

“The neighborhood dogs were going crazy last night.” She said softly. “and I saw something moving a block or so away. I wonder if that’s when it happened.”

She bit her lip “I can’t believe there’s been another…”

Chris hissed through his teeth. “Damn, you might have….” He rubbed her back gently. “I can’t believe it either. What kind of creep is responsible for this…” he shook his head. “You said you needed to find something? Can I help? And then we can get to the station?”

“Just some sunglasses.” Rebecca whispered. “My eyes are a little sensitive today. P-probably because I didn’t sleep well.” she lied “then we should get to the station asap. It’s gonna be a busy day, I think. The RCPD hasn’t had any headway on the case, have they?’

“Donno,” Chris said, shaking his head. “Hoping the captain will update us when he gets in.”

“Me too.” Rebecca frowned, returning to her junk drawer. “I wonder when they’re going to get STARS on it…the cases are piling up…and I really don’t like how close to the city they’re getting…whoever’s doing this news to be stopped.”

Chapter End Notes

Hmmm… photosensitivity… hmmm…. incidents…

Chapter 16

Chapter Notes

Rebecca had finally found a pair of sunglasses in the drawer, a pair of square forest green half-frames that she’d picked up at a flea market back in college.

“Good look on you,” Chris had chuckled, obviously still tense as they headed out the door. They were driving to the station now, and even with the sunglasses, the world felt bright, and vibrant.

Rebecca didn’t even feel a little bit tired.

Another effect of the shots, perhaps? She wasn’t going to complain. She was awake, alert and prepared for what she figured would be a rough day ahead. Adjusting her sunglasses, she glanced at Chris with a smile.

“You think so? I haven’t gotten to wear them in years, but I thought…maybe now was a good time.”

“Guess so,” he nodded, navigating the fairly sleepy streets of Raccoon city. “You mentioned you didn’t sleep well….”

“I kept waking up,” she said softly “I heard the neighborhood dogs going crazy, and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I’ve been up for hours, honestly.”

“No wonder you need the sunglasses,” Chris nodded. “Like when I’ve got a hangover.”

“Yeah, only without the fun of having a drink before, I bet!” Rebecca laughed into her hand. “Not that I’d know.”

“I still can’t believe you’re too young to drink,” Chris said, shaking his head. He looked thoughtful for a moment, “You know, I bet if you were with us, they wouldn’t card you at Jack’s…”

Rebecca glanced over at him through her sunglasses, “you don’t think so? I mean I…I’ve got a few years ago before I can drink legally, and I KNOW I look younger than I am.”

“Sure, but if you’re in uniform and sitting at a table full of cops?” Chris grinned. “Come on, don’t give me that look. I know the captain calls me a boy scout but you can’t follow every rule all the time…”

Rebecca flushed, fussing with her hands on her lap. “ Oh ” She said with a little smile, “I guess that’s true, huh? I mean…w-well. It’s technically against the rules but…”

She shifted a little in her seat, “I guess I wouldn’t mind coming to Jacks with you guys j-just to give it a try sometime?”

“Nothing says you have to do any drinking. But it would be nice to have you along some time. You can hear some of Barry’s drunk singing.”

Rebecca laughed. “Well…I’ll decide when I go if I want to have a drink or not,” she said with a smile, “Because I can’t miss out on THAT. I bet it’s hilarious!”

“Your eardrums won’t think you,” he chuckled as he pulled into the RCPD garage. For a moment, as they pulled into the dimmer light, Rebecca had some trouble with her vision.

Shielding her eyes just the slightest, she tried to give them time to adjust. “probably not but…” her voice trailed off, “but it’ll be fun.”

“Sure will.”

Chris punched her shoulder gently as he got the car parked. By the time they were getting out of the car Rebecca’s vision had fully adjusted, and she could see perfectly well in the dim garage with her sunglasses on.

She blinked a few times before stretching out, and slipping out of the car with a smile, leaning over to punch Chris back on the shoulder in return. “Next time you go, tell me and I’ll see if I can make it, o-okay?”

He gave her a thumbs up. “You got it, Becca. It’s on my mind.”

The station was buzzing with activity as they made their way to the STARS office; it was obvious that the newest incident was on everyone’s mind.

The fact it was even closer to home than ever only drove Rebecca’s nerves up as she walked through the halls of the RCPD with her hands in her pockets, listening carefully to the cacophony for details as they weaved their way through the art museum turned police station.

“…things are going to be picking up around here, that’s for sure…” she murmured with a soft and unspoken sorrow.

“That’s for sure,” Chris agreed. He held the hallway door open for her. “Always like this when there’s a big case… wish it wasn’t such a nasty one…”

Rebecca slipped into the hall , adjusting her sunglasses as she did. “Yeah, same…cannibal murders in the middle of town…increasing in frequency. It’s worrying stuff.”

“Yeah not the kind of thing you wanna leave on the books for a long time,” Chris agreed. “Sounds like Irons is gonna do a press conference later. Which is just what we need. Fucking politics.”

She shivered. Irons. The man’s name still gave her a shudder up her spine. “Great. That sounds…wonderful. I wonder what he’s going to say to try and save his own butt.”

“Whatever it is, it’s gonna get the whole goddamn town talking about cannibal murders. Which means the tip line is gonna be useless. I don’t envy the patrolman they put on phones.”

Rebecca frowned “…getting everyone into an uproar isn’t going to help the situation. He’s the Chief of Police, he should know a panic’s only going to muddy the waters!”

“Yeah, I’m sure he does,” he said as they walked into the relative quiet of the STARS office. “Too bad he wants that 5 o’clock news sound bite for when he runs for mayor.”

“Politics.” Rebecca said darkly “…I guess we’ll have to deal with the consequences then.”

She looked around after entering the STARS office, curious if anyone else was in at this time of day.

There was a hot cup of coffee and Bravo team captain Enrico’s desk, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Barry, on the other hand, was at his desk, disassembling and polishing one of his many guns.

“Enrico’s not in yet?” Rebecca said as she walked over to her desk to lean on its edge.

“Oh, he’s in. But he got called off for a meeting,” Barry rumbled from his seat, polishing the barrel of a large python revolver and checking its sights. “Morning, rookie. Sleep well? Hope so, ‘cause I’m sure today’s gonna be a doozy.”

Chris gave Barry a wave. “Without a damn doubt,” he agreed, checking for notes on his own desk. “Bet they’ve got Wesker stuck in the same meeting.”

“Yeeep,” Barry waved to Chris with a half smile on his bearded face. “The Captain looked about as pissed as can be, too. My guess is STARS is about to get dragged into this whole affair, real soon.”

Rebecca leaned back on her hands “I’m not surprised, the police haven’t been able to do anything yet, and it seems like it’s only getting worse…I mean. I might have seen it happen last night…and if what I saw WAS the attack, they’re doing it in the open.”

Barry nodded “exactly. Things are heating up, and not in the good way.” he put down his cleaning cloth. “but that’s when the STARS team does their best work.”

He looked at Rebecca for a long moment, in her high necked shirt and sunglasses, and raised his eyebrow. He didn’t say anything, but it was clear he’d logged the unusual appearance of STARS’ newest member away.

Chris hadn’t said anything either, but it was clear he too had noticed the heavy shirt– especially in the warm summer weather.

“If STARS does get involved this will be your first big operation with us, huh?” Chris considered.

Rebecca nodded, brushing a lock of hair over her ear. “That’s right,” she said brightly. “It’ll be my first time in the field that wasn’t like…a minor search and rescue or training mission.”

“Heh.” Barry flashed her a smile, pointing a screwdriver her way. “You’ll do just fine, kid. You’re young, but I can tell you got spunk. If this turns into a STARS problem, I got faith in ya, rookie. Hell knows we could use some brains between us”

He grinned; “I mean, look at Redfield and Valentine, we need all the help we can get!”

“What’s that supposed to mean, Barry?” Chris asked, making a face at him. “You’re not exactly the brains for the operation either.”

“I mean despite Jill’s claims otherwise, you two are a couple of goofy meatheads. Me, though? I got my education in the school of hard knocks!” Barry laughed, slapping his hand on his desk.

Rebecca flushed, giggling into her hand. “I dunno Barry…I think I’d need at least two PHDs to make up for you three combined.”

“Ouch!” Chris laughed. “Well, I guess you’re not wrong.”

Barry snickered, “Damn, she got me there.”

He cleaned the barrel of his gun with a shake of his head. “It’ll be good to have you on the team then, kid. Hopefully you make Alpha unit sometime soon. I wanna see whatcha got.”

Rebecca adjusted her sunglasses with a nod , and a bright smile “thanks guys…I really do feel welcome. I hope so too, you know? Not that Bravo’s not great…”

“Of course, Bravo’s pretty cool,” Chris chuckled, glancing at Enrico’s empty seat. “But….” He flashed Rebecca a smile.

“I’d really love to work with you guys, directly.” Rebecca continued, rubbing her hands together. You guys, Jill, the Captain, Even Joseph and Brad.”

Even Joseph and Bra,” Chris chuckled and shook his head.He looked like he was about to say more, when the door suddenly swung open.

It was Captain Wesker, and he did not look pleased.

Rebecca paled under her sunglasses, and sat quickly at her desk , rummaging through a small stack of papers atop it with a grimace.

It didn’t look like the meeting went well.

“Hey Cap.” Barry called out, still brushing out the chambers of his revolver’s magazine. If he was bothered by Wesker’s mood, his tone didn’t show it. “Lemme guess, you had to listen to Irons go on and on with no resolution?”

“Astute as usual, Barry,” Wesker drawled. “Rebecca, in my office. Team meeting in 20 minutes. Both of you– find out where the rest of Bravo and Alpha are– understood?”

Chris looked surprised, but nodded. “Got it, captain.”

Barry saluted Wesker crisply, before sliding to his feet. “20 minutes? Got it, sir. Got an idea where Joseph and Brad may have gotten to. I’ll have ‘em ready.”

Rebecca jolted up from her chair, saluting hard enough to almost knock her sunglasses off, before she scrambled towards his office “yes sir! Understood!”

“Close the door, Rebecca,” Albert mumbled. He was pulling something out of his bag. “I’m afraid it won’t be anything entertaining, so measure your expectations.”

Rebecca closed the door behind her with a nod. “I figured, sir.” she said in a soft voice. “I heard there was another incident…” She stood in front of his desk, hands folded behind her as she stood at attention.

“It sounds like STARS may be getting involved now?”

“No,” he said, and she saw his jaw clench. “Irons is keeping it in his own hands for the moment.He’s eager for a chance for his men to botch the job. Come here.”

He sat down, and patted his lap. She saw that he had a syringe in one hand.

It was time for her daily shot. She sat down , delicately in his lap with a grimace. “…but the police haven’t been able to handle it…people are dying! is he that desperate for the recognition?”

“He’s a political lapdog,” Wesker hissed. He arranged her gently in his lap, and pressed the syringe to her neck. “Unfortunately its out of my hands for the moment.”

“People like him shouldn’t be allowed in positions that are supposed to be for protection of others…” Rebecca murmured, arching her neck for him. “Caring more about politics than the people it hurts…”

“I more than agree with you,” he said with a little growl in the back of his voice. “Ready yourself.”

Before she could respond, she felt the sharp pinch of the injection and the heat of its contents spreading through her body. It made her dizzy again.

She swooned, leaning against him for the stability as her head spun along with the warmth crawling its way through her veins.

Her reply was gone, but she nodded against him, resting her head on his shoulder instead.

He set the empty syringe down and wrapped his arms around her gently, holding her while her head swam. He kissed the top of her head.

She made a soft, happy sound at the feeling the kiss rustling her hair. For that long moment of disorientation, she was happy to just lay comfortably in his arms, atop his lap.

More comfortable than she’d been last night in her own bed.

The disorientation didn’t last as long this time, and when she gathered her senses again she felt vibrant and alert, even more so than before. There was a gentle tingling sensation in her body, especially where it pressed against the captain.

It was better than coffee. Snapping her awake, alert, and ready. Whatever that shot was, it made her feel fantastic. Shivering, just the slightest, she nuzzled up against the Captain, seeking more of that gentle tingling sensation as she did.

“Captain,” she said softly. “I’ve noticed a few effects of your latest shots.”

“Tell me about them,” he said, stroking her hair.

Rebecca closed her eyes, relishing the feeling of his fingers running through her short hair. “The most obvious one is my eyes…they look…a little different than usual,sir.” she whispered. “and I can see almost perfectly in the dark…to the point where too much light is a little painful. Increased photosensitivity.”

“Ahh, the light senstivitity’s hit you already,” he purred. “I did observe the sunglasses. Would you like a better pair?”

“I thought it might be normal.” Rebecca laughed softly into her hand. “Given you never take yours off…is it faster than usual?”

She cocked her head, smiling warmly “I would..these are alright, but they’re not the best.”

“I’ll have a pair for you tomorrow,” he promised, kissing her head. “How is the dizziness?”

“Better, shorter this time and with less of a lingering sensation.Though my skin seems to tingle where it’s touched.” She reported, resting her head against his chest. “And thank you…I’ll appreciate that a lot.”

He nodded against her, and pet her hair again. “Good. Hopefully the dizziness will disappear entirely on further dosage.”

She nodded slowly, “I hope so.” she chuckled, “not that sitting on your lap is bad, I like it…I’d just like to be able to keep my wits about me after a dose.”

She closed her eyes, thoughtful. “It’s amazing how used to it all I’ve gotten, though.”

“You’re very adaptable, Rebecca. I’m quite proud of you.”

She shivered, beaming with pride as she curled up on his lap and arched her neck to look up at him. “Thank you, sir…I’m glad, very glad, that I’m doing well. It’s a little scary, but…I trust you very much.”

Wesker kissed her gently on the lips, cupping his hand around her chin. “And as long as you trust me, I promise it will be alright. I love you, Rebecca.”

She kissed softly in return, the ridge of her sunglasses slipping down her nose as she met his eyes with her own.

“I..” she said, stammering as her face turned pink “I love you too, Albert.” she whispered “I know it’ll all turn out okay…I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Never,” he purred, stroking her warm face gently. “Now, let’s see about that meeting.”

It was obvious during the meeting how frustrated captain Wesker was. In a voice even more terse than usual, he went through the details of the case. How there had been more bodies found. How the captain was insisting that it was not yet STARS business.

Wesker instructed them all not to get involved, and if they happened on anything they felt was related to the case, they should report it to Chief Irons.

This seemed to gall him the most.

To say it was a tense half hour was understating the matter.

Rebecca listened the entire meeting, her hands folded tensely on her lap as her frown only deepened. The Chief’s insistence that they don’t get involved was irritating…leaving her just as frustrated as the Captain.

She joined STARS to help people, and here was some wannabe politician stopping them from doing anything while people lost their lives. Her fingers clenched against the fabric of her pants.

To her side, she could hear Jill Valentine mutter to herself “This is fucking bullshit, is what it is.”

That seemed to be the general sentiment among everyone, as the Captain finally dismissed them, and stalked back into his office, shutting the door with just barely little enough force to not be considered slamming it.

Chris winced. “Fuck, man…. Can you believe this?”

Rebecca finally unclenched her hands as she walked to sag on the edge of a desk. “…I can’t believe it. I still can’t believe that s-scumbag Irons is forcing us to keep out of this…when people are dying and he hasn’t done anything to stop it!”

“I can,” Jill hissed between her teeth. “The old bloated prick’s always cared more about his political career and who he’s gonna try and pork that night than anyone’s health or safety.”

“You’re not wrong,” Chris said, shaking his head. “Still, its just… stunning, that he’d use something as bad as this to play politics. I guess I’m not surprised but I’m still fucking mad about it.”

“Fucking typical is what it is.” Jill muttered “my old man used to tell me about guys like Irons. ‘Bigger crooks than your old man’ he’d say. He wasn’t wrong.”

Rebecca bit her lip. “…i wish there was something we could do…I mean, it’s happening right outside my door, basically, I wish we could just…do something..instead of being blocked by Iron’s ego..”

“I mean, if we’re not on the case, we’re not on the case,” Chris grumbled. “What are we gonna do, go rogue?”

“If we’re going rogue, I’m stealing the grenade launcher,” Jill said dryly. “I’ve seen enough action movies to know where that’ll go.”

Rebecca waved her hands in exasperation, her sunglasses slipping down her nose. “No no no! No going rogue! Gosh!”

“But Becca,” Jill grinned. “you’ve got the shades for it, dontcha? What’s up with ‘em, anyway?”

“Becca didn’t sleep well last night,” Chris explained for her. “You heard where the latest body was found, right? And you’ve picked her up for work before?”

JIll nodded slowly, “Yeah, I picked her up a few times.” she grimaced. “That is right by the latest corpse, ain’t it?”

“Yeah, I might have seen it happen,.” Rebecca murmured. “I slept pretty bad because the local dogs were going crazy…and when I looked out the window I saw something moving a few blocks away.”

Jill’s eyebrow raised, the grimace still etched on her face. “Wow, you got some good peepers then…but shit, I bet it’s hitting close to home then Rookie. Gonna be alright?”

Chris shared the look of concern, and smacked Rebecca on the shoulder. “You’ll tough it out, right, Becca? Take more than that to put you down.”

Rebecca didn’t stumble like she had before her treatments, flashing a smile at the two of them with a nod of her head. “I’m tougher than I look, yeah. I’ll be alright. I’m just mad we’re not allowed to even TRY to help.”

JIll nodded sagely. “Yeah…I bet that’d help ya feel safe. Fuckin’ Chief Irons. I could ask a couple guys my dad knew to pull some strings an—”

“Jill!!” Rebecca squeaked.

Chris gave her a look. “Tell Becca you’re joking, Jill.”

Jill raised her hands in the air with an easy smile. “I’m just fucking around, Becca. Don’t worry.”

Rebecca shook her head, before she stuck her tongue out at Jill. “Bleh. He’s a creep and a jerk, but if we can’t do anything, we can’t do anything…we just have to hope the RCPD can pull through.”

“Yeah,” Chris sighed. “And be there to bail them out if they can’t, as usual. Right?”

“Damn right. Just have to hope too many people don’t get munched before they decide it’s time to bring in the experts.” Jill muttered.

“I’ll see if I can keep an eye out in town some, maybe. U-unofficially, of course.” Rebecca mused.

“Unofficially, of course,” Chris nodded. “I might ask around too…”

JIll nodded , glancing briefly at the office with a sly smile. “Yeah, same. I mean…if we’re just looking about as concerned citizens, who can complain, yeah?”

“Irons?” Chris suggested. “I donno if the captain’ll be happy about it either, but…”

“I dunno, he hates Irons as much as the rest of us…and I could tell, during that meeting he was furious that we were told to stay out of it,” Rebecca mused. “If we found know, on the down low, he’d probably be happy with us…”

“Either that or drag us out back and into the kennel.” Jill drawled.

Chapter End Notes

So… the scope of this story may be… expanding…. 🤔

Chapter 17

Chapter Notes

What the… is this… plot happening?

The shower helped a lot. Rebecca’s body was sore from both types of workouts Albert had put her through today. It seemed that what he lacked in time, he made up for in intensity, both in sexual activity and non.

He’d been rough with her. It was clear he had a lot on his mind, with Chief Irons and the cannibal case, and everything, and it was clear that it reflected in his physicality.

Rebecca might have been worried that she’d break, but her body seemed immensely resilient. More so, she suspected, than it would have been a few weeks ago. There were bruises from the night before but they were already looking faded.

The more intimacy she and the captain shared, the more used to that roughness she was getting. The rough passion as they both worked out their frustrations through …physical closeness, was becoming something she looked forward to.

Looking down at her bruises and turning her hand over she marveled quietly at it all. Her body was changing, that much was obvious. It was healthier…and healed faster than expected too. All thanks to the Captain and his mystery shots.

The hot water beaded in droplets over her smooth skin as she turned the shower off and started to dry off. She felt better than she had in ages, stronger, more awake. Her skin was clearer.

Skin clearer, eyes brighter, hair silkier…all around she was the pinnacle of health. Getting by on little sleep, seeing in the dark… it was a lot to get used to, yes, but it was hardly bad. It was good– that’s what she kept telling the part of herself that continued worrying, at least.

She stretched, drying her legs off as she bent down, and nodded. “It’s all good…”

The women’s locker room was (thankfully) empty when she headed out, but after she’d gotten dressed, she found Chris waiting for her on the other side of the hall.

He gave her a little wave. “Captain sent me to drive you home.”

Rebecca flashed him a bright grin, slipping her sunglasses onto her face as she stepped into the brighter hall. “Thanks Chris. I have to admit…it’s been nice getting these rides lately.”

“Yeah?” he grinned back at her. “Just like the company, or like getting the chauffeur treatment?” His tone was very gently teasing.

“Maybe a little of both.” Rebecca stuck her tongue out. “And it sure beats the bus!”

“Can’t argue with that!” he agreed, slapping her shoulder. “C’mon lets get out of here before we get stuck with a second shift, huh?”

He winked and motioned for her to follow him down the hall.

“Oh no.” Rebecca laughed, “an overnight at the station sounds awful.” She joked playfully as she hurried along to fall in step with him.

“That’s when the real crazies come out,” he agreed with a grin.”During the day you gotta chase ‘em down yourself.”

He leaned in and said quietly to her, “I was thinking of doing some chasing if you wanted to come.”

Rebecca nodded firmly. “Yeah…you know, that sounds nice.” She said in a soft voice. “Count me in.”

She smiled a little to herself. She was sure of it…if they found something…anything…while off duty, the Captain would be happy to hear about it. After all, he was frustrated with this case as they were.

Down in the parking garage, they hopped into Chris’ now familiar car. He offered her a high five. “Here’s to going rogue, I guess.”

Rebecca high fived him with a laugh “Here’s to going rogue!” She stuck out her tongue. “For the good of Raccoon City, right?”

“For the good of Raccoon City,” he nodded. “With that in mind, you got any ideas where we should start, Rookie?”

Chris… might have been quizzing her.

“Well…the attacks have been happening in my area, and a little closer to the Arklay woods. I’m thinking maybe we should investigate the site of the first attack and see if we can gather some information from the surrounding area.”

Chris nodded. “That’s exactly what I would have suggested. We’ll have to buzz by first to make sure that no one’s around for the moment.”

“My guess is they’ll all be at the site of the latest murder, honestly . We should still buzz by of course…but I think we should be in the clear.”

“That’s what I think too. But you never know with Irons. He could have somebody posted at the first spot all night just out of paranoia.”

“Ugh..” Rebecca grimaced “I really hope we can pull the rug out from under that huge jerk.”

She shuddered, “he gives me the creeps, Chris.”

He put a hand on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “Yeah. Me too, Bec. But maybe we can put some egg on his face, huh?”

Rebecca nodded, looking up at him with a smile. “Honestly, I bet the look on his face’ll be priceless when we manage to pull this out from under him ‘’’by accident’’’.”

“The captain’ll hang us up by our ears of course– but probably want to give us a medal in private,” Chris chuckled.

And maybe something else, if she was lucky. That brought a shy smile to Rebecca’s face. “I don’t mind a little public reprimand if it means we did some good and made him proud.”

They drove past Rebecca’s apartment, and into the suburban outskirts of Raccoon city, the houses getting further and further apart, separated by small patches of cultivated woodland.

Rebecca watched as the trees and houses flew by. “It’s hard to believe a cannibal is roaming around here…it’s always been so quiet and peaceful, you know?”

“I guess it’s like the local equivalent of ‘it’s always the quiet ones’,” Chris mused. “I guess evil is never hiding where you’d expect– or it wouldn’t be hiding very well.”

“Which is why there’s people like us there, trying to root it out so nobody else has to die.” Rebecca agreed, leaning on the window.

The site of the first attack came into view– easy to notice by the police tape and orange striped blockade sawhorses around it. However, other than those, there wasn’t anything noticeable to stop them from snooping. Certainly no patrolman on duty.

“Looks like practicality won out over Iron’s ego. We’re in the clear, Chris!” Rebecca said cheerfully. “Let’s see if we can snoop around!”

“Good,” he nodded. “I’m still going to park a little way away and we’ll walk over.”

He pulled the car up a few hundred feet from the spot, by the curb near some cookie cutter suburban houses. “Let’s do this.”

Rebecca nodded, pushing up her sunglasses with a grin. “Let’s do this, Chris.”

She slipped out of the car, and stretched. “It’s a beautiful night for a walk, yeah?”

“Oh yeah, lovely,” he agreed. The afternoon was golden, and at six on a summer night, it was far from dusk. The air was hazy and warm, and carried the floral scent of nearby gardens on its heaviness.

As they casually walked toward the scene of the crime, Rebecca was sure she could smell the sweetness of rotting flesh undercurrent the flowers.

She pressed her hand to her face, trying not to gag as the smell of rotting flesh hit her nose. It was weeks ago…they had to have cleaned it up by now…so why did that smell linger strong enough to smell it?

She tried to distract herself. “You don’t see people out as much anymore since the murders.”

Chris shook his head. If he could smell anything, he wasn’t reacting to it. “Yeah. I can’t blame anybody. I know I would have kept my sister inside if shit like this had been happening.”

“She’s out of town now, right?” Rebecca asked, slowly lowering her hand, while looking a little green at the gills. “I hope so, anyway.”

“Yeah, she’s at college, out of state,” he nodded. They approached the police tape. There were little evidence markers on the ground, and tape, but Rebecca didn’t see anything jump out immediately.

“Most of the obvious evidence has been moved, I’d bet.” Rebecca mused, as she slid her way past the tape and into the scene. “So we’re going to need to really look.”

She looked up at Chris with a nod “good…I know you worry about her, so It’s good she’s not around right now for this.”

“Probably in the locker at the station,” Chris murmured, looking the area over. “And yeah, I’m really glad Claire’s as far from here as she is….”

He ducked under the tape with Rebecca, glancing around.

Rebecca tried to focus her eyes, tilting her sunglasses up to inspect the nearby brush, letting her footfalls stay light on the ground to avoid disturbing anything without reason.

“Yeah…If I were in your shoes , I wouldn’t want family near this either.”

The rot smell was strong here, despite there not being any apparent flesh yet.

Chris knelt down beside the tape outline, looking curious.

As nauseating as it was, she followed the scent, carefully picking around the brush, and following the strength of the scent as she nodded. “There’s something here, I think, hold on..”

He cocked his head. “You found something?”

Indeed, she had. And she was sure she wouldn’t have noticed something so tiny before. There, hidden under some leaves, was a pair of rotting human teeth.

“Come here, Chris…did you bring any bags with you? There’s…some teeth, it looks like. Human.”

“Christ– human teeth?” he hissed. “Hold on, don’t touch them, I’ve got some in the car. Uh, bags I mean.”

He came near her, and leaned over her, staring down.

“I’m not going to touch it.” Rebecca said with a smile. “I remember basic lab safety.”

She pointed down to them “And look, they’re rotting already.”

“Man, you have good eyes to spot those,” Chris murmured. “Hold on, don’t move. I’m gonna run back to the car and grab some baggies, yeah?”

He didn’t wait for her reply, but hurried back toward the car.

Rebecca let her sunglasses slip back down over her eyes. “But why are they here…was the corpse missing any teeth? Or is this from the attacker?”

That was a good question. As far as Rebecca recalled, the corpse was missing chunks of flesh, but the report she’d helped Captain Wesker file hadn’t mentioned anything about missing teeth.

“The attacker could have lost a few teeth, especially if they were in as bad a condition as this…human flesh isn’t the easiest to bite through, I can imagine…” she murmured “this is potentially valuable DNA evidence.”

Chris came back, bags and collection tongs in hand. “Glad I always keep some of this stuff just in case,” he said. “Man, Rebecca– I didn’t think we were actually gonna find something so fast.”

“Me too!” Rebecca said brightly. “it comes in handy…” She shook her head, and gestured to the teeth for him to pick up. “Me neither, I …kind of smelt something off, and when I followed the trace it lead me to these…we got lucky.”

“Smelled it, huh?”He knelt down to pick the first of the teeth with the tong– and it crumbled as the tongs pinched it. Chris looked like he’d been struck. “FUCK.”

Rebecca grimaced recoiling back “…oh no…it must be more far along than I thought. Try to get some of the crumbles into the bag, they could still be useful…”

“Yeah, shit, and there’s the second one,” Chris grumbled, trying to get the gritty tooth remains in the bag. “How fucking rotted does it have to be to do that? How could you even bite somebody with teeth like that?”

“That’s what I’m wondering.” Rebecca murmured. “I mean…that’s advanced. That tooth’s pretty much decayed through, there’s no way it’d pierce human skin like that. Which explains why it’s on the ground, I’d wager…but it’s still very strange.”

“Could it be unrelated? I mean, it’s hard to believe you’d just find human teeth and them not be related but…”

“It’s possible, but…it’s also very possible this is an important detail the police overlooked…” Rebecca shook her head “No way of telling until we find more..”

“I grabbed the camera too. Can I ask you to pick up the other tooth after I take some pictures?”

Rebecca took the tongs with a nod of her head. “You got it, Chris!” She took a step back to keep her shadow from falling in the picture. “Alright, I should be clear, go for it?”

Carefully, Chris took the camera from out of the bag he’d brought form the car, and took a couple of snapshots. “We can develop these back at the station.”

“Thank heck we’ve got the darkroom for it.” Rebecca agreed, before bending over and carefully trying to pick up the tooth in the tongs. “Easy…easy…”

Rebecca’s care managed to gentle the tooth into the bag without damaging it, along with the remains of the one Chris had destroyed.

“Just takes a gentle touch,” she teased Chris with a wink, as she handed him the bag. “here you go, for you!”

“I knew I could count on you,” he said with a grin, holding the bag delicately. “Alright… should we look around some more do you think, or?”

“I want to press a little further into the brush if that’s okay.” Rebecca mused. “…i’m wondering if the teeth are the only things that smell rotten around here.”

He nodded. “Yeah, go for it, bloodhound.” His voice was teasing but he also sounded a little impressed.

Rebecca flushed brightly, sticking her tongue out. “Hmph!”

She giggled, though, and started walking deeper in the woods “I dunno, I’ve just felt sharper lately…maybe it’s a latent talent, or something.”

“Maybe! Think all that training with the captain brought it out?” he asked, following her carefully into the brush.

Rebecca tinted a bit pink, but pushed her sunglasses up with a gentle laugh. “I think so, honestly? It may just be because I’m feeling a lot healthier than I’ve ever felt before..”

She wandered deeper into the brush, sniffing the air and keeping her eyes on the ground… maybe, in a way, she was a bit of a bloodhound. Her senses were keen, incredibly keen. And they seemed to only get better each day.

Chris chuckled. “Maybe I’m a little jealous.”

The smell of rot was strong here, underneath the curling vines of a thorny bush.

She held out her hand, for him to stop “Sorry.” she laughed gently. “Maybe I can see if we can get you to train with us, too, sometime!”

Her smile faded though, as she gently bent down and used the tongs to pull the thorny vines away. “let’s see what we have here, though…”

The disgusting smell wafted up toward her face as she pulled the vines away. Lying there, decomposing in the earth was a small clump of something fleshy, and some bone.

Chris, however, seemed to be examining something else.

Rebecca tried her best not to gag, her breath catching in her throat as she pulled away. “…oh…”

She squinted behind her sunglasses, looking it over. It wasn’t always easy to tell, but there were often signs on if it seemed to be animal or human.

There was the distressing possibility that it looked like the remains of part of a human hand.

“Hey Becca–,” Chris said from a couple of feet away. “It’s hard to tell, but I think there are drag marks over here.”

“And I may have found a lost hand.” She said with a tense laugh, backing away to investigate by Chris’ feet. “…hm.”

“Shit, a hand?” He turned to look over at the her a she came near, and pointed out where it looked like the earth and vegetation had been disturbed a while prior. “See? Something heavy for there still to be a trace by now.”

Rebecca nodded, bending low to give it a solid look, a frown on her face. “You’re not wrong…maybe a body? Can you take a picture of these, and the ah..r-remains?”

She shook her head. They shouldn’t be doing this…but Irons was getting in the way of investigation that could help people…

“Do you remember hearing anything about missing hands in the report?”

“One of them had a couple of fingers missing,” he recalled, “but the bodies were supposedly found over there…”

“And yet over here we have drag marks and remains.” Rebecca murmured “weird, isn’t it?”

“It’s really weird,” Chris agreed, taking a few more pictures of the drag marks and the hand. “I wasn’t planning on telling the Captain what we were up to soon, but I didn’t expect to find, well, anything.”

“Yeah…I didn’t expect it either…maybe one or two witness statements or some residue, but this…”

She frowned. “We may have to talk to him sooner.”

“I’m a little worried what he’ll say about us snooping,” he sighed. “But I’m more worried about whatever the hell is going on here.”

“We can take the reprimand.” Rebecca said with a nod of her head. “…but it’d be irresponsible to keep this to ourselves. No better than Irons.”

“You’re right,” he nodded. “Let’s get some food and come up with a plan. Sound good? Man, Jill’s gonna be annoyed she missed this.”

Rebecca nodded firmly. “absolutely. I know a good diner near here we can stop at.”

She chuckled softly under her breath. “She’s going to be livid…we’ll just have to include her next time, I guess.”

“Like I said– I didn’t expect to find anything!”

Chapter End Notes

“I guess it’s like the local equivalent of ‘it’s always the quiet ones’,” Chris mused. “I guess evil is never hiding where you’d expect– or it wouldn’t be hiding very well.”

“A resident evil, I suppose…” Rebecca whispered to herself.

Chapter 18

Chapter Notes

We’ll get a little of another POV today.

Chris had an intense, thoughtful expression on his face while he absently ate his fries, looking like nothing so much as a labrador retriever trying to figure out why his master has only pretended to throw the ball.

Rebecca looked up at him with a french fry stuck in her mouth and a curious look in her eyes only partially hidden by the sunglasses on her nose. “Hey, Chris?” She said after a moment.

“You haven’t said anything for like…five minutes.”

He swallowed, and looked like he was judging if he should say something or not.


Rebecca tilted her sunglasses down to look at him, despite the way the light stung her eyes. “Well?” she said, biting her lip. “You’re making me nervous, Chris…gosh.”

“Sorry, but… I have to ask,” he said. “You uh, you and the captain…”

Rebecca flushed, blinking in surprise as she quickly pushed her sunglasses up. “W-what about us, Chris?” she stammered out.

He held up his hands. “No, nothing– I just mean, you’re pretty sure he won’t be too pissed at us, right?”

It was all too clear that that wasn’t what Chris had been meaning to say.

Rebecca rubbed her arm, suddenly feeling awkward as she smiled nervously. “Y-yeah, I’m sure he’ll be fine once we explain ourselves. I know it..”

She glanced off to the side. Looked like Chris suspected…she wasn’t surprised. He was always more observant than people liked to joke.

“I’ll talk to him.”

He nodded once, and offered her a french fry. “Thanks, Bec.”

Rebecca took the french fry, giving him a shy smile. “Hey, Chris? Thanks for being a good friend to me these last few weeks.”

“Hey of course,” he nodded. “You can count on me, Bec. For anything, really. If there’s anything you need, or anything…” He stumbled a bit, awkwardly.

Rebecca fussed with her napkin, looking up at him with a nervous smile. “A-anything…what?”

“Like if there was something the matter, or something you were unsure about, you could talk to me about it.”

“O-of course!” Rebecca said with a vehement nod of her head. “I..I would, I know I can..”

She rubbed her arm “I’m just a bit out of sorts, that’s all..not bad, I mean. I’m just…it’s been a hectic month.”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I hope it’s okay to say I’ve noticed you… have a lot going on. On top of all this other shit, like cannibal murders.”

Rebecca flushed a little, nodding her head. “Y-yeah. I mean…my training regime with the Captain is having more of an effect than I thought, and…and it’s caused a lot of little changes that all kind of add up.”

“I’ve noticed you’re a bit different,” he nodded slowly.

“Y-yeah?” Rebecca cocked her head curiously.

“Not bad or anything, just, I donno. A little different,” he said. “But as long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”

“I didn’t know it was so noticeable! My ah, my confidence has been getting better.” She said with a genuine smile. “I’m happy, honestly…It’s just a period of change for me, you know? I was due for one after blazing through college…”

“Yeah,” he said with a little, rather nervous smile. “You’re coming into your own now, I guess?”

Rebecca nodded firmly. “Yeah..yeah I think I am.” she smiled up at him, fussing with her glasses “i didn’t have a chance before. Between my mom’s death, and my dad’s injury and..and his work…and college. Now that I’ve got a chance to breathe, I can figure out who I want to be..”

“Good. Heh… Good. I kinda got all that shit out of the way too early, you know? So I’m glad you can breathe.”

“You did, huh?” Rebecca cocked her head at him. “thank you, though…I’m exploring things, you know? Trying new things, like this w-workout regime.”

Chris rubbed the back of his neck and nodded with a smile. “Yeah, uh, yeah. Well, just, have fun, you know? And let me know if you ever. Yeah. You get it.” He gave her a thumbs up.

Rebecca returned it, her smile as bright as the setting sun. “I promise, Chris. I’ll let you know…and I’ll have fun. Promise.”

She chuckled softly. “you earned yourself a hug, though!”

He gave her his usual cheerful grin. “I’ll take it. I could use one after what we saw this afternoon, you know?”

“Same” she laughed “I may have gotten more confident but..” she shivered, despite her smile “That kind of sight isn’t one you get used to.”

“Never,” he agreed, shaking his head. “But I’m glad we did find it. Who knows. Might crack the case.”

Rebecca’s smile grew a little cheerier. “I hope so…if we can make a breakthrough, Irons will HAVE to do something about it, no matter how much he tries to stop it!”

“That’ll be a hell of a relief,” Chris nodded. “I just wish we could do something about Irons too…” He paused. “Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

Rebecca shook her head. “No…I know how you feel,” she murmured. “I maybe expressed similar the Captain about him earlier.”

“Oh yeah?” He cocked his head. “I know he hates him too, so…”

“He’s not Iron’s biggest fan, no,” Rebecca said softly. “and he’s really unhappy to have heard the things Irons said to me too.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet he is,” Chris grumbled. “Well, let’s hope that just makes our mild insubordination even more happily received.”

“I’m certain it’ll be okay.” She said with a nod. “and if it isn’t…I’ll take the blame. Okay?”

“Well I’m not letting that happen, no,” he said, shaking his head. “It was my idea.”

Rebecca leaned on her hand. “But you’re in Alpha team!” she said. “I don’t want your record getting tarnished too bad!”

“My record can tarnish itself,” he said, waving his hand. “I’ve had a scrap or two with authority before. I can take my licks.”

“Alright…” Rebecca smiled at him. “But I’ll step in and take part of it if it gets too hot, okay?”

Chris held his hands up. “Far be it from me to try to stop you when you get your mind set on something.”

She offered her hand to him with a soft laugh. “We may be on different squads, Chris, but you’re a real comrade, you know?”

“Awww, Becca,” he smiled and squeezed her hand. “Any time. Comrades til the end.”

Rebecca squeezed his hand back “Comrades till the end, Chris…tell Jill I say the same to her, too, okay?”

“Tell her yourself when we let her know we left her out,” he laughed, and shook his head. “Alright, so, with all that settled, what should be our approach? Are we gonna tell him tomorrow morning, or are we going to sit on this for a little while?

“I think we should probably tell him tomorrow,” she said thoughtfully. “We can’t sit on the evidence too long, and we made a significant enough find that he should probably know about it, right? Maybe we can even convince him to let us dig a little deeper with a find like those teeth and that..ah, body part.”

Chris nodded. “Yeah… honestly, even as much as I don’t like it, you’re right. We’d better not keep it under our hats. Alright, so, we’ll ask to see him in his office tomorrow morning then? When you get in?”

“Perfect.” Rebecca agreed with a smile. “We should tell Jill, too. So she knows what’s going on.”

“Before we tell the captain?”

“What do you think, Chris?” she cocked her head. “You’ve been in STARS longer, I’m deferring to your judgment.”

Chris grimaced and rubbed his jaw. “I think she comes in early tomorrow. I hate to spend the whole day knowing we’re gonna talk to Wesker later. Makes me anxious.”

“If we see her before we get to the captain, then we’ll talk to her.” Rebecca smiled. “easy. I don’t think I could wait either, not when time’s of the essence.”

“Me either.” Chris offered her a handshake. “Sounds like a plan, Bec.”

Taking his hand in hers, she gave it a firm shake. “It’s a plan, Chris.”

The area around the records room in the RCPD was quiet about this time, just after the usual day shift was filtering out, and the night crew had yet to get to work.

It was a brief stretch of quiet, when the station was more or less at peace. Which made it perfect for Jill Valentine’s purposes.

STARS had been forbidden from investigating the case, but everyone knew the reason was Iron’s political bullshit. The RCPD was in over their heads, and they refused to let the specialists take care of it— so Jill was ready to take matters into her own hands.

Captain Wesker had hired her for her skills with a lockpick and inquisitive mind. He couldn’t blame her if she used them to help nudge this case along, even if the methods weren’t exactly above board.

She walked– intimately familiar with the camera setup in the halls– avoiding their field of view with a slim smile as she made her way towards the door sealing off the records room. Nobody would mind, she imagined, if she ‘caught up on some paperwork’ with some cold cases, right? Right. It was a decent enough excuse, and a firm chance to get her hands on the data from the latest cases.

The door to the main records room wasn’t locked of course; she could enter easily. But some of the more sensitive information was definitely stored in a way that might give her cause to practice her skills, assuming no one happened to be there to notice.

At least when she got there, the room was empty.

Jill shut the door behind her, and as she did she placed a can from her bag by the door, so if it opened the can would fall, alerting her to someone’s approach. A small detail, but one that could give her time to pretend she was doing something she was supposed to. A little anti-burglar alarm.

She grinned to herself. Chris and Rebecca were going to be so jealous if she managed to get some information before them. If nothing else, the look on their faces would be worth the trouble.

She looked around, walking casually towards the back of the room as her eyes scanned the file names, looking for the latest items.

The cabinets for the ongoing investigations were in the front of the room, logged by case number. Easy enough to get at, assuming they were there, and not in the locked cabinets at the back of the room.

And that was the first place she looked. Having memorized the case numbers, it was a simple enough matter to skim the cabinets as she sought out the right ones.

“Let’s see…” Jill murmured. “They’d be somewhere around here if Irons didn’t move them to the locked cabinets…”

The cabinet slid out with a hiss, and revealed the rows of tightly packed manila folders with their carefully type-written labels.For the most part it was neat and organized.

That suited her needs nicely. With deft fingers she began to rifle through the folders, turning label after label over as she scanned for the memorized case numbers.

“It’s got to be here somewhere.” She muttered under her breath. “Come on Irons, make my job easy.”

She already knew the case number, and her fingers danced to where it should be filed.

Jill almost wasn’t surprised.

It was missing.

“Yeah, fuck you too, Irons,” Jill muttered under her breath as she shut the drawer and turned to look at the back of the room.

She could feel the weight of the lockpicks in her belt as she made her way back towards them. “Looks like Dad’s old tricks are needed again. Better to ask forgiveness, ect.”

The padlocked cabinets loomed. They certainly weren’t the most securely locked up– probably that wasn’t the intention. Just to deter the casual officer from digging around where he shouldn’t be.

Well, Jill was no casual officer, was she? She was STARS.

And STARS was a cut above.

JIll pulled the lockpicks from her pouch, and bent low by the padlock. Her fingers took the right positions on the picks to give just the right amount of force as she began working the lock just as her father taught her years ago.

“Just a little lock, I’ve had worse,” she muttered under her breath.

The trick was definitely not the lock. The trick was praying that no one just happened to come into the room while she was working. That would be just her luck.

She hated leaving things to luck like this. Hopefully if anyone did enter, she’d hear her little ‘alarm’ with the can with enough time to play innocent.

As she worked the next to last tumbler, she cast a wary eye over her shoulder to make sure it was still there.

Thankfully, the only noise in the room was the click of the locks and tumblers, including that final click that opened the drawer. It came open under her hand.

JIll shoved the lockpicks back in their pouch with a victorious grin on her face. Casually, she slid the drawer open and flipped quickly through them for the memorized number.

“Alright, come to mama,” she whispered at the labeled files.

The files… didn’t come.

They weren’t there. No matter how far Jill rifled through the filing system they were simply absent.

“…..son of a bitch!” Jill felt her frustration grow in tandem with her anger.

“Why the fuck aren’t they with the other records??” She shut the drawer, snapping the padlock shut and turning to run her hand through her hair.

“He must have them in some kind of private records…so where?” she mused to herself.

That was when she heard the can by the door fall over, as the door popped open.

Jill did a hard right as casually as she could, and pretended to be rooting around in one of the boxes of old stored media, grabbing the first thing she could and giving it a cursory scan.

Once she did, she peeked over her shoulder to see if she could get a look at the intruder through the slats of the dividing rack.

Captain Albert Wesker strode into the room, and paused, frowning down at the can on the floor.


A cold chill rolled down her spine at the sight of the Captain, her smile freezing on her face as she waved to him with the hand that held an old interrogation tape.

“Captain Wesker!”

She glanced down, towards the can, before snapping her eyes back up to him.

“You’re in late today!”

He stepped forward, closing the door behind him. “I could say the same about you. Hm. you’ll bring down STARS reputation– littering like this.” He put the tip of his boot on the can.

JIll’s fingers tensed on the cassette tape as she kept the smile on her face.

“Sorry sir. I was catching up with some of my backlog. I just put the can down for a moment while I worked, I was planning on throwin’ it in the recycle bin on the way out.”

She put the cassette back, easing around the racks and towards Captain Wesker. As she stood face to face with him, she bent down to pick it up. “Here, let me get it, sir.”

“You shouldn’t be bringing drinks in here you know,” Wesker said, looking down at her. He hadn’t moved his foot yet from where it rested on the can as she bent down in front of him.

Jill wondered what he was playing at. Certainly, Wesker knew exactly what she’d been doing with the can.

Her smile grew a little tighter. The Captain was on to her. She knew it…so why the mind game?

She reached down, her fingers brushing the edge of his boot as she grabbed for the can. “It was empty, I just hadn’t gotten to the bin yet. It won’t happen again, Captain Wesker, sir.”

She smiled up at him, her heart racing in her chest, “I don’t want to sully STARS’ reputation.”

“I’m pleased to hear it, Jill. After all, STARS reputation is my reputation,” the edge of his mouth quirked tightly. “Was there anything you needed to apprise me of?”

“Aside from the can I left on the ground, sir?” Jill said with a half smile.

“Aside from that, Jill.” The weight of his boot shifted on the can, and it made a little ‘clink’ noise.

Jill’s fingers jerked away and she made to stand. With Wesker looming over her like this and her practically on her knees…

She felt helpless, and in a situation like this, that was the last thing she should be.

“I’ve just been putting in a little overtime, sir,” she said carefully. “Looking into some old cases. I haven’t found anything of note yet, though.”

“I see,” Wesker said. He stared at her with a cool gaze behind his ever present shades. “Mind yourself, Jill. Old cases occasionally bite. I’ll be waiting to hear your report.”

He crushed the can with his boot, and then in a swift motion, reached down and took it. He handed it back to her. “And make sure to clear up after yourself.”

Jill saluted him, her heart beating faster as she nodded her head. “Sir, yes sir!”

She shifted into a slightly more at ease stance. “I’ll be careful…and I’ll give you my full report once I’ve got it together.”

She lowered her hand and gave him a tense smile. “Promise.”

“Good. I’ll be expecting it. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

A moment later, Jill had left the captain in the records room. She could feel sweat on the back of her neck.

It was hard to lie to Captain Wesker. He was a man she respected, who’d given her a chance when the army rejected her for her father’s crimes, and a man she admired. Add to that the fact that he was one handsome motherfucker, and it made for an intimidating mark when it came to hiding the truth.

She wiped the sweat off her neck with the back of her gloved hand, before she slowly left the room. Weighing the options, she thought to herself.

‘Chief Irons probably had the records moved–-but where? Maybe in his office– is he in this time of night?’

That was a good question. Unless he was working late, he probably wouldn’t be there. And it was hard to imagine Irons working late unless it was for a political gala.

Jill closed her eyes, before clenching her fists. STARS’ reputation was the Captain’s…and what would bring greater glory to him and the team than solving a mystery the cops couldn’t solve and saving lives?

With her mind made up, Jill slipped out of the records room and made a beeline for the stairs while avoiding as many cameras as she could manage.

Iron’s office was on the ass-opposite end of the station from where she was, unfortunately, not just up the stairs but across in the opposite wing.

The whole damn police station was a labyrinth. A side effect of its unusual history as an art museum. Jill , when crossing to the other side, always preferred to cross the balcony and make her way through the secretary’s desk area when she had the keys. If not…well, in this place there was ALWAYS another way.

Eventually, after picking her way through what felt like the whole goddamned station, she found herself in the main hall outside of the art gallery and the chief’s office.

Jill took a deep breath, and rummaged for her picks just in case as she made her way down the hall, stopping to lean in and listen at the Chief’s door before testing the knob.

As she listened, she was glad she didn’t start with the picks first. There was a conversation happening inside. The only voice she could hear was Irons, so it was likely that he was on the phone.

She bent down, low enough to reach the keyhole, before she began to listen carefully. A thief had to have good ears…and despite going legitimate, she was trained by the best.

“Yes, sir, that’s correct, I did,” Irons said. His voice was tight. Terse, but with deference.

Jill stilled her breathing, her brow furrowing as her fingers tensed against the door. ‘Who’s he talking to? The Mayor?’

“Yes, sir, I know. I’m attempting to minimize interference while you do,” there was a pause. “Yes, sir. May I be honest?”

JIll’s eyes narrowed. She wanted to hear the old windbag be honest for once in his life, that’s for sure.

“Thank you, sir. It’s just that, if there’s a problem, don’t expect it from my boys. If I were you I’d be keeping an eye on Wesker. I know a man who has ambitions above his station, sir. He’s gotten jumped up about his pet STARS project.”

She felt her fingers clench against the door, and her jaw set tightly. It was all she could to do keep from grinding her teeth.

That prick was talking about THEM…and what was this about ‘ambitions above his station’, and ‘pet projects’? Who in the hell was Irons talking to?

Either way, she knew it wasn’t good. It gave her a feeling …a tense and sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something was wrong, in the way that makes so many other things make so much more sense.

There was a long pause over the phone. “Yes, sir,” Irons finally answered. “No, I understand. I just wanted to let you know. Obviously, it’s in your hands.”

The captain should know about this, right? Jill tensed, that sick feeling crawling up inside her. She wasn’t one prone to conspiracy…but the whole thing reeked of it.

“Yes, sir. I’ll have another report for you tomorrow morning. Thank you. Yes. Have a good evening, sir.”

And then there was quiet.

Jill backed away from the door. There was no way she could rummage through the guy’s office right now…

But she’d heard enough.

Jill Valentine turned on her heels and made for the stairs on quick and silent footsteps.

Chapter End Notes

Oh dear… what will become of all this evidence? What does it mean?

Chapter 19

Chapter Notes

extra content warnings: Failure to ask permission, extremely dubious consent

Rebecca had sighed with relief once she had made it home for the day. With the door locked against any ‘cannibal killers’, and the evidence safely stashed away until tomorrow, she felt like a weight had been taken off her shoulders.

They had a plan, she could only hope that Wesker wouldn’t be too upset with them when he found out what they’d done. Now there was just the anxiety of waiting.

A snack and large glass of water later, and Rebecca was sitting naked in her bed with the lights off. She could see just fine in the dark, and she didn’t want to wear the chunky shades right now anyway. She leaned back against her pillows with a pensive frown, wondering just how she was going to get the butterflies out of her stomach enough to fall asleep.

She was keyed up; even after all the activity of the day, even with having gotten very little sleep the night before. But, she should at least try to get some sleep…

As she squirmed under the covers, she attempted to close her eyes. Taking a few deep breaths to try and calm her heart rate and ease herself into sleep, she pulled the covers up to her chin.

She may have had more energy lately– but she still needed sleep, right? She was only human.

Eventually, despite the turmoil in her mind and body, Rebecca managed to sink down into slumber.

Wesker hadn’t finished with his irritating business until quite late. There was blood on his gloves, and some of it had smudged the steering wheel. He stared blankly ahead through the car’s windscreen, the anger tying knots inside of him, despite the impassive reflection that looked back at him.

He took a breath, and it did nothing to still him.

He looked up at the building and turned the lights off on his car.

He shouldn’t do this. It was ahead of schedule. It could ruin everything.

But for some reason, Albert Wesker felt like he was running out of time.

He released his sticky grip on the steering wheel, and stepped out of the car. He walked toward Rebeeca’s apartment.

Three minutes later he was inside, and striding up the stairs toward her unit. Entry was trivial. Obtaining the key was trivial. All these useless humans and their useless systems, so easily broken.

He unlocked Rebecca’s apartment with the manager’s spare key, and opened the door with easy silence. Jill couldn’t have done it better.

He stepped into the apartment, closing the door behind him, and looking around in the dark and the gloom.

She wasn’t awake. He could hear the soft rhythm of her breath from all the way in the livingroom.

He peeled off his bloody gloves and knotted them into a ball, setting them down on the kitchen counter. His shirt came off next, then his boots, which he noted with irritation also had traces of blood. Then his pants, and his underwear.

Naked, except for his sunglasses– without those he really would feel naked– he padded like a cat through the open door of Rebcca’s room.

Wesker stood over her bed, gazing down at her, taking in every detail of her face and body, admiring how his own handiwork had brought out the true beauty that had been lying underneath.

Rebecca was sprawled delicately out on the bed. Her covers had been kicked off at some point in the night, leaving her naked body bare in the moonlight streaming in through her gauzy curtains. Her small breasts rose and fell with each quiet breath as she slept, her freckled face calm and peaceful in the night.

As his shadow fell over her, she murmured something incoherent in her sleep, and began rolling over, tangling the blanket around her leg.

Albert let out a soft breath as he watched her, feeling the heat of anger in his body slowly shifting to a more pleasant heat somewhere lower in his body.

He wanted her so badly. He needed her to be nothing but his, whenever, and however he liked.

This could ruin everything. It was too soon. She would turn on him.

No. She was wrapped around his finger. She would forgive him for anything. Love him even more.

Albert Wesker was a man who kept himself under constant tight control, his every reaction judged and measured, his every emotion under lock and key.

Albert Wesker felt like he was running out of time.

He was so tired of denying himself what he wanted. What he deserved.

For the greater good. For Umbrella. Umbrella he hated most of all. Especially now.

Fuck it, fuck it! She was his. All of STARS was his but especially her, and he was not going to behave like a good little boy forever. Not after the night he’d had.

All of this played out in Wesker’s mind as he loomed naked over Rebecca’s bed, watching her chest rise and fall. He stood unmoving there, the wheels turning in his head, before he finally gave his body motion.

With the grace of the coiled coming unhinged, he slid into her bed, and put his arms around her. His fingers found her breasts, and his already half-hard cock ground gently against her thigh. He began to kiss at her throat, gently, gently.

He didn’t want to fully wake her, not just yet.

Rebecca stirred against him, her breath hitching briefly as his lips touched her throat. She didn’t wake, but her body squirmed gently against the newfound warmth in her bed. Her leg shifted, brushing her thigh against his cock as she murmured again.

This time it almost sounded like his name. Was she dreaming of him?

The thought of it sent a shiver through his body; to possess her to that degree, that she dreamed of him when he wasn’t there. That was just what he wanted. That was all he wanted.

He stroked her smooth skin, and he pressed his cock to her soft sex. She was wet, too. No doubt a result of all the work that he had done on her, to make sure she was ready for him any time. Wanting him any time he wanted her.

Albert licked his lips, and he buried his cock in Rebecca’s sleeping body.

Rebecca woke to the feelings of warmth, and pleasure. She’d been having a lovely dream, and it seemed not to have ended, as she slowly awoke. It was as though she could feel the weight of her lover on her body,

She smiled sleepilly, stretching out against the weight she knew must be the lingering sensation of a waking dream. A beautiful, wonderful waking dream about the Captain, who’s name she murmured to the morning sun.

As she shifted, her eyes slowly and carefully opened to the too-bright morning.

Before she even could, she felt her whole body rock slightly under the familiar sensation of being filled.

Her eyes opened not to sunlight, but to her lover, Albert Wesker’s body overshadowing her in the gloom.

For a second, she reeled, her eyes snapping open wide despite the way the light stung them as a startled squeak left her lips. Was she still asleep? One of those recursive dreams?

But as his cock thrust deep inside her again, a familiar and all too real situation, she knew that she really had woken up…

But how..? Her mind reeled with questions, questions that mingled with the feeling of pleasure as her lover took her in her bed. “C-c..” she managed to stammer.

“Captain Wesker??”

“Shhh,” he purred quietly, “it’s me, Rebecca. You don’t need to worry.”

He kissed her lips softly, mid-rythym as he started to fuck her– or continued fucking her. It was unclear. All she knew in the daze of waking up was that he was on top of her, and inside of her. His hands gently held her wrists down to the bed– it was the most gentle she could remember him being with her at all.

Her face turned a deep red as she stared up at him, her expression somewhere between surprise and arousal. “…how…how…” she stammered the word, not able to ask how he got in between the grogginess of waking up and the surprise of it all.

Still, her expression softened as she felt his gentle touch on her. It wasn’t a dream…he was really there.

“You don’t need to know right now, do you, Rebecca?” he purred in her ear, kissing over her jaw and lips as he rocked into her. Her body was filled with a buzz of pleasure as he fucked her slowly, his strong body leading hers.

She gasped, each thrust of his hips sending heavy jolts of pleasure through her body. Despite her surprise , it was easy to follow his lead her body arching against his , rocking in time with his thrusts.

“T-That’s true, sir..” she whispered , looking up at him. Part of her screamed that this was some kind of violation…that she should press the question.

Another part, a very strong part of her that knew Captain Wesker loved her like she loved him, didn’t want him to stop. A part of her that was turned on, excited by the fact he was surprising her with his affection.

“Good girl,” he purred. That breathless quality was back in his voice, like when he had last fucked her in her bedroom, the tight control slipping away to something more. His body was warm against her, and she couldn’t deny how good he felt inside her– she’d been almost aching to be touched when she’d fallen asleep, and here he was touching her.

Like a dream come true, she’d awoken from desperate yearning to the feeling of him against her. She squirmed, pressing her breasts against him as she slowly began to rock her hips in time with his.

Once more…she glowed with the joy those words gave her. Good girl…it brought a smile to her face.

“I dreamed about this…”

“Lucky Rebecca, having her dream come true.” He stole another kiss from her, and started to fuck her with more urgency, rocking her into the bed again and again. She could feel the thick shaft of his cock throbbing inside her, filling her over and over, sending the pleasure in her rising higher in waves. “Tell me about your dream.”

She gasped, her bed squeaking under her as she rocked against her bunched up pillows, her eyes locked on his sunglasses as she nodded slowly. It was hard to form the thoughts between the sharp jolts of pleasure, but he’d asked her to…so she bit her lip and responded.

“I w-was dreaming that we were together in the woods. I don’t remember what we were doing, but you s-started to kiss me, and I got excited. It didn’t matter that others were nearby…they didn’t mind in my dream if we g-got distracted.”

She squirmed, “you had me kneel before you, and I s-sucked your cock.”

She felt him shiver against her, and he thrust hard into her with a breathy noise. His sunglasses rode low on his nose and she could see his eyes, almost catlike in the dark, a pleased smirk on his half-parted lips.

“You like sucking my cock, Rebecca?” he breathed, rocking his hips against her again, fucking her down into the bed. “I love it when you suck my cock. I love how you look when you’re down there. Such a good girl..”

His pace inside her increased again, and she felt the pleasure of her body spiraling as his cock tightened inside of her.

Rebecca smiled up at him, looking deep into his eyes with her own. It was dark…but to her eyes she could see him perfectly.

She clenched her fists, gasping out loud as pleasure rose inside her.

Nodding once, she bit her lip “I…I like it, sir,” she admitted to him “I like it a lot, I like l-looking up at you.”

She shivered pleasantly, “you love it?”

“I love it, Rebecca,” he growled. “I could have you- have you suck my cock all day.”

His breath hitched as he spoke, and he held her down tight. Rebecca felt his body shudder as he came inside her, and the hot sensation of it threw her tightly wound pleasure over the edge suddenly.

She gasped, crying out louder than she expected from the flood of pleasure that spread through her body. She came even harder than she had the last time she’d been intimate with Albert, pressing her body against his with a mewl of desire.

This time, there was no tape to muffle her either, and her yell rang out through the apartment in the middle of the night. At least no one knocked on the wall…

“C-Captain Wesker…” she breathed softly. “I..I love you.’

Wesker shivered atop her, riding out the end of his own orgasm and scooping her close to his body. He peppered kisses up and down her neck and over her lips.

“Dear, sweet Rebecca,” he murmured in her ear. “I love you, too.”

She kissed back whenever he came close to her lips, a dizzy and blissful smile on her face “…I..ah.”

Unsure of how exactly to ask, she nuzzled against him and whispered. “Good morning, sir…how…why..?”

He rolled over and pulled her against his chest, petting his hands over her body. “I wanted to make up for getting pulled away after last time. I had meant to spend the night, after all.”

Rebecca bit her lip, nuzzling up against his chest with her arms around him.

“You did, I missed you all night.” She whispered “I..I’m glad I must have forgotten to lock the door last night.”

“I hope you’re not mad at me for letting myself in,” he said, nuzzling her face with his.

“Not mad!” she said quickly “j-just surprised, sir.”

She nuzzled against his face with a bright flush, her fingers lightly brushing his bare skin. “N-Nobody’s ever done anything like that to me before.”

“Good,” Albert said, running his fingers through her hair. “I’d be furious with anyone else who did that to you.”

She looked up at him, her fingers delicately circling down his arm. “But it was you who did it..” she whispered. “So e-even if I was surprised..”

She leaned into his touch with a deep flush “I’m happy.”

He leaned in and kissed her forehead. “You are so sweet to me, my dear Rebecca. I’m beyond lucky to have you.”

“I’m lucky too.” She whispered with a smile, kissing along his chin.

She embraced him, taking in his scent and the feel of his skin before cuddling closer and stretching on the bed.

“A lucky, lucky good girl.” She giggled softly to herself. Even if it was a surprise, even if it was almost a violation, she couldn’t help but feel happy. Coming from Wesker…it was romantic, wasn’t it?

She certainly felt so, right here in bed and in his arms.

Even if she was sure she had locked the door. Even if he’d come into her apartment without permission. Even if he’d climbed into her bed and started having his way with her while she was asleep.

It was because he loved her, right?

Here he was, curled around her like nothing so much as a big cat, holding her in his strong arms and petting her gently. How could she possibly be mad at him? It felt like, somehow, despite the violation, tonight he was the one who was vulnerable. The most vulnerable she’d ever seen him.

It was yet another side of him…and one that only seemed to endear her more to him. He was vulnerable right now…and she was there and comforting him. Her fingers reached up to gently brush his jaw, her body pressed against his as he held her like a lifeline.

It was because he loved her…and in that love, he trusted her. And she trusted him, so much that even in acts others may see as a violation…she could see the love and warmth within.

She whispered, looking at him with conviction. “I love you, Albert. I’m glad you’re here.”

The whisper drew a smile from him, with surprising softness to it. He kissed her lips. “Thank you, Rebecca.” He cupped her cheek with his hand. “I suppose we should get a little bit of sleep, at least. After I woke you so rudely.”

She didn’t want to ruin the moment with last night’s serious business…so she nuzzled into his hand.

“We should,” she said, “I..we have some things to tell you in the morning.” She kissed his nose. “but for now we should get some sleep.”

No wonder she could forgive Albert so easily for his transgression, after all, she’d gone behind his back just that day..

He gave a soft, breathy chuckle when she kissed his nose, and surprisingly, returned the gesture. “Good night, then, Rebecca.Sleep well.”

Wesker arranged himself on her bed, looking so incredibly out of context there, naked, among the soft pillows, and he put his arms around her again.

She smiled at him, nuzzling deep into his arms as she let her head rest against his chest to let his heartbeat lull her to sleep.

She forgave him for sneaking in…out of love. She knew in the morning he’d forgive her for her own sneaking about. She let her eyes close, allowing herself the simple bliss of sleeping in a lover’s arms.

Chapter End Notes

I wonder what kind of day they’ll have in the morning?

Chapter 20

Chapter Notes

No additional warnings

When the alarm woke Rebecca up, the strange, yet reassuring warmth and weight of Wesker’s sleeping form was still there in her bed, laying beside her.

Rebecca yawned, stretching against him with a quiet murmur of happiness. “Morning captain…” she whispered, for a brief moment almost expecting him to vanish like a dream again.

He didn’t vanish, instead making a low noise, and groping on her nightstand for his sunglasses before he opened his eyes. Like she’d observed last night, he somehow looked staggeringly out of context here in her bed, like a tiger reclining on a living room sofa.

“Good morning, Rebecca,” he greeted. It was strange, and pleasant, to hear his voice traced with that thick sound of morning sleepiness.He sat up, and put on his shades.

She smiled at him, though she herself squinted in the morning light. It was too bright, just like before. Slowly, she shifted until she was sitting.

“Would you like me to make us some coffee?” she asked sleepilly, rubbing at her bleary eyes.

“That would be lovely,” he agreed. He leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Can you start it, and join me in the shower?”

Rebecca nodded firmly, a bright smile coming to her face as she turned to peck his lips. “yes sir! I’ll be right there!”

She stretched, and slipped slowly out of bed before hurrying along to the kitchen to get the coffee going.

She heard him say “Good girl,” again, before he stood up and headed off to her bathroom.

When Rebecca got to the main room, she found Wesker’s clothes in a heap by the dividing counter between the livingroom and kitchen.

“He must have dropped them here on his way in.” She chuckled softly “…getting undressed out here instead of in my room?”

She started the coffee, going through the steps like a ritual until the machine was humming away. Once she was satisfied, she nodded, and gathered up Captain Wesker’s clothes in her arms, looking down at them.

She might as well move them to the laundry for him, right? They had time for that.

She scooped them up into her arms, and immediately realized there was a strange smell to them. In addition to Wesker’s warm, familiar scent was… blood.

The realization came just as she heard the shower turn on in the bathroom.

Rebecca’s eyes widened at the scent. Delicately, she let his pants unfold in her hand as she held them up, squinting against the harsh light of day to look them over. “Blood…?”

It smelt like blood for sure. There was no mistaking that. But why?

It wasn’t clear. There wasn’t a lot of it, just a few splatters, and it didn’t look like the clothes were damaged. She hadn’t seen any wounds on the captain. So it must have been someone else’s’ blood.

“….” Rebecca’s lips pursed in concern. It was concerning to think it may have been his…but the fact it wasn’t just brought up even more questions.

She turned, going back to the counter and picking up his gloves as well, unballing them, and also folding out his shirt to look it over as well. The whole array of his clothes laid out on the kitchen counter.

Most of the blood was on the gloves, though there was some on the pants and on the boots. It didn’t exactly paint a clear picture, but perhaps if he’d been in a fight, or a shoot out…

As she considered it, the water ran in the shower, and the coffee pot burbled away.

“…….” Rebecca shivered, biting her lip. “something happened last night…that must be why he came here like that..”

She looked up towards the bathroom, and began making her way towards it. “I’ll ask him…he…he’ll tell me the truth.”

Whatever happened…she was worried. Worried the Captain was in trouble, or that he’d had a brush with danger…

With a gentle push, she entered the bathroom. “Captain Wesker?” she asked, softly as she tried to still her anxieties.

The bathroom was already thick with steam, and she could see Wesker’s form behind the shower curtain.

“Ah, Rebecca. I was wondering when you’d join me.”

Rebecca wrung her hands as she stood outside the curtain, biting her lip gently “Sorry, Albert…I got d-distracted in the kitchen for a moment.”

She paused, and softly asked. “I’ll join you in a second but first I h-have to ask you something.”

“Alright,” she watched him nod behind the curtain. “Ask.”

“Are you okay?” She asked with genuine concern. “Captain, I..I went to move your clothes and I noticed the blood on them. I know you’re not wounded but…but I can tell something must have happened last night.”

She heard him sigh. “I’m alright. Yes, there was an altercation that required adjudication.”

“An altercation?” Rebecca asked , biting gently at her lip. Her concern only grew. “What…what happened? It was all over your gloves…”

“The shower’s going to get cold, Rebecca,” he said, beckoning her in. “I can explain while I wash your back, can’t I?”

Rebecca hesitated a brief moment, before she began to strip out of her clothes. “Yes sir, I’ll just be a moment.”

Once she was naked, she quietly slipped into the shower with him, looking up to meet his eyes with a shy smile.

He leaned in, and kissed her forehead as the hot water rained over both of them. His sunglasses were off, and she had one of those rare unimpeded looks at his eyes.

“I’m sorry the state of my clothes alarmed you,” he said, soaping up a washcloth. “I’d meant to say something, but it was such a pleasant morning it slipped my mind.”

Rebecca leaned into him, so that they both caught the cascading water as it ran over their bodies. She loved being able to see his eyes…to see his whole face without the barrier of his sunglasses.

“I can see why…things were nice and comfortable this morning,” she said softly. “It was just kind of a surprise. There’s enough of it that I smelt it before I could even see it.”

She saw his jaw tightened, and he nodded. “I should have warned you. My apologies.” He pulled her toward him in the warm water, and started to gently rub her down with the soapy cloth.

Rebecca leaned into his touch, allowing him to soap her body up without any sign of hesitation of trepidation. She merely watched him with her warm, intense eyes and a look of quiet worry.

“It’s okay…” she whispered. “we had a busy morning. I forgive you…I just want to know if you’re alright. And if I can help.”

“I’m fine, it wasn’t my blood,” he assured her, rubbing the cloth up and down her back.. “I happened to be nearby when some of Irons’ men called for backup. They were after some feral dogs they thought might be responsible for the attacks.”

Rebecca arched into his hands, frowning slightly as she did, “Oh dear…and I guess you must have encountered them. I’m glad you got out okay,sir.”

She shook her head. “sir, I have some things I need to tell you too. Ch-Chris and I were going to talk to you when we got to work, though.”

He arched an eyebrow as he rubbed over her chest with the soapy washcloth. “Is that so?”

Rebecca bit her lip, her nipples stiff under the stream of the water. “Yes sir…we…we happened to stumble on some…evidence.”

She looked up at him to gauge his facial expression. “That pretty much proves it wasn’t feral dogs that’ve been doing this..”

His expression was that careful study of neutrality that he so often wore. But Rebecca knew him well enough now to see a hint of tightness in it, holding back a greater reaction. “I see. You happened to stumble on some evidence.”

He washed her up and down, over her buttocks and stomach.

She nodded. “I’m sorry we were snooping around. It…it was my idea, really.” She leaned into his touc.h “I just…couldn’t stand Irons not doing anything, so…so I convinced them to help me take a quick look for ourselves. And…and I noticed some evidence that’d been missed…”

She heard him take a small breath, and the muscles in his shoulders tightened. “I want to hear more about this, Rebecca. But… after we’re out of the shower. Understood?”

Rebecca nodded slowly, “Understood, sir.”

She nuzzled in close to him , pressing her breasts to his body as she gave him a warm and loving hug. “Sorry for bringing up work stuff. I just..I felt bad not saying anything.”

“I’m glad that you have difficulty hiding things from me,” he said gently. HIs hands and the cloth traced up and down her body. “But I’d like to enjoy this moment.”

Rebecca nodded, rubbing her hands down his stomach with a smile “Me too. It’s not often we get moments like this, is it?”

“Unfortunately not,” he said.”I’m savoring them.”

He bent slightly down, as his hands intruded between her thighs, washing between her legs, and over her sensitive sex.

She shivered, gasping softly as his fingers trailed over the soft slit, her hands trailing lower as she rested her head against his chest.

“Me too… though we have plenty of time together in the future, too.”

“Mmm, I won’t argue,” he said, taking the time to tease her pussy a little as he washed her. “But I will say that your optimism is one of your most charming features.”

Rebecca flushed, rubbing into him with a soft mewl of pleasure, her own fingers brushing delicately over his cock as she glanced up at him with a smile “I try to stay optimistic.”

She nuzzled her cheek against his chest again. “Especially when it’s something I wish to be true…I love you, and I want as much time with you like this as I can get..”

“I feel the same way,” he agreed. He seemed to weigh whether he was going to continue teasing her or not, and she felt his cock hard against her leg.

Rebecca bit her lip, before leaning in and planting soft kisses on his collarbone, standing on her tip-toes to reach as she trailed a line of kisses down his warm, wet skin.

“I’m so glad I met you, Captain.”

That seemed to make up his mind. He put an arm around her, and carefully pushed her against the wall of the shower, pulling her into a kiss, while he continued to finger her.

“As am I, Rebecca.”

Rebecca gasped, meeting his lips and kissing him in answer. Her hips arched, brushing the ever slickening lips of her sex against his fingers. As she sucked softly at his lips her own fingers closed softly around his cock, stroking it gently.

He pushed his warm, wet body tightly against hers, grinding his cock against her as he kissed her.

One thing was certain, the coffee was absolutely going to be done by the time they were out of the shower.

It was certainly shaping up to be quite the morning. They’d spent enough time in the shower, that by the time they were sitting around drinking coffee (Wesker shirtless, in just his pants), Rebecca found herself looking at the time.

She cradled her mug in her hands as she glanced up towards the clock over the stove, taking another long sip of the last cup the pot had to offer. By now, she had her chunky sunglasses on as the light from the window had turned far too bright, but otherwise she wasn’t in much more than her underclothes.

Albert sipped his coffee slowly, sitting in close next to her. He had his sunglasses on too. Rebecca had never really noticed how bright it was in her apartment until the last few days.

“I have your dose for this morning in the car with me,” Wesker said, as if reading her thoughts.

Ever since she’d noticed it, she’d considered buying blackout curtains…or just keeping the sunglasses on the counter by her bed. She looked up at him with a warm smile “Oh good. I was going to ask about that..”

She chewed her lip, “at this point I really don’t want to miss a dose. Not with everything it’s been doing for me.”

He reached over and ran his fingers through her hair. “I’m glad. I think it’s been bringing out the best in you, Rebecca, dear.”

She leaned in and nuzzled his hand with a warm smile “I’ve been able to tell. I’ve felt better lately than I think I’ve ever felt..”

“It shows,” he said, stroking her gently. “In everything you do. It’s brought out your inner strength.”

A swell of pride rose up in her chest, and she felt her face flush pink as she smiled from ear to ear. “My inner strength..”

She looked up at Wesker with a nod, “and you saw it right away, sir…which is why I want to give everything I do my all. I want to show you how much inner strength I have.”

He set down his coffee and pulled her close. “And I want to–”

They were interrupted by a knock at the door.

It was a familiar knock.


Rebecca squeaked softly, leaning against Wesker’s shoulder as she looked towards the door “…Chris is here to pick me up.” she whispered in Wesker’s ear.

And she was half dressed. At the table with Captain Wesker. Who was also half dressed.

Wesker pinched the bridge of his nose. “Without asking me first? Really, Chris?”

He took a breath, and looked her over, seemingly deep in calculation.

Chris knocked again.

“P-probably because of what happened last night.” Rebecca murmured under her breath.

She glanced at the door with a tense smile “S-should I say something?”

Wesker was quiet for one more long moment. Then he stood. “Let him in. I’ll meet you at work.” He grabbed his coffee cup, kissed her hurriedly on the cheek, and strode into the bedroom, closing the door behind himself.

Rebecca watched him go with wide eyes. What was he planning on doing? Sneaking out the window like a teenager in a romcom?

Still, she shook herself out of her stupor and called out “one moment!!!”

A few moments later, she had her pants and uniform shirt on, and was pushing open the door with her sunglasses balanced on her nose “sorry! Sorry, Chris!”

She opened the door on Chris looking like he was about to knock again– or maybe break the door down.

“Rebecca! Are you okay?”

Rebecca glanced over her shoulder, and then back at Chris “I just got out of the shower?” She offered with a tense smile. “sorry…I ah, I didn’t hear the door right away and I didn’t want to answer the door naked.”

“That’s fair,” he said, looking at her a little suspiciously. “I thought I heard voices. Must have… been my imagination.”

Rebecca gave him a wide, wide smile “I had the radio on while I showered.”

“Oh, right,” he nodded, but she could see him looking over her shoulder into the apartment. “You ready to go? Or uh, I mean if you have another ride, I can go.”

Rebecca leaned slowly over into his field of view “n-no, uhm…”

She stammered a bit more “I mean. W-well..ah…”


“Yes you have another ride?” Chris once again looked like dog confused by its owner’s behavior.

“No!” Rebecca hurriedly clarified, stepping into the hall and closing the door. “sorry, you got me all turned around, that’s all!”

He laughed nervously. “I’m a, uh bit turned around too, admittedly…”

Rebecca cocked her head, a tense smile crossing her face. “oh? W-why?”

“Well, uh, no reason,” he said, heading down the hall with her. His face was a bit red. “I thought I saw a familiar car on my way in, that’s all.”

Rebecca turned a vivid red at that, and pushed her sunglasses up with the best possible approximation of Captain Wesker’s neutral face she could manage.

“Ah, that’s…certainly unusual.”

“Yeah, heh, guess I was imagining things,” he said, not looking at her. “Must be the stress from all this stuff that’s been going on.”

Rebecca looked up at him with a slow nod “…it must be all that stress, yeah..” She bit her lip “w-who’s car was it that you saw?”

“Captain Wesker’s,” he said as they strode out of the apartment building hall, and into the parking lot.

Sure enough, Captain Wesker’s car was parked in her parking spot. Chris had had to steal another spot.

Rebecca stared at the car with a rigid smile “…”

She ran her hand through her hair. “I think there’s been a bit of a confusion because of last night…”

“…Yeah?” Chris hesitated as he walked toward his car.

Rebecca glanced towards Wesker’s car. “I think Wesker might have been planning to pick me up today, but I kind of forgot that in last night’s…chaos.”

“I guess that might have happened,” he agreed, rubbing the back of his neck, and looking at Wesker’s car. “What do you uh, what do you think we should do about that?”

She bit her nail. “I..I’m not sure. We can page him maybe, and tell him that I’ve got a ride?”

This whole thing was a mess…she wished she’d remembered to anticipate this so she could warn Wesker beforehand…and she was certain that Chris suspected.

She looked up at him with a shy smile, gauging his expression.

“Maybe I should go, and uh, let you wait for him?” he offered, looking at the ground. “I mean, he’ll come back to the car if he doesn’t find you, right?”

Rebecca put her hand on his arm “Are you alright, Chris? You l-look a little off.”

“I’m fine,” he said, holding up his hands. He was not fine.”I’m gonna let you wait for him, unless you wanna wait for him together, Bec.”

Rebecca looked at him pensively, as her heart began to beat a little faster in her chest. “Chris…” she murmured, “I…I’m sorry.”

He looked back up at her, and put a hand on her hand. “Hey, what are you apologizing to me for?”

Rebecca sighed. “I got as far as I have because I’m perceptive. And I can tell you’re…” she bit her lip, “flustered, on edge?” she shook her head ”and I’m sorry for doing that to you.”

“It’s okay,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m just not sure what to do here. Tell me whether to go or stay, and I’ll be fine, alright? Promise.”

Rebecca bit her lip in thought, caught in an awkward situation and not sure how to handle it. “Stay.” she said finally, looking over at him. “If Captain Wesker is here, we can talk to him about last night.”

As she was in the middle of talking, the squeal of tires cut them off. An old and beat up dodge charger in a vivid black and blue came squealing into the parking lot and into a hard stop at the front of the building.

It was an entrance the two of them knew well, in a car the two of them knew well.

Jill stuck her head out the window and cursed to the wind, “aw fuck, someone stole the parking spot!”

Chris’ attention was torn away from the awkward conversation as he was forced to boggle in surprise at the sudden entrance. “Jill??”

JIll turned to look at him with a furrow of her brow as she whipped off her aviators “CHRIS? What the fuck are you doing here? It’s my turn on the rotation. Remember what Wesker said last week?”

Rebecca dropped her head into her hands, wishing quietly that she may be struck dead.

Chapter End Notes

Ah, a comedy of errors.

Chapter 21

Chapter Notes

Oh, things are going great!

Rebecca’s heart sank as she watched the chaos unfold around her. Had Jill really showed up to pick her up as well? This had to be a nightmare.

JIll had slipped out of her car by now, and was walking towards Chris with a furrow of her brow “why are you here, man?” she was in the middle of saying “I thought we talked about this?”

It felt like a nightmare, for sure. She glanced around , wishing desperately that someone would pinch her and wake her up. Why today? Why the day that Wesker had shown up and…romanced her…in her bed? The day where Chris seemed to suspect?

And then the line that brought dread to her heart came.

“Is that Wesker’s car? I’d recognize it anywhere.” Jill exclaimed.

“Yeah, it looks like we all showed up this morning,” Chris said, looking, oddly, less wrong-footed than he had before Jill was there. “Pretty crazy, huh?”

Jill rubbed the back of her neck “Fuckin’ nuts,” she agreed “I guess it’s just one of those days.”

She glanced from side to side, as if trying to spot the Captain. “I gotta tell you guys somethin’. I ah…I got some real bad news.”

Great. Rebecca pushed her sunglasses up with a soft sigh. Bad news was just what would make this situation even better.

“Bad news, huh?” Chris grimaced, “we have some of our– Oh! Hey captain!”

Chirs waved toward the apartment just as Rebecca spotted the door of the apartment building open, and Albert Wesker stroll out.

Rebecca smiled nervously at him, giving him a little shrug gesture. “H-hello Captain! Fancy seeing you here!”

Jill snapped her mouth shut into a wide smile “Boss! Hey, I came to pick Jill up per the ol’ schedule we talked about last week, but it looks like everyone and their mother wanted a lil’ piece of Becca action today.”

Rebecca sputtered at that, images of that morning flashing in her head.

“Yes,” Wesker said slowly, his gaze scanning the chaotic scene. “It seems to be the case.”

Albert Wesker was wearing a pressed, dark blue polo shirt that Rebecca had never seen, and he had an unfamiliar bag under his arm.

Chris greeted him with a slightly sloppy salute. “Sorry about all this, sir. Guess it was bound to happen at some point.”

Rebecca nodded her head “y-yeah. Just one of those miscommunications.”

She saluted the captain as well, with a nod, “sorry for the trouble, sir!”

Jill saluted lazily, before leaning on her car. “What’s with the overnight bag, cap?” she asked teasingly.

“Evidence,” Wesker snapped in a tone that said further clarification wasn’t going to be forthcoming. “And we should all get to the station, instead of standing around here like a bunch of fools, don’t you think?”

Chris glanced at Jill, clearly wondering what her ‘bad news’ was. “Well, uh, probably, sir?”

Jill rubbed her arm, clearly a little torn about the whole thing. She tried to keep up her casual smile, but wound up edging towards Chris. “Yes sir.” she murmured “sorry for the misunderstanding.”

Rebecca laughed into her hand, trying to dispel her nerves. “Y-yeah… probably.”

Wesker waved a hand. “Jill, Chris, we’ll meet you at the station. Understood?”

“Ah, yes, sir,” Chris nodded.

Jill saluted Wesker with a nod, “Yes sir!” she glanced at Chris. “hey, if you wanna leave your car, we can carpool, Chris. You know. To save gas.”

Rebecca watched as Jill gave him ‘a look’ like she had something to say, before heading back to her car. “See you at the station, Captain. Rebecca.”

Chris nodded. “Sure, Jill. Sounds good. He gave Wesker and Rebecca a wave. “See you at the station.”

A moment later, Wesker and Rebecca were alone.

Rebecca sighed softly under her breath, bright pink as she glanced over at Wesker through her chunky shades. “…sorry about that, Captain. I didn’t expect everyone to show up like that.”

“Obviously, I didn’t predict it either.”

Chris was quiet, staring basically straight ahead, until they’d pulled well away from Rebecca’s building. They he glanced Jill’s way.

Uncharacteristically , Jill looked nervous. A tense frown was on her face as she gripped the steering wheel. “We’ve got a serious problem, Chris,” she said quietly. “A real serious one.”

“Talk to me, Jill,” he said, setting his jaw. “Cause from where I stand we might have a few.”

Jill ran one hand through her short hair, a scowl on her face. “I did a little snooping last night at the station. The files from the cannibal case are hidden…not even in the records room and…I found out Irons is working for someone. Taking orders from higher up. He says he’s running interference for them on something…and that ‘his boys’ won’t get in the way.”

Her jaw set, and her eyes narrowed “and then he said that if anyone was a ‘problem’ it was Captain Wesker and ‘his STARS passion project’. It’s some kinda conspiracy. He’s warning whoever he’s taking orders from about us.”

Chris gaped at her.”Okay, I’m going to admit that wasn’t what I was expecting to hear. You’re fucking serious?”

“Yeah. I was gonna break into his office to try and find the files to see what the RCPD has been hidin’ about the case– but he was in there. I listened at the door and heard his whole fucking phone call. It was real clear…”

She looked over at Chris with a dead serious expression. “Chief Irons is obstructing us intentionally, for some higher power. He said Wesker had ‘ambitions above his station’, too. The whole thing reeks of conspiracy, don’t it?”

He clenched his jaw. “Yeah, yeah it fucking does. Especially considering what Rebecca and I found last night.”

Jill raised her eyebrow “ you guys did some snooping too, huh? What’d you find, partner?”

He held up his hands. “I’ll lay it out for you, but please don’t get mad. I really didn’t expect to find anything. Okay?”

Jill sighed, running her hand through her hair. “I can’t say shit ‘cause I went behind you guys last night too. Next time, invite me.”

She took a turn, quiet as she paid attention to the road before saying. “Lay it on me.”

Chris took a breath, and started talking.

Albert was quiet for the first couple of minutes of the drive to the station.

The silence hung between them, Rebecca staying quiet with her hands folded on her lap. She didn’t dare say anything, not when she wasn’t able to judge the captain’s mood.

Though, glancing sidelong at him, she tried to assess it.

He quietly put one hand on her knee, the other on the steering wheel. “I’ll give you your injection before we go into the station.”

She smiled gently at him, and nodded her head. Resting her fingers on top of his, she finally replied. “Thank you, Captain. I didn’t want to forget it.”

She leaned on him, “sorry again for how hectic today got.”

“I’m annoyed, I’ll admit. But not with you. Assuming you didn’t arrange that little debacle on purpose– which I highly doubt.”

Rebecca shook her head. “N-no, not intentionally anyway!” she laughed weakly. “I think Chris thought to come pick me up because of our snooping last night…and Jill was probably honestly confused because of the unclear schedule…”

She shook her head. “It’s just unfortunate it happened at such an embarrassing time.”

“I very much agree,” he said. His lips were pressed together, and she could tell he was annoyed. Glancing at him, she couldn’t help wondering where he had gotten the fresh shirt and the bag. Had he had them with him?

Rebecca nuzzled his shoulder to try and calm him down before she asked. “I didn’t know you brought a change of clothes, Captain. That was lucky, huh?”

“It would have been, if I had,” he agreed, a very slight tug coming to the edge of his lips. “I borrowed them from one of your neighbors.”

Rebecca stared at him for a moment with an incredulous smile and a half laugh. “you… you stole clothes from my neighbor?”

“Borrowed,” he corrected. “He lent them willingly.”

She broke down into giggles, leaning against him. “Well that was nice of him. Guess you lucked out!”

He smirked slightly. “Indeed. I certainly wasn’t going to go to work covered in dried blood. Not after you caught me out so easily.”

Wesker squeezed her knee affectionately.

She flushed, though her own smile was warm and affectionate as she brushed her thumb on the back of his hand. “It might be awkward.”

With a shake of her head, she chuckled again “It’s my senses again. I could smell it really strongly, even if there wasn’t a lot.”

“I’m proud of your abilities,” he said, as they pulled into the dim Raccoon City Police parking garage.

Rebecca smiled proudly at that. “You know I like making you proud, Albert..”

He leaned over and kissed her temple. “I know. And I hope you’ll make me proud today. Whatever… nonsense is about to occur.”

She nuzzled her shoulder against him with a nod. “No matter what. I promise, captain.”

She shifted, pulling her shirt down enough to expose her neck “I’m ready…”

Once they were done in the car, and Rebecca’s dizzy spell had passed, the captain helped her up, and set her into the building.

“Find Chris and Jill, and wait for me in my office,” he instructed. “I’m going to change into uniform.”

Rebecca saluted him firmly. “Yes sir! I’ll get them into the office right away.”

She looked from side to side, before kissing his cheek and whispering. “I love you”, before she turned to head into the building to head to the office.

The sound of his bootsteps vanished behind her, as she entered the main station.

She wasted no time heading up towards the STARS office, giving a cursory wave to the man behind the front desk as she passed, and headed up towards the stairs. It looked like they were going to get the perfect chance to find out what Jill’s bad news was…and report to Wesker about what they found.

She found Jill and Chris in the STARS office; Chris busy with the coffee machine, which it looked like no one had bothered to start, since they hadn’t gotten in yet.

Jill was leaning on her desk, arranging her lockpicks in their little holder. Unlike most days, she didn’t look as jovial and cheerful as usual. Her lips were set in a tight frown as she worked without looking up.

“H-hey guys! Sorry about this morning,” Rebecca called out loud as she pushed the door open. “Captain Wesker wants to see us all in his office when he gets in.”

Chris turned– almost spilling coffee on himself as he gave her a wave. “Whoa! Oops. Hey, Becca.”

Jill fumbled one of her lock picks, before tucking it away and rolling the kit up and hooking it back to her belt. “Hey Becca!”

She flashed her a care-free smile that Rebecca could tell was anything but. “Sounds good…I bet he wants to talk about what happened last night. Little post-day briefing.”

Rebecca rubbed her neck, right near the injection site. “Careful with that coffee, Chris! You’ll burn yourself and I’ll have to break out the sprays…” She nodded to Jill. “yeah, e-exactly.”

Chris carefully put the coffee put down. “Well, if that’s what the captain wants, then we had better circle the wagons, huh?”

Jill nodded firmly, and sat up on her desk “yeah, we’d better. I have a feeling today’s gonna be…a lot.”

Her brow furrowed “Becca, I told Chris already, I did some snooping myself last night and I found some shit out that’s really concerning.”

Rebecca shivered. “Your bad news…I guess you should bring it up when we bring up our findings to the Captain, too.”

As they were talking, Rebecca’s now more sensitive hearing picked up the sound of someone’s footsteps outside the door of the STARS office.

Rebecca held up her hand, one finger to her lips with a soft ‘shh’, to the others. She made it look like she was gathering a few files off her desk, listening closely.

Jill’s mouth shut, and she gave Rebecca a questioning look, before she nodded to Chris.

Chris cocked his head like a dog. “What?”

Just then, the door opened. It was Chief Irons.

“I see we’re clocking in late today, gentlemen. I mean, Ladies.”

Jill gave the man a tight and forced excuse for a smile.

“Chief Irons. If you’re looking for Captain Wesker, he’s stepped out for a moment.” Rebecca could hear the slight growl of disdain in her voice, even with how much she tried to hide it.

Rebecca held her papers to her chest, trying to shield herself from Iron’s gaze.

“More like hasn’t stepped in yet,” Irons said thickly, looking right at Rebecca. “Tell him I want him in my office, pronto. All of you need to get here on time.”

Chris was deadly silent, just glaring at Irons.

Rebecca shuddered, but as Iron stared her down, her eyes hardened. She glared at him , daring him to say…do anything. Her anger and disdain for the man had only gotten stronger and stronger with every interaction.

“With all due respect…sir,” Rebecca said firmly, “the RCPD isn’t in charge of STARS’ hours. Those are under the jurisdiction of Captain Wesker and we are operating under his orders.”

Jill glanced briefly at Rebecca, looking both impressed and wary, before crossing her arms and leering at Chief Irons. “We’ll tell him you wanna see him.” she said dismissively “but don’t you have your own officers to handle?”

The chief wagged a thick finger, scowling at them all, but certainly focusing on Rebecca. “You all are on thin ice.”

He turned, and swaggered away, leaving the STARS door ajar.

Rebecca bristled “…why in hell’s name was he looking at ME?” she suddenly exclaimed, face hot and anger boiling in her blood.

She stomped off towards Wesker’s officer, fighting the frustration bubbling up inside her.

“Fucking corrupt prick.” Jill hissed, shaking her head before looking at Rebecca with concern. “Hey, Becca…?”

Chris grimaced, looking at both of them. “Should we tell her now? The captain should be here any minute, right?”

“Last thing I wanna do is drop it like a bombshell on her in the middle of the meeting.” Jill murmured “Come on, let’s give her the short of it.”

Chris nodded. “Alright, so we weren’t the only ones to do some snooping last night.”

“STARS,” a crisp voice drawled from the doorway. This time, Rebecca hadn’t heard anyone approach.

It was Captain Wesker.

Rebecca froze at the sound of the Captain’s voice, and wiped away tears with the back of her arm before turning and saluting him “C-captain! I’ve gotten Jill and Chris like you requested, sir!”

Jill jolted…but she turned and gave the Captain a smile. “hey cap. We’re headin’ into the office now. Old Blowhard Irons interrupted us before we could manage it.”

“Indeed. I ran into him on the way here,” Wesker nodded, and walked past them all toward his office, beckoning them to follow.

Rebecca entered the office, trying to still her emotions as she did. Jill followed close behind with her arms idly crossed and a pensive frown on her face “Good to know, sir.”

When Chris entered the room last, he closed the door behind him.

Rebecca couldn’t help but feel that the room was much more claustrophobic than usual, and not only because there were four of them inside.

Jill stood before Wesker’s desk with the kind of confidence she did anything with. Her arms crossed and her expression neutral, she gave him a lazy salute. “Sorry about this morning, boss.”

With a shift in position, Rebecca stood before Wesker with a thin smile. “Good morning again, Captain.” She held onto hope, no matter how vain, that this would be a positive meeting.

“Hm. If it’s a good morning, I’m hoping all of you will improve it further,” he said, with the corner of his lip twitching. He sat behind the desk, leaving the rest of them to stand.

Chris shared a look with Jill and Rebecca.

Rebecca gave Chris a small smile, and gestured to the Captain. “O-of course, sir. Ah. Chris and I had something to report.”

Jill grimaced, glancing at Chris before she murmured. “And I do too, boss.”

His eyes narrowed at Jill. “What a surprise,” he drawled. “Very well. Rebecca, you and Chris may explain yourselves first.”

Chris gave an awkward salute. “Yes sir, uh…”

Rebecca bit her lip, before she saluted as well. “We took it upon ourselves to look around the crime scene, sir. I know we were asked to stay away…but something didn’t feel right, and we just wanted to do a quick sweep. We discovered evidence at the scene that the RCPD hadn’t cataloged…a pair of rotten human teeth and the remains of a hand, as well as drag marks in the dirt.”

Wesker folded his arms. Rebecca noticed he was still wearing the borrowed polo under his uniform.

“Allow me to make certain I am understanding. You, against my express orders, went and violated a crime scene under Chief Iron’s explicit jurisdiction?”

“Sir, we know you hate Irons as much as–” Chris began.

Wesker gave him a look, and he shut up. “I was asking Rebecca.”

Rebecca hung her head, her shoulders sagging under the weight of the guilt. But she nodded “Yes sir. I’m sorry for violating your orders… I know it’s under Chief Iron’s jurisdiction, but I could tell he was mishandling it–and after he chewed out STARS, I …I came up with the idea to look into it ourselves. I thought that if we found something out, it would show that your STARS…your unit, sir, were capable against all adversity. And it m-might help some of my neighbors feel safer at night.”

She bowed her head “I’m sorry, sir. I accept any punishment you give me.”

“Hey, hey,” Chris said, stepping forward. “There’s no way I’m letting you take all the blame, Becca. It was my idea, and I’m the one who drove us there. Captain, I accept the blame here too.”

Wesker stood silent, and still. Perhaps behind his sunglasses he had closed his eyes. “Jill, what about you? Report.”

Jill grimaced again, before she saluted crisply, and stood with confidence before the captain. “You caught me snooping around the records room last night, sir. I was hoping to review some of the evidence pertaining to the cannibal killings, under a similar belief to Rebecca’s story.”

She frowned “but in the process, I overheard Chief Irons speaking in his office. He didn’t notice me, but he was on the phone with someone he considered an authority, and he had some pretty nasty and concerning things to say.”

She gestured towards the Captain. “Like how you were a man with ‘ambitions above his station’. Not only that, but he criticized you and the STARS team…before insinuating that he’d be keeping the RCPD from properly investigating, and that if anyone was to be a problem, it was your ‘pet project, the STARS.”

She glanced off to the side. “…if you want my honest opinion , sir. I think Chief Iron’s mishandling of the cannibal case is less incompetence, and more intentional malice on the part of some higher power. A conspiracy, maybe. I’m concerned that he’s got his eye on us and wants to intentionally sabotage our attempts to interfere.”

Captain Wesker’s face somehow grew even more stony, and rictus. He pressed the tops of his fingers together on the top of the desk, and Rebecca could see the muscles in his face and arms tightening.

“I see. And you assure me, Jill Valentine, that this is true?”

Rebecca tensed as well, holding her hands behind her back as she waited for Jill to finish.

Conspiracy? Chief Irons was not only a lecherous monster but…a saboteur as well?

“100%, sir.” Jill said with utter seriousness. “You know my past. You know how good my hearing is. And I wouldn’t lie to you, sir. I respect you too much.”

“Regrettably, I believe that,” he drawled. He pushed his fingers together tighter. “The three of you are insubordinate. You understand this. I cannot have insubordination in my ranks, however well meaning.”

“But, sir,” Chris started.

Wesker focused his gaze on him. Chris started to back down, but then puffed out his chest.

“Sir, you’re not going to take all of this lying down, are you?”

The captain was quiet for a moment. It looked like he was seething.

Jill nodded. “Irons is playing us all for fools, sir,” she backed Chris up with a low voice. “I know we’ve been insubordinate, and we’re sorry…”

She frowned “but I know you wouldn’t want us to take Chief Irons’ fucking disrespect to YOU and to our team without doing something about it.”

Rebecca reached out, as if to touch the captain’s hand, before she caught herself and lowered her hand to his desk with a gentle smile “Captain. If what Jill says is true…Irons is just going to keep attacking us. He won’t stop. Chris and Jill are right…we …you can’t take this lying down..please.”

Wesker reached up and pushed his glasses up with two fingers. He looked among them.”Obviously I will not be taking this lying down. However, while I appreciate your… concern, I cannot have my unit putting themselves in the line of fire.”

“With all due respect sir,” Chris snapped, “what else are we for?

Jill nodded seriously. “That’s our function! We’re the people who step into the line of fire to drag people OUT. We’re the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad, Captain…we’re YOUR STARS” her voice had raised…but it was with passion rather than anger.

Rebecca nodded as well, trying to seem resolute. “Captain…isn’t that what you’ve been giving me extra training for…? I would gladly step into the line of fire if it meant helping you.”

“You’re all fools,” Wesker hissed, staring at the wall behind them. “None of you have any idea what you’re saying. Do the three of you insist on continuing this behavior?”

Chirs looked between the two of them.

Jill nodded her head. “…of course I am.” she said firmly “No matter what, I’m behind this squad 100%. I’m not going to let some sleazebag bastard like Irons tear it apart.”

Rebecca looked at Jill, and then over at Chris with a slight nod of her head. “Sorry, sir…” She said softly “you know I want to do what’s best for the squad and for you. And…and I firmly believe something has to be done. So I..I will.”

“Don’t expect me to back down either, Captain. No way,” Chris nodded.

“You’re a pack of insubordinate idiots,” Wesker hissed. He waved his hand. “Get out of my office. Get out of the station. You’re dismissed for the day.”

“But sir–” Chris started.

“For the day,” Wesker repeated, his voice crisp, and brooking no argument.. “I will contact you this evening. If you insist on this path there are things whiich must be done. Is that understood?”

Jill snapped a salute. “yes sir.” she said with a trace of a grin “i understand, sir. We’ll be going then.”

She leaned in very slightly, the grin on her face growing wider “we’re your insubordinate idiots, sir. I’ll be awaitin’ your call. Tell Barry I say hey.”

And with that, she turned on her heels.

Rebecca bit her lip, snapping a shaky salute as well. “y-yes sir…sorry again, sir.” she gave him a tense, nervous smile. “I’ll b-be going.”

She turned, and slunk towards the door just behind Jill.

Wesker said nothing. Chris crept out the door after her, and closed it behind them.

Chapter End Notes

You’re a loose cannon, Chambers!

Chapter 22

Chapter Notes

“Well, that could have gone… worse. I think,” Chris said as they walked quietly into the parking garage.

Jill had her hands behind her head, grimacing as she stepped into the parking garage. “It coulda gone better, too. He looked fuckin’ pissed.”

“…at least he didn’t fire us all.” Rebecca sighed, looking down at the floor. Her mind swirled with a thousand negative thoughts. What if he did? What if he was angry enough to leave her? What if she’d failed in his eyes?

She hugged herself a little tighter. “I can see why he’s angry…b-but I think we did the right thing, right?”

“I think so,” Chris said. “I also think it sounded like the captain already knew something was going on. Don’t you?”

Jill nodded. “Yeah. I think he already suspected Irons at least. He knew somethin’ was going on and it sounded like he was trying to keep us outta the line of fire for it.” She shook her head “but fuck that. STARS is needed.”

Rebecca chewed her nail thoughtfully. “…given the way he’s been acting recently I think he does, yeah…I mean. His face whenever Irons is brought up…”

“You mean how it gets all tight and even more expressionless than usual?” Chris said.

There was a hollow ‘thump’ sound from nearby in the garage, as someone closed a car door hard. Rebecca glanced that way, and noticed that it was their fellow STARS member, Barry.

“Just like that.” she whispered…before she raised her voice; “oh, Hey Barry!”

Jill jolted up, and flashed Barry a wide grin “BARRY BEAR!” she called loudly over to him “howdy!”

Chris jolted, and then waved. “Hey, Barry, man. Good to see you. How was that couple days off with the wife and kids?”

Barry sauntered over with his usual bag slung over his shoulder and a big, warm grin on his face “Jill, Chris , Rookie!” he said pleasantly.

“It was a real blast. Took Moira out for her first camping trip and taught her how to make her own campfire.” He chuckled warmly, “the wife’s doin’ fine too. Just fine. How about you lot? Keeping out of trouble?”

Rebecca hissed a breath through her teeth “Good to see you Barry…ah..w-well..”

Jll snickered , hands still behind her head. “You know us, Barry Bear, just a bunch of boy scouts toeing the line.”

“Yeah, for sure,” Chris chuckled, hands in his pockets. Chris Redfield was a terrible liar.

“….Uh….Huh.” Barry looked between them. At Rebecca’s grimace, Jill’s devil may care apathy, and Chris Redfield’s losing poker face.

“Okay, kids. Out with it. Who pissed the captain off today?”

Rebecca murmured. “All three of us.”

Chris hung his head. “Guilty as charged, Barry.”

Jill held her hands up with a thin smile “yeah. We’re dismissed for the day. He’s pretty pissed at us.”

“You two I can believe.” Barry drawled, looking between Chris and Jill. “But you, Becca? What happened? You’ve been getting perfect marks since we hired ya.”

Rebecca rubbed her arm with a sheepish smile “…I..It’s a long story, but long story short, we overstepped some bounds trying to do something we thought was right.”

Chris nodded. “You know how it is. The usual ‘turn in your badge and gun’ kind of thing. Only, I don’t think we’re in water that hot. I hope.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure the captain agrees with us beyond all the red tape. Said he’s gonna make some prep and call us tonight.” Jill said with a sigh “just watch out, Barry. He’s probably gonna be steamed.”

Rebecca nodded slowly “It’ll be alright.” she agreed.

Barry tutted his tongue thoughtfully, one hand on his hip. “Loose cannons, the lot of you.” He grinned playfully “…I’ll see what I can do to calm the Captain down. Provided of course , that you fill ol’ Barry in on what he missed, eh?”

Chris looked at the others, and nodded. “Alright, Barry, it’s like this…”

Barry Burton had a lot on his mind as he left the parking garage while Jill, Chris and Rebecca drove away.

He sighed as the door shut with a clang behind him, giving a thin smile to the officer stationed at the check in desk, before hiking his way up the stairs.

Not only had the Alpha STARS gone sniffing for trouble, it looked like they’d gone and landed waist deep in it. On top of that, dragging the Bravo Rookie into it too…

He set his jaw, hiking the bag up on his shoulder as he ascended the stairs towards the lobby. All the while he thought of what he’d been told. Intentional mishandling of the case by Irons–who everyone knew was a corrupt bastard–some plot against STARS’ involvement, overlooked evidence at the scene…

It was a lot to come back from vacation to, that was for damn sure.

As he stepped into the arching, lavish lobby of the RCPD, he gave Kevin Ryman a half wave as the man leapt up from the front desk.

“Hey, Barry! Think you can swing things with ol’ Wesker? I’ve spruced up my app–”

“Not today, Ryman.” Barry said, his voice a warm grumble, “we’re still reviewing your application. Simmer down.”

It was a short interaction, but Barry was sure they’d make up for it later at Jack’s. The two were drinking buddies after all.

He let his thoughts swirl in his head as he continued the winding path towards the STARS office. His vacation had been nice. Spending time with his kids was priceless, even if things with the wife had been a bit tense lately.

Hot dogs and camping and practice with the bow, just them and the great open sky. But as soon as he stepped foot back here in Raccoon City, he landed right in the middle of this fucking quagmire.

Captain Wesker, his good friend and a man he trusted as leader of STARS, seemed to know more about whatever was happening than he was letting on. It looked like it was shaping up to be a long fucking day at the RCPD.

He reached a resolution by the time he put his hand on the STARS door. He was going to ask the man about it himself. They had a rapport. They were comrades, friends. He’d fill Barry in.

He pushed the door open, plastering on his bright and friendly smile as he gave a half wave “Captain Wesker. G’Morning!”

The small rabble of STARS crew who were around turned to glance at him. Enrico was there, and Brad at the switchboard. But Wesker wasn’t to be seen in the main room. His office door was closed.

“Barry!” Brad said, turning to face him. “I was starting to get lonely.”

“Brad, my boy.” Barry slapped him on the shoulder with enough force to stagger the man. “Good to see ya! Ya miss me?”

He flashed his grin at Enrico, saluting him as well “Enrico, ol’ pal.” he chuckled “Been a while. You usually have the night shift lately, dontcha?”

Gesturing with his thumb towards the office, he asked, “Is the Captain in?”

Brad grimaced, righting himself after Barry half knocked him over. “We’re pretty sure. At least, we’ve heard thumping in there. I was kinda waiting for Chris to come in to make him check it out.”

“Chris ain’t gonna be in today, Brad.” Barry said with a sigh. “and neither is Jill. We’re out two Alpha’s, so it’s gonna be on you or me.”

He punched Brad’s shoulder with a smile. “think you’re brave enough to see what the Captain’s banging about in there?”

“Uuuuhhh….” Brad looked askance at the office. “I mean, you and the captain are thick as thieves, right Barry?”

Barry threw his hands up in mock defeat “Brad, Brad, Brad. One day you’ve gotta get a backbone, I’m tellin’ you.”

He chuckled and pat his back. “hold the fort with Enrico, we’re understaffed today. I’ll go see how the Captain’s holdin’ up.”

And with that, he sauntered to the office and knocked firmly at the door.

“Cap, It’s Barry.”

“Enter,” Wesker’s sharp voice snapped from inside.

Barry opened the door, and stepped inside, shutting it behind him. “Captain,” He gave him a salute as the door clicked “I’m gonna gather it’s not been your best day so far.”

“A fine understatement as usual, Barry,” Wesker said. The office was in shambles.Several of the drawers had been fully taken out of the desk. “Lock the door behind you.”

Barry did so without question, clicking the lock shut as he stepped further into the room. “I’m a master of the art, Al.”

He crossed his arms, and peered around at his desk. “…looks like you’re looking for somethin’. Can you fill me in on what’s goin’ on?”

Wesker put a finger to his lips, and grabbed a piece of paper from his desk. He wrote something down on it, and handed it to Barry.

“Just a little spring cleaning, Barry,” he said thickly.

Barry casually took the paper, and gave it a scan with a nod of his head. “It’s that time of year. My wife’s been goin’ on about it for days.”

The paper said “bugged”.

“And how is the missus? Did the time away help?” he asked, turning a drawer over.

A dark look crossed Barry’s eyes as he read the paper. Bugged. ‘Course. Looks like Jill and the gang were on the right track. He delicately folded the paper and handed it back to Wesker.

“Not as much as I hoped. You know how it is…she still ain’t happy with my job. Think it really bugs her. Time with the kids was nice as always, though.”

“Children are so blissfully innocent of grown up matters, aren’t they?” Wesker said with a deliberate chuckle. “They don’t see the conflict happening right under their noses. Thankfully. Once they get older though….”

Wesker gestured at the file cabinets on the other side of the room, and Barry deduced he wanted help searching them.

Barry nodded, and pulled out the first drawer of the cabinet, starting to rummage through. He was an old hat with this sort of thing…every now and again, back in the army, they had to contend with some act of espionage.

“They sure are, Cap.” Barry agreed, “they’re too young to know what’s goin’ on. But eventually,” he said, as he pulled files from inside and checked every corner of the drawer. “eventually they find out, and you gotta help teach ‘em”

“Like, say, around Rebecca’s age,” he drawled, emptying another drawer, and running a gloved finger around the bottom.

Barry sighed heavily, pulling on a pair of gloves and doing the same before checking the underside. “Yeah. She’s young but she’s absolutely gotten to that age. I mean…add to that an inquisitive mind and a college education…rookie’s really growin’ up.”

“Absolutely. I admire her keen interest, but its troublesome. As I imagine your girls’ will be one day.”

Barry’s finger found something odd on the bottom of the cabinet.

Delicately, Barry began to pull it up, just enough to get a better look at it as he crooked his other finger for Wesker to come see.

“Oh I know they’re set to be real troublesome in just a few years.” Barry chuckled. “Moira’s already gotten started, even.” he shook his head “I think Becca’s a good kid, but you ain’t wrong.”

“She might be the type to bite off more than she can chew.” Albert noticed what he was doing and came to loom over him.

Barry pulled up the bottom, and found a collection of little wires and circuits soldered to a small board.

Barry pointed to it with a nod, mouthing ‘bug’ , “Maybe…maybe. There’s also a chance she’s more capable than we think. Kid had to grow up real fast goin’ by her background. And she’s been a real ace in the hole for Bravo Team.”

“I’m thinking of stealing her for Alpha team,” he admits, holding out his hand for the bug.

Barry handed it to him delicately, with a nod. “She’ll be a good fit for the team, sir.” he grinned “She’s already thick as thieves with Chris and Jill, anyhow. Got more of a rapport than with some of the Bravo’s that’s for sure.”

Albert looked down at the device in his palm, and Barry could tell he was weighing his options, whether to crush or not.

“Not that she works poorly with the Bravos,” Albert said. He slipped the bug in his pocket, and motioned for Barry to follow him, as he quietly unlocked the door.

Barry nodded and followed him to the door, humming under his breath as he did. “Nah. She works well with Enrico and the others…I just think she might do even better with us, eh?”

“We’ll have to see,” he agreed, opening the door with silent grace. He gestured for Barry to walk ahead.

Barry followed him, giving Brad a wave as he passed. “Hold the fort, Vickers. Gotta step out for a second.”

Brad saluted them as they stepped through the room, to the other end of the STARS headquarters. As they did, Wesker dropped the bug into the wastepaper basket that was soon to be thrown out.

He held the door for Barry.

Barry smirked slightly, nodding his head as he stepped out the door.

“Let’s get a sandwich, Barry,” Wesker said. It was the same tone he used to mean ‘I have a lot to tell you.’

Barry stretched. “You know. I could use a good lunch. Sounds good to me, Al.” he winked at Wesker, gesturing for him to lead the way.

“So what do we do now?” Chris asked, getting out of the car at Rebecca’s apartment. Jill had driven them both there, since he’d left his car there that morning, but none of them had really come up with any kind of plan for after that.

Rebecca bit her lip,gently kicking a stone in the driveway off into the bushes. “I’m not sure…I ah. D-didn’t expect to be dismissed like that.”

Jill grimaced. “He said he’ll be callin’ us tonight, but we have a whole fucking day to kill till then.”

Chris rubbed his jaw thoughtfully. “Maybe we should regroup, then. Get some rest.”

With a sigh, Jill held up her hands. “Yeah…I don’t think we should push it until he calls us, anyway. We don’t wanna piss him off more.”

Rebecca nodded in quiet agreement. She was certain she could find something to do to pass the time…even if she was far from in need of rest.

Chris nodded. “Alright. Let’s head home then and rest up. If I don’t hear anything from the captain by later tonight, I’ll call you guys and we can meet up.”

Jill saluted him with a nod. “You got it, Redfield. I’ll be waitin’ by the phone for either call.”

Rebecca gave them each a warm smile “alright. I’ll see you guys later, then. Thanks for backing me up.”

Chris scooped Rebecca into a hug. “Try not to spend all day worrying about it, yeah? You too, Jill.” It was clear he was mostly talking to himself as well.

Rebecca squeaked, before giving him a firm hug in return. “I’ll try to distract myself, promise.”

JIll grinned…before coming up to their side and scooping them into a group hug instead “Damn right, just one day of bein’ in the boss’ bad graces, that’s all. “

Chris nodded. “Yeah, just one day,” he said, hugging Jill too. “Alright, let’s get this waiting started with, yeah?”

Jill chuckled and let go “i dunno about you guys, but I’m gonna grab lunch, kick back and fuck around. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She saluted them, before sauntering back to her car.

Rebecca laughed softly in spite of herself. She cared for them, Chris and Jill, a lot. And if they were going to keep in good spirits…she could as well.

Soon enough, they were gone, and she was back in her apartment.

Wesker’s gloves were still sitting where she had left them on the counter.

Rebecca picked them up in her hands, looking down at them with a pensive furrow of her brow. “…today was a wildfire…from waking up to the Captain’s visit to the …the office.”

She squeezed them tight in her fingers as her hands shook. The day loomed before her, hours before she’d get any resolution and no desire to go out stirring within her. She hoped against all hopes that even with the drama…things would turn out ok.

The sun was setting. The day had seemed to stretch on for hours, with no word from the Captain, and no word from anyone else either.

Rebecca had retreated into her books again, in the darkness with one folded out in front of her…only half read as her mind kept wandering to the phone. She was stir crazy, her foot tapping nervously against the ground as she scanned the page once, twice, and a third time without really reading it.

The minutes felt like hours…and the day felt like it would never end.

Finally the ring of the telephone split the silence of the room.

Her hand jolted out, snatching up the phone off the hook and bringing it to her ear, “Chambers residence!”

“Ms. Chambers, this is Keith at the desk?” a nervous little voice said. It was the apartment’s receptionist.

“Oh, hey Keith!” Rebecca said pleasantly. “what’s going on?”

“Somebody left a message for you down here at the desk, if you wanna come get it.”

“Alright, I’ll be right down.” Rebecca said before hanging up the phone.

She furrowed her brow. A message at the desk? That was unusual–especially instead of a phone call.

She stood, throwing on her coat, and pants before she headed out the door and down towards the lobby.

Keith– who was barely older than Rebecca was, was seated behind the big old apartment foyer desk. He gave Rebecca a wave as she came by.

“Hey! Got your message here.”

“Hey Keith.” She said warmly, coming over to lean on the desk and holding out her hand for it. “how’s it going, today?”

“Oh, it’s going,” Keith said with a smile, handing her an envelope. “I can tell its gonna be a long shift tonight.”

Taking the envelope, she opened it up to give its contents a read. “Yeah, you can say that again,” she laughed softly. “Do you need a new book to read? I can lend you one I’ve been reading lately.”

“Oh that would be fantastic. I loved the last one you lent me,” he said with a grin.

There was a short, type-written message on the paper in the envelope.

It read: phones are tapped. Let’s meet at the orphanage by the station. Come to the back door.

She caught Keith giving the message a nosy look as she read it.

Rebecca tilted it away with a smile on her face. “sorry, it’s station business.”

She shook her head, chuckling gently to try and shake off her nerves, even as she balked at the message. I’ve got to go, I’ll drop the book off on my way out. It’s an adventure romance!”

She folded the paper up, paling and hurrying up the stairs with enough force that her glasses bounced on her nose.

The phones were tapped…the phones were tapped…and Wesker needed her to visit in private…? Jill’s warnings this morning only grew louder in her head. It really was a conspiracy…

She practically ran into her house, before grabbing her purse and her gun belt, hooking her pistol into the holster and a hat on her head before she snagged the book for Keith, and whirled around and hurried down the stairs.

She paused only a second to place the book before Keith. “sorry, it’s urgent! Enjoy the book though.”

“Sure will! Cop stuff, huh? Anything I should know?” he called after her.

“No,” Rebecca said with a smile. “Just work stuff, run of the mill.”

She gave him a playful salute and a smile, before she headed out the door and to the bus. A few stops and she’d be there…a few stops and maybe she’d hear just what this was all about.

Chapter End Notes

The intrigue mounts…

Chapter 23

Chapter Notes

extra chapter warnings: Significant peril, sexual peril, injury, harm

Mid-day. A diner somewhere on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Wesker hadn’t bothered to note the name of it. He had never eaten there before, he would never eat there again.

He and Barry were on their fourth cup of coffee.

There had been nothing else for it. Not when the rest of STARS– well, the STARS who mattered, had backed him into a corner so thoroughly. The only answer was scorched earth, one direction or the other, and he could smell which way the wind was blowing.

“So you see, the company,” he had only said ‘the company’ this whole time, not wishing to turn any heads in the diner. Just in case, “has its fingers in just about every pie, Barry. And one of the pies has gone rancid.”

Barry stared down into the dark expanse of his coffee in its mug. It was bitter, over brewed in the pot and lacking cream and sugar, but that suited the mood just fine. He took a deep, level breath, before taking a sip.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Wesker.” he murmured in his low and rumbling voice, his eyes flicking to the side to take in the closest patrons to them, before looking back at the Captain. “It really goes that deep…and now shit’s turning sour.”

He’d been warned by Jill and Chris that morning of conspiracy, and now…now he’d been told by his close friend and partner in STARS that not only were they right, but it went much, much deeper than he could have possibly thought.

It was enough to change his view on the town, to wonder just who and what was in ‘the company’s pockets’. But Wesker, the captain, was filling him in. That meant he trusted him, which earned Barry’s trust in return.

“I have attempted, repeatedly, to make my exit from the auspices of these… pies,” Wesker said with distaste. “But the baker is persistent. I didn’t want to expose you or the rest of the STARS to any of this, but it seems the issue is unavoidable at this stage.”

Barry nodded slowly, taking another sip of bitter coffee. “Sounds like they don’t want you to leave with what you know.” he murmured under his breath.

“Don’t want their ‘secret recipes’ leaked, eh?” He grimaced “and of course…our intrepid STARS landed head first in the thick of it, now. No way to avoid involving us anymore.”

“Indeed. To be strictly fair from what I learned from Jill it may have been too late even before they began meddling directly,” he said, making an extremely sour face.

“Yeah…she mentioned it to me before I came in,” Barry said. “Sounds like Irons has it out for us, and had, even before we got involved.”

He tapped his finger on the table with a frown. “Always knew the bastard was corrupt.”

Wesker nodded. “I can not stress enough how serious this is, Barry. You and I have known one another a long time, and I want to trust that you have my back. But I have to stress this to you– once we discuss this further, there is no coming back from it. I know that you have a family, Barry.”

Barry’s fingers tightened on his mug, thinking of his family. Little Moira, who he just taught how to shoot a bow. Polly, and Kathy. Even with the problems he and Kathy had lately, he never wanted to put her in danger.

Now he was teetering on the edge of a step there was no way back from, and he had to decide. He had a family, a family he had to protect at all costs…and despite it all, he knew what he had to do.

“I know how serious it is Al,” he said slowly, “and I’ve got your back.”

Looking up at Wesker, he gave a grim smile “I have a family…and I know if we don’t do something about all this…if I just sit back and let ‘the company’ do whatever it wants, then they’ll never be really safe. I’ll back you up. Not just because we go way back, not just because you’re my friend, but for them too.”

Albert nodded, and got his wallet out. “I hoped you would say that, Barry. Let’s continue this conversation at your house, and make a plan of action. I don’t want to be overheard.”

He tossed a couple of bills on the table– more than enough to cover their meal, an extremely generous tip for the waitress.

He stood, and offered Barry his gloved hand.

Barry took his hand, gripping it firmly as he pulled to his feet with a nod. “I’ll break out the good scotch, Al. Just for you. It’s gonna be a long night.”

Rebecca got off at the bus stop at the end of the street by the orphanage just as the sun had finished its descent behind the city, leaving it awash in the violet glow of dusk, and the orange of the street lights coming on.

She looked up at the orphanage. It wasn’t new to her, she’d seen it plenty of times before, but for some reason it seemed to loom over her today like a monolith.

She swallowed, nervously making her way around and through the alleyways towards the back of the building. Why had she been asked here? Yeah, the phones were bugged, but something nagged at her from the back of her mind. Why the orphanage?

Still…if she didn’t go, she’d never find out– so she pressed on through the narrow passage, and towards the back door.

The back door of the building had been left slightly ajar, and she could see the light from it streaming out.

Rebecca slowly approached the door, pushing the door open and peeking inside with a nervous smile. “h-hello? Captain?”

She didn’t get an immediate answer. She could hear music from inside though, distantly.

Rebecca’s hand went to her belt, delicately resting near her holstered pistol as she nudged a rock from outside in between the door and the frame…to give her an escape, just in case.

She slowly made her way through the hall, looking around as she went, trying to follow the sound of the music. This was unusual. It set her nerves on edge. She didn’t expect the captain to be waiting there for her…but something about this felt wrong.

The music got louder as she approached. At the cross of a pair of hallways there was an open door that seemed to be an office where the music was coming from.

Quietly as she could, Rebecca pushed the door open and stepped into the office, eyes darting around for the Captain as she took in the unfamiliar space.

There was no one in the room. The music was coming from an old style record player in the corner, and the decor of the room was filled with animal taxidermy.

Maybe it was the sight of the strange room that kept her from noticing the sound of someone stepping up behind her until the last moment.

“What the…” Rebecca’s fingers had been reaching for her gun when she suddenly felt the shift in air pressure behind her. She turned, whipping her head around to see who it was with a startled shriek.


Brian Irons was leering at her from behind, and as she turned, pressed a wet, sour-smelling rag to her face, using the weight of his body to slam her against the door frame.

“Not so fast, girl,” he leered at her.

The scent of the rag was overpowering, and she felt her vision start to dim.

Rebecca’s eyes watered, her sunglasses slipping down her nose as she tried not to breathe, desperately trying to stop the vapors from making their way into her system.

She hit the door frame hard, her fingers still weakly groping for her gun as her bright eyes went wide.

Through the fog, all she could feel was panic, and the animal hatred burning within her towards the man pinning her down. It was a trap. A trap she walked right into…

The wires were tapped…and the wrong person got to her first.

Despite her struggles, the world around her went dark.

Jill got a knock at her apartment door just as the sun was starting to set. The urgent thumping could only be one person. Chris Redfield.

Jill groaned , sitting up from where she was sprawled out on her chair. She’d had a long day. Between the reprimand and the anxiety of waiting on a call that seemed determined not to come, she wound up caught in a loop of thinking about it.

A loop that wound up with a small corkboard of post-it notes and newspaper articles on the wall that would likely soon turn into a whole-ass conspiracy board trying to piece together whatever was up with Irons.

The rattling knock on her door was enough to stir her out of her focused stupor, however. Stomping over to the door, she threw it open without even bothering to throw on pants, staring at Chris on the other side “Hey, ‘bout time you got here, Redfield. I’ve been going through old newspapers and…”

Chris wasn’t in uniform, but he had his tac-jacket on and his knife strapped on his shoulder.

“Come on. Captain says we’re going to pick up Rebecca and meet at Barry’s.” He glanced past her shlder at the board. “Nice crazy board. I see you were stable today.”

“Eh, the stability comes and goes.” Jill drawled , glancing over her shoulder at her board. “Sounds like things are popping off. Lemme just throw on my gear, and we’ll head out, alright?”

Chris nodded. “Got it. Let’s hustle, huh? Sounded like the cap’s got something serious on his mind.”

Jill nodded firmly, before shutting the door in Chris’ face.

She was only gone a few moments, she had a way of getting ready fast when she wanted to, and soon was out in the hall with Chris, dressed in a blue shirt with her gun and knife strapped on her belt along with her lockpicks, and a pair of practical pants and combat boots. A leather jacket lay thrown over her shoulder as well.

She nodded to him. “Let’s get moving. Don’t wanna keep the captain waitin’.”

“Or even Rebcca,” he nodded, “gotta pick her up first.”

He grabbed Jill’s hand and hurried with her out to where his car was waiting.

Jill squeezed his hand as they hurried out of the house, nodding slowly. “yeah…sounds like it’s the moment of truth, eh?”

“Sounds like. I knew it was a good idea to tell Barry what was going on.”

He threw open the car door and hopped into the driver’s seat with practiced ease.

Jill hopped into the passenger’s seat with a nod of her head. “Barry’s a good guy, and he and the captain go way back.” She agreed. “fillin’ him in probably did wonders in our favor.”

“Given that the captain wants us all to meet at Barry’s house? I’d say yeah.”

He buckled in and revved the car, heading in the familiar direction of Rebecca’s apartment.

Jill leaned her head on the headrest of the car, closing her eyes for a moment “hey, Chris?” she said after a moment

He cocked his head. “Yeah, Jill?”

She leaned on her hand, watching the world fly by out the window. “I know this is stating the obvious, but…I’ve got this feeling that nothing’s gonna be the same again after this little meeting. This feels…big.”

Chris took a breath, staring out the windshield ahead of him as they approached Rebecca’s apartment. “Yeah, Jill. Me too.”

Jill nodded slowly “Yeah. Wonder if it’ll be for the better or for the worse.”

She looked up at Rebecca’s apartment and sighed. “just gotta get Becca and then we’ll see, eh?”

Chris nodded, as he pulled into the parking space.”Yeah. Heh, can’t believe we were here this morning and all.”

“I know right?” Jill laughed “that was a fucking mess. Even the Captain was there.”

She opened the door and hopped out. “Let’s grab her, eh?”

Chris hopped out with her and jogged up toward the apartment. He held the door for Jill.

Jill slipped inside the room, and headed straight for the front desk, slapping her hands on top of it.

“Hey, kid.” she said to the boy at the desk. “Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are here to see Rebecca Chambers. She knows us, so we’re headin’ up now, alright?”

Keith jumped up, startled, and dropped the book he was reading. “O-oh! You’re here late! Um… you just missed her, actually.”

“What?” Chris demanded– he hadn’t bothered with the desk and was already halfway to the stairs when he turned his head to listen, pausing mid stride.

Jill froze, staring at him with a sharp frown. “I’m sorry.. WHAT? Where’d she go? She was supposed to wait at home until we got contact from the Captain.”

“Um, somebody left a message for her, and she ran out of here. She said it was police stuff.”

Chris stared at him. “Fuck. The captain would have told me if he– right? He specifically said to get you and Rebecca.”

Jill grimaced, her fingers clenching in her fingerless gloves. “son of a bitch. The captain would have told ya if he was getting her. If he told you to get me and her, then he meant it.”

She glanced towards the door. “…which means she was called out of here by someone else.”

Chris moved back to the counter in long, swift strides. “Who was it who left the message? Did she say where she was going?”

Keith’s eyes were wide, and he gripped his book in shaking fingers.”No, I didn’t see who it was, I came back from the bathroom and the message was there. Um, I didn’t see much of it, but I think the message said something about an orphanage.”

Jill frowned “the orphanage?” She murmured under her breath “there’s a few of ‘em in town…I know there’s one right by the station. The one that’s supposed to be shut down after some kinda accident moved all the kids out and to another orphanage outta town.”

She rubbed her chin “I was reading about it just today while working on the case board…but why would Rebecca get a message about an orphanage? Makes no fucking sense.”

Chris slammed his fist down on the reception desk making Keith jump nearly out of his skin.

“The one by the station! Irons was on the board!”

Jill hissed between her teeth. “of fucking COURSE.”

Her hand touched her pistol belt. “Come on , Partner.” she said grimly. “Get driving and I’ll call this into the Captain.”

Chris was already on his way to the door.

Rebecca awoke slowly, feeling a numbness and tingling through her whole body.

She stirred, murmuring softly to herself as she tried to blink the groggy feeling from her eyes. Her mind scrambled to remember what had happened, as she experimentally tried to wiggle her fingers.

She’d gotten the message to meet at the orphanage…she’d arrived…

And then she’d been jumped. Jumped by Irons and knocked out. Panic pulsed in her veins along with the oppressive tingling sensation, leaving her fighting it as she tried to force her eyes open again.

She forced her eyes open and took in her surroundings. She was tied down to a table by her arms and legs. She was naked.There were black marks on her body.

She was in Iron’s creepy taxidermy office in the orphanage. The music was still playing. It was opera.

Rebecca felt chills roll through her body even through the numbness that threatened to consume her. Once more, she tried wiggling her fingers, getting a sense of the bonds on her hands and feet.

Her teeth grit, tensing along with her jaw as she hissed through her teeth. That…bastard…that bastard had violated her, taken her clothes and now what? Planned to carve her up like a piece of meat? Or worse.

The anger grew alongside her fear. He tricked her, trapped her, and now this…

She heard humming, and saw that Irons was in the corner by the record player. He had his back to her, and was messing with something she couldn’t see that was making a metallic clinking noise.

She tensed herself, as best she could through whatever drugs he pumped through her system…and she made her first attempt to twist her arms out of her bonds. It didn’t matter how much it hurt. It didn’t matter if the skin tore or the bone dislocated…if she could just get out, she could fight back and escape.

Whatever Irons was doing back there…she knew it was nothing good. She’d known he was a monster…but this was worse than she even imagined.

Her fingers responded, though it sent a tingle like starburst through the nerves of her hand and arm. The ropes were tight on her, though it was hard to feel them at all.

A month or so ago, Rebecca probably wouldn’t have had a hope of getting out.

But she was much stronger now.

Strong enough to fight through this. Because of Captain Wesker, she held onto the hope that she was strong enough to survive.

She clenched her fingers, forcing them to respond even through the misfiring nerves, and prepared her body.

One deep breath in and out, and she made her first attempt. She yanked her right hand, twisting it as she pulled with the attempt to either rip her hand loose, or to put enough pressure on the rope to try and work it until it snapped.

The sound of the music and Irons’ distraction would hopefully be enough to mask the sound.

It took every ounce of effort, but she heard, more than she felt, the braid of the rope splitting under the force of her arm. It was probably good that she couldn’t really feel it, just the tingling felt like fire through her body.

She grit her teeth, forcing herself to ignore the tingling sensation as it threatened to overwhelm her. She’d pay for it later. She’d fix her body later. For now she had to make sure there WAS a later.

She gave another sharp tug to the rope as it started to split. Another forceful snap against the edge of the table to break at least one limb free before Irons was done working.

The slap of her arm against the table alerted the busy Irons, who turned toward her in surprise, a grimace on his face, and a long knife in one hand.

“What the hell are you doing up, sleeping beauty?” he snarled. “Those tranqs should have put a tiger down for an hour.”

Rebecca tensed, yanking her arm again. One arm free, she just needed one arm free and she could escape.

She slurred, struggling to find her voice, to hiss out a reply. “Iiii…” she spat. “am much w..worsse than a ti..tiger, you ss…son of a bitch.”

Irons swaggered toward her slowly, and with confidence. “Really? Because from where I’m standing, I see a jumped up little baby girl who loves to get fucked by older men. Well, have I got a treat for you.”

Her fingers twisted against the rope, as she glanced not at Irons…but sidelong at what lay beside her. Any improvised weapon. WIth her body, stronger and faster as it was, anything could do.

“Hahhhh” She hissed through her teeth “you’re disgusssting Iii…Irons.”

Her eyes narrowed, as she gave her arm another sharp yank. “Iiii…whho I…who I fffuck is none of your buissness.” she spat. “you can tt…take your treat and c…choke on it”

“You’ll be the one that’s choking, honey,” he sneered. “On your own blood when I get d– fuck!”

Iron’s eyes practically popped out of his head when Rebecca managed to wrench her arm out of the rope, snapping it with her strength.

Rebecca moved like a snake, moving not towards the man himself, but the hideous medical cart beside her. Her fingers closed around a handful of instruments…she could make out a scalpel , a needle full of something and some glass tube.

It didn’t matter. She brought the small medical knife around to slash deeply at the rope binding her other arm, a manic frenzy pounding between her temples.

Fight or flight. In the past, she may have ran. She might have cowered and hid against the fear the world thrust her way. But right now, her system flooded with the desire to fight back against the man who’d repeatedly violated her.

The other rope snapped, and she growled as she hurled just the glass tube directly at his face.

“Little bitch!” Rebecca’s reflexes were still dull from the drugging and the glass tube shattered against his chest rather than against his face.

He lunged toward her, still holding the long knife in his hand.

Rebecca hissed through her teeth again ,and sat up as best she could.

She may have been sluggish and dull…but all she had to do was stop him from getting close enough to use that blade.

She held the point of the mystery needle and the scalpel out with both hands, thrusting it towards his lunging form with the desperate hope that she might stun him long enough for her to either get that knife, or cut herself free.

Unfortunately, Rebecca was still drugged and partially tied down, and Irons, slow and awkward as he was, was not.

He slashed at her arm as she thrust at him, and Rebecca saw the blood flow more than she felt it.

“Why can’t you just be a good girl and lay down!” Irons snarled, as he came at her.

Rebecca stared at the blood , disconnected from her body by the force of the drugs in her system.

Hate. It wasn’t a familiar sensation to Rebecca. She tried, constantly, to believe the best in others. She was neutral at worst, and friendly at best with others. But it was seldom that she ever felt hatred like this.

Her arm hit the table. It may be wounded, but her other arm still worked. She tore her attention from the flow of blood, and towards the object of her hatred barrelling towards her.

“Never.” She whispered “Captain Wes…ssker needs me. My ss..STARS need me.”

She still had the needle. She was weakened…but if he gave her an opening, she could strike. Her eyes zeroed in on his throat, waiting for him to come closer.

“Fine, have it your way,” Irons snarled.”Your corpse suits me just as well!”

Irons brought the knife down on her.

If she was going to die, she’d die fighting. The captain …everyone…would be happy to know she didn’t just give in.

With all the strength her body could muster, she swung the needle up towards him as he brought the knife down on her, her thumb pushed desperately at the plunger the moment she felt any resistance at all.

She felt something dull in her chest, but she didn’t react to it, instead, holding the plunger down as it emptied its contents into Irons’ neck.

The man staggered back, clutching his neck. “You…. you….” Every step he took was shakier.

Rebecca felt something warm, and wet on her chest

Her hand rose, pressing against the dull feeling between her breasts, her brow furrowed as the pain refused to reach her attention.

“Hm..” she managed to muse, watching Irons stagger back. She found herself dizzily hoping that maybe she gave him an overdose.

She pulled her hand away and finally looked down.

She heard Irons fall to the ground, collapsing in a heap.

But she barely registered it.

Irons’s knife was buried in her chest.

Chapter End Notes

Oh dear…

Chapter 24

Chapter Notes

content warning for medical drama

There was blood. There was… a lot of blood. Rebecca didn’t feel anything but a dull ache. That… was probably bad.

With the way her body felt, and the brutal dissociation washing over her, she couldn’t tell for sure. But it had to be, right? Knives in the chest were usually a bad sign, that’s what the muted alarm bells at the back of her mind were saying.

Her fingers reached up, brushing over the handle of the knife as she swayed on the table..and crumpled onto her side all in one smooth motion.

So this was it. She’d spent most of her life studying and forcing herself through college at a record pace. She’d found love, and people who seemed to actually care if she was around. She’d begun to feel good about her body and the way she felt…

And now she was going to die in Chief Iron’s creepy taxidermy lab. Alone, with a sleeping or dead pervert collapsed at the foot of this medical bed.


She gripped the handle of the knife, her fingers weak and numb. Briefly, she thought about pulling it out. Nobody knew where she was. No help was coming, at least if she did she’d die faster.

But she couldn’t find the strength…neither emotional or physical…to manage. So instead she just stared at the wall of the taxidermy lab, and let herself dream. She dreamed of Chris and Jill welcoming her into the STARS Alpha squad, Barry slapping her on the back as he invited them all to a cookout at his house.

She dreamed of her father finally smiling at her after too many years of emotional detachment. She dreamed of the Captain…Albert… scooping her into his arms and calling her perfect as he kissed her.

She even dreamed of silly things, like going to the deli for another pastrami sandwich, this time with everyone with her.

As Rebecca Chambers lay bleeding on the taxidermy table, eyes open and fogged with tears and pain, she dreamed of anything but dying alone.

She dreamed that someone distant was calling her name.

“Becca! Rebecca!”

She rolled her eyes towards the voice, without really seeing. Her fingers twitched, not able to reach out for an outstretched hand like she had in her mind’s eye.

But it was only a dream. It had to be, even as she tried to give the closest thing to a smile her fading body could manage.

The voice got closer.”Rebecca!Oh my god, Rebecca!”

There was a figure coming toward her, running, scrambling, almost as though on all fours.

“Rebecca!” It was Chris, and she felt his hands on her shoulders.

They were warm.

“Oh my god, Rebecca. Rebecca, just hold on. It’s going to be okay!”

She opened her mouth, trying to respond. She wasn’t sure if the words came out, or if it was all in her head.

“Chris? You came…”

Distantly she could hear Jill cursing and the faint beeping of a handset radio. “Come on, come on dammit!”

Rebecca tried to blink, enough that she could at least see. The warm hands on her shoulders told her body this was somehow real.

“I’m here, Becca, the captain’s on his way,” he reassured. His voice broke as he tried to sooth her, holding her gently.

Rebecca smiled at him, even as her eyes stung with tears. “It’s a dream come true.” She whispered. “Chris, I…I’m sor…” she coughed, the jolt sending shocks of that dull ache through her. “Sorry..”

JIll’s voice came into the room “ETA 5 minutes, Chris. Think she can hold out that long?”

Her voice was full of panic, panic and anger as Rebecca saw the blur that she recognized as Jill stomp into the room and over towards Iron’s body. “Fucking BASTARD.”

“I– she will,” Chris said, firmly, trying to keep the rising panic out of his own voice. “She will. I know it. Rebecca’s really strong. Right, Becca?Stay with us.”

Rebecca drifted in and out..shakily raising her hand as much as she could and trying to fold her fingers into a clumsy thumbs up. “I..I’m here.” she whispered shakily.

Jill unholstered her gun at the corner of her vision. “Course she will. She’s strong. She’s one of us.”

She spat on Iron’s body. “if this fucker ain’t dead, I’m killing him right now.”

Wesker and Barry didn’t obey any traffic laws as they sped to the orphanage. It was fine, after all, they were cops.

Kathy had been left in the lurch, with the befuddling demand to call a certain number RIGHT THEN, and tell whoever picked up the phone that Albert Wesker needed the Birkins at the Orphanage yesterday, and that they had better be waiting there by the time they got there.

Wesker was driving. Barry had never seen his hands so tight on the wheel.

Barry glanced at him, making good use of his time loading his python revolver while Wesker sped through the streets of Raccoon City. His own expression was grim, as he watched the Captain’s hands grip the steering wheel tightly.

“It’ll be alright, Al.” he said in a low voice. “She’s a tough kid. We’ll get her outta this.”

“You do not know Irons the way I know him, Barry,” Wesker said, his voice tight and intense. “This may merely be a mission of vengeance already.”

Barry hissed between his teeth. “yeah…from what you said, I believe you.”

His gaze darkened as he looked out the windshield. “If it’s a mission of vengeance, then I’ve got your back. I don’t got any mercy for someone who’d hurt a nice girl like Becca.”

He snapped his wrist to the side, locking the chambers of his revolver in place and hooking it in his holster. “No mercy at all.”

Wesker glared down the road as he neared the orphanage, feeling his body hot with rage. All this was to get to him. To take something that belonged to him. To put him in his place.

Albert Wesker would not be put in his place.

Rebecca Chambers belonged to him, and if Irons had taken her, he had better hope that one of the other STARS members killed him before Wesker got his hands on him.

Barry was staring at him, concern in his eyes behind his warm stare. The oldest member of STARS knew him well, or at least knew the persona he put forth well. Who knew how much of Wesker’s thoughts he was able to glean from his expression.

It didn’t matter, though, as Barry nodded in grim understanding. “You know I’m behind you, all the way, Captain. No matter what we gotta do.”

Wesker nodded. There was much that could be said about Barry’s loyalty. About Jill and Chris’. In other circumstances, he could imagine perhaps, a failure to recognize that loyalty. To trust it. He was not a trusting man by nature, or by circumstance.

But it seemed he had groomed and raised his team well. They were ready to throw themselves even into the jaws of hell for him.

After tonight, hell might be where they were all going.

He threw the car suddenly into park in front of the orphanage, the momentum of it sliding them up against the curb. He wrenched the door open, and flew out like a man possessed.

Like a man on a mission to reclaim his possession.

Barry leapt out of the car after him. He had his python out, the safety off as he sprinted to keep up with Wesker as the two of them burst into the orphanage. He had the same look of grim determination that Wesker had seen on his face the times he talked about his past in the marines.

A determination to do what he had to do. No matter what.

Wesker was glad that he had Barry at his back. Chris or Jill might theoretically try to stop him from what he might do to Irons.

But Barry was a family man.

Barry would help.

Chris was holding Rebecca, trying to keep the bleeding down as much as he could.

Jill was standing over Irons’ body with her gun drawn, when they heard the sound of sprinting footsteps coming toward them.

The captain was here.

Rebecca’s breath was shaking and shallow, her eyes unfocused as she lolled her head to the side. It was clear she was struggling to even see…but her eyes found Wesker and Barry as the two of them barrelled through the door.

Jill’s fingers were tight on the grip of her gun, poised against the trigger as she glared down at Chief Irons’ body. It was only the stomping sound of feet that rattled her enough to jerk her head up and look.

“Captain! Barry. Thank hell you’re here.”

“Is William here?” Wesker snarled, running to Rebcca’s side. He put his hand on her gently. “Where’s Irons?”

Rebecca weakly shifted, letting her head fall against Wesker’s hand.

“Irons is right here, sir.” Jill hissed through her teeth. “I’m about to blow his fucking brains out….who’s William?”

“Hold that admirable thought, Jill,” Wesker said, glaring down at Irons as he stroked Rebecca’s hair.”William is–”

They were interrupted again by the sound of someone in a hurry.

“Gah, Dammit!” the sound of something falling in the hallway accompanied the bootsteps, before a man burst through the door with a medical bag slung over his shoulder.

He was a scrawny, weedy man with dark circles under his pale blue eyes. Unkempt blond hair fluffed around a face set in a nervous scowl as he edged into the room. In a sweater vest and tie, with a labcoat bearing the Umbrella logo on it’s breast thrown over it, he was clearly some kind of scientist or doctor.

“Disgusting.” he was muttering. “you give the man an orphanage and he turns it into his nasty little taxidermy cave. Shoulda lobotomized him when I had th..”

He blinked, and grimaced at the scene. “…fantastic. Albert, what in the hell is going on here? Annette’s getting the rest of my supplies from the car, she’ll be right in.”

Barry quirked his eyebrow, stepping out of the way for William to hurry over to the taxidermy table. “huh.” he murmured. “Hello, doc.”

Reluctantly, Jill lowered the pistol with a wild sneer on her lips “yes sir. I’ll hold off.” she gestured with the gun towards William. “This egghead’s here to help Becca?”

“He’s going to save her life, or he’s going to understand how pointless his life really is,” Wesker said, staring at Birkin.

Chris just held onto Rebecca, not knowing or caring what exactly was going on. “Whatever you’re going to do, do it fast. She’s lost a lot of blood. I don’t….”

Wesker’s gaze snapped down to Rebecca, and up to Birkin. “She’s already started the treatments.”

“You don’t need to threaten me, Albert.” Birkin snapped, his eyes narrowing as he opened the medical case next to Rebecca. “If she’s already started the treatments and still hasn’t degenerated, then she’ll be just fine.”

He shooed his hand at Chris “go, shoo. Let me work. I’ve got this handled.”

Jill walked over to stare at the table, looking up at William Birkin in suspicion, before glancing at Captain Wesker. “Treatments, sir? How’s this guy gonna heal her from a knife to the heart?”

Barry sat back, leaning on the wall with his arms crossed as he watched the weedy man pull vials and needles from the case. Under his breath, he made a soft ‘hm’ sound, as if something clicked into place.

Chris set his jaw, and looked up at Jill.”We should trust the captain,” he said. “He and Rebecca–”

The jumble of people and voices didn’t make their way through to Rebecca. All she knew was that there were people around her who cared about her.

She felt Albert’s hand stroke across her forehead.

Rebecca used all the strength she had left to brush her face against his hand. The murmur of voices…the sound of the people she loved and who loved her in return…it was a comfort through the haze.

The sensation of not being alone was enough to give her hope and joy, even through the pain and disorientation.

“I’m here, Rebecca, it’s going to be alright,” Albert said. It was impossible to know if it was real, or just a voice in her mind. “I will make it right.”

Real or not, she hoped he could see the way it made her smile… the simple touch of his voice promising her that it’d be alright lifting her spirits.

She breathed out, mouthing the words softly . ‘I know you will, Albert.’. She tried to speak…louder so he could hear “I love you.”

“I love you, Rebecca.”

Chris, Jill, and Barry had finally been shooed out of the room entirely, and were clustered in the hall while Doctor Birkin,( and the woman who had shown up with an armful of equipment who was apparently also Doctor Birkin) worked on Rebecca.

Jill ran her hand through her hair for the fourth time in so many minutes. A nervous habit that kept acting up

Chris kept taking deep breaths, glancing back at the closed door of the room, his hands shoved tightly in his pockets. “What a fucking day….”

Barry nodded slowly. “…what a fucking day is right.” he said quietly.

“Long day, it feels like It’s lasted for a week,” Jill grimaced. “I trust the Captain…I just hope this Birkin guy knows what he’s doing. I don’t wanna lose Becca ‘cause we were too late to stop that ugly bastard from hurting her.”

Chris swallowed thickly.”Yeah. I’f I’d been sooner, fuck…..”

“We had no way of knowing.” Jill said thickly, in a way that Chris could tell was also trying to reassure herself. “We had no way of knowing, or of gettin’ here faster. “

“Yeah, I just wish….” he took a breath and looked at Barry. “I donno what you two were gonna talk to us about at your place, but I’m guessing it’s blown to hell anyway.”

Jill bit her lip. “Yeah, I’m gonna guess that too.” she sighed “…poor Becca. I … i can’t believe Irons would make a fucking move like that. It all happened so fast.”

Barry frowned, closing his eyes. “…It’s going to hell alright, Redfield. If anything, this kicks it all into overdrive.”

He sighed “…the Captain wanted our support. There’s big things going down in this city, and what just happened with Becca and Irons is only part of it. He wants to know if STARS has his back. And now that Becca’s been hurt…I think he’s gonna need it more than ever. He was like a man possessed getting here.”

“Well he’s got my fucking support,” Chris said, clenching his fists in his pockets. “If that’s the man who’s been put in charge of the police around here– I don’t even want to think about what other slime is polluting this city.”

Jill nodded, her hand resting on her holster as her lips curled into a snarl. “Damn right. If Irons is the tip of the iceberg, then the captain has my help tearing down the rest. What Irons did to Rebecca and who knows who else…the fact he’s been burying evidence…”

Her fists clenched against her belt “STARS is gonna back Captain Wesker all the way.”

Barry nodded. “told him about the same myself.” he agreed “…can’t let my kids grow up in a world where folks like Iron go around kidnapping and murdering to their heart’s content.”

Chris nodded seriously. “Whatever the captain needs, wherever this is going. I’ll back him up. It’s… gonna be rough for him more than any of us if Becca…” He trailed off.

He’d never finished what he was going to say in the other room before the other Birkin had appeared and shooed them out.

Jill looked up at Chris with a furrow of her brow. “…you were gonna say something. You know something, Redfield?”

Something in her expression told him that she already knew where he was going. Maybe it was the little pensive frown and the way her eyes downcast to her boots.

Chris bit his lip. “It’s not really my place to say anything…”

“I think we’re in the fucking thick of it now,” she said, gesturing to the door with a grim look. “I don’t think it’s gonna hurt now.”

Barry watched the door more than he watched them. Worry etched on his face, and finger tapping on his elbow. “I noticed it too, if it’s what I’m thinking you mean. And I’m willing to bet Valentine has too. She’s dumb, but she ain’t that unobservant.”

Jill flipped him off with a snort, though it wasn’t enough to shake her from her mood.

“They’re uh,” Chris rolled the thought around on his tongue. “They’re together, as far as I can tell.”

“Yeah.” Jill nodded “I got that impression too. Started getting it the moment she started showing up with turtlenecks and getting flustered whenever he’d call her into the office.”

She glanced at the door, a flush on her fac.e “…I’m not surprised they’re together. No wonder the poor guy looked so heartbroken when he walked in..”

“Like a man possessed.” Barry murmured again. “He was white knuckled on the steering wheel the whole way.”

Chris huffed under his breath, and nodded, hands still jammed in his pockets. “Yeah. I don’t know much about it, but I can tell for sure he cares about her.”

Jill let herself fall over, leaning on Chris’ shoulder with a nod of her head. “yeah. Which means that I’m…I’m sure she’ll pull through. Whatever those doctors are doin’ to her, he seems pretty convinced it’ll help.”

“You’ve noticed, right?” Barry spoke up. “How much better Rebecca’s been doing in the physical training sessions? The way she seems more in tune with her body and senses? I’ve noticed it the few times I got the chance to watch her train lately.”

Chris nodded.”Oh yeah, I’ve noticed alright. Hard not to. You don’t just come as far as she has in a month or so without…. Something going on.”

Jill chewed her knuckle, nodding in agreement. “Yeah. She’s been picking up scents and hearing people before they even come in the door, too. It’s pretty obvious something’s been going on. Plus the sunglasses…”

Barry gestured with his head towards the door. “Captain told the doc that she’d already started her treatment. My guess is whatever they’re doing to save her life’s just the…end, I guess, of whatever she and the Captain have been starting together. Some performance enhancer, maybe.”

Chris chewed on his lip. “I don’t get it. I’ll admit it worries me. But I trust him. And he’s got plenty of time to explain himself, I guess. Because I sure as hell want to be looped in on just what’s been going on around here.”

Jill leaned a little more firmly on Chris’ arm. “Me too.” She said under her breath. “I trust him, without question. I dunno what they’re doing…and it’s got me kinda worried too. But…but I’m sure once he’s outta there he’ll explain it to us, loop us in. We’re his STARS, after all.”

Barry nodded. “I got a little more of the context. Just know, once ya hear about it, kids…things aren’t going to be the same, alright?”

Chris slipped his arm around Jill’s shoulders. “After tonight, I don’t know how things could be the same. We’ll just have to roll with it. As a team.”

Wesker watched the figure on the table, as her shallow breathing started to stabilize and become stronger. There was a red device, like a jewel, seated in her chest, almost exactly where she had been stabbed.

Wesker, Doctor Birkin, and the other Doctor Birkin all had their blue gloved hands covered in blood.

“Once we’re able to move her, we have to clear your lab,” Wesker said firmly. “It has to be tonight. There is no longer another window open to us.”

They had been discussing their attempt to remove themselves from the company for a month now, ever since the incident at the Arklay lab. William had been hesitant, with the work he’d been doing on the new virus.

William delicately removed his gloves, and tossed them into a nearby waste bin with a sharp frown on his pallid face. “…I thought we’d have more time, Albert.”

He looked down at the girl breathing softly on the taxidermy bed, and despite his frustrations…he had to agree. The company wouldn’t take this lying down. Still, perhaps on reflex he griped. “The G’s not quite perfected yet. There’s tests that still need doing, and they’re not going to be easy without Umbrella’s labs and funding…little of it there is.”

“I have certain avenues to acquire other funding,” Albert assured him. “Umbrella is falling to pieces. It won’t last another month for you to finish the G.”

Annette stood between them, looking tense. “If we leave, we’re not going to be able to stay in the city.”

“No,” Albert agreed.

“Umbrella’ll send the Security Squad after us, Albert.” He said grimly. “they may be falling to pieces but the Grim Reaper and his squad…they’re still as deadly as ever.”

He tapped his finger nervously on his hip, hissing between his teeth. “No time. We’ll have to get moving asap. Grab Sherry , and get out.”

William glanced sidelong at Wesker “…please tell me you have a place in mind to go. We have to have a safe place for our daughter, Al…”

Wesker nodded. “I have enough favors to pull in. And a certain rival to Umbrella has been courting me for weeks. They want the data from Arklay. My STARS and I will retrieve it tonight, while you and Sherry get out of the city with Barry’s family. I have a safehouse that is unknown to Umbrella, and my contacts with the other company should open many avenues for us.”

“I see,” Annette said quietly. “What about our research?”

William nodded, glancing off to the side nervously at Iron’s body. “I can’t let Umbrella get away with our creation, we’ll have to move it too. I trust we’ll have security in doing that, Albert?”

On the table, Rebecca made a soft sound, but stayed asleep.

“You have my assurance,” he said.”As I said, tonight is our only window. It will be done.Once we’re in the clear, it may be prudent to see what other Umbrella leftovers we can eat.”

William nodded firmly “It might be.” he said, wringing his hands together “There’s The Ashford’s and their dingy little facility that may hold some worth, I guess. And I’m certain Alex may be willing to turncoat to our side if we press the issue. She’s not loyal to Spencer, is she?”

He glanced at his wife. “Maybe we’ll even be able to locate our old assistant, too. That clown Dr. Mueller gave her a rudimentary amnesia wipe. She’s got some good information on the tyrant and hunter programs..”

Annette nodded. “Once we’re safe, I’d like that. I still can’t believe that wipe was ordered. Mueller’s a hack.”

William sneered. “another reason I’m glad we’re leaving Umbrella. Hacks like Mueller cocking everything up and throwing everyone else under the bus to save face.”

He ran his hand through his mussed up hair “We’ll manage it, and scrounge up all of Umbrella’s data we can on our way out.” he gave Albert a weak smile. “It’s frustrating we don’t have more time, but…we’ll make due, just like back at the academy.”

Albert smiled thinly. “Just like then,” he said. He peeled off his bloody gloves and tossed them into the trash. He reached down and stroked the unconscious Rebecca’s sweat-matted hair. “Is Irons still alive?”

“Looks like.” William said with distaste, waving his hand towards the man on the ground “He had a pretty high dose of tranquilizers injected directly into his bloodstream, but he’s currently still alive, for what it’s worth.”

“We’ll take him to Arklay,” Wesker said, a nastiness coming into his smile.”I can think of some use for this disgusting cretin left to serve.”

Chapter End Notes

Nearly there now…

Chapter 25

Chapter Notes

Welcome back, Rebecca.

The first time Rebecca woke up, she was only partially lucid. The felt like she was floating, and everything seemed to be obscured with a wavering green hue.

But Albert was there, sitting nearby, just out of reach.

She’d tried to reach out to him, her thoughts muddled and hazy , but somehow she wasn’t quite able to manage. The world swayed and wavered in her vision, bathed in the gentle green haze. But even through it, she focused on Albert like a lifeline.

She could hardly remember what happened…there was Irons, and his taxidermy room. There was a knife. Then a fog of muddled memory.

Still, he noticed her, and he got up from where he was sitting, and raised his hand toward her.

It seemed like there was an invisible barrier between them. But at least he was there.

Stiffly, she pressed her hand against the barrier, against where his lay. She tried to smile at him, just to show she was alright.

Somehow she’d survived, or this was just a beautiful dream.

She saw Albert smile slightly back at her in his usual understate way, and then she vanished into dreams again.

The second time Rebecca awoke, she felt the hazy, dream like state again, and the same murky green stained her vision. But this time, she felt more aware of her body, and she felt like she was sinking gently.

She blinked slowly, trying to clear the tint from her eyes as she slowly tried to take in her surroundings as she sunk.

She must have been submerged, or at least, that’s what her half-awake mind saw as the most likely scenario. But the question became ‘in what’, and ‘why’.

Stuck in that dream-like state, panic never entered the equation, instead staying firmly in the realm of curiosity.

She felt her feet touch the hard surface of the ground, and the hazy green waves in her vision started to go away.

She started to feel cool.

Shivering slightly, she shifted to wrap her arms around herself. She took a few deep breaths to try and get her bearings as she moved to take a step forward.

She met glass as she tried to move, which was probably good, because her body felt a bit stiff, and tingling. Standing up she could do, but maybe walking was a bad idea at the moment.

Beyond the glass, Albert Wesker came into view, flaked by two blonde people in lab coats.

The captain wasn’t in uniform. He was wearing a black turtleneck, and a long black coat.

Rebecca pressed her body against the glass, leaning on it to try and get her body under control. She opened her mouth, trying to speak.

“Captain Wes..Wesker?” she whispered, unsure of if her voice could even carry outside the glass. Who those two blondes were…she had no idea…were they his friends? Or was she at the hospital?

The glass started to rise around her, and Wesker extended a gloved hand out to her.

“Welcome back, Rebecca.”

Rebecca stumbled forward as the glass rose away, and she grabbed Wesker’s hand tightly.

“I didn’t…I was dying, sir.” she murmured, as she fell against him. “How..?”

“A miracle of science,” One of the blondes muttered to Wesker’s side. “Congratulations, Ms. Chambers.”

Weker put his arms around her, and she realized that she was very much naked. Her body also felt a little strange.

“A miracle of science is correct,” he agreed, holding her. “I was not about to allow you to be taken from me.”

Rebecca shivered, nuzzling in close to him with a warm flush. She was naked in front of strangers, so she simply used the Captain’s body to cover up.

She had other things on her mind right now, anyway. As she buried her face against Wesker’s shoulder, she nodded and felt a swell of tears beading in her eyes. “Thank you, Albert…I was scared, b-but I tried to fight him. I tried to s-survive. For you, Captain.”

She squeezed him tighter. “I don’t know how you brought me back but…but I’m happy.”

It was only after she lessened her grip that she glanced down at herself, trying to make sense of the odd feelings inside her.

The doctor gave Wesker an odd little look, perhaps a bit of amusement, but held his tongue for the moment.

Wesker turned his head slightly and gave him a look, but kept holding on to Rebecca. “I’m proud of you, Rebecca,” he said. “Everything will be explained in time.”

The other doctor, the woman, held up a medical gown. “Perhaps the young lady would appreciate some modesty, Albert?”

“Thank you, Annette,” agreed the man. “We don’t want the girl to die of embarrassment after all that work we did.”

Rebecca turned an even deeper pink. She bowed her head in thanks to the woman…Annette…her hand briefly hovering over her chest where the knife had stabbed her. “Thank you two.”

Her voice was shaky, unsure, but she smiled at them regardless. “Thank you all. I..I’m glad.” She glanced at Wesker “I’m glad I could make you proud, sir.”

The spot where the wound had been was immediately obvious. There, between her breasts was a palm-sized device like a red jewel set into her flesh.

Wesker squeezed her shoulder as he stepped back, letting Annette hand her the gown. “Here.”

Rebecca brushed her fingers over the device embedded in her flesh “….” her brow furrowed as she traced the shape of it and the jewel-like object.

It was only when Wesker squeezed her shoulder that she snapped out of her stupor, and took the gown with a thankful smile, pulling it around herself and letting the fabric drape over her.

“Thank you.”

She bit her lip, and put her hand on her chest again “Captain, I feel strange.” she said quietly “…and I’m n-not sure what this thing is, in my chest.”

“It’s a medical device,” Annette explained. “A regulator to assist your body in integrating and processing the chemicals that were necessary to keep you alive.”

“It’s temporary,” Wesker assured her, tying the back of her medical gown for her without being asked. “The strange feeling should be temporary as well.”

“You’re just lucky that Al got you started on the treatments early.” William said, already moving to clean up some of the supplies near the large tube Rebecca had stumbled out of. “Your system should adjust pretty damn quick, if prior tests were anything to go by.”

Rebecca touched her chest again as the gown tightened around her. “A regulator to help keep me alive.” She mused. “…what treatments? The …supplements, Captain?”

“Albert.” William glanced at him from across the room with a raise of his eyebrow. “You told her they were vitamin supplements? Really? How’s that convincing at all?”

“Don’t test me, William,” Albert said, his mouth wrinkling slightly. He put an arm protectively around Rebecca.

Annette rolled her eyes. “Hm.”

“Oh yes, don’t test you,” William griped as he tossed instruments in a pan to be washed. “Not ‘thank you for saving my girlfriend, William’, or ‘you’re such a good friend William, I’m glad we’re still working together’.”

Rebecca couldn’t help but think it was all just some performance, though. Maybe it was the half smile on his exhausted face.

“W-what were they really, sir?” she asked.

Albert sighed and returned Willaim’s look, “Thank you. As if I haven’t thanked you repeatedly over the last month. Rebecca– let’s sit down.”

He eased her toward a chair.

William smirked, a smug look crossing his face as he bustled around the room. Clearly, he thought he won that little interaction.

Rebecca giggled softly into her hand at the whole thing, and as Albert eased her along, she delicately set herself into the chair with only a little difficulty. “Thanks..I’m feeling a bit off balance, sir.”

“No surprise there. You haven’t been walking around in a month,” he said, petting her hair as she sat down.

Annette seemed to be checking on some monitors on the other side of the room. She shared an amused look with William.

Her husband returned the look, a smile toying at the edge of his lips. “Here we go.”

Rebecca’s eyes snapped open, and she sputtered out. “A MONTH?” She pressed her hand to her head, taking several deep breaths as the utter shock of it washed over her.

“I’ve been out for a month?? But what about I-Irons? What about Jill and Chris? you?? W-what happened after I passed out??”

“Easy,” Albert said, stroking her hair, “Don’t get too excited. A lot has happened, yes.”

Rebecca took several calming breaths, nuzzling into his hand and trying to still her heartbeat. “I bet, sir.”

She closed her eyes, pressing her cheek against his chest, and gently nuzzling him. “I’m listening…”

“I will be light on details for now,” he cautioned her. “It’s better for you to ease into things. Chris, Jill and Barry are here with us.”

“I understand, sir,” Rebecca whispered cautiously. From what it sounded like…everything must have changed in the course of a month. Who knew what her world looked like now…especially since the last thing she remembered was stabbing the chief of police and dying…

“Chris, Jill and Barry are here? g-good…I was w-worried about them.” she shifted in her seat. “Where’s here?”

“The laboratories of a place called Rockfort Island, formerly aligned with Umbrella,” Albert told her. “The masters of this place are well known to William and I. We are collaborating now, though it has been a journey to get here.”

“Rockfort Island?” Rebecca mused softly to herself. “…you said they were aligned with Umbrella? The medical company?”

“Formerly aligned, yes,” Wesker nodded. “Umbrella is our enemy, and the engineer of the miserable series of events that lead us here. Irons was on their payroll.”

It was distressing how much sense that made. Rebecca’s brow furrowed, and she rested her hand on the device in her chest again. “…of course he was.”

It explained what Jill heard, and the way the attacks had been handled. It explained way, way too much.

“Umbrella is our enemy,” she committed that to memory, looking down at her knees with a frown. If they were the ones behind it all, she wanted to help stop them. He’s …dead now, right? Irons? I don’t know if I managed to…to kill him, when I injected him.”

“He’s dead now,” Albert said.”He won’t be able to do that to anyone again.”.

Rebecca sighed with relief, an involuntary shudder going through her. “Good…good.” She leaned her head on Albert’s shoulder.

“So Umbrella’s our enemy, and you’ve gotten support from the people of Rockfort Island and ah..” she nodded her head towards the Birkins “the doctors…and at least some of our STARS are here…”

She bit her lip. “and I’ve been in a coma for a month.”

“That’s the short summary, yes,” he nodded.”It will be an adjustment, I’m sure. But one I believe you can handle.”

Rebecca smiled at him. “I’ve handled the rest pretty well, sir. I think I’ll hold up just fine.”

She brushed her fingers gently on his shoulder. “…one more question. Can you explain to me what’s going on with my body? I should have died, sir…but I’m alive, and feeling…different.”

Wesker nodded, bruising his fingers through her hair. “As William so helpfully mentioned, it began with the pills and injections,” he said. “Which are based on research that was performed on me and certain others, and then improved by William and myself, during our time working under Umbrella’s auspices.”

That confirmed another thing she’d been wondering…Wesker’s connections with the scientists and Umbrella.

Despite the initial shock of that confirmation…and the fact he’d obscured exactly what he was giving her, she didn’t recoil from his touch, leaning into his hand with a half smile. She trusted Wesker…and he clearly hated them, despite prior connections. So she would continue to trust in him now.

“So it was an experimental treatment that originated in Umbrella,” she murmured. “and you’ve gone through it? That explains a lot. Your eyes…your stamina…all those things that I started to share while you treated me.”

“A less evolved version of it, yes. When I was younger,” he nodded, holding her.”You might say it made me the man I am today.”

Rebecca held him tightly, shifting almost into his lap. “Are you happy with the man you are? With this?” she asked softly

“I am always looking to improve myself,” he said, “But broadly, yes, I am.”

Leaning up to kiss the curve of his chin, Rebecca smiled “I’m happy to…I..” she bit her lip “I want to improve alongside you, sir.”

He smiled thinly at her and let her kiss him, before leaning down to kiss her lips.

Behind them, William and Annette were sharing amused, if slightly awkward glances.

Rebecca kissed him gently in return, holding him tight in slightly shaky arms. If she noticed the Birkins’ expressions, she was too lost in the moment to care.

William gently cleared his throat. “Hey, Annette, how do you think Sherry’s doing?”

“I believe last I saw she was playing with Moira and Polly,” Annette said.”But perhaps we should go and check on them. Ms. Chambers’ vitals seem to be… stable.”

He nodded firmly “always best to be sure. And it seems like Al has things…” he stared at Rebecca and Wesker as they kissed. “Well in hand. We’ll be back later.”

Rebecca spent a while catching up with the Captain, mostly just letting herself be comforted by him while he stroked her hair, before he finally ushered her to a room nearby with a neatly made bed with clean sheets. There was a teddy bear on it.

She followed closely behind him as they walked, occasionally brushing her fingers over the strange device in her chest. When they’d entered the room, her lips split into a wide smile.

“Oh..oh it’s cute,” she laughed into her hand, turning a bit pink. “You even got me a stuffed friend, huh?”

Wesker chuckled lightly. “I should take credit for that. But Alfred suggested it. You’ll meet him soon enough.”

Rebecca cocked her head with a smile “Alfred? Well…tell him thank you. I’d love to meet him.” delicately she sat herself on the edge of the bed, picking up the stuffed bear and looking down at it with a smile.

“I’m glad to be awake now, Albert. I…I really thought that I’d never wake up again. But knowing I’m still here, and I can help you stop Umbrella…I’m happy.”

He put his hand gently on her back. “I would have torn the world apart if I couldn’t have you here, Rebecca,” he said, with surprising gentleness for such a statement.

Rebecca’s face flushed , as a swell of warmth and affection washed through her “I know, Albert.” she whispered with a smile.

“I know you would. But I’d rather be here with you…we can put the world back together, instead.”

“And we shall,” he purred, leaning in to kiss her on the temple. “It’s in dire need of it. But for now, get some rest. Chris and the others will likely come and check on you later.”

Rebecca slid slowly into the bed, hugging the bear to her side as she burrowed under the covers. “Alright, Captain.”

She leaned up and kissed his neck. “Tell them I’m excited to see them, okay? I’m sure they missed me as much as I would have missed them.”

“They certainly did,” Albert nodded. “Rest well, Rebecca. I love you.”

He kissed her on the lips again, before he headed out of the room, leaving her alone in the quiet.

Rebecca let her head hit the pillow, as she stared up at the ceiling above. The silence surrounded her , no sound coming to even her keen ears.

She’d died. More or less. A knife to the chest, and oblivion in Captain Wesker’s arms. And now here she was a month later, alive…altered by means she hadn’t yet gotten the chance to fully understand.

A month later , as she and her friends were embroiled in a shadow war with a bioterror giant with their fingers in all sorts of pies.

She looked down at the device on her chest. Captain Wesker had saved her…prepared her for this, and made her stronger. He was the reason she was still breathing. He was the reason she could enjoy the simple things, like the feeling of a soft stuffed animal against her cheek, or a favorite sandwich.

It was all because of Albert Wesker. The man she loved, more and more each day it seemed. A warmth spread through her, and a smile came to her face as she thought of it.

Not only that…but her STARS. The Alpha team at least…they were here too, fighting alongside Wesker in a conflict she knew she had to join to support them, as soon as she could. And there were others, too.

This Alfred, the Ashfords, the Birkins, and others. A whole new group of people to get to know, friends to be made. The Birkins even had a daughter, and from the sound of it she was becoming fast friends with the Burtons.

She smiled wider. The world had twisted and changed around her in what felt like an instant…but she couldn’t help but feel an excitement at the life she woke into. She’d always wanted to do good, to help people…and what was a better opportunity than stopping monsters like Umbrella. Like Brian Irons.

Rebecca had contentedly dozed for a while thinking about Albert, and everything that had happened, she wasn’t sure how long. But eventually there was a knock on her door.

She sat up, propping herself on her elbows as she called out “Come in!”

The door opened, and Chris and Jill made their way inside. If nothing else gave Rebecca a reason to believe that a month had passed, the sight of them did.

Chris was wearing a black tank-top, and there was a wound across one cheek that was mostly healed. It looked like it was going to scar.

Jill had grown her hair out, now tying it back in a low ponytail under a cap. She wore a black and blue tactical shirt and a wide smile on her face. “Well, well. Looks like sleeping beauty finally woke up!”

She hurried over and leaned on the edge of the bed, where Rebecca could see a healed over claw mark from something peeking out from under her shirt, near her hip. “Damn, it’s good to see you, Becca.”

Rebecca gave them both a wide smile, half jumping out of bed to offer them a hug “Chris!! Jill!!!” she felt the hot sting of tears at the corner of her eyes. “Am I happy to see you guys…it’s really been a month…a month.”

“Hey we’re the ones who are glad to see you, Becca,” Chris said with a familiar grin. He caught her in a firm hug. “Take it easy, huh?”

Jill took her other side, hugging her tightly around the shoulders. “Yeah, don’t go working yourself back into the tube, kid.” she murmured. “but fuck I’m glad you’re awake. You had us worried, hon.”

Rebecca smiled warmly, squeezing them both close with a happy laugh. As she rested her head against them, she could feel the warm trail of tears on her cheeks. “I’ll try not to worry you again.” she said “but I hope to be out there with you soon..”

She bit her lip. “you guys have been alright, yeah?”

Chris chuckled and gave her a little squeeze. “Well, it’s been a hell of a month. But yeah, we’re alright.”

“You can say that again.” Jill laughed with affection, “between that fucking school and mansion, and Wesker’s weirdo friends? It’s been a lot…but we’ve made it through. New purpose, new allies. Things are alright.”

Rebecca looked at them in curiosity, head cocking “I met the Birkins a bit, and Albert’s talked about some of the others…”

“A load of blondies,” Chris scoffed with a smile.”Blond eggheads mostly. They’re alright”

“I dunno, they’re kinda cute,” Jill purred. “Eggheads are funny to tease, they get all flustered.”

Rebecca flushed with a laugh. “Jill, don’t be mean to them, geeze. I bet they’re great people..I’m hoping to meet them soon.”

“Oh you will, for sure. And we’ll get you all caught up with what’s been going on,” Chris nodded, ruffling Rebecca’s hair. “And the new mission.”

Rebecca nuzzled his hand with a smile “to take down Umbrella, right? I…I got the cliff notes version.”

“Yeahhh, there’s more to it than that.” Jill chuckled. “But don’t worry, Rookie babe, we’ll get you up to speed.”

“Plenty of time for explanations and all that,” Chris nodded. “For now, we’re just really relieved to see you. Missed you a lot you know. Could have used your expertise a few times.”

Rebecca wiped her teary eyes with a smile, “you did, huh?”

“Well” Jill drawled “you know Redfield, he can’t think his way out of a paper bag.”

She had that big, teasing grin of hers from the days in STARS. “We had this chemical formula we had to solve in that fucking training facility and he just blanked the hell out.”

She gestured to her side, “and then there was the time I nearly got eviscerated by one of the Scaleboys”

“S-Scaleboys?” Rebecca asked incredulously.

“There there were these awful fucking lizard monsters– man, thinking about it, you are not going to believe any of this stuff, Becca…”

“Big ugly motherfuckers with huge claws.” Jill agreed. “Yeah, we’ve seen some shit that makes the cannibal murders look like a cakewalk, and it’s only been a month…Umbrella’s been cooking up some fucked up shit out there.”

Rebecca raised her eyebrows “lizard monsters? I bet…it all sounds like some kind of horror movie.”

“Want us to tell you all about it? Because, man, have we got stories.”

With an eager nod, Rebecca agreed. She wanted to know it all, to learn about everything she’d missed in the month she’d been gone. So when Chris and Jill began their animated retelling of their adventures in the training facility and mansion, and everything that had happened since then, she listened with rapt attention.

They were right about it being unbelievable. Giant Centipedes, Leech men, Secret prison islands, and mass produced monsters, all going on under Raccoon City–the world’s nose. But Rebecca believed it with all her heart.

There was an evil in the world, Umbrella, and her fellow STARS– her friends and beloved comrades– they’d been fighting it without her for a month. She smiled as she listened, gasping at the tension, and laughing at the obvious hyperbole on Jill’s part, all the while knowing that as soon as she got the all clear, she’d be right there on the battlefield with them.

After all, she had an all new body with all new capabilities to test out, and she wasn’t about to let it go to waste. Not when she was needed to do a little good.

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Chapter 26

Chapter Notes

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Rebecca saw Wesker only rarely the first few days after she was revived. Much more often she saw Jill, Chris, and Barry, or was poked and prodded by the Doctors Birkin, who seemed very interested in her body and treatment in a way that perhaps not entirely to do with her health.

Wesker, it seemed, was very busy.

It made sense, after all, he was one of the key ringleaders in this operation. She didn’t expect him to have as much time for her as he used to, though she had to admit, she did miss him.

Still, she had fun chatting and catching up with Jill, Chris and Barry, and while the Birkin’s attention tended to fluster her a bit she couldn’t help but find herself enjoying their company too. So patiently, she went through with her examinations, and got to know the people around the base whenever she could.

She’d met the Birkin’s daughter, a bright and friendly young girl with a healthy dose of curiosity. Rebecca had given her an old book on Arklay herbs to read the last time she’d come around, and got to listen as Sherry excitedly told her what she’d learned.

It brought a smile to her face. She’d heard of others, too, from Jill and Chris. Some femme fatale friend of Albert’s, an ex-soldier wrongfully accused of murder who they rescued, and more. Wondering exactly about them and the other stories she heard helped to take the edge off missing Albert, at the very least.

Finally, a little less than a week after she’d woken up, when she was starting to feel a lot more stable, and the strange feelings in her body were at least starting to fade into the background, Rebecca returned to her bedroom after breakfast to find a little note folded up on her bedside table.

Rebecca picked it up as she dropped onto her bed with a smile, giving it a skim. She assumed it was from the Birkin family, possibly a request to join them for another round of testing and prodding.

It was the captain’s handwriting– thank goodness. Not some typewritten abomination of a lie that still sent a chill through her to think about.

“Rebecca, please join me in my room at your earliest convenience.”

Rebecca’s fingers clenched on the paper as she fought Brian Irons’ sneering face out of her minds eye, turning instead to the warm lines of the Captain’s handwriting. Her face flushed pink, her lips parting in surprise and excitement as she read those words.

“Oh! He’s around!”

She hesitated, wondering if she should dress up…she was in one of the organization’s typical black tactical shirts, with a pair of jeans. Nothing fancy, at least, not fancy enough to impress the Captain…

On the other hand, the thought occurred to her that whatever she was wearing would probably end up on the floor anyway.

Rebecca laughed into her hand with an almost impish smile. It didn’t really matter what she wore then, did it?

So with that thought, she hurried out of her room towards the other dormitories, making her way towards the one she’d been told was Albert Wesker’s.

She felt a thrill of warmth going through her body already. It seemed like her heightened libido was there to stay– which frankly had been becoming more and more of a problem over the last days as she’d healed.

It seemed as her body mended behind the scenes, that intense sensory experience and heightened libido had come back with a vengeance, marking itself as a part of her life forever. She’d gotten a new pair of sunglasses, ones that fit her better , and had taken to wearing them all the time like Captain Wesker had…and once she was feeling more together and stable, she took steps to curb her libido alone in her room.

It was all part of who she was, and who she’d become.

She made her way through the strange and immaculate halls of the facility, to the room that she knew belonged to Wesker. She hadn’t been in it yet, but Chris had pointed it out as he was showing her around the other day.

She smiled widely as she approached the door, and gave it a firm but excited knock.

“Just a moment.” Albert’s clipped voice carried through the door.

A moment later, he opened it, and she watched the hard line of his mouth soften.


She flashed him a wide smile, opening her arms for him as she stepped forward “Captain!” she squeaked “It’s been a while!”

He scooped her into his arms, and pulled her into a hug just inside the room. “Too long,” he agreed. “Unfortunately it is a busy time.”

Rebecca nuzzled her face against his chest “I understand. Wheels are in motion!”

She looked up at him as she squeezed him warmly “I want to be a part of them soon, too…”

He stroked his hair and face with the back of his hand, which was clothed in a black leather glove. “And soon you will be, my dear.Close the door.”

Wesker released her gently.

Rebecca nodded, and pushed the door closed behind her with a shy smile “Thank you, Captain Wesker.”

Rebecca got her first look at Wesker’s room, and well, it bordered on palatial. One half of the large space was style as drawing room or library, with comfortable chairs and a table with bottles artfully arranged on it. On the other side of the room was, just for starters, an enormous four-poster bed with black curtains.

“Of course,” he nodded. “I hope you’ve been well.”

He took her hand and guided her toward the chairs.

She stared at the room with a cock of her head, before nodding firmly. “I’ve been alright, sir. Getting used to my body again, and getting used to..w-well. Everything. The team’s been helping. And the Birkins too, even if they seem pretty keen on tests!” she giggled “their daughter’s cute, too…”

She took a seat in the chair, delicately, “it’s a lot to have woken up to, but I’m getting used to it quick!”

Albert perched himself on the arm of the chair she’d sat down in, half draping himself around her. “I’m pleased to hear it. The Birkins have a natural curiosity about them. It can be irritating, at times.”

Despite that, he didn’t sound like he found it particularly irritating. Rebecca had learned from some idle chatter from the doctors that they had apparently gone to high school with Albert– or something like that.

It made sense, honestly, for school buddies to talk about eachother like that. She’d heard William go on repeated rants the last few days about how irritating he found Wesker…with as much affection in his voice as when he talked about his wife.

Rebecca leaned into him, wrapping her arms around his waist. “I think it’s kind of fun.”

“Well, I’m pleased to hear you’ve been entertained while I was busy,” he said fondly, leaning into her. “And I hear from William that you aren’t in any immediate danger, should something strenuous arise.”

“I’ve been occupying myself.” she giggled happily, brushing her fingers softly across his back “I’m not? That’s exciting!”

She put her hand to the device in her chest “i’d been worried about that…”

He put his hand on top of her hand as she touched the device. “Indeed. But it seems that, as I had hoped, you are in fine– no, superior condition. And will be even better once this is removed.”

Rebecca cocked her head, so her hair brushed his neck. “Superior condition,” she said with a slight smile. “And even better once it’s out, huh sir?”

“Indeed. And I have no doubt that the others will be jealous of your condition, once you display it,” Wesker said with a smirk. He stroked his fingers over her hand.

She laughed pleasantly, shifting so she pressed her slight body to his. “Probably.” She said with a smile “But who’s to say they can’t get the same treatments, right?”

She batted her eyelashes at him “I don’t want my friends getting jealous after all!”

He smirked at her, and kissed the top of her head. “I was thinking just the same. Well done, Rebecca.”

Rebecca flushed, and grinned up at him “We’re on the same wavelength, captain.”

Even a month after her accident, even the smallest praise brought a thrill of excitement through her. She nuzzled in closely to his body, while resting her hands on his thigh.

He chuckled lightly. “I’m pleased. Very pleased. You’re going to help me change the world for the better, Rebecca, dear.”

She nodded, leaning up and planting a soft kiss on the base of his neck. “Thank you, Captain.” she whispered “I’ll do everything I can to make the world a better place with you, you know I will.”

“I do know, and you will,” he purred, stroking his hand up from her chest to her face. “And those plans are in motion. But for the moment, I have less grand designs on you.”

Rebecca arched into his touch. “oh…”

She could feel her nipples harden from the barest touch, the warmth and heat of her already building arousal blooming through her body as she rubbed softly against him. “Anything you want to do to me, Captain, I’ll do.”

“Good girl,” He chuckled, and leaned down, cupping her chin as pulled her into a deep kiss. His lips were searching, demanding even, it was like she could feel how much he had missed her.

Rebecca missed him just as much. And as he kissed her demandingly, she returned in kind. With a yielding, but eager passion, she parted her lips for him and shifted herself practically under him with a coo of excitement.

Albert scooped his arms around her, and with his impressive strength, completed the motion she’d begun, settling beneath her in the chair, and pulling her onto his lap. She could feel the bulge of his cock against her from below, insistent and obvious already.

Rebecca shivered. With her growing libido a bit of her old timidity had faded over time, something she was glad for as she kissed her Captain with firm passion, her hips gently rubbing against the rise of his cock below her.

He was strong, handsome, and had been there again and again for her. Saved her, remade her when she’d nearly died…and she felt comfortable and happy nestled in his arms.

Albert’s fingers made her way down her body, stopping to cup and play with her breasts for a moment before he tugged at the hem of her shirt, insistent, and eager. She felt him grinding against her from below as he kissed her eagerly again.

Rebecca only broke the kiss long enough to shimmy out of the shirt, before wrapping her arms around him again and pressing her lips to his. She was hungry for his contact, to be close to him, and feel his lips and hands against her body.

She’d missed him so much, and she knew she could show him here, in the privacy of his chambers.

As the shirt came off, Albert tossed it away, and ran his thumb around the tender flesh just outside of the red gem in her chest. It sent a thrill through her.

“You’re mine, Rebecca,” he purred, nipping at her neck. “You are mine, and I love you.”

Rebecca shivered, gasping softly at the strange but pleasant sensation as it rolled through her body. “Yes, Captain.” she whispered “I’m all yours…I love you, too. So much.”

Her own hands traveled down his body, towards the hem of his shirt in turn.

He let her fingers find the hem and trail to his warm, bare flesh, meanwhile his hands were busy undoing the button of her pants and pulling them down.

He nipped and sucked at the flesh of her shoulders and neck in teasing bites, like punctuation as they undressed one another.

Rebecca tugged his shirt off, dropping it to the side as she shifted her attention back to his body. Fingers trailed over his strong chest, down the trail towards his pants button with a timid smile on her face.

“I’m so glad, Captain,” she whispered. “that you saw the potential in me back when I was just a rookie.”

“Oh and so am I, Rebecca,” he said.”I saw you shining through.”

The captain’s hands stroked down her body, and grabbed her ass at the thighs to hold her up and give her better access to his zipper. He gave her butt a good squeeze as he held her.

She squeaked softly, flushing with a wide smile on her face as she slowly lowered his zipper, before pulling his pants down his thighs. Pointedly, she glanced down at the device in her chest. “Like a hidden jewel?”

“Exactly like a hidden jewel, my dear.” He caught her lips in a kiss as she pulled his pants down and released the bulge of his cock. “Let’s reveal the rest of you, shall we?” he teased.

Rebecca shivered, and brushed her fingers along the arch of his cock in his underwear. “Please, Captain.”

She shifted against him, allowing him to remove her panties, stripping her bare.

He eased her back down into his lap, and slipped her pants down off her, low enough for her to kick the rest of them off. His still gloved hands slid over her bare body.

Kicking away her pants and panties, Rebecca slid back into his lap with a wink, her hips pressing against his stiffened cock as she leaned into his touch. “Everything is more sensitive lately.”

She looked up, meeting him in the eyes, “but even so, I’m not going to ask you to be more gentle..” she giggled, a trace of embarrassment in her laughter.

He smirked at her.”Not even the first time?” he asked in an amused tone. “How passionate. One of the many things I love about you, Rebecca.”

She felt him rub his cock against the soft slit of her pussy, already slick with her eagerness.

“Not even the first time.” She said with a blush, grinding gently against his cock. “There’s so many things I love about you , too, Captain. L-like the way you make me feel like I’m all yours.”

“Hmmm, I love that too.” His breath was warm against her ear as he held her, and she could feel the head of his cock pressing up against her hole. “You are all mine, Rebecca. And you’re about to be just where I want you.”

She shivered, arching against him as her arms wrapped around his shoulders “Please, sir.”

She looked up at him with a smile. “I’ve been dreaming of this for days…”

“Then here, Rebecca, is where your dreams come true.”

Wesker grabbed her hips and thrust his cock deeply and suddenly into her, filling her in an instant with his full length. She could feel him throbbing inside her aching, desperate body.

Rebecca clung to him, gasping softly in desire as he filled her all at once. Her fingers tightened against his back, sighing with pleasure. “Captain.” She murmured, “I’ve missed you so much.”

He made a low noise as he held her to him, bouncing her up and down in his lap, and fucking her in a rough, steady pace.

“I’ve missed you, Rebecca,” he purred. “You’re mine. We won’t be separated again.”

Rebecca nodded, smiling a little wryly as she leaned forward so each thrust rubbed her chest delicately against his “Never. A little thing like death couldn’t stop us, so nothing can..”

“Nothing at all,” he promised.”I’m keeping you, my dear.”

He held her tight, and fucked her hard, sending waves of pleasure through her body that seemed to go on forever.

Rebecca rode him with a satisfied, excited little hum. Her hips bounced against his lap, driving him deep inside her with every thrust as she showered his neck and chin in small, desperate kisses.

The pleasure rose within her, tandem with her affection for her Captain and her excitement at this new chance. A chance to be with him, kept by his side, forever.

The two of them moved in rhythm, pleasure escalating higher and higher like a coiled spring. It felt like everything that had come before had led to this moment, this closeness, where she was his, and he had her in his arms.

He came deep inside her again, as he always had, and the sensation of it threw her over the edge into the kind of shaking orgasm he always seemed to give her.

Rebecca cried out, not even thinking of being quiet in the intense wave of release that washed over her. Pleasure bloomed within her body, curling her toes and sending her into a gripping hug against Captain Wesker, her breath heavy against his neck as she whimpered in pleasure.

“Thank you.” She breathed. “oh, Albert…that was perfect.”

“It was,” he agreed, catching her lips in a hasty kiss for a moment. “It was absolutely perfect, Rebecca.”

Perfect, yes. Albert Wesker held the trembling body of Rebecca Chambers in his arms, and felt as though everything really had worked out perfectly.

He had done exactly what he had set out to in the months before– he had claimed Rebecca as his, body and soul. She would never even think of leaving him.

And not only that, he had his STARS loyalty as well, and the cooperation of the Birkins, and the Ashfords. Umbrella would pay dearly for the way they had slighted them all, and then he, Albert Wesker, would remake the world to his liking. He couldn’t imagine things working out more perfectly than this.

He pulled Rebecca against him, letting her small, changed body settle warmly against him, and he kissed her lips and over her face. His. His. His.

He was going to fuck her again, in just a moment. Maybe fuck her over and over all day. Her new body could take it.

And then, back to the work of reshaping the world.

“I love you, Rebecca.”

Rebecca Chambers looked up at him, a smile on her face and a look in her eyes that only confirmed just how much she truly was his, if there was any doubt.

She curled gently on his lap, the warm regulator pressed to his skin as held him tight. He heard her whisper.

“I love you too, Albert. Always.”

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